A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 14--Reunions

"We have to land, Baymax!" Hiro cried, the moment the island and the base came into view. "(Y/N) and her company must be in there waiting for us."

Baymax obeyed and brought the entire group down to the pavement, Melanie retracting her ropes and landing lightly on the ground and bending her knees from the impact before the rest of the group scrambled off of Baymax.

"Yeah!" Fred cheered, jumping up and down. "Our second landing together on this island as a team."

"Quarantine?" Wasabi groaned, pointing his thumb at the sign behind him on the fence. "Still?"

"They probably didn't remove the sign," Honey Lemon noted. "This is an old island after all...abandoned, really."

"We do not have much time," Baymax reminded them. "I sense that (Y/N) needs us."

"Lead the way, Baymax," Hiro told him. "We need to see that (Y/N) is okay."

"I'll go with you," Melanie said, walking up to Hiro's side and giving him a nod.

"Alright. Let's go."

Together, the group climbed through the hole that Wasabi made the first time they were on the base and headed inside, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

"This is weird," Gogo remarked quietly. "Somehow this feels more depressing than I last remember."

"Maybe it's because...there are prisoners here," Fred pointed out, pointing to the upcoming jail cells. Sure enough, they saw them-prisoners of all ages who have threatened to stop Callaghan from taking total control of their lives.

"Is this, like, another part of the base?" Honey Lemon asked uncertainly. "I don't remember being in here."

Gogo shrugged. "No idea."

"Guys, look!" Melanie cried, pointing to one of the jail cells, which looked like it had been unlocked.

The group crowded around the cell and looked at the label that was stuck to the door.

Tadashi Hamada, 21

Gisele Norimo, 10

(Y/N) (Y/L/N), 14


"My brother was here...?" Hiro whispered, his hand hovering over his brother's name.

"So was my little sister!" Melanie cried softly, her hand flying to her mouth. "But how could this be possible? Her injuries were critical!"

"Maybe they have doctors here before they threw them in jail," Gogo pointed out. "They can't be THAT merciless."

"Let's hope that's true," Hiro murmured. "But we need to see where they are."

Together, they moved on to the main chamber at the end of the corridor, where the previously abandoned project Silent Sparrow was situated. The broken destructed portal was removed, but most of the debris still remained on the ground.

"You got to be kidding me," Melanie cried, wincing as she almost fell in an empty crack in the stones. She touched a button on her left arm that released a rope, and she directed it to a support beam on the ceiling, pulling herself out of the crack and swinging to the rest of the group with her body weight before landing and joining the rest of the team.

"We need to split up," Hiro told the rest of the team.

But before they could do anything else, they saw a shadow hover over their forms. They turned to see a huge boulder suspend itself over the ground before moving itself over to the side.

What the heck? How could rocks float all by themselves?

Suddenly, a ninja star flew right by Baymax's face, and Hiro managed to pull him out of the way before it stuck itself to the back wall.

"Hang on," Fred cried. "Who's there?"

Then there was a slight zap sound as one person showed up out of thin air. You stood there, now completely visible to the group, wearing your silver armour and staring at the group with wide eyes.

"You guys...you guys upgraded yourselves too?" you asked in wonder and awe and relief.


Hiro was the first to reach you, pulling you into a really tight embrace. "Oh my god, (Y/N), I was so worried about you, I really was."

"I was worried about you too, Hiro," you whispered when you pulled away. "But thank god you are here. And...wow, you upgraded everyone, did you?"

"We already did this once," Hiro smiled. "So let's just say our upgrades were completely old in comparison to yours. Who did your armour anyway?"

"Your brother," you smirked. Then you turned to the empty space behind you, where you knew Tadashi and Gisele were. "Hey you two. You could reveal yourselves now."

There was another zap in the air as Tadashi and Gisele materialized from thin air, smiling as they stood with you.

Tadashi smiled at Hiro and approached him as you backed away, giving the brothers some space. "Hello, knucklehead."

Hiro almost sobbed as he gave his brother a tight embrace. "Dude, what were you THINKING, running into that fire?"

Tadashi chuckled. "I was admittedly very stupid. I ended up in this jail for a few weeks because Callaghan thought I was a threat to his plans."

"You kind of were when you ran in," Hiro said, pulling away and lightly punching his brother in the arm. "But we can explain that later."

Meanwhile, you turned to Melanie who was almost in tears when she saw her younger sister, safe and sound and practically okay. She ran to her younger sister and held her close, and Gisele wrapped her arms around her older sister at the same time.

"Oh my god, Gisele!" Melanie cried, sobbing now as tears ran down her face behind her face shield, which she retracted so that she could wipe her tears away. "Gisele, I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too, Melanie," Gisele wept. "But hey, we're all together again. How are mom and dad? I really really miss them."

"Mom and dad are alright," Melanie murmured, pulling away to look at Gisele properly. "For now, we'll fight Callaghan, and then we'll go home, okay?"

"You also got armour too?" Gisele asked her.

Melanie nodded. "My armour has the ability to shoot out ropes and then I can control where they go. I can even shoot out a net!"

"Cool!" Gisele cried, clapping her hands. "I can do really fast teleportation. Check this out."

She tapped a button on her helmet and immediately she disappeared, reappearing a millisecond later with the rest of the gang.

"Ahh!" she cried when she saw Fred's costume.

"Nothing to worry about, little one," Fred assured her, taking off his monster head to reveal himself. "This is just a suit, not my face and body."

"I'm Gisele," she introduced herself.

"The name's Fred," he said, shaking her hand. "And these are Honey Lemon, Gogo, Wasabi, and Baymax."

"Whoa, Baymax is huge!" Gisele said in awe.

"I built him, remember?" Tadashi reminded her. "Though I don't remember giving him upgrades. For that you'll have to ask Hiro."

Hiro bit his lip in doubt, knowing that this would not be the best time to explain what happened to the first Baymax. That would wait till later. He then turned to you and Tadashi. "So what about you two?"

You decided to demonstrate with the suspending rock again. "I can control heavy objects, levitate them and then bring them hard on the enemy. But in this case I have to be careful since those tiny bots can do anything."

"Wait," Hiro said, holding his hands up. "Did Callaghan make more microbots?!"

"Afraid so," Tadashi nodded. "i noticed them the first day I got here, and I got pretty mad. Before I could take a closer look though, the security knocked me out."

"There was security?" Melanie asked Tadashi. "Then how did we get here without getting caught?"

"I shut it down before we upgraded ourselves," Tadashi told her simply.

"Bro, what can you do?" Hiro asked.

Tadashi held up his wrists and out came a million ninja stars, spinning through the air and sticking themselves in the wall. He then whipped out a staff from his back and twirled it around like a master ninja warrior.

"That is pretty impressive," Hiro nodded. "And I assume you could all initiate invisiblity?"

"They won't even know we were here," you confirmed. "Besides, we were all in a jail cell. You weren't."


The rest of the gang came over now and gave Tadashi a huge group hug.

"We missed you so much, Tadashi!" Honey Lemon squealed.

"Don't do anything stupid next time," Gogo scolded him, lightly punching him in the arm.

"I told you Tadashi was here," Baymax stated. Everyone turned to him.

"Wait, who told you I was here?" Tadashi asked.

"Baymax used to say this when I was really down," Hiro told him. "He kept saying 'Tadashi is here' to cheer me up. If it makes you feel better, he even played some replay videos of your experiments on him."

"Oh my god, those videos," Tadashi laughed. "I remember those. They were hilarious."

"Indeed," Hiro smiled. "At least you were still there to remind me that I was needed."

"Hey, enough bromance over here," you said. "I hear the mini bots coming back."

"Callaghan," Hiro murmured.

You turned to Hiro and took his hand now, which was heavily gloved but you didn't care. "Don't go anywhere. Stay with me, if you can."

Hiro nodded. "I will stay with you. I promise."

Then you, Tadashi, and Gisele activated your invisibility mechanisms and became invisible. It felt weird for Hiro to still be able to feel your hand gripping on to his but yet seeing nothing when he looked down.

"Ahh," you heard Callaghan drawl out from afar. "I see the heroes have arrived to save their lost loved ones. Well, guess what? They've escaped. But it's not like you're going to see them again."

Your eyes widened as Callaghan came into view, his mask back on his face, the microbots swirling under him.

"Greetings,"he said, looming himself over the Big Hero 6 group and Melanie. "Allow me to give you a good show before you join your friends in the grave."

He raised a hand, and a great amount of microbots formed a fist, pulling back before advancing towards the group, prepared to knock everyone out.

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