A Helping Hand (Hiro X Reader)

Chapter 9--A Creep...and a Murderer?


(Y/F/CD): Your favourite cold drink

(F/N): Father's name

Moments later you finally reached the beach to see Hiro and Melanie already talking to each other in low voices. You knew it was them, for they stood out quite easily to you—Hiro's mop of black hair and Melanie's dark brown hair floating in the breeze was enough for you to know it was them.

"Guys! Hey guys!" you cried, waving to get their attention.

Upon hearing your voice they looked up and saw your tired running form rushing across the sand, and then they ran over to you, concerned.

"Ow!" you gasped, collapsing into Hiro's arms. Hiro helped you get up and he looked at you with worry.

"You okay, (Y/N)?" Hiro asked.

You nodded. "Yeah. Just dizzy."

"How about a drink?" Melanie asked, holding up a cup of (Y/F/CD).

You smiled. "How did you know?"

"Hiro told me," she smirked. "Besides, this came from the Lucky Cat Cafe. What is it that Aunt Cass doesn't know about you by now?"

"True." You smiled as you took a sip, letting the taste completely cover your tongue and enliven your tastebuds, sighing as you swallowed.

"So," Melanie prompted you, leading you to the beach towel where she and Hiro were waiting for you. It was at a considerable distance from the water, which made you nod in approval. "What's going on?" she asked, sitting down and sipping from her iced cappuccino laced with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

You sat down as well, cross-legged, and you felt Hiro plop beside you too. "This is going to be pretty hard for you both to believe...though Hiro and I already texted over this." You took a deep breath. "I have a guardian now. And I never realized this until...just now. My parents' lawyer arranged this with my father's colleague, who also turned out to be my mom's closest friend. His name is Mr. Lacitier."

"A French guy?" Melanie gave a look of disgust. "Ugh. By the sound of his name, he doesn't sound like he has good intentions."

"I was actually thinking the same thing," Hiro said, looking at you with concern written on his face as he took your hand. "What kind of name is Lacitier?"

You shook your head. "I had no idea. They planned all of this behind my back, for a whole week after my mom died. I just don't know if this is the best idea."

Suddenly, Melanie bolted up and her eyes widened. She quickly tied her brown hair up in a ponytail and looked at you. "(Y/N), what if...Oh my god, what if HE was the one who poisoned your dad and convinced your mom to kill herself?" she asked suddenly.

"You think that's possible?" you asked, catching her drift.

Melanie nodded convincingly. "I mean, think about it. Your father has been poisoned, and the only person who could probably ever do that would be Mr. Lacitier since you mentioned he WAS your father's closest colleague. And maybe with your mom, he probably pressured her into thinking suicidal thoughts or something. It could be possible!"

Hiro nodded. "Good thinking, Melanie. That could happen."

You nodded as well, sipping on your drink. "Well...Mr. Lacitier did look at me with a weird drawling expression, if that helps. It could be possible, and I don't disagree, but we can't jump to these conclusions yet. Besides, we haven't fully known Mr. Lacitier yet. I just ran out here to escape that creep."

"Who knows what he could be up to though," Hiro noted. "If our theory proves true, then...(Y/N), you could be in danger."

As Hiro said those words, you felt fear shoot through your heart like an arrow. You were never safe at school with Trudy around to boss with you and a whole bunch of people on her side trying to make your life in school a living hell. It's not to say that your new friendship with Melanie was for nothing, but with each passing day you were suffering more and more under Trudy's clutches, and her minions have made your life worse and worse, causing you to break under pressure. No one but Melanie and Hiro knew. And your life at home was just too lonely and empty, but at least you found some comfort reminiscing in some of the older happier memories you shared with both your parents before they died, one by one. Then this man comes, and like Hiro and Melanie, you couldn't help but feel...insecure.

"I did do a bit of research on Mr. Lacitier," Hiro said, pulling out his phone and showing you a website where the name "Ted Lacitier" shone back at you.

"Ted? That's his first name?" You had to resist rolling your eyes. "Now he really sounds like a creep."

"Read what it says!" Melanie encouraged you.

You looked back at Hiro's phone, scrolling down until you saw his current employment profile.

"Hmm...it says he worked as a CEO as well at (Y/L/N) Tech. But my dad was Head CEO, if I recall clearly," you said offhandedly, scanning the profile very quickly. Then your eyes widened as you read the next line. "Guys, look here! 'Due to Mr. (F/N) (Y/L/N)'s sudden demise, he has been appointed Head CEO in the witness of an emergency council meeting'!"

"Wait, really?" Hiro took the phone back gently and scrolled through the page, and his eyes widened again on his family status. "(Y/N), you're right—he has no children and no wife—he's not even married! And—oh man, this is creepy; he's older than my aunt! He's like, what...in his mid-50's?"

"THIS is absolutely creepy!" Melanie remarked. "But then again, in horror stories, a man who isn't married by then would probably be doing some serious criminal acts."

"You're just adding on to the creepiness of this guy, I'm afraid," you said. "Not that I'm hurting your feelings, Melanie. I know you're trying to help."

"Sorry," Melanie apologized.

You took another long draught from your drink, setting it down when you were finally done and giving a long sigh. "This doesn't make any sense," you finally commented, throwing your hands up in frustration and shaking your head in disbelief. "What is happening to me? What is happening to my entire life?"

"Hey," Hiro said, putting an arm around you and pulling you close to him. "I refuse to let you believe that your life's spinning out of control. It's just that sometimes, some people just don't deserve letting horrible things happen to them...like you. But don't you worry a bit. We will be here for you—me, Melanie, the gang, Baymax, even Aunt Cass."

You looked up at Hiro and smiled. "You promise that?"

"I already have," he whispered, leaning in and rubbing his nose with yours affectionately.


You turned to see Melanie smile at you and Hiro, and you grinned back.

"So you and Hiro are official?" Melanie asked excitedly, and you nodded without even thinking.

"I'm happy for you!" Melanie cried, giving you a hug, and you hugged back. "And I think you and Hiro make a really cute couple."

"Thanks, Mel," you smiled, letting go. Then you turned to Hiro, who just kissed you on the cheek.

"So what's the plan?" Melanie asked.

You already knew exactly what you were going to do. In your mind's eye you could see yourself exposing Mr. Ted Lacitier as a criminal, a murderer who brutally ended your parents' lives and failed to completely make your own life miserable in return. The headlines would be full of his imprisonment, and you could feel victory pump through your veins. Even though you knew your parents would never come back, you wanted to justify their deaths rightfully.

"Allow me to indirectly interrogate Mr. Lacitier before we do anything," you told them, a smile slowly spreading across your face.

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