Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 17: Takeru's Denial

Takeru was having a recurring nightmare lately. In his dream everytime, he would either see Angemon defeated or his brother, Yamato and MetalGarurumon defeated by the hands of the monster Gennai and his friends were holding off.

Takeru woke up in the sweat all the sudden. The time for the battle against the Ultimate Level Digimon, Diaboromon was getting closer. Takeru turned his head to his side and was glad to see Patamon sleeping sweet and sound. Takeru had made a decision. He would not have Patamon jogress evolve for as long as possible. For if he did, the prophecy would have come true and like it or not they would have to face Diaboromon, the most powerful Digimon heard so far, even more so compared to BlackWarGreymon.

The next day ended as another disappointment for Daisuke and his group. BlackWarGreymon managed to destroy another Holy Stone before they even arrived at the scene.

"See you Hikari-chan!" Miyako waved goodbye to her jogress partner who ran off with Daisuke and Chibimon in a different direction for home.

"We'll do our best tomorrow!" Daisuke cheered. He could not allow some failure to get him down. They would defeat BlackWarGreymon and stop him from the Holy Stones sooner or later.

Takeru was about to walk off with Miyako when he saw Iori looking in another direction in daze.

"Iori-kun has Kendo practice today?" He asked.

"Yes. Excuse me." Iori bowed and left crossed the road.

"You said you didn't have practice today, dagyaa?" Upamon asked his partner in doubt. Iori would not lie for no reason. Iori said nothing.

"Iori, what's wrong, dagyaa?" Upamon was worried with his unusual silence.

"Daisuke-san and Ichijouji-san, Miyako-san and Hikari-san. That means I'm supposed to Jogress with Takeru-san." Iori came to the conclusion.

"Good things come to those who wait, dagyaa." Upamon consoled his partner as he thought Iori wanted it to happen soon. But that was not what Iori was worried about. He was concerned as he did not know Takeru well enough. Can he jogress with him like that?

"You'll be fine, dagyaa! Just concentrate like you do with kendo, dagyaa!" Upamon encouraged him. "Iori, teach me kendo. I want to increase my ability to concentrate, dagyaa." He requested. Iori smiled at his partner.

"Men! Dou! Concentrate, dagyaa!"

Daisuke and his friends including Ken were on their way to the next Holy Point according to Gabumon's intel since he was in charge of guarding that area. Hikari was struggling to cross the hang bridge trying to balance herself.

"Hikari-chan!" He yelled in panic trying to reach for her when she was about to fall. Miyako managed to catch her arms on time.

"Hikari-chan, are you okay?" Miyako asked.

"Thank you." Hikari replied.

"Let's go." Miyako held her hands and poor Daisuke missed his chance.

"Hey…" He cried.

A Holy Point was located in the ravine across the mountain. The children could head there fast if they were to fly. Just when Daisuke, Ken, Miyako, Hikari, Iori and Takeru were about to split up to head to their destination, Gabumon came running over to inform them about something he had heard from Agumon. Ken was relieved that Agumon was not here to bug him. He was still not ready to give him an answer.

"Agumon told me BlackWarGreymon has a soul." Gabumon began.

"A soul? A Dark Tower Digimon born from Dark Tower has a soul?" Iori could not believe his ears. "Agumon said he was distressed about a lot of things. Wondering about why he has a soul when he's not a living being." Gabumon continued.

"But if that's so, why does he fight us and destroy the Holy Stones?" Iori wondered.

"That I don't know." Gabumon replied.

"We can't destroy him if he has a soul." Iori realized. He would not be able to do that.

"No, we have to destroy BlackWarGreymon. As long as he was born to increase the power of darkness." Takeru said definitely. Iori stared at Takeru wondering why he said that.

With that, the children whose Digimon could fly took off leaving Takeru and Iori on the ground. Takeru, even though he could ride on Pegasmon decided to accompany Iori. Besides, it was better for jogress partners to travel together for Daisuke and the others' cases.

"See you, Gabumon!" Takeru said.

"Take care." Gabumon wished them luck.

On the way, Takeru was concerned about Iori who was slowing down wondering if he was okay.

"I'm okay, Takeru-san." He replied.

"I see. Kendo keeps you in shape." Takeru remarked. Iori watched Takeru who walked in front of him as he thought about him. Which Takeru is the real Takeru? The Takeru who was concerned about his well-being or the Takeru who would destroy BlackWarGreymon even if he had a soul? Or were there two different Takeru within him?

"Over there!" Daisuke, Ken, Miyako and Hikari had located the Holy Stone. This time round they found it before BlackWarGreymon and they were determined to defend it.

"BlackWarGreymon is coming!" Miyako cried. She had detected his incoming signal with her D-Terminal. The children were getting ready to engage him.

"Ichijouji!" Daisuke turned to Ken who nodded.

"Jogress. Let's go!"

The Digimon Partners jogressed into Paildramon and Silphymon were ready to fight. They started to attack BlackWarGreymon who came flying in. BlackWarGreymon landed.

"Get out of my way!" BlackWarGreymon demanded.

"We won't!" Paildramon said adamantly.

"We won't let you destroy any more Holy Stone." Silphymon declared. "We won't allow you to distort the balance of the Digital World any further." Silphymon and Paildramon attacked BlackWarGreymon together.

"Why don't you get out of my way?" BlackWarGreymon landed to the ground after dodging a series of attacks. All of a sudden, Archnemon and Mummymon who had been following BlackWarGreymon about arrived to obstruct Daisuke and the rest in their effort to defend the Holy Stone. While Paildramon and Silphymon were kept busy, BlackWarGreymon approached the Holy Stone.

"This is bad." Daisuke realized watching behind the rock they were hiding in.

"Even though we got here first." Ken added worriedly.

"Paildramon." Daisuke ordered. Paildramon realized he did not have the time to bother with Mummymon. They had to focus on their mission on hand. Unfortunately, they were too difficult to handle. The Digimon were distracted.

"If this keeps going, another Holy Stone will be destroyed." Miyako cried. Just then, Hikari spotted Takeru and Iori who had finally arrived in the destination.

"Takeru-kun!" Hikari called out to catch his attention.

"Patamon." Takeru saw BlackWarGreymon walking towards the Holy Stone. Patamon evolved into Angemon. Armadimon joined in the battle as Ankylomon. In adult form, they were no match for the ultimate level BlackWarGreymon and Angemon had taken quite a beating from him.

"And he has a soul?" Iori gritted his teeth in anger watching Angemon getting beaten up. Iori and Takeru could only watch helplessly as BlackWarGreymon tried to strangle Angemon to death in frustration.

"We can't jogress even in this situation?" Iori commented desperately while looking at his D3 hoping for some reaction. Takeru was shaking in fury.

"Unforgivable… Unforgivable." Takeru muttered. "Terror, hatred, shock, darkness. Trying to conquer and change the world with that power is unforgivable!" By watching BlackWarGreymon, Takeru was reminded how Angemon sacrificed himself to defeat Devimon and how Chimeramon terrorised the city.

"Unforgivable!" Takeru yelled. Iori was taken aback. Daisuke noticed that Ken flinched at his comment.

"Ichijouji, stay focused." Daisuke reminded. He did not want Ken to be distracted.

"Takeru, I can feel it too. He's the one we had to defeat no matter what." Angemon agreed with his partner. BlackWarGreymon who got tired at him threw him to where the Holy Stone was. The Holy Stone reacted and glowed. Takeru was overwhelmed in fear when he sensed new power coming in. Could it be?

"Jogress? No!" Super evolution occurred and Angemon super evolve into his perfect form as Holy Angemon. The light emitted from Holy Angemon was blinding everyone.

"Holy Angemon." Hikari realized recongising him. Daisuke remembered seeing this Digimon in the cave of darkness. He knew this Digimon was extremely powerful for a Perfect Level Digimon.

"He evolved into Perfect Form." Takeru said. Paildramon and Silphymon who were tied up with Archnemon and Mummymon took the chance to give them a thrashing while Holy Angemon took BlackWarGreymon on. With the power of Holy Angemon's they might have a chance. He played a critical role in defeating the last of the Dark Master, Piemon after all.

"Go for it, Holy Angemon!" Takeru cheered for his partner.

"I feel the consciousness of darkness. You should not exist in the Digital World." Holy Angemon spelt out to BlackWarGreymon which irritated him.

"What? I don't remember needing for permission to exist." BlackWarGreymon protested.

"I heard that you have a soul, which a Dark Tower Digimon is not supposed to have. But as long as you were created to use the power of darkness, I'll destroy you." Holy Angemon declared. Holy Angemon proceeded to use his most powerful attack, Heaven's Gate. Even BlackWarGreymon had to take a defense stance as he could sense that this Digimon was unlike the others.

A circular gate was drawn and opened creating a vacuum trying to suck everything within the range in. Holy Angemon used his sword to try and force BlackWarGreymon into the gate.

"Darkness return to darkness."Holy Angemon shouted at him.

"I'm not going to give up here!" BlackWarGreymon replied angrily. "I… I'll fight him!" With that sheer determination, BlackWarGreymon broke off from Holy Angemon's attack and managed to get out of the range of the vacuum by taking off to the air.

"Gaia Force!" A huge fire ball was created and thrown towards the Holy Stone, breaking it in one hit. Without the power of Holy Stone, Holy Angemon reverted to Patamon.

"I'm sorry, Takeru. Another Holy Stone…" Takeru cut him off before he could finish by carrying him on his arms smiling at him.

A fizzling figure which resembled a dragon appeared at the sky briefly.

"What's that?" Hikari asked.

"A Digimon?" Daisuke wondered.

"It seemed to be suffering." Ken observed.

"He'll appear soon." BlackWarGreymon assured himself. He gave out a battle cry as he flew off with Archnemon and Mummymon trailing behind.

And so, the children failed to protect another Holy Stone. On their way back to the Digital Gate where they came from, Miyako tripped on the bridge this time and Daisuke happened to catch her this time.

"Thanks…" Miyako said.

"What's up with that? Don't use that confused tone." Poor Daisuke did not have luck with girls.

"Take it easy, Daisuke." V-mon poked him.

Even though they had failed, Takeru sighed in relief that he did not activate his jogress evolution. Iori, on the other hand, wanted to know more about Takeru so that they could jogress. He wondered why Takeru hated the power of darkness so much.

"I don't actually hate the power of darkness itself." Takeru replied when Iori asked him.

"Takeru! Hurry up and get here." Daisuke said while shaking the bridge trying to scare him.

"Stop acting like a brat!" Miyako chided him.

"I'm sorry." Daisuke apologized.

"Iori, hurry up!" Takeru urged.

The battle to defend the Holy Stone continued to end in failure. BlackWarGreymon took off after destroying another Holy Stone.

"We can't defeat him no matter what we do." Daisuke muttered in despair.

"We can complain all we want later. Let's get out of here immediately." Takeru suggested noticing the abnormality in the area where the Holy Stone was destroyed.

"That was a close one." Takeru sighed in relief that all of them got back safely. The Chosen Children managed to get back to the Real World safely in the nick of time before the TV was caught up in the whirlpool.

"But he broke another Holy Stone." Daisuke moaned.

"I can't believe we can't win even with two Jogress Evolutions." Hikari commented while they were on their way home.

"Damn that BlackWarGreymon!" Daisuke cursed in frustration. At this rate, would he be able to fulfill his promise to defend the Digital World and their world?

"Yeah, he's way too strong. It's just not fair." Miyako whined in agreement.

"It's unforgivable!" Takeru muttered. "Creating a sad life using the power of darkness. It's unforgivable." The rest remained in silence hearing his comment until Ken interrupted them. They had forgotten that Ken was forced to return from the portal which linked to their computer lab due to emergency.

"Well, we'll be going now."

"Oh yeah. You live in Tamachi." Miyako realized. It would take him some time to get home from Odaiba in the conventional way.


"Wait!" Daisuke called out to him before he left with Leafmon. "Do you want to have dinner at my place?" Daisuke said suddenly and everyone was surprised.

"I want to beat BlackWarGreymon no matter what. Maybe you have some ideas?" Daisuke asked recalling that Ken had much more experience as he became a Chosen Child earlier.

"I want to defeat BlackWarGreymon too. And I can't forgive Archnemon for what she did to me." Ken said firmly.

"So it's decided. Tomorrow is Sunday, so let's have a meeting at my place." Daisuke invited. Ken paused for a moment. He did have some plans in mind but he was not confident in executing it.

"I'll call my mother then." Ken decided.

"It's set, then!" Daisuke cheered. Miyako and Hikari wanted to join in.

"Really? Hikari-chan? You are coming over?" Daisuke felt really honoured. "Okay then, let's meet at my place after dinner."

"Okay!" The girls said in unison.

"Sorry, but I can't." Takeru spoke up. "See you!" Takeru took off with that. Iori was confused. Since Takeru was not going, he was not going either.

"Same here. I'm sorry." Iori said. Iori wondered why Takeru was uptight regarding the power of darkness.

Miyako was bewildered at the boys' reaction. "Wait, I thought we're staying in the same mansion!" She turned to Daisuke, "Later then." Miyako said and ran after Takeru and Iori.

Ken called home to inform that he would be staying over at his friend's place. Mrs. Ichijouji was really happy for him as Ken was finally able to make friends.

The Motomiya Family was caught in surprise. Their son, Daisuke was actually friends with the famous genius kid, Ichijouji Ken when Daisuke introduced him to them. As realistic the people were, they fawned over Ken.

Mr. Motomiya requested Ken to tutor his stupid son while Mrs. Motomiya realized that she needed to order something good to host the genius kid.

"Just ignore them." An annoyed Daisuke told Ken pushing him into his room.

That night, while Daisuke, Ken and the girls had their meeting Iori went to see Yamato who was at his band practice. That was when Yamato got to know his brother's frame of mind when the topic of darkness was touched on.

"He never told me about it." Yamato admitted. Takeru had grown up and had his own privacy. He no longer confided in his brother everything under the sun.

Iori updated Yamato about BlackWarGreymon. He felt that he needed to understand Takeru more in order to activate their jogress evolution.

"Takeru-san hates Archnemon for creating unfortunate lives using the power of darkness."

"The power of darkness and life huh?" Yamato repeated his words.

"I'm sure something must have happened to him in the past." Iori concluded. Yamato crushed his empty can. He decided to tell Iori whatever was relevant.

He could never forget those experiences. How Angemon sacrificed himself to defeat their very first enemy, Devimon? How Takeru and Angemon's first meeting became a farewell. Takeru took care of the Digiegg Angemon reverted into in order to meet Patamon again.

"Takeru learnt how terrifying the power of darkness is and how precious life is from Angemon." Yamato narrated. That was how Iori learnt that Takeru, like Ichijouji had witnessed their own Digimon Partner died with their own eyes for the very first time.

"Yeah. Takeru and Ichijouji-kun have gone through the same experience." Yamato said looking away.

"That's why they can't forgive those who play with creation of lives through the power of darkness." Yamato turned to Iori who understood.

"I understand. If that happened to Upamon, I would also…" Iori looked at his partner.

"We all feel the same way about our Digimon Partners and they felt the same towards us." Yamato finished for Iori.

"Thanks to you, I think I understand now." Iori was glad to have come to Yamato. He apologized for interrupting his band practice.

Yamato watched the young boy ran off. "I didn't know that happened to Takeru."

Even so, he was sure Takeru had another reason to prevent himself in activating their jogress evolution. For that reason, Yamato berated himself. He wished he could do more for them. The safety of the Digital World and the Real World was more of a priority. He decided that he needed to speak to Takeru.

Iori was conflicted on whether they should destroy BlackWarGreymon. He was aware that something terrible would happen if the Holy Stones were destroyed but if BlackWarGreymon had a soul, he could not convince himself to destroy him.

"Yeah I understand. Sorry for being so selfish. Thank you for telling me that, Oniichan. Bye."

"Bye." Yamato hung up. He hoped that he could convince Takeru to go all out for the sake of the Digital World. Takeru was troubled by the fact that he and Hikari had used up their one-time evolution just for nothing. If Gennai's prediction was right, they should be facing Diaboromon by the time all six of them achieved jogress evolution. For that, Takeru chose to prevent his jogress from happening and Yamato really felt bad about it. Maybe he should have spoken to Takeru earlier.

What would come would come, they would just face it. Yamato decided. He headed back to his practice for his upcoming up performance.

Miyako and Hikari were at Daisuke's place for the meeting.

"He destroyed five holy stones already." Miyako reminded them.

"There are only two left." Hikari added. They have to protect them no matter what.

"So what is the plan?" Chicomon asked. Pururumon (Hawkmon's baby form) updated that Tentomon and the rest were searching for the remaining Holy Points. They should be able to do something if they could find it first. Daisuke was tired of hearing all these. There were a few times they had found the stones first but they could not stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying them.

"It's no good unless we get more firepower. Let's see how many allies we can get. Let's go to the Digital World tomorrow morning." Daisuke proposed.

"Ken-chan, aren't friends great?" Leafmon commented.

Ken remained quiet throughout. He was fidgeting in his pocket debating with himself whether he should propose to get the certain orange lizard Digimon for help? If he was able to get him evolve into perfect level or even ultimate, maybe it would work.

BlackWarGreymon wandered around in the Digital World in search for the next Holy Stone. He was thrashing all the way, even knocking down the Dark Tower on the way in frustration, sending Archnemon and Mummymon who were following BlackWarGreymon around flying by crashing their jeep.

"I want to fight! Where is the next Holy Stone?" BlackWarGreymon was like a big baby who was crying because he could not find his toys.

"I sensed it, this way!" BlackWarGreymon took off to the air and threw Archnemon and Mummymon off his trail.

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