Chapter 13

Chapter 13:

They left and Grimmjow sighed in relief before smiling at Ichigo tiredly. "Guess I should pack huh?"

Ichigo watched him go into his bedroom and sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair, chewing his lip worriedly. He walked into the bedroom, waiting until Grimmjow noticed him and paused.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry." Ichigo shook his head and looked down, wrapping his arms around himself. "This is all happening because of me. I'm the reason you're being kicked out. I'm the reason your parents want to you go back to Germany."

"Hey." Grimmjow murmured softly, pulling Ichigo into your arms. "Its not your fault." He sighed when Ichigo glared at him. "Ok, yeah, its kinda your fault. But that doesn't matter. I've never been their ideal son. This was just the last straw."

"Thanks for making me feel better." He muttered sarcastically, still smiling despite himself.

"Anytime." Ruffling his hair, Grimmjow went back to packing. "You sure it's ok to stay at yours? If not, I can always crash at Nnoitra's."

"It's fine, trust me. My dad might be a bit weary of us in the same room at first, but he'll get over it."

"I can always sleep on the sofa."

Ichigo rolled his eyes, a smile pulling at his lips. "Yeah, you might have to the first few nights until he trusts you."

"You mean, when he knows I won't take advantage of living with you?" He stopped and sat down on the bed with a groan, smiling wryly at Ichigo. "C'mere."

Ichigo grinned and went to him, sliding down to sit in his lap and gently threaded his fingers through his hair. "I know you, you'll take advantage."

"Only when no-one's there to see."

He laughed lightly, kissing the top of Grimmjow's head, down the side of his face and paused, hovering over his lips. "Tell me you love me."

"I love you."


"I love you."


Grimmjow smiled and leaned forward, kissing him. "I love you."

Grabbing his hips, Grimmjow flipped their positions and Ichigo giggled, looking up at him suggestively whilst his hands moved to start undoing the buttons on the his shirt. "I love you too."

"Yeah you better do, after all the shit you're putting me through."

"Maybe I should reward you?"

"Hmm... sounds good. But, you gotta help me pack afterwards. After all, we're going to waste at least an hour."

"An hour? That all you got in you?"

Grimmjow growled and lent down to nip Ichigo's lip. "We've gotta be quick."

"Maybe we should wait?"

"Yeah right, since when have you been patient?"

Ichigo shivered when he kissed across his jawline and started pulling his shirt up. "Mmm... now sounds good."

"I thought so."


Ichigo sat up with a groan, watching as Grimmjow threw the last of his belongings into a bag and paused to look up at him. "So much for helping me pack huh."

He smiled and crawled over to him, kneeling in front him. "Whose fault is that?"

"Yours, can't handle it can you." Grimmjow grinned and lent closer to him. "Even after the amount of times we've had sex, you still can't can you?"

"Maybe it's because the sex is just that damn good." Grabbing Grimmjow's shirt, he pulled him down onto the bed and sat on his stomach. "Besides, I was just admiring the view, since you chose to finish packing in your underwear."

Grimmjow snorted and ran his hands up Ichigo's hips slowly. "I think you make the better view, since you're still naked."

Rolling his eyes, Ichigo pushed him back on the bed when he leaned in to kiss him before getting up to grab his clothes to change into them. "Whatever you say Grimm." He found his phone and called home, obviously they wouldn't be able to walk back with all of Grimmjow's things. "Hello?"


"Hey dad, I need a favour."

His father took a moment to respond, a heavy sigh audible over the line. "Has this got something to do with Grimmjow?"

"Uh, yeah." He glanced at Grimmjow who was currently in the middle of tugging his shirt on, not paying attention to the conversation. "He needs somewhere to stay and I said he could stay with us. If you're ok with it?"

"What happened?"

Ichigo sighed heavily and rubbed his face, smiling when Grimmjow pulled him back against him and leaned back gratefully. "His parents don't like me and are kicking him out because he refused to break up with me."

His father again, didn't respond for a few minutes and Ichigo chewed his lip in worry. What if he said no? Would Grimmjow really be ok to stay with Nnoitra? He had to find some way of persuading his dad, after all, it was his fault Grimmjow couldn't live in his flat anymore.

He looked up when Grimmjow nudged his head and shook his head at his questioning look, putting a hand over the mic to speak to him quietly. "He's thinking about it."

"Mmm." Grimmjow nuzzled his neck and Ichigo's eyes closed in content, almost forgetting about the phone in his hand until his father's voice rang through.


He jumped violently, smacking Grimmjow's shoulder when he started laughing before answering. "Yes dad?"

"Grimmjow can stay, on one condition."

"Yes?" Ichigo sat up excitedly, grinning at Grimmjow and beckoning him closer.

"He sleeps on the sofa."

He laughed in relief, shaking his head at Grimmjow when he mouthed 'what'. "Yeah, yeah of course. Umm can I ask for another favour?"

"You want a lift?"


Isshin sighed down the line, but Ichigo could tell it was for theatrical purposes. "All right, I'll be there in half an hour."

"Great, thanks dad." Ichigo ended the call and smiled at Grimmjow smugly. "See, told you he would be ok with it. He did have one condition though."

"Which was?"

"You sleep on the sofa." He laughed when Grimmjow pulled a face of distaste and moved forward to kiss him. "Don't worry, it will only be for a bit. I'll wear him down, see what I can do."


Pushing him back, Ichigo sat down on his stomach again and smiled at him. "How long do you think we can take?"

"Of what?"

"Me and you, living together."

Grimmjow shrugged and pulled Ichigo down to rest on top of him. "Dunno. I don't expect it to be all hearts and roses though."

Ichigo snorted, running his hand lightly over Grimmjow's stomach, feeling his muscles move with each breath. "Mmm. But we'll be fine, won't we?"

"I don't know."

They lay in silence for a while and Ichigo finally lifted his head to look at Grimmjow worriedly. "We can try though."

"Of course." He smiled reassuringly at Ichigo, sitting up to pull him into his arms and sighed heavily. "I'm sure it'll be fine."

Ichigo smiled back, less reassuringly but still, a part of him believed that, which was all Grimmjow needed to see. "Ichigo?"


"How long until your dad gets here?"

"I dunno, he said half an hour, but that could mean an hour or ten minutes when it concerns him." Ichigo grinned slyly, kissing the exposed skin of his shoulder. "Why?"

"Half an hour?" Grimmjow smirked and ran his hands down Ichigo's hips to start pulling his zipper down. "Bet I can get you off before your dad gets here."

"Ha, you can try if you want."


Grimmjow smirked and pulled away from Ichigo to glance at his watch. "Fifteen minutes." He declared smugly. "Told you I'd be able to do it."

Ichigo groaned and covered his face in embarrassment as Grimmjow starting laughing. "Shut up!" He sat up and sighed, grabbing the box of tissues to clean himself up. "I can't believe you sometimes."

"What? It aint my fault your easy to please."

Ichigo paused and looked up to glare at Grimmjow. "Easy to please huh?"

"Aww c'mon Ichi, you know I'm joking."

He snorted and threw the tissue at the bin, growling when he missed before doing his trousers up again. "Let's just see how long you last then without sex."

Grimmjow sobered up quickly at his statement and sat up with a frown. "You wouldn't."

"Watch me."

"You're not really gunna hold out on me are you?" He asked cautiously, watching as Ichigo threw the tissue in the bin before sighing and turning to look at him.

"Tell you what." Ichigo smirked and walked back over to him and kissed him quickly on the lips. "The next time we have sex, I top. Until then, no sex."

"Tell me you're joking."


"I fucking hate you." Grimmjow groaned, falling backwards on the bed. "Manipulative bastard."

"So what do you say?"

"Hell no." He sat up and glared at Ichigo. "No way in hell will I let you do that to me."

"Why not? You do it to me all the time. It aint that bad you know."


Ichigo sighed and shrugged, turning to leave the room. "Whatever, I bet you cave before me." He left the room with a smirk, he knew Grimmjow would never let him top, but he did want to see how long the man could go without sex. "Are you coming or not, my dad will be here in a few minutes!" He called, grabbing a couple of Grimmjow's bags.

He heard Grimmjow curse before moving around, presumably changing and after a few minutes, he came out with his bag in tow and scowled at Ichigo. "I hope you're happy."

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" He grinned before placing a chaste kiss on Grimmjow's cheek. "Ready to go?"

Grimmjow frowned and touched his cheek before sighing. "As ready as I'll ever be."

Ichigo rolled his eyes, but left to go wait by the elevator for Grimmjow, giving him a moment alone before he joined him. "Ok?"


They got in the elevator and left the building in silence, Ichigo worrying about his father and Grimmjow for exactly the same reason, what was going to happen next? When they went outside, Ichigo glanced around and spotted his father's car and nudged Grimmjow's arm before indicating at it.

"That's him." Grimmjow glanced at him with a frown and Ichigo smiled reassuringly. "It's gunna be fine."

"I've just realised something." He murmured as they started walking towards the car and Ichigo looked at him curiously.


"I only met your family today, and now I'm moving in with you. Doesn't that sound just the slightest bit weird?"

Ichigo grinned and nodded. "Yeah it does. But then again, our whole relationship is classed under 'weird' isn't it?"

"I suppose it is."

"Wait to people find out you're living with me, that's when it'll start. It won't be long after that they finally figure out we're together." Ichigo chuckled at the thought and smiled amusedly. "Oh god, I can't wait to see Ishida's face. Remind me to take a photo, it'll be priceless."

"What about everyone else?" Grimmjow paused and turned to face Ichigo, his tone indicating he was completely serious. "This isn't going to go down well, you know that right?"

Ichigo sighed, but nodded. "Yeah, I know. I'm trying to fight the best of a worst situation. Can you blame me?"

"No. I'd rather keep this private though."

"So would I, but how long do you think we can keep this under wraps if you live with me? People already notice we don't fight anymore. Hell there's rumours going around about us now." Ichigo smiled amusedly. "Either we're together or are planning world domination."


"Yup. Think about it. We used to hate each other, an made no secret of it. Now we aren't just civil, we're friendly. What are people supposed to think?" Ichigo shrugged and started walking again, Grimmjow soon following to keep pace. "Honestly, it would be cool if we could achieve world domination."

Grimmjow snorted and rolled his eyes. "Only you would think that."

"Yeah, but it still sounds cool." They reached the car and Ichigo opened the boot to throw Grimmjow's bags in before letting Grimmjow into the back and sitting next to his father and smiled. "Hey dad."

"Ichigo." He glanced in the mirror to see Grimmjow in the back and grinned, suddenly turning around and launching himself at the man. "My future-son-in-law!"

Grimmjow's eyes widened comically as Isshin attacked him and Ichigo couldn't help but laugh, his worries for the moment forgotten. Maybe living with Grimmjow wouldn't be so bad after all.

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