Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 14: The Last Digimental

It was a Sunday. The Chosen Children decided to have a day off from the trip to the Digital World to rest themselves and their minds after what they had been through for the past few days.

Takeru was building bricks with Patamon. He sighed in boredom leaning against his chair after he finished. He was tired and it was good to have some time off once in a while like this. Patamon on the other hand, was irritated by the smell of the wood.

"Ahh Choo!" The bricks collapsed.

Hikari and Tailmon were reading a storybook together and Iori spent the day training his kendo with his grandfather in the dojo.

Miyako was enjoying from the massage service rendered by poor Poromon who was tired from all the bouncing on her back. From that event, Miyako got to know more about Hikari. She did not know much about her before that.

"I didn't know she has a brother like Takeru-kun. I admire Yamato-senpai as he is so cool, decisive and he led the Chosen Children to victory and save the world." Miyako spoke her mind quickly as usual. And Poromon a little more to the right."

"To the right?" Poromon was panting and sweating bouncing on her back.

"I wonder how Hikari's oniichan is like?" Poromon watched her as she started her fangirling again. "Ahh… this is paradise…" Miyako continued to enjoy her massage.

As for Daisuke, he was stuffing himself with all the tidbits he could find on his day off. Chibimon was reading his D-Terminal for an e-mail he just received.

"Daisuke, you ate too much in the morning." Chibimon said just to tease him.

"Chibimon, you too. I'm going bankrupt this month." Daisuke complained rubbing his bloated stomach. It appeared that Chibimon was a glutton who left quite a number of leftover empty cup noodles waiting for Daisuke to clear them.

"Daisuke, there's an e-mail from Yamato asking you to meet him in the computer lab." Chibimon said.

Daisuke who had just opened another pack of chips and was about to eat, blinked in surprise.

"Huh? Why today?"

"You asked to meet me?" Yamato met up with Jou in a fastfood restaurant.

"I'm sorry to ask you of this all the sudden. Mimi-kun had e-mailed me last night. I thought of you as I'm not sure if I should tell Koushirou about it." Jou fidgeted struggling to get his words out.

"What's the matter?" Yamato took a sip of his drink and asked. Usually Mimi would confide in Jou on the happenings she had encountered in the Digital World. It was just sad that they were not united enough to keep everyone posted which was why their information was scattered everywhere.

"Mimi-kun told me her experience in that dimension in her e-mail." Jou began.

"Did she have a nightmare? Now I feel bad about it. Unlike us who were together, she must be scared stiff being stuck alone by herself. "

"No, she wasn't alone. There was someone else with her." Jou looked Yamato into his eyes.

"Someone else? Who?"

"This is the thing…" Yamato's eyes widened after hearing what Jou explained what Mimi had told him in the e-mail. Yamato stood up and slammed his hands on the table. His face was darkened and he looked serious.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Yamato and Jou decided to check the Spiral Mountain out for any clue they thought they could have left out. As they could not open the Digital Gate without a D3 and they did not want to alert Takeru and Hikari, the best person they could ask for help was Daisuke.

"He's a reliable junior." Jou commented nodding his head as Daisuke and Chibimon arrived in the lab. Daisuke was not happy about it. It was a Sunday and just when he finally could get a break, they just had to call him. Worse still, he was the only one "forced" to come here.

"Is there a problem?" Yamato gave Daisuke a stern glare.

"No, sir." Daisuke replied with a trembling voice.

"We're going for a trek." Yamato said.

"Huh?" Daisuke tiled his head in confusion.

Daisuke was dragging his feet walking a distance behind his two seniors who were discussing among themselves. He wondered why it must be him. Why couldn't they call Takeru instead? If only Hikari-chan was here. He wanted to go on a trek with her. Daisuke sighed in despondence.


"Stop your mantra and move it, Daisuke. If you do, I'll give you some tips to score points with Hikari-chan." Yamato stopped and said. Yamato could not believe himself that he actually said that. He was annoyed by Daisuke and his little talk under his breath.

"Really?" Daisuke's eyes lit up but flinched a moment later. "I thought you'll teach Takeru since he's your brother. Why will you even help me?" He muttered in disbelief.

"I'm not worried about him as he obviously have an edge over you when comes to Hikari. I feel sorry for you so I decided to help you. Besides, you are my successor." Yamato grinned darkly. Jou sweatdropped. So that was how his interaction with Daisuke was like to get Daisuke to do things for him.

V-mon nudged Daisuke with his elbow grinning indifferently, "Don't give up, Daisuke!" He said.

"V-mon!" Daisuke shook him hard once again wondering if he should laugh or cry.

Jokes aside. Daisuke noticed that Yamato and Jou had a serious expression. They were on an investigation. Daisuke was allowed to take a break while they were looking around. He loitered around before sitting down on a rock supporting his head with one hand feeling bored. V-mon who was curious had followed them.

Yamato sat down beside Daisuke after searching some time sighing in frustration. Daisuke noticed that he had a lot in mind. He wondered if it was because he was not strong enough. Things were getting serious with Archnemon and Mummymon lurking around and with the creation of extremely powerful Digimon like BlackWarGreymon, they could no longer take things too lightly. Daisuke often wondered how Yamato got them through even at the darkest of time especially they were all stuck in the Digital World without a way out.

"Yamato-san…" He trailed off. Daisuke bit his lip. He had so many questions in mind but he had not dare to ask.

"What?" Yamato turned to his direction. Daisuke who was startled fumbled for words.

"Remember you told me about fighting is the proof of friendship. I'll like to hear your experience." Daisuke played with his fingers. "I inherited your Digimental of Friendship but I didn't think I have grown much since then. You have made me a leader but I don't have the confidence. I feel that they are not taking my opinions seriously. I can't even get Ichijouji to join us and I can't get Iori to work with Ichijouji. I know Iori can't forgive Ichijouji yet but I don't think fighting is the answer. "

"Do you think we are united?" He asked with a chuckle. Daisuke paused before shaking his head vigorously. Yamato smiled giving him a pat.

Compared to him, Daisuke was doing quite well already. Even though Ichijouji Ken had not joined him yet, he would still come to him if Daisuke asked for his help. He and Koushirou could not even have a talk without starting an argument and Yamato was not willing to work with their former leader back then. He could not stop comparing himself to Taichi. He felt that Taichi was better than him and he was not needed. Taichi was decisive and a good leader. He even told Gabumon that Takeru was better off to have Taichi as his elder brother. By the time, he came to his senses, it was already too late.

"So, you can't let your current obstacle get to you. Things will eventually work out if you put your mind to it. There's nothing to worry about, Daisuke." Yamato advised.

"So that's why Yamato and Koushirou could not stand each other and even Agumon partner had left the team altogether." He decided he would not let Yamato down.

"Don't let the cave of darkness had a chance to consume you, Daisuke. " Yamato finished.

"Such as cave like the one up there?" V-mon who just ran down from the summit shouted suddenly. "Jou is caught in it." V-mon added anxiously.

"What?" The owners of the trait of Friendship looked up at the summit of the Spiral Mountain.

Yamato, Daisuke and V-mon arrived at the hole Jou had fallen in. The hole was larger in scale than Yamato had ever seen. Yamato narrowed his eyes. It was also the location where the last battle with their nemesis Piemon was fought.

"Jou was pulled in by a shadow which was extended from the bottom." V-mon pointed. The cave looked a lot deeper and wider than where he and Sora were caught in three years ago.

"Is Jou-san caught in his negativity?" Daisuke asked with the knowledge he got from Yamato earlier.

"No." Yamato cut him off. From the looks of it, the cave had been there for some time. "Jou is stronger than that. And according to V-mon he was pulled in, not sink in or walk in like I did." He continued.

Daisuke fished out his D3 and checked for Jou's signal. It was there even though it was weak and there was an extra signal. Daisuke frowned recognizing what it was.

"There… There is a signal of a Digimental." He stammered unable to believe that there was still another one at this juncture. Armour evolution is impressive but they were still not as powerful as Jogress Evolution. Why now? Yamato stared at him in surprise before looking into the hole.

"Daisuke and V-mon stay here. I'm going down to get Jou. Leave and inform Koushirou and Sora if we didn't return in two hours time. Believe in yourself before you attempt to come down, you hear me." With that Yamato climbed his way down. It was not long after when Yamato's cries were heard.

"Yamato-san!" Daisuke shouted down from the edge he sat on. He knew he needed to help him.

"Daisuke, why don't we ask Koushirou and the rest for help? Yamato said so, isn't it?" V-mon reminded.

"Damn it!" Daisuke cursed and typed a message quickly. He would seek help from his teammates. Daisuke and V-mon then proceeded to climb down.

Unfortunately, Hikari and Tailmon was out at the seaside enjoying the breeze, Iori was still at his practice, Takeru was having a nap with Patamon and Miyako was helping out in her family's convenience store and none of them had their D-Terminal with them. Ichijouji Ken on the other hand, received the message.

"Stingmon!" Ken called his partner. They were in another part of the Digital World continuing their work to destroy the Dark Tower. Ken had not fully recovered from his experience from being caught in the Dark Ocean with Hikari and Miyako. Ken held his partner tight as they flew to the location Daisuke's D3 signal was. They were about to take off when he spotted an orange lizard Digimon attempting to hide behind a tree. He was peeking on them again.

"Stingmon." Ken got a gut feeling that he should bring Agumon along.

"Yamato-san! Jou-san!" Daisuke called their name while walking in a cave of darkness with V-mon. It sure felt cold and eerie. Daisuke shuddered. He finally spotted both his seniors sitting in a corner in daze.

"Yamato-san?" Daisuke kneeled before him calling his name. Yamato seemed to be in shock. He was muttering something under his breath. Daisuke closed in to listen "I'm sorry… I should have not left the team… and you'll not have died."

"Died?" Daisuke gasped. What was going in? He tried to snap his senior out of it but it was not working. V-mon slapped Jou but it was not working either.

A shadow crept onto them. V-mon sensed it and jumped into action. He tried to evolve but failed.

"You can't evolve here." A new voice Daisuke and V-mon had never heard before was heard.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Daisuke shouted. There was no reply. The scene around Daisuke switched. It was the same mountain they were in without the hole. Daisuke and V-mon witnessed a fierce battle between two Digimon. One resembled a clown and another one caught them by surprise.

"Black…WarGreymon? " Daisuke and V-mon exclaimed in unison. But this one was different. It was yellow and on its shield there was a symbol which resembled a sun. Daisuke and V-mon could see that the battle was one-sided with WarGreymon losing. Daisuke was about to shout when the clown finished WarGreymon. WarGreymon fell on the ground broken and defeated.

Daisuke blinked as he saw another boy of his age behind WarGreymon who was lying in a pool of blood. His eyes widened in horror when he noticed the goggle on his head.

Daisuke looked to a distance and noticed the arrival of two Digimon which he recognized as Sora's Birdramon and Yamato's Garurumon. Riding on them were the younger version of them Daisuke realized. He closed in to take a look. He glanced around and noticed Tailmon and Tentomon on top of the rock not far from the fallen Chosen Child. Beside them had to be Hikari and Koushirou. Daisuke glanced at them worriedly and there was Patamon and a small Takeru running towards the boy.

Daisuke saw Yamato taking the boy into his arms. He could not make out his face but Daisuke could see he was fatally wounded and Daisuke could not bear to see. The two boys were talking to each other. Daisuke could not hear what they were saying. He saw something which resembled the Crest of Friendship on Yamato glowed and WarGreymon was restored back to health.

He saw Yamato yelling at another boy in glasses, Jou to help. Jou looked away shaking all over. He could not do anything. Daisuke could only watch helplessly as the boy with goggles fell limp on Yamato's arms. His body was turned into data and faded away.

Yamato who was filled with hatred and resentment launched a full-powered attack against Piemon. They were growing stronger despite losing one of their friends. A girl with a pink hat, Mimi arrived with reinforcement not long after. Angemon was able to evolve to Holy Angemon as Takeru despite being in a hopeless situation was hopeful that they would be able to win ultimately. That activated Angemon's evolution. Holy Angemon opened a round gate. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon together threw the clown in and defeated him.

Daisuke sank to his knees in disbelief. He knew there was a risk of losing their lives fighting in the Digital World but he did not expect to witness it up close. He clutched his head crying really hard. That was what Andromon meant about the weight of the goggles. The goggle boy was the partner of Agumon and he had died fighting to protect the Digital World. Agumon was also the child form orange dinosaur Mimi and the boy was riding on back at the Big Sight.

Daisuke wondered if he had the courage to bear the weight of the responsibilities.

The scene changed into the cave of darkness once more. This time, he could hear the same voice he heard earlier.

"I'm not a good leader. The Digital World is still in shambles. Because of me, we are unable to complete our mission. I'm a coward. Yamato is a better leader than me but he hates me. That's why he didn't want the responsibility. Jou and Mimi hate me too. That's why they left. We can't complete the mission because I'm weak. I can't hold the team together. I can't keep them safe. They will all die because of me. The Digital World and the Real World is doomed…"

"Daisuke…" V-mon pulled his Bermudas. A boy at Daisuke's age was seen curling up to himself. Daisuke approached him. V-mon looked down with tears up at the corner of his eyes. He knew it was the soul of the Chosen Child who had died. It was his goggles his previous partner requested him to guard. Part of his soul still lingered in the Digital World all these while. He died with regret and so the darkness within his heart had created a cave keeping him captive.

"So there you are." Daisuke managed to smile as he kneeled before him. The boy kept muttering how weak he was and about how he could not hold the team together.

"It's alright now. Your battle is over. Yamato-san and the rest had completed the mission and peace had returned to the Digital World." Daisuke placed both his hands on his shoulder. The boy looked up at him. Daisuke somehow still could not make out his feature.

"Really? But I'm really weak, isn't it? I'm not a good leader and a good brother. Because of me, everybody is going to die. I failed as their leader." The boy stared down. He laughed to himself as darkness emerged from his body. "You are one of the new Chosen Child chosen to take over the battle because we failed, isn't it? Everyone must have died because of me."

Daisuke was shocked. The boy did not know that the battle ended in victory. Daisuke could not deny that he was from the new batch of Chosen Children but his mission was different. Turning to his back, Yamato and Jou remained frozen in place. Daisuke gulped. He needed to get it together. Yamato and Jou must be affected by the darkness within the boy before him due to their guilt. If he were to get Yamato and Jou out to safety, he needed to resolve this with him.

Daisuke in his fit of anger punched him. The boy stared at him blankly. He had given up fighting. Daisuke grabbed his shoulder.

"I had enough of your mantra. Get it together. My name is Motomiya Daisuke, 5th Grade. I know Yamato-san, he is in Odaiba Middle School with Sora-san and Koushirou-san. Jou-san is studying in a private school. As for Mimi-san, she had move to America. Takeru and Hikari-chan are in the same class as me. I see Takeru as my rival. They had already moved on. My teammates and I looked up to Yamato-san for he had led his team to victory and they had saved the Digital World! It had been three years since then! Your battle is over! If you are still can't believe me, let me as the new leader give you the promise that I'll protect the Digital World. With my friends who believed in me, we can do it! I'll bear the weight of your goggles." Daisuke cried. His D3 glowed.

"My battle is over?" The boy repeated his words.

"Yes, your battle is over. We had won." Yamato's voice was heard. Daisuke turned to his back. Yamato and Jou had come back to their senses and came over to Daisuke.

"Look at us, we have grown up." Jou said trying to force a smile. "Yamato is impressive. He did well to protect us and lead us to victory. You can leave the rest to him and Daisuke-kun."

"Yes, we promise to continue defend Digital World and the Real World. We'll be alright now. You can let go already." Yamato kneeled at his side.

"You are a great leader, a great brother and you are our true friend! I won't let your friendship be in vain! We'll fulfill our promise to you and we always remember your existence." Yamato smiled in tears.

Daisuke watched on as the boy closed his tear-stricken eyes and sighed. He felt relieved. His body glowed and began to fade. He could finally let go.

"Thank you." He smiled as his body began to fade. Just before he faded completely, he turned to Daisuke and whispered something to him only Daisuke could hear even though he could not see his face.

The light he faded into shot up to the sky and a Digimental of Courage appeared to Daisuke. The light caught Ken's attention. Ken was able to find his way to Spiral Mountain be checking for his D3 signal. Daisuke must have sent the e-mail in haste that he forgot to send him his location. Spiral Mountain was an area Ken did not dare to conquer when he was the Digimon Kaiser. At one point of time, he had even thought of using the Crest of Courage to dispel the barrier within it. He was not afraid of darkness that time, wasn't it? Ken thought to himself.

"Stingmon, over there!" He ordered Stingmon to fly to the light's direction.

"Daisuke, try it!" V-mon urged. Yamato and Jou nodded urging him to take it.

"Digimental Up!"

V-mon armour evolved into Fladramon, fire-type armour Digimon. Daisuke watched in awe. It brightened the cave up and kept them warm. So, that was the Digimental he was supposed to receive first according the boy earlier. It was locked away because of the darkness within his heart which was unable to accept the fact that the new Chosen Children had taken over the mission to protect the Digital World from its threat. It was finally released when he was able to let go.

The cave disappeared and Yamato, Daisuke, Jou and V-mon returned to reality.

"Thank you. You can leave it to me." Daisuke said looking up to the sky.

"Motomiya-kun! "

"Ichijouji!" Daisuke waved to Ken who was running towards him with Wormmon and Agumon.

"Agumon?" Yamato and Jou said in surprise. Agumon nodded and ran over to Fladramon.

"V-mon armour evolved to it with the Digimental of Courage." Daisuke said. "I'm sorry about your partner."

"Taichi is finally able to rest in peace now, right?" Agumon said with tears beaming in his eyes.

"Taichi?" This name rang a bell to Ken. "That is also Takenouchi-san's first name." Ken thought in his mind. Now he was really sure now.

"Let's meet again in the Real World." Was his last words to him. Daisuke was deep in thought as he and the others left Spiral Mountain.

Yamato and Jou glanced at each other and smiled sadly. They did not realise that Taichi who had always been a pillar to the team, who was thought to be optimistic was actually trapped in his own darkness all along. Yamato fell ashamed. He did not know that as he was comparing himself to Taichi, Taichi had his own insecurities too. If they had realise it earlier, Yamato and Jou might not have left the team and Taichi would not have fallen to that state.

Even so, they were glad that Taichi was able to let go. Maybe he would be able to rest in peace now knowing he could leave it to Daisuke and the rest to protect the Digital World and their world. Yamato and the older Chosen Children would continue to watch over them.

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