Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 16: The Kyoto Encounter

BlackWarGreymon had arrived at the next Holy Point and he had destroyed the second Holy Stone.

"Damnit! We didn't make it!" Daisuke who had just arrived in Lighdramon cursed. Hikari and Takeru following behind in Nefertimon and Pegasmon rushed to take a look at the current situation.

"What the?" A distortion occurred at the point where the holy stone was previously at. The world looked distorted where BlackWarGreymon moved. Iori concluded that the distortion would become worse with the stone destroyed. Suddenly, the figure of BlackWarGreymon became distorted and faded from their view.

At the same time in the Real World at Kyoto, Miyako experienced abnormality.

"I knew it. BlackWarGreymon." Miyako exclaimed. She had gone on separate ways with her friends. Miyako and her classmates were given two hours of free-and-easy time and were going around shopping for souvenirs when Miyako noticed a distortion happening from the sky. She ran to the direction where she thought she saw the source to find BlackWarGreymon and several Digimon wandering the street.

She glanced around and realized that no one had noticed the emergence of Digimon in the Real World.

"Why? Doesn't anyone notice?" She asked in astonishment.

Takenouchi Taichi just hung up from his call to the Ichijouji's. He was suspicious of the Izumi person but yet he was glad that Ken managed to get himself a new friend. He was walking across an overhead bridge when he saw a bunch of shadow heading to his direction.

"What the?" He staggered to the side and gave way to them. The shadow which led the rest caught his attention.

"WarGreymon?" He barely managed to get his words out. BlackWarGreymon who was travelling in between dimension noticed Taichi who was staring at him with wide eyes. At first glance BlackWarGreymon felt something unusual with that boy but he could not be bothered with a weak human like him.

Taichi's head hurt all the sudden forcing him on his knees. He clutched his head in pain. How did he know the name of the creature? And he heard a girl shouting.

"Wait!" Taichi watched as a girl with long purplish hair in spectacle ran past him after the group of shadows.

"Wait, Digimon!" Miyako cried. "Wait…" Miyako was tired from all the running. A Digimon responded to her cry and emerged from the shadow at the clearing. It was a golden-haired humanoid beast Digimon Hanumon which resembled a monkey. He was confused.

"Where am I?" He wondered as he leapt off somewhere.

"I have to tell someone." Miyako realized anxiously.

"Help! There are Digimon in Kyoto! Somebody do something!" Miyako sent an e-mail to everyone. Unfortunately, Daisuke and the rest were busy engaging Archnemon and Mummymon. None of them noticed the message except Ken who had just arrived in the Digital World with Wormmon and Poromon.

A young man in spectacle was filming a romance drama. It was a project for his university module. Just when he was engrossed in his filming, a shadow appeared behind his actors causing distortion to his video.

"Wait a second!" He wondered who could be so rude.

"What's wrong, Shu?" The actor who was in his project group asked. The man known as Shu was confused. He thought he saw something through his video camera.

"Something was there just now." He said. All the sudden, Hanumon jumped on his camera and broke it. The actress was screaming in shock.

"What is that?" She cried.

Miyako finally caught up to Hanumon.

"But what now?" She did not know what to do. She had entrusted Poromon to Koushirou-san and the rest of her friends did not seem to be coming.

Hanumon raised a club and was about to hit Shu who was caught in surprise. A bolt of light shot out from a river nearby. Stingmon arrived with Ken and Poromon through the portal Ken opened with his D3. Unlike Miyako and the others who owned a D3, he did not really need a computer but it was safer to pass through the portal with one.

"She's close. That way, Stingmon!" Ken located her signal.

"Got it!" Stingmon flew past the river and emerged from a tree. He took Hanumon on.

"Stingmon?" Miyako called out.

"Miyako-san." Ken called out to her.

"Ken-kun!" Miyako saw Ken who was carrying Poromon running towards her. Miyako was relieved. At least one of her friends came to help her.

"Miyako-san." Poromon jumped into her arms.

"Why?" Miyako wanted to ask how he came here. There was probably no computer around for him to open up a Digital Gate.

"I'll explain later." Ken said. They were in a hurry. He looked towards Stingmon's direction.

"Stingmon, that is not a Dark Tower Digimon so we can't destroy him!" He ordered.

"Leave it to me, Ken-chan!" Stingmon as an experience fighter managed to knock Hanumon down easily. He locked him with his arms. "Ken-chan, hurry!" Stingmon shouted.

"Miyako-san, I'll leave the rest to you." Ken said and ran off to Stingmon, holding him tight.

"L-leave it to me? Wait!" Miyako cried in panic. Stingmon took off to the air.

Taichi who was looking around for Miyako and the group of shadow noticed the splashing of water caused by Stingmon, arrived at the source. Taichi was shocked to catch Ken in the air hugging on to a green fly monster.

"Ken-kun?" He blurted out catching Ken's attention.

Ken was shocked to see his brother's friend staring at him when Stingmon took off to the air before landing into the river where the portal was. Ken's eyes were filled with guilt when he disappeared into the portal.

Taichi could not believe his eyes as he looked down to the river where Ken disappeared into. Wasn't he studying at Izumi's place?

"What should we do?" Miyako ran over in the opposite direction with Poromon.

"By the way, why are you here?" Miyako asked her partner.

"Well…" Poromon was about to explain when he heard a boy shouting at them catching them by surprise.

"Hey, what was that just now?" Miyako saw a boy probably at Sora's age with brown huge wild hair and she got panicky.

"What are you holding?"

"Eh… That's." Miyako tried to find her words when she was interrupted.

"Ah. There she is. Professor, over here!" Another voice was heard. The man Shu caught up with her.

"Hey! You're the one who said something about "Digimon" before, right?" Another middle-aged man came up behind Shu.

"And what you have in your arms. That's a Digimon, right?" The man continued to ask.

"Eh… yeah…" Miyako hated to admit but she realized she was surrounded.

Taichi's face paled. There were just too many questions.

"Sorry for the late introduction. I'm Takenouchi Haruhiko. I teach folklore at a university in Tokyo, but I've been doing research in Kyoto since two years ago. He is…" The middle-aged man introduced himself. They were driving around on the road.

"Kido Shu, second year student. I was actually in medical school, but after attending one of the professor's lectures, I switched to humanities. My older brother is an intern and my younger brother is also studying to be a doctor." The young man who was driving in introduced himself. "And this young man beside me is."

"Takenouchi Taichi, 8th Grade from Nagaoka Middle School, Kyoto." Taichi introduced himself after recovering from his shock earlier. He was still in cold sweat.

"He's the famous Student Council President in Kyoto region and the foster son of Professor." Shu added.

"I…I'm from Tokyo, sixth grade. Inoue Miyako." Miyako introduced herself. "I'm here on a field trip…"

"I knew it! I've heard of you from my younger brother." Shu exclaimed. Miyako looked surprised. Professor Takenouchi laughed. He had heard his daughter mentioned about her too.

"Um… by any chance… you are talking about Kido Jou-san and Takenouchi Sora-san?" Miyako figured out with their family names. Poromon thought he saw Taichi flinched for a second when he heard their names.

"Bingo!" Professor Takenouchi replied in an enthusiastic tone. Why did it feel like he was imitating her?

Daisuke and the rest were in the middle of a battle with Archnemon and Mummymon who had been following BlackWarGreymon around. Ken and Stingmon finally arrived from Kyoto.

"It's Jogress time!" Daisuke said. Ken nodded. Ken was worried about Taichi but he had more serious issue to focus on right now.

"I do research like this, so I travel all over Japan. Sometimes, I even go overseas, so I can't always go home. It caused my daughter to rebel against her mother for a while but she changed suddenly three years ago." Professor Takenouchi took a glance towards the younger boy.

"Taichi, I also haven't told you about it before. When I talked to my daughter about it, she said it was thanks to something called "Digimon"."

"Thanks to the Digimon?" Miyako and Poromon looked at each other.

"How to put it? She experienced a lot and matured when she was with the Digimon. She learnt to view things with an open mind. I'm grateful to these Digimon." Professor Takenouchi said looking at Poromon.

"Ahh… well…" Poromon blushed.

"I don't understand all these but I'm glad." Miyako did not really know Sora that well. Even though the elder Chosen Children mentored them, they seemed to be keeping secrets from them.

"So that's a real Digimon?" Shu said in awe. "I didn't think I'd ever see the real thing. I was at a training camp away from Tokyo three years ago, and I saw the images in the night sky. But it was so far that I couldn't recognize my younger brother who was there."

Taichi cringed at his words. He thought he saw a pink round creature with two long ears sitting and bouncing excitedly on his lap.

"Taichi…" The creature called his name. Taichi blinked in surprise. The creature was gone. It was just his imagination.

"Taichi-kun, are you alright? You looked pale." Shu asked in concern. He could see Taichi in cold sweat.

"I had a little headache but I'll be fine. Don't worry about me." Taichi raised his hands up with a forced smile.

"Still, why did Digimon appear in Kyoto?" Miyako wondered.

Professor Takenouchi explained his theory relating to the mythology. Since Kyoto became the capital, it had deep affinity for spirits such as foxes. Professor Takenouchi was currently researching on the facts in these spirit stories.

Kyoto was chosen as the Capital due to its land being suitable for the four gods namely, Genbu of the north, Seiryu of the east, Suzaku of the South, Byakko of the west. Important shrines and temples were also built to protect the capital from the "demon gate". It was said that evil spirits would appear if they were not built.

"Demons… Evil Spirits." Miyako was trying to digest these complicated facts.

"Professor." Shu reminded Professor Takenouchi that he was too carried away. He took a glance at Taichi who remained quiet. Usually, Taichi would also add in his own theory which was why he and Professor Takenouchi hit it off quite well. That was also why Professor Takenouchi decided to take him in under his wing.

"In any case, whether it's a demon world or a strange world, or any other world different from ours, the land of Kyoto may be quite similar. The Digimon you saw and the Digital World's distortion may have affected Kyoto more than Tokyo." Professor Takenouchi tried to explain.

"The way you said it, it sounds like Digimon are related to the spirits." Miyako remarked.

"Isn't that so?" Miyako was surprised at his response.

"As long as they exist here, they can't be just a bunch of data, can they?" Professor Takenouchi asked. Miyako never thought about it. "They may have started as simple data in a computer, but they're alive now." Miyako did not know how to answer that. Her thought was interrupted by Taichi who spotted the group of shadow he saw earlier. Both Shu and Professor Takenouchi could not see anything.

"That is."Taichi pointed at the direction where the shadow was.

"Wait a second. Wait!" Miyako shouted to Shu to stop his car. Another Digimon, Musyamon, a armoured samurai Digimon responded to her call and emerged from the shadow. Shu stopped his car abruptly. He finally could see it.

"Poromon." Miyako ordered. Poromon evolved into Hawkmon and flew out of the car. Professor Takenouchi exclaimed in awe as it was his first time seeing a Digimon evolution.

Hawkmon's attack did not work on Musyamon. Miyako decided to have Hawkmon armour evolved into Shurimon to take him on. Shu was amazed to see Digimon evolving right before his eyes. Taichi on the other hand, seemed to be put off.

"Kido-kun, let's follow them." Professor Takenouchi ordered.

Watching them battle, an idea came to Miyako. "Professor, did you bring a laptop?"

"Use mine." Taichi spoke up handing his laptop to Miyako.

Shurimon and Musyamon were engaged in their battle. Miyako opened a gate to the Digital World with the laptop.

"Shurimon, the gate is open!" Miyako said and Shurimon threw Musyamon back to where it belonged.

"Close it." Miyako requested and Taichi closed the laptop as ordered.

"It disappeared." Shu were astonished as the Digimon disappeared into the laptop.

"No, it went to the Digital World." Taichi said all the sudden. Miyako was relieved. Shurimon reverted to Poromon and jumped back onto Miyako's arms. That reminded her. She wondered where BlackWarGreymon and the rest were.

The group saw them disappearing from the Real World. Miyako wondered why they appeared in the Real World.

"Even if it didn't make sense to us, they must have a reason. " Professor Takenouchi expressed his thought.

Miyako had another concern. They could always open the gate and send the Digimon back to the Digital World but back in Yamato-san's days, they couldn't do that. She wondered what they did to these Digimon. Her thought was disrupted by Shu who reminded her of the time. Miyako realized she would be late assembly.

"I'm already this late!" Miyako cried.

As BlackWarGreymon had returned to the Digital World, Archnemon and Mummymon stopped playing with Paildramon.

"Are you running away?" Daisuke asked.

"We don't have time for you kids!" Archnemon replied smugly. With that they took off after BlackWarGreymon. "You heard me? Don't get too carried away. Just watch as we destroy the remaining five Holy Points!"

"What did she say?" Daisuke asked in case he had heard wrongly.

"There are five more Holy Points." Takeru replied confirming her words. The Digital World would lose their balance if all were destroyed.

"This is what Izumi-san was worried about. If the Digital World loses its balance completely, something terrible will happen. " Ken realized.

"Well then, say "Hi" to Sora when you're back in Tokyo." Professor Takenouchi requested.

"Jou too." Shu added.

"Okay, leave it to me!" Miyako smiled. She waved to Taichi who smiled back. He seemed to be "Daisuke-type" of boys but he was definitely cooler than Daisuke. He even owned the laptop she and Koushirou had wanted to get.

Daisuke, who was in the Digital World, sneezed suddenly. He thought someone must be badmouthing him.

Poromon who had been observing Taichi was suspicious. Not only, he flinched upon hearing things related to Digimon and he could see shadows of Digimon only a Chosen Child like Miyako could. He could not help but wonder who he was and if he was a Chosen Child? If so, he needed to let the rest know before the one who sent the e-mail to Ken got to him before they did.

Taichi was worn out by the time he reached his apartment. He laid flat on his back in bed. The experience of sighting Digimon, Digimon evolution and Digimon battle were unbelievable. Somehow, he did not feel as fascinated as Professor Takenouchi and Shu. On top of that, he discovered that Ken not only lied to him, he was involved with the so-called Digimon. He felt pain. It was a horrible feeling of loss.

He pulled a pillow covering his head with it and decided to sleep it off. Just then, his laptop which he had forgotten to shut down after lending it to Miyako beeped. There was a message for him. Taichi grabbed for the laptop on the bed and sat up. It was probably Wallace who would request him to analyse some data for him again from the sound of it.

But it was not Wallace. There was a Digiegg. The Digiegg addressed him by the name he had first seen after years since he lost his memories, "Yagami Taichi." Taichi stared at the name for a long while.

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