A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 8--Mr. Lacitier

Days of mourning have now left you completely malnourished and suffering from thirst. Every day right after school, you went straight home, not even bothering to go to the Lucky Cat Cafe to work anymore. You didn't shut neither Hiro nor Melanie out, but you were just felt too miserable to get out and enjoy yourself again.

It finally struck you, anyway.

You're an orphan.

But at least you could take care of yourself, right?

Hiro: (Y/N)? Are you okay?

You tried to stifle a sob when you read Hiro's latest text in your room, one week after your mom's funeral. Of course, you two still hang out once in a while whenever you needed it, but you stopped working at the Cafe and Aunt Cass gave you two weeks to recover. You still remained in your old house because you didn't want to move away just yet, not when this place was so full of happy memories that you weren't ready to let go.

That's it. Focus on the good things of the past. That should help, right?

(Y/N): I'm...okay, I guess.

Hiro: Just be honest with me. I won't laugh.

Before you could respond, the doorbell of your house rang.

"Coming!" you cried, jumping from your bed and stuffing your phone in your pocket, running down the stairs and opening the front door.

The sight that you were greeted was...bizarre.

A tall lanky man stood in the front of your door, with a face so angular you could have sworn his face was like a triangle. His arms and legs are like sticks, absolutely thin and--in your mind's eye--spider-like. His feet were pretty big for one so skinny. He also wore a monocle over his right eye, which made you suspicious. His bags were piled over his feet.

Another man showed up to you happily, but all you felt was confusion. What is going on?

You heard your phone go DING in your pocket again signalling another text, but you couldn't answer it.

"Hello!" The second man greeted you with a bright smile. "Are you (Y/N) (Y/L/N), by any chance?"

You nodded. That was creepy.

The man smiled as he backed away and introduced you to the man with spider legs and arms. "Ms. (Y/L/N), may I introduce to you, Mr. Lacitier. He is going to be your new guardian!"

(A.N. Lacitier = lah-see-tee-AY)

"Whoa, what?!" you cried, backing away as well.

"Mr. Lacitier has been your father's colleague and your mom's close friend," the man continued on. "He has no children of his own, you see, and he never married. He decided to arrange this with me and voila! You now have a new guardian!"

You scrunched your face up in slight surprise and disgust. "So...who exactly are you?" you asked.

"I'm your parents' lawyer, of course!" The man smiled at you again.

"Hm." You crossed your arms and glared at both the laywer and Mr. Lacitier. "Well, I'm perfectly fine living here on my own."

"I didn't think so," the lawyer contradicted, putting his hands on his hips. "You're under 18, which means that you need a guardian."

"Legally, yes. But from my personal judgment, no," you snapped back.

"No need to be so rude," Mr. Lacitier finally spoke, putting some space between you and the lawyer.

"Was this from my mom's will or something?" you finally asked.

The lawyer nodded.

"Oh. That explains it."

"Now now, (Y/N)," Mr. Lacitier drooled, and you were starting to hate him already. "We don't want any fuss around here."

"I'm not the one who's causing the fuss!" you cried. "You know what, I don't WANT a guardian! I'm perfectly fine on my own. Trust me! I have other people to support me if I need them to."

"Provide us some examples then," the lawyer prompted you, and you did, stating that Hiro and Aunt Cass would be willing to help.

"Nope," the lawyer shook his head.

"But they promised me personally!" you protested.

"I'm sorry, but with Ms. Hamada's other nephew deceased, it's just not enough," he said.

"You mean Tadashi?" you cried. "Tadashi died in a fire, you idiot! He didn't die because Aunt Cass hasn't given him enough support or something!"

"Don't think I don't know anything!" the lawyer cried again. "She's just not responsible enough!"

"Don't YOU think that!" you screamed now, feeling like a complete toddler. "Tadashi running in the fire was on his own accord, to save a freaking professor! He didn't MEAN to die! At least, that's what Hiro told me. Why do I have to believe you?"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" the lawyer screamed back. "We already signed the papers, and so Mr. Lacitier is going to stay here, okay? Please, (Y/N). It's for your parents."

You groaned, but let in. "FINE. But if he ends up ruining my life, it would be your fault."

"Wonderful!" The lawyer resumed his old happy self and clapped his hands. "That's settled. Mr. Lacitier, you could take the guest room just upstairs, just move your things in..."

You let them in and they went upstairs, while you took your phone out and saw Hiro's text again.

Hiro: (Y/N)? Hello?


(Y/N): I'm fine, I'm fine! Just, something bizzare just happened...I'm getting a new guardian over. Apparently it has been arranged on my mom's will. Some guy who used to be my mom's close friend and my dad's colleague at work just showed up. He's my new...guardian.

It didn't take long for Hiro to respond.

Hiro: A new guardian? What the hell?

(Y/N): I know, right? I tried to tell them I would be fine on my own but they refused to listen! My parents' lawyer is here too...ugh. Let's just say things just turned out for the worse.

Hiro: Did you tell him we could take care of you?

(Y/N): I tried. But he didn't think Aunt Cass would be good since he believed Tadashi killed himself due to the loss of your parents.

Hiro: Oh that idiot! Tadashi died saving a life, not because another is lost!

(Y/N): He refused to listen to me.

Hiro: What is your new guardian's name anyway?

(Y/N): Mr. Lacitier.

Hiro: Ugh. The name just sounds creepy.

(Y/N): Agreed. Anyway, is it okay if I try to meet you at the beach again? I can bring Melanie along this time.

Hiro: Of course!

"Ahh..." Mr. Lacitier focused your eyes on your just as you finished reading Hiro's latest text. "So you are (F/N)'s daughter, right?"

You nodded. "Correct, sir."

"I see." Mr. Lacitier then turned to the lawyer. "I can handle this."

The lawyer nodded and backed out of the house. "Let me know if there are any issues with Mr. Lacitier, (Y/N). We can fix everything."

You nodded...but internally, you just wanted to get rid of this creep. Both of them, if you could.

The lawyer waved to you and then headed off to his car, driving off.

"So..." you said, but Mr. Lacitier waved a hand at you to silence you.

"I'll get started with your dinner as soon as possible," Mr. Lacitier told you. "What would you like?"

"Um...I normally eat at the Lucky Cat Cafe with Hiro and Aunt Cass," you said.

"Oh, the incapable guardians?" Mr. Lacitier challenged.

"They are my friends," you corrected him. "And Aunt Cass is my employee. Yes, sir, I have my own job."

"I see," Mr. Lacitier nodded. "Would you like to eat with them, then? I give you my full permission."

You nodded. "I was planning on meeting my friends at the beach later. You don't mind, do you?"

Anything to get away from this creep.

"Of course not," Mr. Lacitier said. "Go right ahead."

You smiled as you brought your phone out and texted Melanie.

(Y/N): Hey heyyyy Melanie! I'm good, if you ask. But can you join me and Hiro on the beach in 10 minutes? There's something I need to discuss with both of you.

Melanie replied to your text in such speed that you were surprised when you heard your phone go DING again.

Melanie: Sure! It's just close by my house. I'll meet you up soon.

(Y/N): Great! See you soon!

You then grabbed a spring jacket and put your sneakers on before waving goodbye to Mr. Lacitier and running towards the beach, as fast as your feet could carry you.

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