A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 21--Back to the Island

The wind blew sharply across your face as you shifted uncomfortably on Baymax in the bright sunny afternoon sky, flying back to the abandoned island where you were held captive with Tadashi and Gisele. Hiro was right beside you as he kept a lookout for the island, while Tadashi was on his other side. Melanie and Gisele have already teleported themselves on the island with the help of Gisele's abilities.

"Ayee," you murmured, shivering a bit as the cold wind blew against your arms, and you tensed them immediately.

"You alright?" Hiro asked you, removing one of his hands from Baymax's back to wrap around you.

You nodded. "Just a bit cold. Thanks."

"There it is!" Tadashi called, pointing to the island from a distance. "Take us down, Baymax. I think I see Gisele and Melanie there already."

Baymax obeyed, and you all got off of Baymax gratefully to see Melanie and Gisele waving and running to you.

"Thank goodness you got here safely!" you cried, giving Melanie a hug.

Melanie laughed. "Hey. We all did, right?"

You nodded as you let go. "Yeah." Then you headed towards the hole that Wasabi cut, and you laughed. "Wasabi cut this, didn't he?"

"Yeah," Hiro chuckled. "Didn't do too well for a first, but at least we all got in."

"Oh, that's how you got in," Tadashi spoke up softly. "Hiro, you know you still owe me an explanation on the upgrades."

"The same can be said to you, Dashi," Hiro responded, lightly punching his brother.

"Hey, that was just so we could get out of the prison quicker," Tadashi explained. "But what about your upgrades?"

You noticed Hiro's face drop. "It was because of your death."

Tadashi froze, then turned to his brother, tears brimming. "Oh."

"What else could we do instead of just sitting around while Callaghan wreaks havoc with my stolen microbots?" Hiro protested. "The police wouldn't believe me at first!"

"But hey, they do now," Tadashi laughed.

"Yeah, but that's because you're here, and then we had Aunt Cass and Mr. Lacitier too, right? They're adults, and they listen to them!"

"So what? You've been around as leader of Big Hero 6 for so long now, they're bound to believe you should you ask," Tadashi pointed out, giving his brother a pat on the back. "Don't worry, Hiro. We're doing this for our good, for revenge on Callaghan now, right?"

Hiro nodded. "I suppose."

"Hey guys?" Gisele's distant voice called out in the chamber. "You've got to see this."

Alerted, you climbed through the hole, Hiro right beside you, Melanie and Tadashi behind you and Baymax taking the rear, carefully walking through the corridors until you saw a bronze glint of Gisele's armour from an inner chamber, and you quickly entered the room, eyes widening at the different vials filled with brightly-coloured concoctions lining the shelves in the walls, and the different lab equipment set out on several different tables in the middle of the room.

"Man," Tadashi breathed upon entering the room. "Honey Lemon would love this room."

"I doubt Mr. Lacitier would be able to make that many potions," you murmured. "This is amazing...but dangerous."

Hiro nodded as he took out the vial that Gisele gave him the day before, comparing the contents of the liquid with the content in the other vials on the shelves. "How are we going to find a match?"

"I'm not a bad chemist myself," Melanie piped up, and Hiro turned to her. "Maybe if we can use this distilling tool, we could find out the different elements used in the potion."

"You said you hated biology, right?" Hiro asked her.

She nodded. "Honey Lemon had been nice to teach me a bit more on chemistry before (Y/N) got kidnapped anyway, so I do know a bit more than expected."

"Well, I trust you," Hiro smiled, giving her the vial. "Take all the time you need."

Meanwhile, you and Tadashi exited the chamber full of vials and went into the control room, attempting to hack into Callaghan's email so that you could find proof of the blackmail and trigger that sent your mom down.

"It's got to be here somewhere," you muttered, searching through the different filing cabinets and Callaghan's desk.

"I doubt he would just leave it lying around," you heard Tadashi call out. "Ha. I found it."

You looked up and wiped the hair out of your eyes to see Tadashi holding a notebook.

"He hides it in a notebook?" you asked plainly. "How hilarious."

"Seriously though, he literally had it written in here," he told you, showing you a list of several email addresses Callaghan had, along with their passwords. "I doubt he'll use the SFIT email though, so try to go through all the other ones. I'm sure there should be something for your mom."

You nodded, beaming. "Tadashi, what would I do without you?"

"Hey. Don't give me full credit yet," Tadashi smiled back. "Now go and find out those emails."

You nodded again and returned to the computer, grateful for the large monitor that facilitated your work so much better. Immediately, you started to search through the "sent" folder on the first email address that you saw on the list Tadashi gave you, keeping an eye out for your mom's email address, but to no avail. Sighing, you logged out, and tried the second one. That also had no such emails that said how bad you have been.

"Found anything?" Tadashi asked.

"Nope," you replied, shaking your head. "Hey, can you go and check on Hiro, Melanie, and Gisele back in the other room? At least ask if they've got any information on the potion."

"Will do," Tadashi nodded, exiting the room, while you kept going with your search.

Fifteen minutes later, you were going through the last email address's "sent" box when you heard Tadashi return with Hiro, Melanie, and Gisele.

"Found anything?" he asked you again.

You shook your head again, wiping the sweat away from the back of your neck in irritation until you saw something that caught your eye—an email for your mom with a subject line "(Y/N)."

"I think this is it," you said, opening the email.


Do not ask who this is. I have heard from my niece about your daughter (Y/N)' s recent behaviour. Since the death of your husband she has been acting wild. She wouldn't talk to anyone, and as a result of her seclusion she has been lashing out on many innocent people. If you're not careful, she could lash out on you too. Be warned.

Again, do not ask who this is. You have no intention on knowing me, okay? Don't even reply.

"How does he even know my mom's name, let alone her email?" you asked incredulously.

"What did he say?" you heard Hiro ask behind you, approaching you as he read the email along with you one more time. As he read, you noticed his face turn into a deep scowl.

"Oh that stupid idiot of Callaghan!" he cried. "Wait, this looks like it's been sent since your father died, right? Or even just a bit after that fact."

You nodded. "It feels like it's been so long ago now, my father's death. But yeah, it's been sent just before she shut herself out. But this is weird...she's been depressed since the funeral."

"You think he sent it to make her even more..." Hiro whispered.

You nodded again as realization hit you, making your eyes grow wide in fear. "No wonder she refused to listen to me. She really believed him," you whispered, feeling the tears stream down your face again.

"Hey..." Hiro whispered as he wrapped his arms around you. "I know. We all know. Sometimes these things are just much too real to believe."

"Like Tadashi and Gisele's supposed demise," you countered.

"Yeah..." Hiro stopped talking for a bit as you sobbed. "I don't know how this would break your mom so easily, but this is a good piece of evidence now, isn't it? If he wouldn't spill out the fact that he was your father's rival, then that would be a good clue."

"True. He's hiding himself as a stranger. Makes the situation much more dangerous," you realized, sniffling as you wiped the tears away. "The question is, though, why didn't she tell me?"

"That is a very good question," Tadashi spoke up. "Maybe she was just too broken. She didn't want to ask you what happened, I guess, for fear that if you did cause trouble at school she would certainly be displeased and completely destroyed, right? You are her daughter, (Y/N). She cares too much for you, and to hear a stranger say that about you would definitely make her feel estranged as a mother."

"That's why she kept saying that my dad's death and her abandonment for me was her fault..." you said, removing yourself from Hiro. "This is definitely some good evidence. He was playing the murderer all this time, even online."

"Now that is creepy," Melanie piped up, and you smiled in agreement. "I have only heard a few cases of cyber bullying, but none as bad as this. Are there any other emails similar to this one?"

"Hold on. I'll need to check."

You quickly returned to the folder and saw many other emails that bore the same message, all with the same subject line. Some regarded your father's demise, which Callaghan was actually really happy about, but most of them were about you.

"No wonder she was rendered to that condition," you murmured. "Okay, I'm going to print them all out and then package them for a piece of evidence. I hope the police would be okay with it."

"So long as it's evidence, it should be credible," Melanie assured you as you began to print out the web pages, the printer spewing out many pieces of paper filled with Callaghan's hateful words. Gleefully, you pulled the package out gently and stapled them together, sliding them in a folder.

"What have you guys found about the poison?" you asked.

"Well...apparently he used high volumes of flourine and sodium together," Melanie observed. "That's actually really explosive. Probably destroyed your father's intestines upon contact."

"Damn," you remarked.

"Plus he added a lot of hydrogen peroxide," Melanie added, shrugging. "That's kind of random, but it's really toxic."

"So the poison must have been really powerful," Hiro said. "But what about the purple colour?"

"No idea," Gisele shrugged. "I doubt he would try to use grape juice...or any kind of juice for that matter."

"Paint," you realized.

Everyone looked at you weirdly. "What?'

"Paint!" you repeated. "Apparently paint has a lot of harmful fumes when breathed in. Probably he added a small amount of that for quicker effect."

"Adding so many chemicals can be harmful for one's body," you heard Baymax say, and you turned to him in surprise. Baymax had never been so silent until then.

"Probably," you shrugged. "I mean, yeah. No wonder my dad's dead. Add on the wine, and...BOOM, right?"

"Well, I wouldn't say that, but probably," Hiro said. "But (Y/N), you realize just how much evidence we have just collected? Now we have to find out Callaghan's plans for killing Tadashi and Gisele in the first place—"

"Wait," Gisele interrupted them. "What if they were by accident?"

Hiro froze. "Maybe. Sorry. I don't know."

"It's better to check, though," you said, taking Hiro's gloved hand in yours. "Come on. We'd better go and search for anything else here that says 'murder' before it gets really late."

So you all continued searching the office until you heard Gisele gasp, "Guys, it's here."

You all crowded around her to see her hold a folder. "I don't know. I just saw my name on it."

Tadashi grabbed the folder on the shelf next to hers, where he saw his name on a folder. "I didn't know he actually had plans on killing me."

You grabbed a folder now with your family's name on it, reading through the detailed notes until you saw your father's name, your mom's name, and your name together on a document.

"Guys..." you whispered. "No wonder this folder is so old. Callaghan's family has been hating on my family for years now. No wonder they have all been dying off. I always thought it was some kind of accident, but now that I read this...no wonder Trudy is always after me. It's been a tradition. Callaghan's family would kill my family off." Your eyes widened. "Guys...I'm literally in the middle of a royal family murder."

"We won't let Callaghan or Trudy get to you," Hiro promised, lifting your helmet off your face and kissing your cheek. "You're too valuable—especially for us."

"But why have they been hating on us for so long?" you wondered. "No wonder my father and Callaghan never had the best relationship. If either Callaghan or Trudy gets out of prison, they would...wipe me out before I could start a family." You started sobbing at that thought. You loved Hiro to death, and you weren't ready to leave your new friends. You weren't ready to be claimed by evil spirits the same way your parents did in your nightmares and haunt everyone else.

"(Y/N), I'm going to have to stretch the limits now," Hiro eventually told you. "Not only would I have to make sure you're happy, I'd also have to make sure that Callaghan doesn't kill you. I...I can't lose you, (Y/N)."

"I understand," you said, lifting a hand to Hiro's cheek, which he leaned into again, tears streaming through your fingers again. Silence ensued as you pulled Hiro in for a short but sweet kiss, pulling away with a smile. "I'll be extremely careful now, especially since we know of his plans to wipe my family out completely."

"I'll be with you then, every step of the way," Hiro promised quietly.

The few of you walked away from the office now, you holding on to the folders that held plans of wiping your family out and also the emails that Callaghan sent your mom, while Tadashi and Gisele held folders containing plans of their demise and Hiro pocketed the vials of poison in his pocket.

"I hope Mr. Lacitier managed to get the wine glass in time," you said. "Maybe after that we could ask Honey Lemon to help us break it down properly and tell us if there are any traces of the poison in that glass."

"Well the colour does look similar," Melanie noted. "When I broke the sample and what was left of the empty bottle down in that distiller, they are the same. But whether or not that would be used, we'll have to see."

"It must be," you declared boldly. "How else would he have died so quickly?"

"We'll have to see," Hiro decided. "But meanwhile, we've got some other issues besides this to worry about."

You nodded. "I suppose. I'd better get back and start filling in on my work shift again."

"I'd better go do homework this time," Melanie said apologetically.

"Alright. At least we have the evidence we need. Baymax, take us back to San Fransokyo. It's about time we started piecing this all together in preparation for the trial."

Baymax obeyed once more and you all made it back to San Fransokyo, safe and sound. You, Hiro, and Tadashi remained at the Cafe while Baymax sent Gisele and Melanie home, since Gisele didn't have much need for her teleportation unless it was for emergencies.

"Hey (Y/N), if you don't mind, I would like to read the folder containing your family's...demise," Tadashi said to you.

"Sure. I'll take a closer look at it when you're done," you smiled, handing the folder to him. "In the meanwhile, I can take a look at the emails Callaghan sent my mom. See what we can come up with for the trial."

Tadashi nodded as he took the folder. "Well, I'd better be doing work. Have fun working for Aunt Cass. You love it here so far?"

"Absolutely," you grinned. "Well, yeah, I'll see you later!"

The two of you parted ways and then you returned to the kitchen to see Hiro washing up some mugs. He gave you a wink and you winked back as you grabbed your apron and helped out with the customers for the day, glad that for just that moment you were back in your regular routine.

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