A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 12--Callaghan vs (Y/L/N)


(M/N): Mother's Name

Mr. Lacitier was now completely alone as he looked through the evening newspapers, waiting for your arrival. However, hours passed when you last called him saying you were heading back, and yet you still haven't shown up at the door. Where were you?

Shrugging, he got up from the couch and sighed, heading over to the kitchen and picking up the phone there. He then proceeded to look through the huge address book until he found the contact number for the Lucky Cat Cafe.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," he muttered to himself, dialling the number. It wasn't long before Aunt Cass picked up.

"Hello, my name is Cass Hamada from the Lucky Cat Cafe!" she chirped. "How may I help you?"

Now how was Mr. Lacitier going to tell her that you were possibly kidnapped?

"Um, hello Ms. Hamada," he started off. "I'm Mr. Lacitier, (Y/N)'s guardian."

"Oh! So you are the new guardian that (Y/N) has been talking about earlier!" Aunt Cass cried. "I'm so glad to hear from you. What's going on?"

Mr. Lacitier took a breath. "Well...it's about (Y/N). Has she already left your cafe?"

"Mhmm," she nodded. "She left about 2 hours ago. Has she come back yet?"

"That's the problem," he said. "She's not back yet. I don't know where she could be."

Little did he know that Hiro was eavesdropping on the conversation from upstairs, where he knew Aunt Cass was talking with Mr. Lacitier about you. To hear that you haven't returned home when it has been so long...he couldn't help but begin to worry. Where could you be?

"Well, do you want me to call the police?" Mr. Lacitier asked. "I mean...I honestly don't know what to do. I'm new to this whole guardian thing and I just want to make sure she's okay...without me having to hurt her or do anything bad. I have already seen (F/N), her father, pass away from someone poisoning his drink. And then to hear that (M/N) died to alleviate depression also broke my heart. I don't want to lose (Y/N) too."

Again, Hiro couldn't believe his ears. Aunt Cass was talking on speaker phone so he heard every word...and yet...he couldn't help but think that Mr. Lacitier actually cared for you. Despite the fact that he looked creepy, he knew you had a point-no one can just look on the surface of things to determine the kind of person someone is. He was surprised that Mr. Lacitier would care for you like you were his daughter. Would you open up to him the same way he wanted to to you?

"Well..." Aunt Cass breathed a sigh. "I guess we can-"

"Aunt Cass?" Hiro couldn't wait any longer. "Can I talk to Mr. Lacitier for a moment?"

Aunt Cass nodded. "My nephew actually wants to talk with you."

Mr. Lacitier nodded on the other end of the line. "Alright. Thanks for letting me know, Ms. Hamada."

"Call me Aunt Cass," she insisted, though her voice hinted a smile.

The phone was then passed to Hiro. "Hello?" he asked.

"Hi. I'm Mr. Lacitier, (Y/N)'s guardian. Are you Hiro?"

"Yes I am," Hiro said.

"Hi Hiro," Mr. Lacitier smiled, going over to the kitchen counter and preparing himself a cup of tea.

"Hello Mr. Lacitier," Hiro greeted back. "Um, this is going to sound a little crazy, but...somehow I have a feeling she has been kidnapped. I'm not sure what makes me say this, but I had a talk with my healthcare nurse bot, Baymax-"

"Baymax?" Mr. Lacitier was amused.

"Yeah. He is a nurse bot built by my brother," Hiro explained. "But I gave him a few upgrades so that he could do some interesting things. Anyway, so I had him scan the entire city since he knows most of (Y/N)'s information, health-wise. And then we found her, but she wasn't at your place. She seems to be...on an abandoned island."

"Oh that idiot Callaghan was!" Mr. Lacitier cried-then he covered his mouth in shock when he just realized what he said.

"What's wrong?" Hiro asked.

"I should have known!" Mr. Lacitier shouted, turning away from the kitchen counter and beginning to pace around. "Professor Robert Callaghan, head of the Robotics Department at SFIT, was always in competition with (Y/N)'s father. At least, that's what (Y/N)'s father told me. If I'm not mistaken, that's why he has been poisoned! As in, (Y/N)'s father! But where the poison came from, I'm not sure."

"Are you saying that you have no knowledge on Mr. (Y/L/N) being poisoned before you noticed signs of his illness? As in, at the moment he drank the wine?" Hiro asked uncertainly.

"Yeah," Mr. Lacitier said. "I was one of his colleagues after all, and I never worked for Robert. But I remember (Y/N)'s father telling me about Callaghan. How he ended up to be at that business conference was an interesting question. Maybe he sneaked in before it happened."

"So you really have no knowledge on the poison he used?"

"I swear it on my heart," Mr. Lacitier said.

Hiro felt his heart loosen up, and he sighed a breath of relief. So he was right. Mr. Lacitier did care for you. It was only now up to you to give him a chance.

"So you say (Y/N)'s in danger?" Mr. Lacitier asked Hiro.

"I can only conclude that with Baymax's scanner, and Baymax is rarely ever wrong," Hiro said.

"Can you save her? I don't want to lose her!" Mr. Lacitier cried.

"I will! Hey, I'll spill you a secret. I created the superhero group 'Big Hero 6' in memory of my older brother, and we have been helping out so many people. If it's a helping hand you want, it's one you'll get."

"Oh thank you so much, Hiro!" Mr. Lacitier sighed in relief, chuckling. "Thank you thank you thank you."

"Anything for you, Mr. Lacitier," Hiro beamed. "Oh and one more thing...is it okay for (Y/N) to be my girlfriend?"

"Of course!" Mr. Lacitier consented. "I fully give her permission to be with you. She's talked highly of you."

Hiro blushed when he heard this, but he just laughed sheepishly and said, "Well, I guess I'd better get going if I want to save (Y/N) in time."

"All the best to you!" Mr. Lacitier encouraged him, and Hiro smiled.

"Thanks sir," Hiro said. "I hope to see you around soon."

"Maybe whenever (Y/N) and I drop by the cafe after this, we will," he assured Hiro. "Now get going!"

"Okay! Thanks! Bye!"

The two of them hung up. Mr. Lacitier tended to his tea, thinking about how he was going to rescue you, while Hiro called Melanie up, telling her about your kidnap.

"You're kidding me."

You couldn't believe your ears. Hiro's brother...Melanie's sister...they were both supposed to be dead!

"Alistair Krei originally wanted Hiro's microbots," Tadashi explained to you. "I mean, you know Hiro as a genius now. So I helped him. And his invention created such a phenomenon, Krei wanted Hiro's microbots at Krei Tech. But then Callaghan butted in and said that Krei had cut corners before and shouldn't be trusted. In the end, I realized that it was Callaghan who shouldn't be trusted. In the process of holding us all in custody, he has gone mad. He thought that we were the reason that Abigail, his daughter, was gone. He kept me in this cell with Gisele, who claimed that she herself has been here for almost 4 years without seeing her family. Abigail eventually came back, but Callaghan couldn't control himself. He...he was put in jail, and then he broke out, recreating this prison on this random island that we're all trapped on."

"It actually turned out to be the same island where the abandoned Silent Sparrow project took place," Gisele added. "I mean, that's how Callaghan and his daughter got separated, right? Out of his rage for everything, including not being able to spend any time with his daughter who just returned, he rose the security and made sure that the people who ruined him were done for. So far, Krei has been spared. But he mentioned something just now about...your father. Wait, it is your father, was it? Mr. (Y/L/N)?"

You nodded, speechless, as you tried to recall what your father had ever said about Robert Callaghan. Then it came back to you...

"What's wrong, dear?" you heard your mom ask in the kitchen.

"That...oh, never mind swearing! It's Callaghan again!" you heard your father cry in exasperation. "Competition all over again, trying to buy my company for his expansion of his franchise! But why would a professor want anything from me?"

"You're a really good software engineer, dear," your mom answered him. "He's just jealous that you got a successful company."

"Well, I don't recall ever dissing on being a university professor!" your dad cried, wringing his hands. "Ugh, I remember when Callaghan and I used to be rivals in school. We would always compete for being the best in our grade! And then all the time it would be 'Callaghan this, Callaghan that!' or '(Y/L/N) this (Y/L/N) that!' And I can still hear it all in my head. It's annoying. And now he's back trying to buy my own company...I don't know what to do. To make matters worse, he's actually beginning to threaten me. He said 'if you don't give me your company I'm going to get back at you, and your ending won't be pretty.'"

You entered the kitchen to see your father with his head in his hands, your mom rubbing his back.

"Sweetie, you realize your company is in danger," your mom said to him softly. "You'll have to trust that you can still succeed, though. Callaghan won't do anything, won't he?"

"I don't know, sweetie," your dad admitted.

You then spoke up, tired of being the silent one. "Dad?"

Your dad turned to you. "Hey sweetie."

"Dad, who gives a crap about Callaghan? He could ask for your company all you want, but all you can do is say 'no', right? You always have the right to do that, and if he keeps asking, then you have the option to purposely ignore him. He'll stop eventually. And who gives a crap about the threats? He probably just wanted to scare you."

Your dad gave you a small grin. "I actually didn't think of that." He laughed and went over to you, giving you a hug. "Look at my little (Y/N) all grown up, helping out her daddy! I'm so proud of you."

You smiled. "I love you daddy."

"Love you too, (Y/N)."

Oh how that memory still brought tears to your eyes. That was a week before your father died.

"Callaghan and my dad were university rivals," you told Tadashi and Gisele. "Then my dad owned this big techy company, (Y/L/N) Tech, while Callaghan settled for being a university professor at SFIT. Callaghan got jealous, according to what my dad said. And then...one day he pressed to get his company. He even threatened my dad...and I didn't realize how real the threats were..." Tears were starting to fall fast on your cheeks, and you wiped them away roughly. "I always thought my dad's death was accidental. I...I guess I was wrong."

The two of them were surprised to see you cry. Tadashi went over to you and wrapped his arms around you protectively.

"We'll avenge your parents rightfully," Tadashi promised you. "Though how that's going to work, I'm not sure."

"First of all...we're on an island?" you confirmed. They nodded.

"Secondly, how are we going to go three against a million?" you asked. "Hiro's first batch of stolen microbots may have been destroyed, according to what Hiro told me, but...Callaghan just used another batch. I don't know where that came from."

"He must have somehow created more on this island!" Tadashi cried, facepalming himself. "But how?"

"He's a genius," Gisele reminded him. "Callaghan can do anything, right?"

"I suppose..." Tadashi's voice trailed off.

"But why are you here?" Gisele asked you.

It hit you. It hit you, finally, with the same impact as it had when Hiro first revealed it to you when you initially thought Mr. Lacitier was the one who caused your parents' death.

"I...I must have been a threat," you whispered. "If he means to get rid of the (Y/L/N) family...then my death would mean his complete victory." You then proceeded to tell them about Mr. Lacitier and how you initially thought he was the one who killed your parents off before Callaghan kidnapped you and made you think otherwise.

"We can't let you die," Tadashi said firmly. "You're too valuable. You have friends out there, don't you?"

"After my father's death, for a while, no," you answered. "Then I started working for Aunt Cass, and from there I knew Hiro-"

"Wait, you work for my AUNT?!"

"Um, yeah! What else could I do when my mom can't help me out? Anyway, so from doing my job in the Cafe I knew Hiro, and the next day I met a new girl at school, Melanie. Then I met your friends and Baymax. And yeah."

"Melanie is at San Fransokyo High now?" Gisele asked you. "I'm really glad you're her friend then. I know I can trust you."

You gave Gisele a faint smile and gave her a big hug. "We'll get you back with your older sister soon. I promise."

"So do you have a plan?" Tadashi asked you.

You shook your head. "Well since my initial plan of asking my guardian and getting to know him is dashed off. I guess all we can do now is...wait for help."

"But for how long?" Gisele asked. "I really miss my family. I want to see them soon!"

She then went over to you and landed in your arms.

"We'll see them soon, Gisele," you assured her in a soft tone. "Oh wait, hang on. I still have my phone. I can call Hiro!" You slapped yourself. "I'm an idiot."

Tadashi laughed. "Yeah, go ahead and give my brother a call. But don't tell him about us."

You smiled as you dialed Hiro's number, pressing the phone to your ear as the line connected. Hiro, please. Please. Please pick up.

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