Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 19: Qinglongmon's Advice

It was after school. Daisuke, Hikari and Takeru raced to the computer lab. Miyako was running down the stairs. It was only a matter of time that BlackWarGreymon would find the last Holy Stone and they needed to stop him before that happened.

"There's an e-mail from Ichijouji-kun. I'll be a bit late, so go ahead. We'll meet there." Miyako informed everyone. Daisuke knew about it already. He had e-mailed him this morning that he would meet Agumon to try out what they had discussed the other day.

"What is he doing?" To Daisuke, it was acceptable for Ken to be late but Iori to be late was unusual. Daisuke was getting impatient considering the situation in the Digital World.

"He'll be here soon." Takeru assured him to calm him down. They were all aware. Iori of all was most trustworthy in term of responsibility. He would be here. Iori arrived as soon as he finished.

"I'm so sorry." Iori apologized profusely as he came in.

"You're late!" Daisuke confronted him in frustration.

"You're so late, Iori!" Even Upamon was getting uptight about it.

"It was my turn to clean the teachers' room." Iori tried to explain.

"Is cleaning the teachers' room more important than saving the last Holy Stone?" Daisuke demanded.

That's not the point." Takeru commented. They were normal elementary student after all despite being Chosen Children. They needed to fulfill their role as a normal student like it or not.

"Miyako-san!" Hikari called out.

"Digital Gate Open! Chosen Children, let's roll!" Miyako did the usual cheer.

The Chosen Children with the exception of Ichijouji had arrived at the Chinatown of the Digital World.

"BlackWarGreymon seemed to be around here. I wonder if Ichijouji will know." Daisuke was analyzing the map on his D-Terminal. He could help but worry about him. On top of that, he wondered about the result of his experiment.

"He's with Stingmon, so it'll be fine." V-mon assured him.

"You're right." Daisuke agreed.

"Hikari-chan you want a drink?" Miyako offered her a bottle of mineral water to quench her thirst.

"Sure, thanks!" Hikari opened up the cap and drank from it. "This water taste really great!" Hikari complimented the mineral water her convenience shop was selling.

"This is our store specialty!"

"It contains minerals and it's good for your health!"

"Next time you want some, stop by Odaiba Ai-Mart, please!"

"Please!" Miyako and Hawkmon complemented with one another well as partners.

"Such a great saleman."

"Really." Hikari and Tailmon complimented. The girls and their Digimon laughed.

Looking at Daisuke, Miyako and Hikari, Iori could not help but to comment that they got along better since they were able to jogress evolve.

"Iori-kun, we'll be able to do it soon!" Takeru place his hand on Iori's shoulder. "Patamon and Armadimon act like they had already jogress evolved." He pointed at their Digimon who were getting along really well having fun together. Takeru laughed at their funny act and Iori could not help but to smile.

Just then, Hikari smelt something good. "Did you smell something good?" She asked. Miyako sniffed and smelt them too.

"Yeah! It smells like tasty Chinese soup!" She said excitedly. Sound of stomach growling was heard. Daisuke and V-mon blushed in embarrassment. It was their stomach.

"I'm so hungry."

"Me too." Daisuke and V-mon admitted.

"Since we are in the Chinatown of the Digital World, let's have Chinese food!" Takeru suggested. Iori was bewildered by Takeru's suggestion.

"It's settled then!" Daisuke announced.

Iori walked behind his excited friends chatting about what to eat later. He could not believe that they could be relaxed when they were about to fight BlackWarGreymon.

"They're not serious!" Iori said angrily.

"Iori, I'm starving too, dagyaa." Armadimon admitted. Iori realized his fault and felt bad about it.

"Maybe it's because I'm so rigid, as I've been told, I can't jogress evolve with Takeru-san." Iori confided. They had yet to reprimand him for his recklessness the day before and doubt they would because they had been too nice to him.

Ken met up with Agumon to try the Crest of Courage he had discussed with Daisuke earlier. However it didn't work. Because the Crest of Courage would not react, Agumon was unable to evolve into perfect level.

"As expected I'm not one who can hold the Crest of Courage.I'm really sorry." Ken apologized bowing to the orange lizard Digimon who looked crestfallen. Both Ken and Agumon were disappointed. Wormmon despite feeling a little jealous was worried. So they were back to square one.

An idea came to Ken suddenly about Agumon's evolution but this time round he would have to speak to his true partner about it. Even though he was afraid, he would do it.

"Give me some time. I will do something about it and you'll be able to evolve like you used to." Ken placed his hand on Agumon's shoulder.

"How?" Agumon was unsure when Ken nodded but at the moment, he could not do anything else but to trust Ken.

Daisuke and the rest bumped into the annoying pair, Archnemon and Mummymon upon arriving in the Chinese restaurant. They got into the fights. As Daisuke and the rest were hungry, Aquilamon and Tailmon were unable to jogress evolve into their perfect form and were thrashed by them.

Archnemon and Mummymon drove off running after Bakumon and Digitamamon who ran away during the fight. Archnemon and Mummymon just wanted to know the ingredient of the heavenly tasty soup. Ken and Stingmon arrived to see them drove off.

"That was." He rushed into the Chinese restaurant.


"V-mon." Ken and Stingmon were worried about them when they saw them sitting on the ground in defeat.

"Archnemon and Mummymon got us." Daisuke updated him. He eyed Ken who shook his head. Daisuke was disappointed.

"That crest would not react huh?" Daisuke realized.

"In any case, let's run after them." Ken suggested to go after Archnemon and Mummymon.

"Wait!" Iori interrupted. He reminded that that Archnemon and Mummymon were not their true enemies. It was BlackWarGreymon.

"In order to beat BlackWarGreymon, we have to store up our energy to jogress evolve. " The rest stared at Iori wondering what he was trying to say.

"Let's have ramen!" Iori stood up and suggested.

"Iori-kun." Takeru was amazed.

"Iori-kun has a point there." Daisuke exclaimed. Ken nodded in agreement.

Hikari realized something. "But Digitamamon and the other one ran away." So who would cook for them?

"We'll cook it by ourselves!" Miyako suggested.

"Let's do it! Let's do it!" Their Digimon cheered. And so, the laughter of the children could be heard as they get to work together.

Everybody finished their ramen. Daisuke and V-mon were especially grateful for such tasty noodles to fill their empty stomach.

"It came out pretty good." Takeru commented.

"The soup is great." Daisuke said.

"Our cooking skills are superb!" Miyako praised everyone.

"It's really good." Iori added. Takeru put down his chopsticks.

"Iori-kun. Maybe now we'll be able to jogress evolve now." After some counseling from his elder brother, Takeru had given in. They decided to let it come naturally. "That's the feeling I get."

All the sudden, bright light burst blinding the Chosen Children. Daisuke and Ken stood up upon realizing what was it.

"Holy Stone's Light!" Ken exclaimed.

The seal of the hidden holy stone was released by Mummymon who insisted that he wanted to drink from the soup spring he and Archnemon had came across when they drove after Digitamamon and Bakumon for secret of the soup ingredient. They did not expect to find a Holy Stone right there.

BlackWarGreymon who was around was attracted by the light emitted from the Holy Stone. He arrived at the scene where Archnemon and Mummymon had their usual stupid quarrel. Archnemon was taken aback at how fast BlackWarGreymon had arrived.

"The last Holy Stone. I'll destroy it." BlackWarGreymon declared as he readied his claw.

"Hold it!" Daisuke yelled. He and his team with their Digimon in adult form had arrived to defend the last Holy Stone.

"We'll protect the last Holy Stone." Daisuke declared.

"How many times do you need to learn your lesson?" BlackWarGreymon asked. They were no match for him.

"The kids are so pesty. BlackWarGreymon, finish them off!" Archnemon who managed to get Mummymon out of the spring ordered. The Ultimate Digimon could not be bothered with them.

"I don't take orders from you." With that he shot a fire ball and sent both of them flying.

"Iori-kun, it's finally time for our Jogress Evolution." Takeru said.

"Yes." Iori could feel it. They would be able to jogress evolve now.

"Angemon, I'm looking forward to it, dagyaa." Armadimon told Angemon.

"Ankylomon, let's do our best!" Replied Angemon.

Daisuke, Ken, Miyako and Hikari with their bonds growing strong, had their Digimon jogress evolved into Paildramon and Silphymon.

"Gaia Force!" BlackWarGreymon began to attack them. Paildramon and Silphymon managed to dodge on time. The turmoil of the attack could be felt by the children. Paildramon and Silphymon attacked BlackWarGreymon but he was proven too much for them to Takeru and Iori's horror.

"Iori-kun!" Takeru called out.

"Takeru-san!" Iori cried out in response.

"Have confidence!" Takeru encouraged him.

"Yes." Iori nodded. They would be able to jogress evolve today with their D3 reacting to one another. Their Digimon finally jogress evolved. A huge steel angel Digimon, Shakkoumon appeared before them. BlackWarGreymon took a defense stance.

"Shakkoumon? We did it!" Iori jumped into Takeru's arms as they celebrated their success.

"Finally… We can finally fight alone with Paildramon and Silphymon!" Iori exclaimed in excitement.

"Yeah." Takeru narrowed his eyes. He took the plunge and they could not lose. Turning to the Steel Angel, he said.

"We're counting on you, Shakkoumon!"

"Leave it to me, dagyaa!" Shakkoumon said in response.

"The battle has just begun!" Daisuke declared. Now that they had three perfect level Digimon, they might not lose.

"Get out of my way!" BlackWarGreymon ordered.

"We won't" Silphymon refused to budge.

"If you don't move, I'll make you move!" BlackWarGreymon used his Gaia Force. The power was so great that Ken thought they were done for. He could not imagine what could have happen next. All of them could not even open their eyes. That was when Iori noticed that Shakkoumon had stood in front of them taking the attack. To their amazement, he could absorb the whole of BlackWarGreymon's attack. BlackWarGreymon was taken aback.

"He absorbed BlackWarGreymon's Gaia Force." Takeru observed.

"Awesome!" Daisuke exclaimed. With that kind of defense, they might not lose even without Agumon's and the Crest of Courage.

"Harmonious Light!" Shakkoumon shot out lights from his eyes which BlackWarGreymon had to dodge.

"Now!" Shakkoumon ordered. Paildramon and Silphymon took the chance and headed out.

"We won't let you destroyed the Holy Stone! Let's go!" They would go all out.

"Why?" BlackWarGreymon managed to dodge their attacks and threw both Paildramon and Silphymon out of his way. "Why are you going this far to protect the Holy Stone?" He could not comprehend them. No matter how many times they were defeated by him, they continued to fight.

"Ruling Spirit!" It was only Shakkoumon attack managed to leave cracks on his wings which he used as a shield.

"To protect the Digital World!" They answered. Paildramon and Silphymon continued with their attack. They would not give up here.

"How can you act boldly without hesitation?" BlackWarGreymon asked as he was finally forced into a defensive position. After a series of rapid attacks, BlackWarGreymon's shield finally broke blasting him to a distance away.

"Did we get him?" Paildramon asked.

"Why? Do they have something I don't have?" BlackWarGreymon wondered as he crashed hard on to the ground. He should not be defeated.

"Why? How can you live like that?" BlackWarGreymon asked standing up with his battered body. "Tell me. Why was I born? Why am I so different from you? If I cannot know why, I don't care if this world end! Tell me!" He screamed.

"He's sad." Hikari sensed it.

"I'll destroy the Holy Stone. The answer lies beyond that!" BlackWarGreymon was determined. He advanced towards the Holy Stone taking out Paildramon and Silphymon simultaneously while Shakkoumon proceeded to take him on.

"It's no good. We can't stop him." Ken exclaimed anxiously.

"If the Holy Stone is destroyed, the Digital World will…" Hikari was afraid. The Digital World her brother gave his life for would be destroyed.

"Not just the Digital World, our Real World too…" Iori added. If the barrier collapsed, they would lose all the peace they had even in the Real World.

An unthinkable idea came to Daisuke, "If that's how is it, let's try moving it somehow." Daisuke spoke up.

"What do you mean?" Iori asked.

"While Paildramon and the others hold him off, we'll take the Holy Stone somewhere else!" Daisuke explained.

"That's crazy." Takeru could not believe him.

"We won't know until we try, right?" Daisuke insisted. "Anyway, let's try!"

"Yeah, we can't just sit here and watch." Miyako agreed with him. But how were they going to lift a floating Holy Stone that huge?

"There's no way you can do something like that? Give up!" Archnemon and Mummymon who managed to find their way back jeered at them. They would not be able to move the stone logically speaking.

"Shut up! Spider woman!" Daisuke did not want to hear discouraging words which would demoralize his team. Ken moved forward. He agreed with Daisuke. He was not going to let them have their way.

Archnemon started to laugh hysterically. "Can you afford to be cocky with me? Mummymon." She ordered. Mummymon switched to his battle form.

"This time I'll make sure you stop breathing." Mummymon laughed and he fired his rifle at the defenseless Chosen Children.

"Double Night Syndrome!" Mummymon was caught by surprise to see his attack absorbed. Digitamamon and Bakumon took their positions before the Chosen Children.

"We don't forgive those who taint the Holy Chinese soup spring!" They declared.

"Children, protect the Holy Stone!" They requested as both Digimon took Archnemon and Mummymon elsewhere for battle.

"Got it!" Daisuke was grateful.

"Thanks, Digitamamon and Bakumon!" Miyako waved.

"It's our chance!" Ken reminded them. "But how?"

Extended from the initial ridiculous idea, Daisuke suggested aiming their D3 with it. Surprisingly, all agreed with him. Hence, the Chosen Children raised up their D3 in different colours and aimed at the Holy Stone. The Holy Stone reacted to their D3. Lights from other Holy Points shot up to the sky gathered and merged at where they were before shooting into their respective D3.

Just as everyone were wondering what was going on. The light which shot into their D3 shot out once more to the Holy Stone causing it to glow in various colours. The energy generated from the Holy Stone shot up to the sky once more. Dark clouds began to hover above them catching BlackWarGreymon's attention.

Before long, a gigantic dragon emerged from the sky. Hikari realised that it was the Digimon which appeared briefly when the Holy Stone which Holy Angemon failed to defend was destroyed.

"It's an incredibly big Digimon." Daisuke remarked.

"Is that BlackWarGreymon was waiting for?" Takeru wondered.

"You're finally here. I've been waiting for this day to come. The day I would meet you." BlackWargreymon declared as the Dragon stopped before him.

"The one who holds the cursed dark soul. " He said.

"Cursed dark soul?" BlackWarGreymon repeated his words of accusation. "You mean me?"

"Why have you done this? Why have you destroyed the Holy Stone?" The Dragon questioned.

"I came all the way only to fight you. You're stronger than any other Digimon I've seen before, aren't you?" BlackWarGreymon replied.

"Do you know who I am?"

"I don't. I don't need to."

"My name is Qinglongmon! I protect he Eastern area of this world and hold the spheres of Light and Hope. Because you destroyed the Holy Stone, the harmony of this world is in disorder. Do you understand what you have done?" The dragon asked in an authoritative tone.

"That means nothing to me! Fight me, Qinglongmon!" BlackWarGreymon yelled and he charged at the gigantic dragon. The light Qinglongmon's emitted froze him instantly.

"Fool! You did this just for that purpose? Your dark existence seals my powers and brings disorder to the peace of this world."

"My existence?" BlackWarGreymon could not understand.

"Haven't you realized? The towers of darkness in the east are what sealed my powers. You were created from hundred of them, making your existence darkness itself." Qinglongmon explained.

"What?" BlackWarGreymon could not believe what he had heard.

"The Dark Towers seal his power?" Daisuke was enlightened.

"Then I…" Ken felt ashamed.

"What is the meaning of this?" BlackWarGreymon turned to the children. So he was created to seal his power?

"Oh well, you found out." Archnemon and Mummymon who managed to take care of Digitamamon and Bakumon came over and confirmed their suspicion.

"Building as many Dark Towers as possible and destroying the world's balance. That's our goal." She revealed.

"That's why you used me as Digimon Kaiser? Everything was to build Dark Towers?" Ken demanded for answers. By now, all of them knew the reason why Ken became the Digimon Kaiser was related to Archnemon and Mummymon.

"Yeah, that's right." She admitted with her cocky tone. "We used you to build Dark Towers. But then you got the wrong idea, joined the Chosen Children and started destroying them." She stared right at BlackWarGreymon, "That's why I created you. And now you wonder about your life's purpose? How stupid. Dark Tower Digimon don't need a will nor a soul."

That really made him snapped. BlackWargreymon moved in a flash and held her up by her throat attempting to strangle her.

"Help me!" Archnemon begged for her life. "I had no ill intention. It just couldn't be helped. This was all part of your destiny." She explained.

"Destiny? Then why am I here? Is that destiny as well?" BlackWarGreymon asked.

"BlackWarGreymon." Qinglongmon stopped him from his assault. "No one can answer that but yourself. No matter what it takes to reach that answer, there is a reason for each being's existence. And The only one who can find it is you. That's all I can tell you." Qinglongmon said.

Without any more reason to fight, BlackWarGreymon released Archnemon and threw her aside. He was glad that he had met Qinglongmon. At least he told him his existence had a meaning. '

"Even if that meaning is to be hated." He said looking at the children's direction before walking off.

"Where are you going?" Daisuke asked.

"To somewhere that is nowhere." He merely answered. Archnemon became anxious hearing that. They needed to stop BlackWarGreymon.

"You better remember this, because it's not over yet." Archnemon reminded them and ran off hurriedly with Mummymon trailing behind. But her threat did not scare Daisuke who made a funny face at her sticking his tongue out to her at all.

With that, the battle was over. The jogressed Digimon reverted into their in-training forms and jumped into to their partners' arms excitedly.

"Chosen Children." Qinglongmon called out to them to gain their attention. The Chosen Children looked up to him in response. "I am one of the four Ultimate Digimon who exist to maintain the balance of this world. I protect the Eastern area." Qinglongmon introduced himself to them officially.

"It's like in Kyoto." Miyako realized the similarities of it to the ones in the Real World Professor Takenouchi had explained. Four sacred beasts protect Kyoto in all directions.

"Yes, there are many similarities between this world and yours. After a long battle, we were sealed by four Dark Masters." Qinglongmon started to narrate about the group of Chosen Children chosen in 1999 who were sent to the Digital World. Dark Masters analysed and reintegrated it after they returned to their World forming the Spiral Mountain which still existed now.

"The Chosen Children and their Digimon defeated the Dark Masters…" Qinglongmon narrated.

"That was Yamato-san and his team effort." Daisuke exclaimed.

"But that did not break our seals. The reason is that the power was used to bring the Digital World back to its original state. To break our seals, we have to borrow the power of the Chosen Children's crests. As there were only seven of them, what they have was barely enough for us to break the seals. And the Crest of Kindness was prevent the power of Darkness. For that reason, the Digimon will need our help to reach Perfect Level."

"So that's why they can only reach Perfect Level at certain times." Takeru understood. It was all to release their seals. Ken's line of sight fell on his pocket as he still had one with him.

"When the towers of darkness began to rise in this world and their dark power prevented their Digimon from evolving. In the hope of returning the peace to this world, we decided to use the power of a lost ancient evolution."

"So that's armour evolution?" Daisuke realized. Qinglongmon had put a few Digimon who had the ancient powers to sleep and created three new Digivices to fight against the power of darkness and we sent them to new children."

"That must be us." Daisuke referred to Miyako, Iori and himself.

"My case is a little different." Chicomon highlighted. Daisuke smiled. He was aware of it.

"You had a device that saved the Digimental information. With that, you are not limited to one Digitmental. The three Digimon were able to evolve with other crests, and so, when the power of Friendship, Purity and Faithfulness was needed, it was sent over."

"So you mean that Digimental of Friendship might not be available for me back then?" Daisuke frowned. He really could not imagine being rendered unable to fight all along.

"In addition, to bring the one swallowed by darkness back, it was necessary to temporary create the Digimental of Miracles and Digimental of Destiny with the Crest of Kindness and Crest of Destiny respectively."

"That's for me and Wallace." Daisuke was interrupted by the cry of BlackWarGreymon who left the Digital World. Qinglongmon prayed that he would be answer to find his meaning of existence in time to come.

"With that, you can recover your lost power, right?" Daisuke asked.

"Not right away. This world's balance has already crumbled. However, I'll plant the seeds of light where the Holy Stone once stood. When the seeds spout and grow, they will take the Holy Stones' place." Qinglongmon explained.

Miyako heaved a sigh of relief. The Digital World was saved and the world would eventually regain its balance.

Daisuke cheered. That was a result of their hard work. "Isn't it? Isn't it?" Daisuke sounded like a kid rewarded with a candy. He stopped when he saw Ichijouji in his troubled face.

"What's wrong, Ichijouji? If you have something to say, say it." Daisuke urged. Ken decided to voice his opinion with Daisuke's encouragement.

"I was thinking unless all the darkness was destroyed, it will eventually absorb its surrounding and grow larger, creating another sad life like BlackWarGreymon."

"He's talking about himself too. About how he was taken in by darkness and created a life like Chimeramon." Hikari realized.

"I don't think so. Sure, darkness is frightening, and we should feel at ease if we could get rid of it completely, but I'm sure that's impossible. Where there is light, there's always darkness." Takeru explained.

"The brighter the light, the darker the shadow, right?" Hikari interpreted.

"Yes, that's why I think it's important not to lose sight of the light inside you, no matter how dark it is." Takeru continued.

"Not losing sight of the light inside you." Ken tried to understand.

"Yes. That truly is hope." Qinglongmon finished for Takeru. Just as expected from the Child of Hope, he understood it well.

"No matter how dark it gets, keep the light inside your heart lit." Qinglongmon reminded the children.

"That is what it means to hold the Crest of Hope. The Crests that freed me from my seal after the Dark Masters' defeat were the Crests of Light and Hope. Out of the children, who held the original crest, only two of the Digimon were able to use the ancient type of evolution. We changed the shape of your Digivices so you could use the ancient evolution. The Crest of Light and Hope, were somewhat different from the others. While the child's heart holds the other powers such as kindness, love or knowledge, light is the one that gives life to the world, and hope means not to lose the light, even when engulfed by darkness. When your hearts become one, a new power is born and the light shines brighter. That light leads to evolution."

"Chosen Children, BlackWarGreymon has left and I shall regain my powers. However, that does not mean all threats have been eliminated." Qinglongmon warned. "The evil that tried to seal me has not disappear."

"Is that Archnemon and Mummymon?" Iori asked.

"No, it's not something they can think of themselves. There is a far greater evil, filled with hatred." Qinglongmon said.

"There is someone who is controlling Archnemon and Mummymon?" Takeru deduced.

"That evil is what made me…" Ken realized.

"Your mission is not over yet. Do not let your guard down. That evil shall show itself by the time another Chosen Child rejoins you. Until then, I shall leave his power to your care, the Child of Kindness."

"Okay, we'll be careful." Daisuke assured.

"Then until we meet again." With that Qinglongmon left. He wished them well.

The day ended well. The Chosen Children were treated with hot piping buns on courtesy of Digitamamon and Bakumon. In case of any misunderstanding, Digitamamon highlighted that the one who ran the western restaurant was his friend.

Daisuke and Miyako as childish as ever, fought over the buns even though they all looked the same. Ken wondered how he should react before them. Takeru passed Ken a bun.

"They're delicious. Will you eat with us?" Takeru who understood more about Ken now, invited him to join them. He had accepted him into their group after Daisuke, Miyako and Hikari. Ken nodded feeling grateful to his gesture. He accepted the bun.

"Thank you." Ken gave half to his partner who ate it hungrily. "Is it good?" He asked.

"Yup. Ken-chan, eating with friends is great, isn't it?" Leafmon remarked.

"You're right!" Ken agreed.

"Qinglongmon mentioned that another Chosen Child will join us. He said you are holding his power now. I wonder if you know how he is like?" Takeru asked Ken.

"About that, I don't know how I can explain but I'll talk to him about it and I'll introduce him to all of you when the time is right." Ken trailed off. He did not even know if he could fulfill his promise to Agumon.

"It's okay. The way Qinglongmon sounded like he is a Chosen Child now and he would come to us when the time comes. As Koushirou-san must have told you. There are many of us around the world. At least we won't need to do a search for him and make a mistake like what happened to you. On top of that, it's someone you know." Takeru clasped his finger and supported his chin with it on the table thinking deeply about another more important potential threat on hand.

With his and Iori's jogress evolution came in place, the time the monster would break free of his seal just came closer. Maybe what Qinglongmon meant was this but yet, there was no way that monster would be able to command Archnemon and Mummymon especially when it was yet to be born.

It was still a Digiegg with the seal only the original seven of them could break unless it could break it by himself.

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