Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 13: Call of Darkness

Daisuke and his friends were in the Digital World working to destroy the Dark Towers to prevent the mysterious woman who was now revealed as a Spider Digimon, Archnemon from creating powerful Digimon which would pose as a threat. They had almost defeated her once but she was saved by her comrade, Mummymon. They were working together.

In revenge, Archnemon had recently used her hairs and 100 Dark Towers to create an Ultimate Level Digimon, BlackWarGreymon. All their Partner Digimon were defeated. Not even their strongest Digimon Paildramon was a match to BlackWarGreymon.

Hikari was depressed. Of all Digimon, it had to be a familiar Digimon to be their enemy. Even though, it was another being on its own, looking at BlackWarGreymon, Hikari could not help but be reminded by the tragedy three years ago. Both Daisuke and Takeru even Miyako noticed her sadness. Hikari kept so much of her problem to herself. Because of that, Miyako did not even know what she had on her mind some times.

"Anyway, let's go to the Digital World. We can't let them create another Digimon like this." Takeru suggested.

The group was walking in a forest and Tailmon realized that it was where she lost her Holy Ring. Without it, she had not been able to realise her full power. Daisuke decided that they would look for it for her. Hikari was grateful while the rest were unfazed knowing that he was trying to get into Hikari's good book. Daisuke blushed badly.

"Well, I'm sorry!" He cried in embarrassment. Not even V-mon gave him face.

"Don't give up, Daisuke." He grinned trying not to laugh to Daisuke's dismay. He shook V-mon for teasing him. Hikari smiled at his action.

"But Daisuke's right. Let's look for it." Takeru said to Hikari. The rest agreed.

"We'll find it for sure, dagyaa."

"Thank you, everyone." Tailmon was grateful.

Daisuke wanted to search with Hikari but Hikari wanted to search with Miyako instead. Daisuke was disappointed.

"Don't give up, Daisuke!" V-mon could not stop teasing him.

"V-mon!" Daisuke did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Ichijouji Ken was travelling with Wormmon alone in the same forest Daisuke and his friends were. He had left Daisuke's group after joining them for a short period of time. He felt that he was getting in the way of their teamwork. After traveling for some time, Wormmon told Ken that he had a bad feeling about this place.

Ken glanced around and his eyes widened. He thought he saw a familiar ocean within the forest. Fear overwhelmed him. That was where his Digivice was turned into his current Black D3. That was where he started from as Digimon Kaiser. Ken screamed in fear.

"Ken-chan, what's wrong?" Wormmon asked in panic.

Meanwhile, where Hikari and Miyako were, Hikari heard Ken's scream. Hikari headed to the direction of his voice upon realization. Miyako, Tailmon and Hawkmon were puzzled but they ran after Hikari.

"Hikari-chan, where are you going?" Miyako asked catching up with her.

"Didn't you hear it? Ichijouji-kun's voice. He's screaming." Hikari said.


Hikari finally found Ken who was on his knee clutching his head in pain.

"Ichijouji-kun, what's wrong?" Hikari kneeled down to his level asking him in concern. Miyako glanced around checking if something such as BlackWarGreymon appeared.

"The ocean… I saw the ocean… A dark ocean…" Ken cried holding his head in pain. Hikari gasped.

"A dark ocean." She repeated his words. Miyako did not know what Ken was talking about. They were inside a forest and there was not an ocean in sight.

"I'm fine." Ken struggled to stand up but he could barely stand. Hikari caught him on time helping him up and the three of them with their Partner Digimon travelled together. The three of them did not realise that they entered into another dimension.

"It's not here." Iori said. Takeru suggested searching somewhere else.

"Let's do that." Daisuke agreed. He took out his D3 and wondered where Hikari and Miyako were. Daisuke noticed three signals moving quickly out of the range they were in. Takeru stood up all the sudden.

"Something happened to them." Takeru realized and he took off with Iori and the rest running after him.

Takeru was worried. He was really afraid Hikari had gone to somewhere else he could not reach again.


Takeru was on the way to school when he spotted Hikari near the entrance. Takeru realized she had not been herself lately.

"Oniichan." Hikari turned to him as he was about to greet her. Hikari realized her mistake.

"Takeru-kun, good morning!" She blushed in embarrassment. That was right. There was no way her brother would be there. Takeru wanted to ask when Daisuke came running up to them informing them that they were running late if they did not hurry.

During their lesson, Takeru who was sitting at the back noticed something was wrong with Hikari. Her body was sizzling and was about to fade.

"Hikari-chan!" He called out to her all the sudden catching everybody's attention. Hikari almost fainted and she was caught by another classmate before her body hit the ground. Their teacher asked Hikari to rest in the nurse's office. Takeru rushed to the nurse's office as soon as class had ended. Daisuke wondered what was going on.

Takeru headed to the nurse's office to only realise that she had never came here. Takeru ran everywhere to search for her but Hikari was nowhere to be found. He even checked the gate to the Digital World for her signal but talked himself out of it because she would not disappear to the Digital World just like that. He ran down the corridor and found her sitting on a bench downstairs where he confronted her.

"I… was at the ocean…" She trailed off. She looked really down.

"The ocean?"

"I might be going away. I felt… someone calling me."

"Someone? Who?"

"I don't know."

"But the next time they call me… I may end up there." She confided. Takeru was furious.

"But who? Who would do something like that?" He demanded.

"Oniichan… always protected me during times like this…" Takeru snapped upon hearing her mentioned about Taichi.

"Taichi-san… Always Taichi-san, Taichi-san. You can't always depend on him! You can't do that. He is dead."

Yes, her brother was dead. He was no longer able to protect her. Hikari looked up at him sadly. Takeru realized that he went overboard. Not knowing what to say, he walked off in shame.

He arrived in the computer lab in despondence. Maybe he should apologise. Daisuke and the rest were chatting cheerfully. Patamon noticed that he did not look good.

"It's nothing." He replied.

It was then Tailmon arrived informing everybody that Hikari vanished. Daisuke insisted that Hikari was in the Digital World and suggested everyone should go search for her there. Takeru disagreed. He recalled that Hikari had mentioned about some ocean.

"Yeah, the ocean." With that in mind, he ran off with Patamon and Tailmon tailing behind. He went to the riverside to call for her but he failed.

"I saw Hikari turning into Digital data. Are you sure she's not in the Digital World?" Tailmon asked Takeru.

"She's not." He was very sure. It was not the Digital World they had been going. He saw her disappearing too but he did not where exactly where she had gone. He felt really guilty. Maybe he should have heard her out. He should be with her, especially when she needed someone to help her. Taichi's death was a terrible blow to her yet he hurt her with it. Takeru had to find her no matter what. If not he would have to live in guilt for the rest of his life.

"Hikari is strong. But that's because she has friends to help her." Tailmon said.

"But what can I do for her right now?" Takeru asked desperately.

Takeru, Tailmon and Patamon managed to get to the Dark Ocean where she was taken to by relentlessly calling out for her. Feelings connects the worlds. And so, they managed to save her and get her out of the Dark Ocean safely at the end of it.

*End Flashback*

Hikari and Miyako were currently stuck down in a hole they fell into when Miyako tried to get closer see if the item in the hole was Tailmon's Holy Ring. Miyako got all panicky. Hawkmon could not evolve and even if they could get out of the hole with Hawkmon, they would still be lost in the forest. Daisuke even walk through her as if she was transparent when she tried to call for him. Her life was over.

It was then Hikari snapped and slapped her waking her up. Hawkmon suggested that he and Tailmon would search for something to help them out of the hole to ease their awkwardness.

"Miyako-san is a handful at time." Hikari admitted that was what she thought of her. Miyako looked away. She expected her and the rest to think of her that way too.

"But I've always envied that. Because I can't be honest and say I'm scared and scream like you." Hikari said. That was why she got trapped in the Dark World. She did not want to go but she could not avoid it. In the past, her brother would have protected her.

They managed to get out with the rope Hawkmon and Tailmon had found. Ken apologized as he could not help. He was already worn out from all the fear.

"Don't worry. You can't handle dark places." Miyako consoled him. If he had fallen with them, he would be screaming all over and it would be a disaster. Suddenly, Hikari sensed something. She heard the sound of the waves and followed the direction where the sound came from.

"I knew it. The Ocean." She was called there again. Tailmon, Miyako, Ken and their Digimon caught up with her. Ken could see what Hikari could but all Miyako and Hawkmon could see was just foliage instead of the ocean they could see.

"Why does this ocean keep calling Hikari?" Tailmon wondered. Ken then realized that like him, Hikari had been to the ocean before. Miyako was able to see the Ocean eventually.

"Something is not right. It's like the world is distorted." Ken said. The force protecting the Digital World was weakening. Ken was aware about it. Like Tailmon's Holy Ring, he knew about the power of the other crests such as Crest of Courage even though he could not remember where, how or who told him.

"I don't want to be here." Hikari sank on her knee in extreme fear.

"Hikari, hang in there!"

"I want to go home." Hikari clutched her head. "Oniichan save me…"

"Don't worry. We'll be able to go home for sure." Miyako tried to comfort her.

That was when Blossomon, a Dark Tower Digimon appeared before them. Tailmon could see the opening to the forest behind him. Now Hawkmon and Wormmon could evolve. Hikari on the other hand was still trapped in her own fear. She was unable to fight.

"Stop it! Don't take me away! Oniichan, save me!" Hikari clutched her head and cried. This was the first time she heard that Hikari had an elder brother.

"Hikari-chan." Miyako and Tailmon tried to shake her out of it. Stingmon and Aquilamon were having trouble fighting Blossomon.

"Hikari-chan, snap out of it!" Miyako grabbed her hands.

"I hear the voice of the darkness. The darkness is swallowing me. Oniichan is not here. It's over!" Hikari resigned to her fate. Miyako was annoyed. She slapped her.

"Get a hold on yourself! If your brother is not around when you hear the voice of darkness, I'll scream. If the darkness is swallowing you, I'll grab your hands and bring you back. So don't say it's over!" Miyako held her hands. Hikari's expression softened.

"Miyako-san, thank you." Hikari was grateful. At that moment, a pillar of light shone on them.


"Yeah. Because you are the light." Miyako reminded her."You are the light that shines through the dark!"

"Hikari, Miyako is right." Tailmon agreed with her. After all, she was the owner of the Crest of Light. Hikari smiled at Miyako. Their D3 glowed. A new jogress evolution occurred. Tailmon and Aquilamon jogress evolved into a new Perfect Level Silphymon. They could see that it was a Dark Tower Digimon who attacked them.

"Yes, let's defeat it!" Thus Silphymon destroyed it in one single attack. The explosion that occurred caught Daisuke, Takeru and Iori's attention.

"That way!"


And with that, Hikari, Miyako and Ken returned to the Digital World. The boys, Daisuke and Iori were excited to hear about Silphymon. So Hikari's jogress partner was Miyako.

Takeru confronted Hikari. He was really relieved.

"I thought you had gone to some unknown world again."

Hikari shook her head. "I'm fine now. I'll never go there again." She stole a glance at a confused Miyako. "Never again."

"Even if oniichan is not around, I'll be okay now."

Daisuke observed the interaction between Takeru and Hikari. He was still unable to understand what had happened to Hikari. He glanced at his D3. That day when Hikari vanished, he was unable to open the gate to the Digital World. He felt dejected but he never was able to find out why.

Daisuke did not know that he would find himself in similar situation being caught up in a weird world where a Digimental was waiting for him.

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