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Chloe finds that her father is in big trouble and help seems impossible. It soon becomes clear that the only person able to help her father is the son of the enemy responsible for his travails. Jason McLaren. Absolutely certain there is no way his father would steal anyone’s one million dollars. The big worry soon becomes how he is going to replace it. And in just one week! Jason’s orders are to take Chloe out into the woods far away to a remote cabin to keep her father in line. Jason says he intends to assist Chloe and claims to be deceiving his family, the McLarens, to keep Chloe safe. But the suspicion still hangs: what if he’s simply playing both sides? What if he is using her attraction to him against her. Chloe knows she can’t allow herself to trust or feel safe with Jason, no matter how attractive she finds him. Jason isn’t the only one who’s offering help, however. There is Ryan Coltrane who could scare the devil himself but is also equipped with the special skill of tracking down anyone in a day. He tells Chloe that if she ever wants to see her father alive again, he’s the one to help. Is it possible for both Jason and Ryan to have secret feelings for Chloe? With her father’s life on the line here, she might have to plot her own little scheme. Soon, she’s running from her feelings for Jason, and running from the creepy Ryan Coltrane, and the entire family of McLaren, w

Thriller / Mystery
Juliana Blossom
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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