A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 22--Truth Unveiled

Later that evening, upon finishing your homework back at your house and the moment you finished showering you started flipping through the package that you have created earlier that day back on the island, curled up on your bed as you took out a highlighter and pen. You were shocked at this interesting feud between your family's and Callaghan's, it was no wonder that Trudy made so much fun of you and made everyone else believe her. But one thing nagged you--what about Callaghan's daughter, Abigail? You barely heard any word about her since Tadashi and Gisele both mentioned her back on the island. You've heard from the news that she has been deemed alive as well, but since then you never heard anything about her. Was she also a part of this tradition? If so, does it automatically make her your enemy?

You flipped the folder open first to the first email, the one that you have read aloud for the gang at the island. Highlighting a couple key words, you moved on to the next page. This email was sent the very next day.


Yes, it is the anonymous sender again. I don't even know what has gotten into you when you married your husband (F/N). Isn't he just one of the most stupidest people you could ever imagine? He's nothing. He's worthless. You've just made the biggest regret marrying him. He can't take care of himself, even. To even think that glasses of wine would not be as toxic as he thought--well, that's a mistake that anyone would so carelessly make. Never thought he would do it, wouldn't he?

The email ended there, and upon finishing this email you felt anger bubble in your system. Wine isn't poisonous--in fact, alone, it wouldn't have much effect on the user unless too much has been consumed, to the point where the user just loses his or her mind and is completely incoherent to decide what is right and what isn't anymore. What you saw on the page, in the small print, was another lie.

You took out your highlighter and highlighted "glasses of wine would not be as toxic" and "that's a mistake that anyone would so carelessly make", feeling your hands shake as you turned to the next page, the email written the day after the second one.


Don't even think you could take care of your daughter (Y/N) anymore. She's been so--how to say this--strange. According to my niece, today she somehow beat someone to a pulp. She's seen it with her own eyes. I don't think your daughter would ever try to do that, but she just did, out of anger.

I'm not trying to scare you, but that's what your daughter actually did. Do you think you could still take care of your daughter after today?

What the actual hell is this? You couldn't believe all the lies that Callaghan had to say in this. You bit your lip to stop yourself from cursing yourself out loud, and highlighted "beat someone to a pulp" and wrote beside it--"this is not true, for (Y/N) only punched this guy's nose" and also highlighted "out of anger" and wrote, "true, but (Y/N) did not react that horribly to this situation."

You kept this going until very well into the night, when you reached the final email that Callaghan sent the day that you wanted Hiro to bring Baymax to your mom.

Give up already, (M/N). You're worthless. Your daughter's worthless. Your husband was nothing to you, and he's already in the ashes. Have I already pushed you far enough? I hope I have. Goodbye, (M/N). Never again do I want to send you any more shit about your family, because you don't even have to hear them ever again.

"Oh that stupid idiot Callaghan is!" you finally shouted, highlighting everything about the email. Simply reading this already made your blood boil, and you just hated Callaghan even more now.


You saw the door to your bedroom open to see Mr. Lacitier with a phone in hand.

"Hi Mr. Lacitier," you greeted him. "Who's on the phone this time?" you asked, gesturing to the home phone he carried with him.

"It's Tadashi," he said.

Your eyes widened. "He found something about my family's annihilation, didn't he?"

Mr. Lacitier shrugged. "I suppose so."

You smiled as you took the phone from him. "Thanks." Then you pressed the phone to your ear. "Hello?"


Tadashi's voice rang in your ear, and you smiled.

"Hey Tadashi," you greeted him. "I assume you found something about my family?"

"I have," he said. "Actually, Hiro's with me too, we're both looking at this. And personally, I'm shocked with what I saw. According to these documents, your family has been in feud with the Callaghans for a long time now. Your great grandfather incited this, actually."

"My great-grandfather?" you asked in wonder.

"Yeah. He started things off apparently through his own presentation at SFIT, when his invention landed him a place in the school, and Callaghan's grandfather--"

"Creepy," you interrupted. "Oh, sorry, continue."

"That's okay. Anyway, Callaghan's grandfather was rejected, and as payback, when your great-grandfather married and started a very happy family, a few years after his eldest child went into university Callaghan's grandfather managed to...well, you know."

"I assume it was poison?" you asked, worried.

"Apparently not," Tadashi said. "Funny, it was an ambush. Callaghan's grandfather and his buddies went after him and...oh this looks ugly."

"What does?" you heard Hiro ask on the other end.

"They stabbed him and chopped him up!" Tadashi exclaimed.

"EW!" you exclaimed, and you heard Hiro say that at the same time on the other end.

"That's disgusting!" you cried.

"I can't agree more," Hiro admitted. "Hey (Y/N)!"

You smiled and gave a laugh of relief. "Hey Hiro, how's it going?"

"Not bad."

You picked up your folder of emails and set it aside. "What else, Tadashi?"

"Your grandfather, obviously wishing to continue what his father did, became a professor of the school. A well-loved one, actually. But then that was when the rivalry between the Callaghans and the (Y/L/N)'s started. As payback for excelling him in school, your grandfather was rid of by a house fire set by Callaghan's father."

"Okay, this makes absolutely no sense," you admitted. "He set a house on fire?"

"That's what it says here," Hiro piped up. "There's even a detailed diagram of the plan."

"And so what about my grandmother?"

"Died in that fire too."

"No wonder," you murmured. "I thought the fire was set on its own accord or something. At least, that was what my father told me."

"I'm not finished here," Tadashi reminded you. "All the Callaghans actually got arrested as a result--I searched that part online--but they never learned their lesson. So I guess you can safely assume that Callaghan has been raised in a family of criminals."

"So Abigail's loss must have enhanced his madness and angry motive," you realized. "No wonder he acted on Hiro with his own invention."

"To be all honest, Callaghan was never the type to compete," Hiro said. "I mean, Robert Callaghan, not the other Callaghans before. But I guess Abigail's loss pushed him over the edge."

"But something's nagging me," you told them. "You guys have mentioned Abigail quite a bit, but somehow she hasn't even arrived in this plot. Why is this?"

"I'm not sure," Tadashi admitted.

"Hey Tadashi," Hiro called, his voice distant. "Look at this. Apparently she's married or something."

There came a sound of footsteps, and you heard some indistinct chatter before you heard Tadashi's voice return. "According to Hiro, she's married. And she's already been dishonoured the moment she refused to hurt you."

"So that's why Callaghan's been using his niece," you said hollowly. "How could I not have known? I thought my dad's rivalry with Callaghan was like a small one, you know, just something that started between them without anyone else involved."

"It seems greater than that, now you realize it," Hiro piped up, his voice becoming less distant as he reached the mouthpiece of the phone now. "You're right, (Y/N). You're literally in the middle of a plan that could wipe out your whole family. If we don't do anything, you could be killed, and then it's goodbye to the (Y/L/N) family."

Just as Hiro said this you felt an ice-cold dagger piece through your chest--well, not literally. But the chills settled into your system again, making you completely unable to move, or breathe.

"So..." you finally breathed. "What are we going to do?"

"We'll operate as usual," Hiro answered you, and you could imagine him putting air quotes on 'operate'. "You know, go to school, work at the Cafe, do homework, the like, even hang out with us if you want. Just pretend that nothing's happening. But if you do find something that bugs you, you can always talk to one of us. And as for this trial...well, I think we can leave that aside for a bit. The trial's not in another few days. We've got some notes down--you probably should do that with the email package, and Melanie and Gisele should do that with Gisele's plan of demise--and then after that we should be set."

You smiled. "Guys, thank you so much. Really. This means a lot."

"Hey, you'll never be alone," Hiro promised you. "Remember my promise?"

"Yeah," you said. "Of course. I'm really glad you kept it."

Silence ensued from both ends of the line and you could imagine that if Hiro was here by your side he would have given you a hug or held your hand or something, and you could feel Hiro's presence all around you even though he wasn't here in person. Clutching hard on your blankets, you smiled and lay down on the bed, sighing.

"Well, I guess I'd better be resting," you said. "I mean, heck, how late in the night is it already."

"You're right," you heard Hiro laugh. "You sure you'll be okay? No nightmares?"

You smiled. "I hope not."

"Alright then."

"Wait, she had a nightmare?" Tadashi asked, his voice distant now.

"Yeah, I told you about it remember?"

"Right. Sorry about that."

"That's fine," you said. "Honestly, if my parents do turn out to be worse, then I don't know...what could be worse than my parents being taken over by evil spirits?"

"Callaghan dressed as a clown?" Tadashi playfully suggested.


There came some loud laughter on the other end, and then Hiro's voice piped up, "Sorry about my brother. I don't know what just happened."

"Probably trying to cheer me up," you said. "I'm okay with it. Thanks, Tadashi."

"No problem," you heard Tadashi's distant voice shout.

"So I guess we'd better be going to bed then?" Hiro asked.

"Yeah," you smiled.

"Sleep well," he said. "Love you."

"Love you too, Hiro," you yawned. "Good night."

"Good night."

The moment you hung up, you turned to the door and exited your room, putting the phone back in its charging dock, yawning widely again.


You heard Mr. Lacitier call out from his room again, and you reported there immediately.

"What's up?" you asked.

"I got the goblet, as promised," he told you, holding up the wine glass, sealed with some cellophane wrap. "I also got a small vial of the sample just in case. Anyway, I hope these would be helpful."

You smiled as you took the vial and the goblet. "Thank you so much! It really means a lot."

"I'm glad to avenge your family with you," he simply said. "After all, your parents are close friends of mine."

"Thank you," you repeated, giving Mr. Lacitier a quick hug before returning to your room, putting the items on your desk, crawling into bed, and falling fast asleep.

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