A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 30--News

Sunlight soon entered through your eyelids, forcing you to open them as you recognized where you were. You felt something shift beside you, and you turned your head in surprise to see Hiro stirring as he removed an arm from you temporarily just to rub his eyes. Suddenly, it all came back to you—the conversation late last night, the slight make out, the wound in your head. Gingerly, you raised a hand up to your head, slipping your fingers below the bandage, to feel the small stitches just at the back of your head, so finely sewn together so that the blood doesn't escape from the wound. Suddenly you wondered where the bullet that was embedded in your head could have gone.


The sound of Hiro's sleepy voice caught your attention, and you turned to him to see him yawn and gaze at you.

"Hey Hiro," you smiled sweetly, also yawning widely. "Man. That felt good."

"No nightmares?" Hiro smirked. "Oh wow, now that I mention it, I think Callaghan in a clown costume would definitely be a good joke to laugh over."

You suddenly perked up and snorted in loud laughter, and Hiro joined you as you sat up, pulling Hiro up with you. "Tadashi never failed to amuse us," you recalled, remembering that night the older Hamada called you just to share his findings on your family with you.

Suddenly, your laughter was interrupted by one of the hospital staff, who carried in a change of clothes and a syringe full of liquid, her eyes widening when she saw you awake. "Ms. (Y/N)...you're awake. How are you feeling?"

You nodded and gave the nurse a grin, though you couldn't help but feel a little bit bugged by the syringe. "I'm feeling great."

The nurse's face eventually relaxed as she returned a smile. "That's great to hear. Now, you have another visitor outside waiting for you. Do get changed into these clothes and report to the lobby at once."

You nodded. "I will. Thank you."

"No problem." The nurse then left you in the room, not bothering to acknowledge Hiro's presence.

You quickly glanced at Hiro. "That was weird."

"Might be one of the jurors? Or even Mr. Lacitier for that matter," Hiro shrugged.

"Or Melanie, or one of the gang, or Abigail..." You were certainly confused. "And what was with the syringe?"

"They wanted to wake you up with that thing if you still haven't recovered," Hiro told you. "At least, that's what they told me yesterday, when you were still in—"

"The deathlike trance," you cut in. "Yeah. I figured."

Hiro nodded. "Should I...wait outside while you get changed?" he asked quickly, pointing to the door.

"Yeah," you chuckled. "That would be kind of awkward. Or do you still have anything else to tell me?"

"I'll tell you once you're out," Hiro promised. And with that, he quickly left the room.

You took a look at the clothes the nurse gave you. To your surprise, they were the same clothes you wore for the trial. Memories of you being shot in the court quickly flooded back to you, but you couldn't let your fear show. Whoever was out there might think you would be insane. Quickly, you got out of the hospital gown that you were wearing (which was unfortunately to you a bit exposing, and you were grateful the night before that you and Hiro didn't go too far), and changed into the clothes given to you, glad that they were washed. The scent of blood at least wasn't there.

Exiting the room, you soon found Hiro fiddling with something in his pocket, which made you raise an eyebrow, but you didn't question. The moment he saw you, he smiled at you shiftily and took your hand.

"Come on," he simply said, dragging you through the hospital. "Whoever it is must have news for us."

You nodded, feeling your heart beat faster as you made your way through the long winding corridors to the lobby area, and your eyes immediately honed in on Mr. Lacitier, who was sitting on one of the chairs reading a children's book to some of the younger children seated in front of him, like it was story time at school.

"I never knew he could be so good with children now," Hiro murmured in awe.

You smiled as you squeezed his hand. "He probably got all the training from taking care of me," you whispered. You then pulled him over and sat on the floor, cross-legged, behind the children. The moment Mr. Lacitier was finished with the story, the children clapped and thanked him, and then they left to join their parents again, who were all called over to see their patients. It was then that Mr. Lacitier saw you, and gave you a big hug.

"(Y/N)!" he cried. "Thank goodness! You feel better right now?"

"I've never felt better," you agreed, letting go.

Mr. Lacitier grinned and then took out a brown paper bag. "Aunt Cass packed up some doughnuts and cookies for you, and wanted me to send them to you. I hope you like them."

You smiled and nodded as you took out the first thing you reached for—a strawberry-glazed doughnut. The pink icing entranced you, and instantly you took a bite out of it, the fruity flavouring coating all over your tongue as you recalled your first breakfast with the Hamadas, the day after your first day of work. "She remembered, didn't she?" you wondered, turning to Hiro. "This was what I was eating when she told me...about my mom."

"You still like it all the same though, don't you?" Hiro asked you worriedly.

You smiled reassuringly. "It was one of my favourites."

Hiro smiled and nodded as you kept eating the doughnut, licking your fingers off in satisfaction when you were finished. Then you reached in the bag for a napkin and wiped your fingers with that before taking out a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips. "You want one?" you asked, holding it out to Hiro.

Hiro nodded as he took it from you. "Thanks, (Y/N)." He took a big bite out of the cookie and grinned at you, and you giggled now at his chipmunk cheeks.

"(Y/N), I have some serious news for you," Mr. Lacitier piped up.

You turned to him now, another worried expression laced on your face. "What is it, Mr. Lacitier?"

Mr. Lacitier took a deep breath. "I talked with the jury shortly after you got shot, and submitted the pistol as another piece of evidence. The judge was speechless, of course, but he believed me, especially when I told him that you were on the way to the hospital."

To this, you slowly put the paper bag in Hiro's hands and folded your hands in your lap, hardly daring to breathe. "And then?"

"I got the report from him last night," he said. "The verdicts for the cases with Tadashi and Gisele have already been determined, but the verdict for your case was especially difficult now, especially since Callaghan tried to kill you right after the trial. You know that all evidence and testimonies and stuff like that given during the trial describe everything that happened before the trial, correct?"

You nodded.

"Well, they had a hard time determining whether the gunshot should be considered in their deliberation. But after some convincing, they consented."

"I see."

"I have the letter in here," he said, taking an envelope out of his coat pocket and giving it to you. You recognized the symbol of the San Fransokyo Court of Justice and nodded in approval, smiling faintly as you opened the envelope and unfolded the letter.

This sudden movement caught Hiro's attention as well, and he quickly turned to you. "What's this?" he asked, quickly swallowing whatever he was chewing on.

"It's a letter sent from the Court," you whispered to him, holding the letter out to him so that you could both read it together.

To Mr. Lacitier, guardian of (Y/N) (Y/L/N),

On behalf of the judge and jury of the trial that took place on the 23rd of October, which illustrated the cases of Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), Mr. Hiro Hamada, Mr. Tadashi Hamada, Ms. Melanie Norimo, and Ms. Gisele Norimo, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your contribution to the case.

The judge and jury have deliberated for the past week and have come to the conclusion that defendants Mr. Robert Callaghan has been charged for an arson crime and several homicide cases, including the recent shooting that almost killed Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Seeing that this is not a successful homicide case, Mr. Robert Callaghan has not been given the full penalty, however he would serve the punishment of his ancestors before him. Upon fully reading the evidence that the plaintiff party has presented, we have come to the conclusion that he is guilty of the crimes listed above and is henceforth sentenced for life.

However, despite the deliberations, we would still like to converse with you about your case with Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N)'s parents, as well as your history with Mr. Robert Callaghan. Please arrive at the court no later than 2:00 pm sharp tomorrow. We will escort you from the lobby to one of the hearing rooms, where a hearing would be performed. This would not make an impact on the trial in any way, but rather to hear more about you as Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N)'s guardian in general.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to seeing you back in the court soon.


(the judge and jurors signatures).

"Mr. Lacitier," you breathed finally when you finished reading the letter, handing it back to Mr. Lacitier with the envelope. "You...you still have to go to court?"

"I think they still have to determine whether or not I am suitable enough as a guardian to stay with you," Mr. Lacitier said slowly.

"Right. My lawyer was fired," you recalled, the shouts from that day at the court between you and your previous lawyer echoing through your head. "Do you think they're going to have to find a new lawyer for us today?"

"I suppose so," Mr. Lacitier answered. "After all, since the last one WAS fired, they have to find someone else, right? And in due time, too!"

"I agree on that one," Hiro spoke up. "Personally I hope this one doesn't fight with (Y/N) easily...or CAN put up a fight at all, really. The last one was a complete coward. No offense," he quickly added, turning to you.

"I'm not offended," you giggled. "That stupid lawyer couldn't take care of my family ordeals, AND he can't put up a fight with me. You call that offensive on my behalf? Not at all. It would be to him though," you added, smirking knowingly.

Suddenly, the door to the hospital opened again and you recognized Melanie rush right over to you and giving you a quick hug, knocking the wind right out of you.

"(Y/N)! Oh my god, you don't even know how worried we all were! My parents started freaking out when they heard you got shot. Are you alright?" she asked really quickly.

"I'm fine!" you assured her. "I woke up a few hours ago, actually. It's a wonder I'm still alive."

"Well, about time you did!" Melanie exclaimed. "I've brought you all that homework from school, and the teachers are ALL expecting you to finish the homework quickly! They all heard of the shooting, though, so they understood."

"What happened to Trudy?" you asked her, picking up a random chocolate chip cookie and handing it to her.

"She has been punished too, but not as severely as Callaghan," Melanie told you, nibbling on the cookie. "She's apparently supposed to do community work. A LOT. Oh, and she has been suspended from school until the end of the winter holidays."

This took you aback. "Wow. Now we get Trudy-free days...till the end of the holidays."

"I hope by then she'll learn to change her ways," Hiro murmured. "I remember how mean she was to you, (Y/N). And you know I won't always be there to pin her to the fence."

"Don't worry, Hiro, I know how to stand up for myself," you assured him. "But yeah, I hope she would learn to change her behaviour and stuff. Though speaking of which, I have something to tell you both. It has something to do...with what happened before I woke up."

This caught both of their attentions, and they both turned to you with wide eyes.

"You don't mean...the conversation you had with your parents?" Hiro asked you quietly. "That was all you mentioned."

"There was more before that," you recalled. "And it had something to do with Trudy."

Mr. Lacitier quickly got up and checked his watch. "Shoot, I better get going," he said, getting up and putting his coat on. "I need to get prepared for the hearing at the court soon. I'm so happy you're okay, (Y/N)."

You smiled back and gave Mr. Lacitier a hug. "Good luck in the hearing. And don't get shot."

To that, Mr. Lacitier smiled. "I hopefully won't, (Y/N). I just hope I can still stay with you and be your rightful guardian."

"I know you will," Hiro piped up, standing up and giving Mr. Lacitier a hand to shake, which he accepted. "Thanks for, um...approving of our relationship."

"Take good care of (Y/N)," Mr. Lacitier grinned. "You don't meet a girl like her every day now, don't you?"

Hiro grinned. "She's a special one."

With that, Mr. Lacitier smiled, tipped his hat, and left the hospital, his long coat trailing behind him, while the three of you waved.

"Should we head back to your room?" Melanie asked. "You said you wanted to talk with us."

You nodded. "It's...not that urgent, but it's strange."

"Lead the way," Melanie said, nodding to Hiro, who nodded and took your hand again, bringing you all the way back to your room in the hospital wing in complete silence.

"Excuse me miss?" A nurse called out to the three of you, making you freeze. She pointed at Melanie. "Miss, you need to register as a visitor."

"I'm so sorry," Melanie quickly apologized. "I'll do that as soon as possible."

As soon as she left you and Hiro standing there in tense silence, she came back, and the three of you continued to walk through the halls in silence until you reached your room in the hospital.

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