A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 16--Battle

You quickly ran over to Melanie, who still had her rope wrapped around Trudy's torso, glaring at Trudy with loathing so strong you just wondered whether you could really burn her with just your looks. Gisele stood by your side, gripping hard onto your arm, and Melanie eventually released Trudy from her restraints, though Trudy was still outnumbered, three to one.

"Huh. So it's just the three of us now, eh?" Trudy sneered, glaring at you and Melanie.

"And me," Gisele piped up.

"Ugh. Yes, you too," Trudy huffed. "Just what am I gong to do with you?" she added airily, talking mostly to herself. "Is it going to be the typical schoolyard type of beating up that I would do on you? Or do I have to go harsher?"

You and Melanie exchanged scared looks. You knew exactly what Trudy was like at school. Why expect her to be any different now that she's here and pissed off at the both of you anyway for showing up? Especially since now you both know that she worked with her uncle in making your life miserable, to make you close to breaking point.

"You already did enough with my parents," you hissed, grabbing Trudy by the collar of her shirt, the same way Hiro did with her a while back when you went to see your mom, and pinned her to the wall, holding a hand up behind you to start directing a boulder over to you. "You have already done enough with me and my family to screw my life up to the way it is now. And there is no way I would back down and forgive you. There's no way you could prove to me that you were innocent."

That brought Trudy round. "What are you talking about?" she sneered quietly, leaning into your face with narrowed eyes, and you immediately turned your head away as her stinky breath wafted its way towards you.

"Ugh," you winced. "You know quite clearly what I mean. My parents are dead because of your conspiracy with your uncle. You took everything away from me when my mom died. Now it's about time I take everything away from you."

You brought the boulder high above your head, releasing Trudy in the process and letting her slump against the wall, stepping back so that the boulder had some room to approach Trudy.

"What are you doing-" Trudy gasped as she saw the boulder's shadow above her head. "No no no! You're going to be charged for homicide if you do this! Please (Y/N)! Please spare me!"

Your eyes were unforgiving as you kept the boulder hovering over her shaking form, before you remembered what happened when Baymax went haywire without his healthcare chip. Did you want to be regarded as (Y/N) the ruthless murderer who killed an innocent girl (though in your eyes she wasn't innocent at all) despite the fact that you were the one suffering your losses? Trudy didn't lose anyone close to her. You did. Kill her, and you'll probably face worse consequences than just death-you'll probably never see Hiro or Melanie or any of your friends again, and it hurt you to think that Hiro would tear himself apart without you by his side. He needed you. He needed you as much as you needed him.

Still seething in anger, you removed the boulder away from her, and Trudy's breathing eased as she calmed down.

"Don't think that means I forgive you," you muttered, thrusting the boulder at another wall and shattering it into millions of pebbles and spare debris, the explosion making you both wince.

Meanwhile, Hiro and the rest of the gang were doing poorly.

"Hiyyah ya ya-AHHH!" Wasabi cried as the mircobots picked him up by the ankle and dangled him upside down, high in the air. He extinguished his blades while he was at it, completely unable to reach up and cut away at the microbots.

"I'M SCARED OF HEIGHTS!" he screamed.

"You'll pay for this one!" Gogo screamed, speeding along on her wheels in an attempt to remove the mask again, but Callaghan swiftly caged her with Wasabi in a cage of microbots, trapping them.

Fred and Honey Lemon tried to incorporate smoke again, but Callaghan has seen that trick before. He tried to grab them, but Honey Lemon created a chemical chamber for both of them. However, you knew that wouldn't hold.

Hiro, Tadashi, and Baymax grouped together and tried to defend themselves, but Tadashi was taken down way too easily, his staff escaping from his hands with a single swipe of the microbots. His ninja stars also rebounded back towards him, and he had to dodge all of them, one of them barely nicking his arm and giving him a small cut. Aunt Cass screamed as she charged at Callaghan but she too was disarmed. Mr. Lacitier immediately surrendered, and Hiro and Baymax didn't manage too well either with both of them now being tied down by the microbots.

"Oh shoot," you heard Melanie mutter to Gisele. "We better go help."

Gisele nodded and teleported herself and Melanie to the other side of the battle, while you stayed behind guarding Trudy. A few moments later you saw Aunt Cass and Mr. Lacitier running towards you, and you nodded to them, then nodded at Trudy. "Keep her guarded," you said. "Don't let her escape."

Aunt Cass and Mr. Lacitier nodded, and you ran towards the rest of the group.

"This is for my friends!" Melanie cried, shooting out a single rope in an attempt to disengage the mask, but Callaghan easily batted it away. Somehow Melanie made a quick recovery and directed the rope to the ceiling, pulling herself up before landing in front of Honey Lemon and Fred's chamber, slapping it and asking "Are you okay?" over and over.

"I got this," Gisele assured her, disappearing in thin air with a single touch on her helmet. Within moments she had Fred and Honey Lemon with her, holding on to her arms.

"You can bring people over?" Hiro asked Gisele in awe, wincing as the microbots trap pulled at his arms, stretching him.

"Yeah," Gisele nodded, disappearing again and reappearing with Wasabi and Gogo with her.

"Great!" Hiro cried. "Can you possibly get us out?"

Gisele shook her head. "I need to get Tadashi and Melanie to help you out."

"Wait!" you shouted. "I can do this."

You directed a fairly huge boulder over to Hiro and Baymax rather quickly, quickly cutting through their chains and freeing them. Instinctively, Melanie shot a net out of her hand and caught them safely, carrying them over to both of you.

"Thanks," Hiro beamed, running over to Melanie and giving her a quick fist bump before running over to you, hugging you tight.

"I got Trudy covered," you said, nodding at Mr. Lacitier and Aunt Cass, who were both glaring down at Trudy with stern looks on their faces.

"Seems fitting," Hiro nodded. "They don't seem to be truly prepared for battle, what with only knives with them. But good. They seem to get Trudy under control."

You were both engrossed in your small chat that you didn't notice Tadashi run over to both of you.

"Guys!" he cried. "Look out!"

You looked up to see Callaghan raise a ninja star in his gloved hand, aiming it at the gang.

"DISPERSE!" you cried.

Everyone ran in different directions to find cover. However, you were too slow, and the star caught you on the leg. You fell, crying in pain, as the blade sliced through the back of your thigh, leaving a thin line of blood.

"(Y/N)!" Hiro cried, kneeling beside you as he examined your leg.

"Hiro, it's nothing," you said through gritted teeth, but Hiro shook his head.

"You're hurt," Hiro said. "I'm not going back until you're okay."

"Seriously, Hiro, I'm fine!" you protested. "Callaghan's our biggest priority."

"No, (Y/N)," Hiro pleaded softly, and you looked into his eyes. "You are."

"I would take care of this," you heard Baymax say beside both of you. You jumped, surprised to see how quick Baymax could react to pain. He quickly rocketed his rocket fist at Callaghan first before producing a long strip of white cloth and some dressing and even a cleansing wipe, giving all of these to Hiro before retrieving his rocket fist again and flying away, helping Melanie out as she swung herself through the chamber.

"Damn," you said through gritted teeth, wincing as Hiro applied the cleansing wipe on your leg, removing as much fabric as he could from the wound. Then you helped him hold the dressing in place while he wrapped the long bandage around and around your leg, tying it tightly in place.

"You okay now?" he asked, retracting both of your face shields again.

You nodded as he gave you a kiss on the cheek.

"Good. Let's finish him," he declared, getting up and extending a hand.

Suddenly, something hit you, and your eyes widened.

"Hiro," you started.

"What is it? Don't say your leg still hurts," he said.

You shook your head. "Hiro, listen to me."

Hiro knelt back down again as you took a deep breath.

"If I die in this battle, which I most likely would, I just want you to know that you have been a great friend to me," you said, taking his hands in yours. "You were the first person who ever reached out to me since my father's death, when I felt like breaking the most. Your kindness and sincerity has made me feel so much better, and I'm still alive thanks to you. Our relationship was a short one, but it was the best one I have ever been in. I hope you wouldn't forget me as I lie in my coffin, because I know I wouldn't forget you. You've been a helping hand to me since the very beginning, Hiro. Don't you forget that."

Hiro's eyes welled with tears as you finished your short spiel, and he took your face again and kissed you with so much more passion and love and sadness than you ever imagined. It was so dense and so full of emotion that you just wanted to stay there and help him heal his heart with all you had in you as you kissed him back, hoping that your conveyed message was clear, that even when you were gone you would always be somewhere out there to help him heal his heart, even though your death would mean victory for Callaghan. The kiss went on...and on...for what felt like hours...before you and he pulled apart, tears staining on both of your faces and your lips now numb from crying and kissing at the same time.

You gave Hiro one last tired peck on the lips and pulled away again, resting your hand on his cheek, which he leaned into, closing his eyes.

"I'll miss you then, (Y/N)," Hiro whispered, tears spilling from his closed eyes into your palm. "Is this goodbye...forever?"

You shook your head, rubbing your thumb against his cheek. "No it won't be. I promise...I'll always be here with you."

Hiro nodded slowly. You both stood up at the same time, your leg only giving a short cry but you ignored the pain. You gave him a sad smile as you let your hand slide from his cheek and put the face shield over your face, Hiro doing the same.

Unfortunately, by the time you turned around, the entire group was gone-Callaghan disappeared too.

"Where did they go?" you asked quietly.

"They probably gave us a bit too much privacy," Hiro joked.

You shook your head and laughed before taking his hand. "Come on. Baymax needs you."

The two of you ran outside the chamber, where you saw all of the prisoners attempting to free themselves from their cells.

"We heard!" you heard one of them cry. "Callaghan's gone! We need to fight him before it's too late."

You nodded. "Hang on!"

You levitated a boulder quickly and thrust it to each and every cell, breaking the doors altogether, and the prisoners cheered.

"Thank you!" they cried.

You nodded, relieved that they didn't recognize you as one of their past prisoners. "Come on. The fight is outside. We need to get a hold of Callaghan before it's too late."

You and Hiro then lead the prisoners outside, where you saw flames and spinning discs and chemical bombs exploding and flying ninja stars and a couple ropes lashing out here and there from a distance. It seemed to them that everyone got on the mainland, back at San Fransokyo.

"Good. They got this covered," Hiro nodded. "Where's Trudy?"

You pointed to the fenced off Quarantine area, where you saw Aunt Cass and Mr. Lacitier look over Trudy's shaking form.

"Good," Hiro repeated. "Now we need to get the police involved again."

You nodded as you took out your cell phone and dialed 911, placing the phone by your ear as you motioned Hiro, Mr. Lacitier, Aunt Cass, and Trudy to follow you as you levitated a huge boulder with one hand.

"San Fransokyo Police Department, Officer Gerson speaking. How may I help you?" a lazy male voice asked.

"Sir, I have taken sight of the criminal Robert Callaghan," you reported, focusing on levitating the boulder as high as you could to get Baymax's attention. "He is currently sighted by the Golden Gate Bridge, currently in an attempt to destroy most of Big Hero 6 and a couple of the 'deceased'." You unfortunately didn't have enough hands to do air quotes, but it didn't matter.

"Where are you now?" he asked.

"I am currently on an abandoned island," you said. "Um, it's the same one where Alistair Krei's Silent Sparrow project failed, a couple years back...or was it just a couple months back..."

"I got it," Officer Gerson confirmed, and you heard a faint smile in his voice. "I'll bring the police over to the Golden Gate Bridge right now. We will be there shortly. In the meanwhile, try and find a way to get yourself off the island. It's not safe."

"Understood, sir. Thank you."

You hung up and sighed a breath of relief as Baymax rocketed over to you with breakneck speed, and you thrust the boulder into the water as he landed.

"Great timing, Baymax!" Hiro cried. He then helped you up on Baymax, wrapping an arm around you. "Come on!"

Baymax flew off to the bridge and dropped you both off there before getting the other prisoners, Aunt Cass, Mr. Lacitier, and Trudy off the island, making several trips over. It didn't seem like there was a lot to do for you and Hiro, because by then everyone seemed to have Callaghan covered. They were all regaining strength, which was good, since they seem to need it desperately anyway. Somehow, the mask was plucked right off, and Callaghan was forced to resort to throwing the microbots at everyone, which bounced off of them harmlessly.

Just as Tadashi delivered another ninja star, you heard police sirens off in the distance, and everyone stopped. Gogo retrieved her disk with a reluctant SCHWING! and Melanie allowed her rope to retract.

The police all got out, one by one, and picked up the microbots as they approached Callaghan and the rest of the group.

"Are you guys okay?" the police asked the group, who nodded.

"Tell me what happened," one of the officers said.

So you all told your story, being careful not to leave anything out.

"So who's got the mask now?" the police officer asked.

Gisele held it up from behind her back. "It's here, sir."

"Thank you," the police said curtly, taking the mask from her hand with a nod.

"Interesting," he said softly, looking it over. "Whose invention was this?"

"Mine, sir," Hiro said, raising a hand.

"You are...Hiro Hamada, correct?"

"Indeed," Hiro confirmed.

The officers took note of that and was about to continue onward before taking a second glance at Gisele and Tadashi, eyes widened.

"Weren't you two supposed to be dead?" the officer asked them quietly. "We had your death certificates filled out..."

"We will discuss that matter later," Tadashi promised.

The police nodded and continued interrogating, before finally approaching Callaghan and Trudy and slapping the handcuffs on them.

"Thank you for everything once more, Big Hero 6...and company," the police said in unison, bowing. "We are once again indebted to you and your service."

The group nodded quietly as they took the arrested away again, driving off. However, the police officer who interrogated you pointed at you, Hiro, Melanie, Gisele, Tadashi, Aunt Cass, and Mr. Lacitier.

"We have some matters to discuss with you," he told you sternly. He then gestured for you to get inside the police car. "We are heading to the station now for further interrogation."

You nodded as you faced the rest of the group, including Baymax. "Make sure he gets out of his armour safely," you said. "And bring the prisoners home."

"We can handle it," Fred promised, and Honey Lemon nodded.

"Hope everything goes okay over there," Honey Lemon smiled, and you grinned back.

"I'll see you soon," you promised, heading into the police car, squishing between Hiro and Melanie in the back seats.

As the car drove away, you looked at Hiro as he took his helmet off, and you did the same.

"Well. Seems like my speech was for nothing," you said flatly.

"No it wasn't," Hiro murmured, taking off his gloves and caressing your cheek. "Be glad you're still here. I would be destroyed without you."

"I'll say the same," you whispered back before leaning in and kissing him quietly, softly, but with some hint of intensity. Nothing else mattered to you in that moment. You were alive, and you were safe with Hiro by your side.

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