A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 27--Chaos

The gunshot. Hiro's scream. The black-and-white tiled floor blurring and spinning in front of your eyes.

That was all you registered before you saw the world spin around and turn fuzzy, like you were suddenly plunged underwater, and you slumped forward, collapsing on Gogo's back, Hiro holding on to your arms.

"What the-" Gogo muttered, before seeing you collapse. "Oh no."

"Did anyone else hear that gunshot?" Wasabi asked in fear. "Don't tell me I was the only one."

"I heard it too," Honey Lemon said frantically. "Oh, I hope (Y/N) makes it!"

Hiro shook his head frantically, pulling your completely unresponsive body towards him as he cradled your head with his hand, a hand on your back, and he knelt on the floor now crying. "No, (Y/N), I...no...please...no..."

"Thank GOD I brought Baymax!" Aunt Cass cried. "Excuse me while I go and get that for you all." With that, she ran out of the courtroom.

"I'll go follow her," Tadashi piped up, rushing after Aunt Cass.

Mr. Lacitier was the only one, however, who noticed Callaghan holding a small pistol in his hands about the size of a small toddler's fist, and his eyes narrowed. The police tried to hold him back now, restrain him, but Callaghan broke free of their clutches and knocked them down.

"Hiro," he said, nudging him.


Hiro's eyes widened when he saw Callaghan with the pistol. "What the actual hell?!" he cried.

"Allow me," Mr. Lacitier told him. "You need to take care of (Y/N) before her time is up!"

Hiro nodded as he returned to you, and Mr. Lacitier shoved through the crowd and made his way to Callaghan.

"Robert," he said coldly. "I thought you knew better."

Callaghan's eyes narrowed, and he huffed out a sigh from gritted teeth. "Ted Lacitier," he snarled. "I thought I would never see you again."

"And see you again I have," Mr. Lacitier growled. "Now hand that pistol over, right now."

"Or else what?" Callaghan asked, lifting the pistol high above his head. "You're going to tell the police that I was STILL on (Y/N)'s tail? She knew way too much. She has uncovered way too much of my plans. So what else can I do except finish her off on the spot?"

"Oh no you don't!" Mr. Lacitier roared, jumping up and snatching the pistol away from Callaghan and pointing it at him. "She's my friends' child. She has a life. She never did anything to you, or your niece. Why are you doing this to her?"

"What in the world is going on here?"

A different voice rang through the courtroom, and everyone's-except your-eyes widened as another young woman with short brown hair tied in a short ponytail entered the room, glaring at Callaghan.

"Abigail?" Callaghan stammered softly, completely at a loss.

"Father," she spat out, pushing everyone out of the way.

"H-how did...how did you..." Callaghan stammered again, eyes widening at the sight of his daughter present in the courtroom.

Abigail just laughed. "How did I find you in the courtroom?" she asked him. "Easy. I read the news about the trial. I'm not stupid, dad."

"When did you get here?" he asked.

"Just now," she simply said. "Just now, while everyone else is running for their--is that a GUN?!"

She pointed at the pistol in Mr. Lacitier's hand, eyes widening just as wide as Hiro's in shock.

Callaghan gulped in complete guilt. "Um, well...uh..."

"Spit it out, Father," Abigail cried, approaching her father with complete loathing in her eyes. "You wanted the (Y/L/N) family dead. But why? What did they ever do to YOU?"

"It was my grandfather!" Callaghan pleaded. But Abigail clicked her tongue.

"Huh. So it was your grandfather who started this rivalry against the (Y/L/N)'s," Abigail said. "But why?"


"I don't want to hear it from you," Abigail finally spat out. "I want to hear it from someone who is actually honest." She shook her head in disappointment. "I can't believe you, Father. This is what I expect after my married life? This is what I come home to--to you and this weird ruthless planned of yours? I can't believe I can finally say I'm glad I eloped with him."

"Him being who?" Callaghan asked, completely confused.

"Don't tell me you don't remember Jose," Abigail spat out.

Callaghan shook his head.

"You idiot, dad," she cried, hitting him hard on the shoulder. "I eloped with him before (Y/N)'s father's death. Thank god I did, for who knows what kind of MONSTER you turned out to be?!"

"Abigail," Callaghan pleaded. "Please, it's not what you think it is-"

"It is EXACTLY what I think it is," she cried. "Constant trips away from home, every single day? You coming home sick and pale whenever that happens? Go ahead. Admit it. You did this just to keep our namesake alive."


"Don't you DARE," she yelled, moving away. "Don't you dare call for me ever again when you realize what you have done. You have already dishonoured me when I refused to carry out the duties to annihilate the (Y/L/N) family. Why would you want to hear me out?"

Callaghan was completely stoned and speechless. Even the police, the gang, everyone stopped what they were doing to hear Abigail speak.

"But...you're my daughter--"

"Not anymore," she cried. "I can't believe I would see the day when you hold a gun to kill off the last of the (Y/L/N) family...an innocent family who has done nothing to you. Why are you giving in to revenge, the same way our grandfather did? I thought you changed since I came back." She blinked back tears. "You're not my father," she finally whispered.

"Say that again," Callaghan growled between gritted teeth, threatening her with a voice laced with poison. "Say that again so the whole world can hear you."

"YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!" she screamed, and the whole room fell silent. "There. Isn't that better? I'm glad. I am Abigail Hernandez, not Abigail Callaghan anymore. And you were never a rightful father figure to begin with. Now excuse me."

The entire jury was speechless. They were the only ones who haven't left the court out of all of the people who are working in the court, and so they quickly jotted the entire conversation down.

Meanwhile, Abigail quickly ran away from her father and approached Mr. Lacitier, who was still holding the revolver aimlessly.

"You..." she breathed out.

"Me," Mr. Lacitier said calmly. "I have no connections with your father, trust me. I came on behalf of (Y/N)'s parents. They were my best friends."

Abigail nodded. "What is your name, sir?"

"Ted Lacitier," he introduced himself, smiling warmly as he dropped his hand, the gun loose in his grip, as he held out his other hand to shake hers. "Just call me Mr. Lacitier for now."

"Pleased to meet you. Thank you for confronting him before I got here," Abigail smiled back, shaking his hand.

Mr. Lacitier chuckled softly. "Anything for your sanity, Abigail."

And while that was happening, Honey Lemon called 911 while Aunt Cass and Tadashi were both dragging Baymax as fast as they could, squishing through every single clergyman and judge walking around the halls, shouting "ROBOT COMING THROUGH! SOMEONE'S HURT!"

Again, the room was in chaos.

"Inflatable robot?"

"Wait, isn't that-"


"How do you know that robot?"

"Someone told me about him..."

Ignoring the chatter around them, Tadashi yelled to Baymax, "SCAN HER!"

Baymax performed the scan, and everyone held their breath as he did so. Hiro immediately put his sleeve on your head now, in hopes of getting the bullet out of your head faster that way. However, in doing so, he failed to notice that the sleeve of his shirt got soaked with the red liquid--your blood.

"Scan complete," Baymax announced. At this point, Hiro could hear his heart pound hard, so hard that he feared everyone could hear it.

"(Y/N) appears to have a small metal object embedded in her skull," Baymax intoned, approaching you now. "However, the damage is not life-threatening. She will live, but with emergency medical attention."

"You can do something about it right now, can you?" Melanie asked in fear. "I don't want my best friend to die!"


"For the time being, I can sustain the blood flow with a bandage," Baymax said, producing a huge wad of cloth to serve as a gauze and another strip of white cloth to tie the gauze to your head. "Hiro, your sleeve is red," he added.

Hiro looked at Baymax, confused. "What?"

Gisele gently removed Hiro's arm from your head and grimaced. "Ew," she simply said. "It's even wet."

"Oh no," Hiro murmured, looking at his bloodstained sleeve, then at Baymax. "Quick. Put the bandage on her."

Baymax obliged as he instructed Tadashi to hold your wound down with the gauze and tied the gauze to your head gently, winding the long strip of cloth around your head once, twice, thrice.

"That is all I can do for now," Baymax said. "As for how to remove the bullet, I do not know."

"Did someone call 911?" Aunt Cass asked the group frantically.

"I did," Honey Lemon said.

Aunt Cass nodded. "Good. (Y/N)'s life depends on you guys." Then she noticed Hiro crying silently, his tears landing on your delicate face. "Hiro...?"

Hiro shook his head. "I...I can't lose (Y/N)..." he said softly, burying his face into your shoulder. "(Y/N), please don't die...I'm not giving up on you, okay? I'm here...I always have been...every step of the way...you're my everything..."

All of the memories he has shared with you rushed back to him, but the one that stood out the most was the day you brought him to the beach, the first day he went to see your mother, and then he confessed to you about his parents' deaths...how much he missed that embrace you gave him. Even the first kiss you two shared didn't matter anymore. For the moment, he just wanted you back. He wanted something, someone to hold on to, and your lifeless body wasn't an option for him.

The sound of the sirens soon caught his attention, and he looked up to see the paramedics arrive, approaching him and you.

"This is the patient?" they asked Hiro, who nodded as he passed your body to the paramedics.

The head nurse immediately checked for your pulse, your breathing. "She's still conscious," she told him. "However, she needs immediate emergency aid. Thank you all for calling us. Who was the one who shot her?"

Everyone turned heads to Mr. Lacitier, who turned his head to Abigail, who turned her head to her "father."

"HIM," she cried angrily.

The paramedics nodded. "Must be the famous (Y/L/N) case, huh. It's all over the papers now--since her parents died, we all heard rumours. They must have come true."

"Just do something about (Y/N)!" Hiro cried. "I...she's..."

"We know," the paramedics told him. "We know. With luck, she'll make it." Then they eyed the bandage. "Who was the one to put the bandage on her head?"

Tadashi raised his hand. "And credit goes to my nurse bot," he added, pointing to Baymax.

"Thank you," the paramedics nodded, beaming. "We will take this patient to the hospital now."

"I'm going with her," Hiro stated boldly, standing up, not noticing the blood from his sleeve dripping.

"If you insist," they consented. "You are her...brother?"

"Boyfriend," he corrected them.

"Then come along," they said as they wheeled you on a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Hiro nodded as he started to follow you, but then Tadashi stopped him.

"What are you doing that for?" Hiro protested.

Tadashi shook his head as he held up another shirt. "You'd be thankful I brought a change of shirt for you," he said, sighing as he thrust it in Hiro's hands. "You don't want the blood to continuously haunt you, don't you?"

Hiro nodded. "I suppose not."

"Go," Melanie encouraged him. "Her life may depend on the medics, but her heart will still beat for you."

"You sure?" Hiro asked Melanie, unsure.

Melanie nodded. "You care about (Y/N). She cares for you. You made the promise to her. Now go."

Hiro nodded as he ran to the ambulance, joining you in the back of the ambulance vehicle as it drove away to the hospital. As it did, he kept holding onto your cold fingers lightly, desperate to feel a grip, only to feel nothing. Silence ensued for a while since he had nothing to say. Then he lost it.

"(Y/N)..." he whispered, tears sliding down his cheeks. He didn't dare wipe them away, for fear that the blood and tears mingled together would enhance his fear of you about to die on him. "Please...please make it...I didn't...I didn't keep my promise...please forgive me...I...I'm sorry..."

The rest of the team hung back, looking at the pool of blood, unsure of what to do.

"Should we call the judge back?" Fred asked quietly.

Tadashi nodded. "They are already in deliberation, but I think we can tell them one more thing." He then looked towards to Mr. Lacitier and Abigail. "Do you have the pistol?"

Mr. Lacitier nodded as he held the silver weapon up. "I didn't find any more bullets in here, so he must have either intended that as a sign of distress or he really wanted to kill (Y/N)."

"She can't die," Tadashi cried. "She's too valuable. What would be left of the (Y/L/N) family if she's gone?"

"My thoughts exactly," Abigail spoke up, and everyone turned to look at her.

"Abigail?" Gogo asked uncertainly. "Wait, aren't you--"

"Married? Yes," Abigail nodded. "Dishonoured? Yes. But ignorant? No."

"Thank you so much for coming here," Honey Lemon cried in relief. "We wouldn't know how to hold Callaghan back without being shot again."

"My father isn't himself lately," Abigail told them, shaking her head. "Who knew what has gotten into his mind, killing (Y/N)'s family off like that. Our only hope is that she survives."

"She will," Baymax said in his monotonous robotic voice. "I have helped sustain the blood flow from her head. However, with the metal piece in her skull, she needs to have it removed as soon as possible or else she will not live to see another day."

"Really heightens the mood, Baymax," Melanie muttered.

"Melanie, you know Baymax was only trying to help," Gisele cried in protest.

Melanie nodded. "Sorry, Gisele. I'm just stressed out, you know. We all are."

"So what can we do now?" Tadashi asked the rest of the group.

"The jury is still over there," Mr. Lacitier spoke up, pointing to the rest of the jury panel. "I can follow them and talk to the judge. In the process of deliberation they must know Callaghan shot (Y/N)."

Tadashi nodded. "Thank you for your help, sir."

"Any time," Mr. Lacitier nodded back, turning away and following the jury panel.

The atmosphere was now completely somber without Hiro, you, or Mr. Lacitier around.

"Should we head to the Lucky Cat Cafe together then?" Wasabi asked softly. "That was how we all mourned for Tadashi--together."

"But Hiro..." Gogo spoke up quietly.

"Hiro will be fine at the hospital," Tadashi assured her. "I can tell he needs to be with her. Something tells me that he cares for her a lot, and I'm glad he does. I know how it feels."

"Me too," Melanie said softly. Then without even thinking, she went over to Tadashi and gave him a hug, which he returned warmly, tears falling down fast on both of their faces. Soon the rest of the group joined in the embrace, hoping that you would make it out alive.

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