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Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure


The original group of Chosen Children was not in good terms since their last adventure since the loss of 1 of them. Daisuke struggled to find himself while holding the team together.

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1: New Adventure

*April 2002*

Digital World was under attack by a mysterious individual known as Digimon Kaiser. Digimon were running to escape from the attacks from Digimon Kaiser under the control of dark ring. Tailmon had lost her tail ring in the process.

Gabumon mustered all the strength to reach the nearest TV.

"Yamato…" He cried out before falling unconscious.

In real world, a blonde boy was getting ready for school. He had just finished his breakfast.

"I'm sorry that I can't go with you on your first day of school. I have to finish the article today." A voice of a lady was heard.

"It's okay, I can go by myself". The boy known as Takaishi Takeru replied. Now, carrying a bag with his hat on, he walked past his mother's study room and left for school. On his way he met two of his new neighbours, Inoue Miyako and Hida Iori.

"I'm Takaishi Takeru, 5th grade. Nice to meet you."

Miyako was in the 6th grade while Iori was in the 3rd grade.

As the trio walked to the school premise, a group of boys playing soccer caught his attention. One of the boys had a pair of goggle on his head. He looked on feeling puzzled.


Takeru happened to catch the ball which the goggle boy had missed.

"Sorry, sorry". The boy stood up and approached Takeru. He frowned at Takeru's intense stare. Takeru threw the ball back to him.

"Those goggles are pretty cool." He commented. Daisuke blinked in confusion.

"What are you doing? Daisuke." Someone called out. The boy known as Motomiya Daisuke returned to his game.

"Of course not, Taichi-san was no longer around."

In the class, Daisuke headed to the table where a hazel haired girl was putting her stuff down.

"We are in the same class again, Hikari-chan". He cheered.

"I'm glad to see you again". Yagami Hikari smiled and greeted Daisuke who was jumping in joy.

"Some guy said my goggles were cool but I don't even know him." Daisuke informed her excitedly.

A new transfer student was introduced. Daisuke recognized him as he was the one who commented on his goggles.

"I'm Takaishi Takeru. Nice to meet you."

"Your seat is next to Yagami." The teacher announced.

"Long time no see." Takeru greeted Hikari who smiled. "You had gotten taller." She commented causing Daisuke to turn red in jealousy. He wondered who he was and how was he so close to Hikari.

Daisuke had always had a crush for Hikari. He had first met Hikari in the playground two years ago. The first impression he had for her was she was sad and lonely. He did not know why. He got to know her eventually as he often see her on the playground. He sat beside her and started talking to her. Somehow he managed to get her to smile.

But Takeru managed to get her to giggle as soon as they started talking.

Meanwhile, Yamato and Agumon had found Gabumon.

"Gabumon?" Yamato shook his unconscious partner who stirred a little.


"Evolve, Gabumon." He ordered but there was no reaction from his digivice.

"I can't evolve, Yamato." They were puzzled.

Digimon Kaiser was laughing hard. It was useless as he had that area under his control.

Yamato, Agumon and Gabumon sought refuge in a cave. He sent out an emergency e-mail hoping that his friend whom he had never spoken for three years, Koushirou would respond to him. Inoue Miyako happened to intercept the e-mail.

"Izumi sempai had graduated last year." Miyako thought in confusion. She knew Yamato from the Teenage Wolves. She had assisted in the arrangement of theme for his band as well as acting as a messenger between Izumi sempai and him. They were not even in speaking term and they had never send messages to one another on things out of music arrangement. Miyako took off anyway; the Middle School was not far from the Elementary.

On her way she bumped into Daisuke who was confronting Takeru on his relationship with Hikari. Takeru picked the fallen piece of paper Miyako dropped and his eyes widened at the message.

"This message is…"

"Yes, I'm in a hurry." Miyako snatched the paper and was about to take off when Takeru stopped her.

"Ishida Yamato is my brother." Miyako blinked in response.

They were heading to the computer lab when they met Koushirou. Miyako was surprised that he actually came back to visit.

"May I use the computer lab?"

Koushirou was about to reply when his battery ran out. It was faster to the Elementary than to go home. He continued typing on the computer.

Yamato heaved a sigh of relief when he received a reply from Koushirou. Even though he was usually reluctant to bother with Yamato's request other than his band which he was in charge in, when it came to the Digital World, they agreed to put aside their differences.

"Takeru and Hikari are with him." Yamato informed Agumon and Gabumon when Agumon called out to him.

Takeru and Hikari were bombarded with questions from Miyako about Digimon and Digital World which they did not know how they could evade. Daisuke meanwhile was tapping his feet in annoyance. Koushirou pretended not to notice his presence.

"I knew it, the gate is open." Koushirou muttered in disbelief.

They had found a sleeping Digimon. It resembled a blue dragon which appeared to be sealed. Yamato tried to touch the Digimon when three lights shot out to the top of the cave.

Takeru and Hikari were safe when Iori came to Miyako for the repair of his computer.

Daisuke was arguing with Koushirou as he wanted to come along. All he wanted was to protect Hikari. He was frustrated as it seemed that even Takeru could go to the Digital World place which he could not. He would lose… That was when three lights shot out of the computers and caught Daisuke by surprise when one of them landed on his hand and the other two reached Miyako and Iori who were on the way out of the school.

"What is this?" Daisuke showed his blue Digivice to Koushirou, Hikari and Takeru. They were shocked. Koushirou realised that a gate was opened from the computer he had used.

"With this I can go right?" Daisuke asked in a serious tone.

"If it's a real Digivice." Koushirou replied.

"I'm going!" Takeru raised his Digivice and disappeared into the monitor. Hikari followed suit. Daisuke's jaw dropped. They just disappeared into the computer. He blinked.

"How about you, Motomiya Daisuke?" Koushirou questioned his resolve.

"Me too!" Daisuke raised up his Digivice and joined them. Koushirou was about to go when Miyako raced back to the lab with Iori.

"What was with that light?" She asked. Koushirou jumped and caught his Digivice in surprise before laughing it off.

"So this is the Digital World." Daisuke exclaimed looking around. He was surprised that his clothes had changed.

Daisuke tripped on a group of marching Numemon and was astonished. Takeru laughed and Hikari could not help but to laugh at Daisuke's priceless expression. The three of them walked and tell Daisuke a few facts of the Digimon.

On their way, they met Patamon and Tailmon who were glad to meet their partners again. Daisuke jumped in fright when Patamon leapt right into Takeru's arms. Yamato and the rest came after them.

"Thanks for coming to help." Yamato greeted. He frowned when his eyes fell on the goggle boy.

"Who is he?"

Tailmon jumped right on Hikari's arms when Hikari's noticed the loss of her tail ring.

"What happened?" Hikari asked worriedly. The tail ring was important to Tailmon. Tailmon explained the situation to the group.

"There is a human other than us?" Takeru asked. Tailmon nodded. He had a different Digivice from Hikari's. The group stared at Daisuke who pulled out his Digivice.

"That's like the one he has!" Tailmon pointed out.

"But that one just came out from the computer!" Daisuke explained. Yamato stared at Daisuke. If he did not look closely he would have mistaken him as someone else. Right now, he shrugged his thought off. That was not the time. If Daisuke was here, did it mean that he was the new Chosen Child?

Meanwhile, Koushirou was busy evading questions from Miyako. He did not know what to say claiming that the rest had went home. Miyako knew he was keeping something from her.

"What is this?" She showed him her Digivice which was red on the edge. "Iori has one too."

"Because of that Digivice we can't evolve. And I lost half of my power since I lost my holy ring". Tailmon looked down in despondence. They were separated from Piyomon, Tentomon and the rest.

"If only I can evolve." Gabumon said.

Hikari was pissed off at the fact that a human was actually hunting Digimon and become their king.

"This is ridiculous."

Meanwhile, Digimon Kaiser who was watching them was laughing at them. To him it was just a game. He sent out a Digimon after them.

Yamato led the group to where a Digimon was sleeping. They could not wake him until Daisuke decided to try reaching for it since Hikari urged him to.

"Leave it to me!"

As soon as he touched it, its body glowed and the barrier dissipated. The Digimon blinked and opened his eyes startling Daisuke who fell backwards on his butt.

"Yahoo! Finally someone woke me up!" The blue dragon jumped up to Daisuke's direction and jumped around him in joy.

"I'm V-mon. What's your name?" The blue dragon extended its hand for a handshake.

"Daisuke…" Daisuke stuttered. He was stunned.

"Nice to meet you Daisuke! I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Suddenly, an Earthquake occurred. It was not earthquake. They were under attack by Monochromon an adult level Digimon with horn and armour as hard as diamond sent out by Digimon Kaiser earlier.

Patamon and Agumon attacks could not even scratch it. Takeru urged everybody to run.

The group ran out of the cave. Monochromon spitted fire. V-mon knocked Daisuke down before the attack hit them. The rock collapsed right on the entrance of the cave effectively trapping Daisuke and V-mon.

"Is everybody ok?" Yamato asked. Takeru, Patamon and the rest are alright while Hikari had sprained her ankle.

"Where is Daisuke?" Agumon asked anxiously realized that he was trapped.

"Oh no, not again. We can't let the tragedy happen once again. Taichi!". Agumon cried in his mind shutting his eyes tight. He was reminded of his failure. He had let his partner down once again.

"Daisuke, are you alright?" V-mon asked worriedly.

"Somehow I'm fine…" Daisuke replied trying to get it together. His goggles were broken.

Monochromon stomped before them startling the pair who was aware they were in trouble. Just before Monochromon's horn could hit them they managed to dodge behind him. Monochromon's horn was stuck on the rock and he was struggling to get itself off.

"That should buy us some time but we have to do something before he managed to get his horn out". V-mon commented with Daisuke staring at a corner in awe. Something caught his attention.

"Daisuke?" V-mon called out. Daisuke walked past V-mon while he removed his broken goggles.

"How on the earth there is a pair of goggles here?" Daisuke exclaimed excitedly. He picked the pair of round goggle which appeared to be dusty due to age. V-mon gasped.

"How do I look?" Daisuke wore it over his head. V-mon was left speechless. This was not the time to be excited about something this trivial. Daisuke thought that some Digimon must have dropped it here.

"Daisuke…" V-mon was unimpressed.

The rest were shocked when Monochromon created a hole on the rock which blocked the entrance.

"Daisuke-kun!" Hikari cried out worriedly.

"We had to do something!" Based on his Digivice, Daisuke's position told him that he was safe but not for long. Yamato ran over throwing a rock on the entrance. He had a plan. He was going to urge Monochromon to charge his way out. He could not afford to lose anyone again. Not someone who resembled his best friend just because he was too late.


Yamato, Sora, Takeru and Jou were racing back to the battlefield. Taichi and Wargreymon were facing the final Dark Master, Piemon alone. As stubborn-headed as he was he would not let Koushirou and Hikari join the battle.

"Why don't you let me fight too!" Koushirou was feeling uneasy. Taichi had received hits after hits and was badly bruised. He would not be able to last any longer.

"Ending Snipe!"

Piemon released his finishing attack before Taichi could answer him. The attack finished WarGreymon and he was left broken on the ground.

"War... Greymon…" Taichi tried to reach him when he felt a sharp pain through his chest. Time slowed in his perspective as he stared at Piemon who was grinning in gaped mouth. Taichi looked down his body where blood blossomed from his chest. He collapsed to the ground in a thud barely able register what was happening as a puddle of blood pooled around him.

"Taichi-san!" Koushirou and Hikari were left in shock could not believe their eyes. Not only he defeated WarGreymon, he finished his partner off. Without their human partner, the Digimon was practically useless.

"Who's next?" Piemon turned to Koushirou and Hikari who could not even move. They were going to die. They realized in horror. Tailmon and Tentomon were ready to fight. They would defend their partners to the very end.

That was when voices were heard. Sora and Takeru finally came back with Yamato and Jou.

"Taichi!" Yamato and Jou were riding on Garurumon while Sora and Takeru returned on Birdramon.

Piemon jumped aback at the sight of their return.

"You had made a late entrance. But no matter, the result will be the same either way."

Yamato's eyes widened at the sight of the pool of blood as his eyes fell on the source of the blood flow.

"Taichi…" He muttered picking him up turning him over and placed his head on his lap. The sight of Taichi's condition churned his stomach.

Jou looked away frantically searching for any first-aid items. He handed Yamato a towel to stop his bleeding but the towel was soaked through as soon as he placed on his wound. Taichi grimaced in pain.

"Taichi, hang in there!" Yamato cried. Takeru and Sora came to his side and Koushirou watched on fearfully while Hikari attempted to approach her brother with her trembling legs.

"You are finally here…" Taichi said in a barely audible voice. "I… waited all… these time for… you to get here…" Taichi coughed out blood.

"Save your breath." Yamato tried to calm him down. Sora brushed Taichi's hair in an attempt to help him feel better. Takeru watched on tearfully.

"Oniichan…" Tears welled up Hikari's eyes.

"I knew… you'd come. I… believed… you would…"

"Thank you for believing in me but I'm sorry I was so late. Taichi, you are my true friend! I won't let your friendship be in vain!" Yamato declared. His Crest of Friendship lit up. Garurumon closed in to nuzzle WarGreymon on his head restoring him to full health. Piemon was taken aback.

"Yamato's Crest of Friendship gave me the power to restore WarGreymon back to life." Garurumon explained.

"Thank you Garurumon. Now I can fight again!" WarGreymon was grateful. Garurumon reverted to Gabumon to prep himself for Warp Evolution. Yamato was relieved at the revival of WarGreymon but was troubled at the sight of the weakened Taichi.

"Shit! His wound is not healing!" Yamato realized in horror at the overflowing blood from his wound. "Taichi, you got to hang in there, you will be alright! Jou, do something!" Yamato ordered to only see Jou sniffing and shaking his head. What could he do if basic first-aid could not help? He was not a doctor. He was just an Elementary student like all of them. As soon as he saw Taichi, he knew it was fatal. He was hit right in his heart. There was nothing he could do.

"It's ok… Yamato…" Taichi smiled weakly lifting his blood stained hand to be caught by Yamato. "You… are a better… leader than I… ever could be…." A drop of tear trickled down Taichi's cheek. He stole a glance at his precious sister, Takeru and his best friend, Sora. His sight was fading.

"End… the… battle, save the… world… Keep… everybody… safe… It's ok… if I leave… the rest… to you… right?"

"No… Taichi, you will be…" Before Yamato could finish, Yamato watched as Taichi's eyes closed and his hands had fell limply to his side.


*End Flashback*

Yamato's mind returned to the present. He would always regret at the fact that he did not dare to give Taichi his promise to keep everybody safe. Even so, he would not fail him. He managed to get the rest of them out safe and sound winning the battle against Piemon three years ago and he would continue to do that even if he had to risk his own.

"Come at me!" Yamato urged trying to piss Monochromon off. Apparently it was working as Monochromon was struggling to get free. The rock crumbled a little revealing its eyes.

"Come!" Monochromon finally broke free and it came charging at Yamato. He had no time to dodge.

"Onii-chan!" Takeru cried in fear. Gabumon and Agumon attempted to reach for Yamato.

At this moment, V-mon felt a surge of energy through him.

"I'll lend you the strength." V-mon blinked. Daisuke's Digivice glowed.

A shadow of a Digimon emerged from V-mon temporary giving him a power boost.

"I only have one chance of attack." V-mon thought carefully. He was brought back to the time in the past he chose to forget.

A boy patted his head promising him that he would look after the goggles they had found during their adventure. He waited and he had never returned. V-mon was frozen and forced to sleep until the next partner woke him up.

Tailmon watched as V-mon emerged from the back. His head were glowing. A shadow materialized from it.

"Aim for the black ring!" Tailmon cried.

"V head butt!" He yelled and it landed right on it breaking the black ring instantly freeing Monochromon from the control by Digimon Kaiser.

Digimon Kaiser who had been watching the battle decided that he would be playing seriously with them. A worm-like Digimon approached him.

"Ken-chan." He called his name.

The group bid farewell to Monochromon. V-mon was shaking hands with a confused Daisuke. He thought he heard some voice and his Digivice glowed with it. Daisuke gripped his Digivice. V-mon recognized it. It was the same Digivice.

"That was the last, Daisuke, from my last…" V-mon shook his head vigorously. "I'm glad to be teaming up with you, Daisuke."

Daisuke did not understand but for now, he just took it as it was. At least he could stand side-by-side with Hikari. He was afraid she would drift further away from him earlier. Glancing at Hikari who was rubbing her ankle while talking and smiling with Takeru, he was determined to continue to watch over her. To protect her smile at all cost.

"You know what you did was foolish!" Gabumon was lecturing Yamato. "What will I do if you get yourself killed?" Yamato was deep in thought not listening to him as he watched Daisuke shaking hands and chatting with V-mon. He blinked at the sight of his goggles.

"Is it my imagination? The shape of his goggles had changed. It looks familiar." Yamato thought. Daisuke was definitely a new chosen child. From now on, he would protect the Digital World.

"It should be safe now." Patamon noted.

"Why?" Takeru asked his partner.

"Digimon Kaiser doesn't appear at night." Tailmon explained.

"Yamato, isn't it the time to go home?" Agumon asked interrupting Gabumon and his lecture.

"Yeah I hope the gate is still open." He patted Gabumon's head to reassure him.

"Where did you guys come from?" Yamato asked.

The group headed to the TV monitor to only see Koushirou, Miyako and Iori chatting and laughing while eating ohagi Iori's mother had made. Daisuke was peeking from the TV and he was sucked in together with the rest back to the Real World. The whole group of them piled up on one another with Koushirou at the bottom.

The group was admiring the sunset as they headed on their way out of the school. On the first day of the new school year, their new adventure had begun.

In a middle school in another part of Japan, class had ended and students were packing up for the day.

"Thank you for today!" Everybody was chit-chatting on their plan at night. At it was the first day of the school year, they were still in a holiday mood.

"Takenouchi-sempai, thank you for today!" A female student waved at a male student. The student known as Takenouchi waved back.

"You too!" As he walked out of the school, he looked at the sunset and felt lonely.

"A new school year huh? Time flies. It had been three years. What kind of new memories can I create this year" The boy who had only two years worth of memories with huge brown wild hair thought to himself.

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