A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 29--Late At Night


The sound of his name being called made him stir now, oh so slightly, but he brushed it aside as he kept his eyes closed, unsure of whether to drift back to sleep or wake up. It sounded so distant, yet so close, like a memory from a dream, and it almost immediately caught his attention when he realized who was calling his name.

"Urnggghhhh..." he groaned, opening his eyes to feel a gentle grip on his hand. Something was stroking his palm softly, lightly, like it was tracing a pattern, a design that he knows oh so well, on his hand.


He was fully awake now to the sound of your voice calling his name, and only his name, and he turned to you now, your eyes gazing through him, smiling at him weakly.

"(Y/N)," he whispered, getting up from his sitting position and standing over you, his hand hovering just over your cheek before it made contact with your face, lightly stroking it. He couldn't believe it—after so long, after so long since you first entered the hospital since the incident at the court, you would beat the odds and still be here, with him.

"What are you doing here, Hiro?" You whispered softly, trapping his hand lightly on your cheek with your hand. "It's after visiting hours. I think. Wait, what time is it, even?"

Hiro glanced at the clock by your bed. "2:30 in the morning."

You groaned, but then gave a slight gasp as your head throbbed. "How...how long have you been here? How long was I out?"

Hiro sat perched on your bedside now, stroking your hand with his other hand. "That...that's a long story. You've been here for a week, in this death-like coma. And...that's how long I've been here."

Your eyes widened. A week? A week in this death-like state? How many souls have you stirred in complete worry? You immediately felt guilt settle into your heart like a dark monster, and you closed your eyes, gently raising your hand to trap Hiro's on your cheek.

"Tell me everything that happened," you told him. "Tell me everything from the moment I was shot."

Hiro swallowed. He wasn't sure exactly how to open this without making you feel weirded out. "Okay, so..." He took a deep breath. "The moment you were shot, you kind of collapsed on Gogo, and...it took us a while, but Aunt Cass and Tadashi went to get Baymax. And then—well, this was kind of weird, but Abigail showed up."

"Wait. Abigail...Callaghan? Professor Callaghan's daughter?"

Hiro nodded. "She started going all badass over her dad. I mean, well, to put it in better words, she just argued with him to the point that the whole court, even the jury, was staring at them like it was a bot fight. After, she cried, 'you're not my father'."

You nodded slightly in mere approval. "Nice comeback for someone like her, huh."

Hiro laughed. "Trust me, I was quite impressed. She did say she eloped with her boyfriend though. That was what confused me."

"Probably forbidden love," you noted, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. "Who did she elope with?"

"Another guy called Jose Hernandez," Hiro answered flatly.

"Huh. Well, maybe she does have reason to be dishonoured in the first place," you smirked. "But to be honest I can't believe she's glad about it."

"Funny, because that's what she said," Hiro told you. "She was like, 'I can't believe I can finally say I'm glad I eloped with him. I am Abigail Hernandez, not Abigail Callaghan, and you are not my rightful father,' or something like that."

You nodded solemnly. "Oh." You bit your lip in doubt as you felt Hiro stroke his thumb on yours, trying to calm down, since you were freaking out internally. A week. It has been one week since all of this happened. "What about me? How did I get here?"

"Baymax managed to put a bandage around your head first," Hiro told you. "He said that the shot wasn't fatal, that it wouldn't make you suffer too badly, and that you would live. But at that time...you wouldn't wake. I..." He turned away from you, tears leaking, and you saw their undeniable sparkle under the moonlight from your window. "I refused to leave you. I was absolutely guilty, angry at myself, really."

"Did you notice him hold the gun?" you asked gently.

Hiro shook his head. "I don't suppose you did either, didn't you?"

You shook your head. "I...I wouldn't know. Weren't guns, or any weapons of any sort, not allowed in court?"

"Maybe...maybe he just wanted to get rid of you if it's the last thing he wanted," Hiro told you. "While you were out, he and Mr. Lacitier had this shouting match. He said, '(Y/N) knew too much. So why not finish her off?'"

"That's weird," you observed. "I had a similar chat with my parents—in my head, just now, before I woke up. They said they didn't want to scare me with too much information. But this didn't scare me. It's not the fact that my family had a lifelong rivalry with the Callaghans that always ended up in our ugly deaths. It was the fact that I might fall victim to this situation that I was scared of. And...that was why..."

"That was why you were always on alert whenever we mentioned Callaghan," Hiro realized.

You nodded. "Finally using that big brain of yours, huh?"

"Yeah," Hiro nodded, but the atmosphere got too dense. There was no room for laughter anymore.

"So...the hospital," you whispered. "You said you've been here the entire time I was out."

"I thought I didn't keep my promise," Hiro finally admitted to you. "I promised I would protect you, but I failed to hear that gunshot...and looking at my shirt with a sleeve that was soaked and stained with your blood made me realize how much of a failure I was." He let go of your hands and turned away from you fully. "You can just say it, (Y/N). Just say that I was such an unfaithful boyfriend. I can't even keep this promise to protect you. Now you almost died because of it."

For a moment, you were completely speechless. Hiro Hamada, break his promises? You honestly couldn't blame him. No one, not even you, knew that Callaghan was planning to shoot you after the trial. No one was aware he had a weapon in his pocket. But for the moment, you were alive. You gazed at Hiro with a thoughtful air in your eyes, and you felt your heart swell—not with anger, not with guilt, but with pity. And in that moment you knew—even if Callaghan was no longer on your tail, you would never ever break up with him, not for what your friendship—or even just a relationship now—is worth.

You slowly sat up, surprised at the amount of strength you had within you to still be able to move around, and wrapped your arms around Hiro from behind. This took him by surprise, and he turned his head to you now, closing his eyes, as he leaned on your shoulder.

"Hiro, I don't blame you," you whispered in his ear. "No one knew. But the fact that you still cared made you faithful already. You stayed by my side the entire time I was in the hospital. That's pretty admirable."

"Well, I did have Baymax with me," he chuckled. "They had to do a whole lot of operations on you to remove the bullet from your head, to stitch the wound back together...and he was there after every operation to make sure that you were still able to survive."

"He probably had a lot of low battery moments there, didn't he," you giggled.

"Oh you got that right," Hiro laughed. "Aunt Cass had to bring so many changes of clothes over. I somehow got a guest room in the hospital to myself. And Melanie has been bringing you a whole lot of homework lately, but I'm sure you'll finish that in time."

You laughed along with him now, no longer caring how late in the night it was. "I thought you would be running on for several days on the same underpants!"

"Now that would be gross!" Hiro protested. "Then I'd be like, what, a carbon copy of Fred! Trust me, I still know hygiene."

You giggled again. "I know, I know. I trust you."

The two of you remained silent now as you relaxed, enjoying each other's company. You slowly ran your hands down Hiro's arms, gently calming him down, and Hiro leaned on your chest, gently.

"So...you're not mad at me?" he asked you quietly.

"Why would I be mad at you?" you smiled. "I will never be mad at you. Even with the most stupidest mistakes, I still trust you."

"But...the promise..."

"You didn't break it. And I trust that you never will."

Hiro was so relieved to hear those words coming from you that he brought your face to his with just two fingers and kissed you, gently, closing his eyes. Almost completely surprised, you kissed him back, your hand on the nape of his neck as he brought his other hand around your waist. The hunger that overtook you at the beach came back to you in that very instant, and too soon, you brought Hiro down to lay beside you, your lips never leaving his. You felt him bite your lip for entry and you allowed him as you felt your tongue touch his, shivers going down your spine, feeling your entire system erupt with delight. Your hands ran down his arms now, forcing him out of his hoodie until his arms were exposed, and you ran your hands down his arms again, feeling your toes collide with his shoes, his knees gently making contact with your knees. Hiro had a hand wrapped around your bandage now that was on the back of your head, in case it started bleeding for no reason, and you were glad for that.

Soon, you pulled away, panting due to lack of air, but not before giving Hiro one more kiss, your lips lingering on his for a bit before you let go. Silence ensued as you both embraced each other on the bed now, neither one of you willing to let go.

"Hey (Y/N)," Hiro spoke softly.

You opened your eyes just a bit. "Yeah?"

"You know what this moment reminds me of?"

You shook your head. "Enlighten me, Hiro."

"You recall that day on the beach, when I told you everything about my parents?"

The memory rushed back to you like a calming wave. "That was the first day you saw my mom."

"And that was the first day I opened up to you, the same way you did with me the day before, when we first met," Hiro told you. "That was when I knew."

That caught you by surprise. "What do you mean?"

Hiro chuckled softly. "That was when I knew you were the one for me. You were my everything. To lose you was like a curse..."

"That never came to pass," you smiled. "Stop worrying so much, Hiro."

"You're right," Hiro smiled. "You're here."

"You sure nothing else happened?" you asked. "I mean, did you get any more news on the trial?"

"Actually, I did, but I'm going to wait till later to tell you," Hiro told you. "You still need to recover."

You chuckled weakly. "You're right. It's still really late in the night...and it's best we get some rest."

"You don't mind me sleeping with you?" Hiro asked softly with a hint of hesitation.

"You're always welcome," you shrugged, snuggling close to him and burying your head into his chest. "Just take off your shoes, and you're good."

Soon, the two of you were both asleep, your chests rising and falling together in unison, your hearts beating together as one, your hands interlocked in front of you, as the night slowly turned into day.

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