Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 2: The New Chosen Children

The original Chosen Children gathered in the playground that night. Koushirou was typing in his laptop with Yamato looking away sitting on top of the ladder. Hikari was pacing around wondering how she could get them to talk.

"They haven't been talking since then?" Takeru whispered to her ears. Hikari nodded reluctantly. She could never get over what happened to her brother but she did not wish to see both Yamato and Koushirou ignoring one another.

"Seems like Koushirou had not gotten over that." Jou commented sitting further away from them. "Perhaps, things will end differently if he had never left the team." He glanced at the two who were looking away from one another. "If that's the case, I'm at fault too. Mimi and I…"

"Stop it, Jou. If that's so, I'm at fault too. If I only I wasn't caught up with my darkness…" Sora's voice rang from his back. She just arrived and overheard him. She took a deep breath and continued. "Taichi wouldn't have wanted us to blame ourselves for what had happened to him."

"I'm sorry. I didn't notice your arrival" Jou apologized.

"Sorry I'm late." Takenouchi Sora apologized to catch everybody's attention. They were all minding their own business.

Yamato jumped down from where he was sitting.

"It's been a while since we all got together." Sora said.

Daisuke, Miyako and Iori were deep in their thought, amazed by the day's happening. Miyako was determined to visit the so-called Digital World tomorrow. On the other hand, Daisuke was lying in his bed throwing his soccer ball up and down.

"I wonder how's he doing now?" He wondered about V-mon. He was especially awed by the adventure he had in the Digital World.

"Hikari-chan, is she alright?" Daisuke mumbled to himself. Hikari and Takeru left with Yamato and Koushirou for a meeting and they would not allow him to join. He decided to let it go. He did not want to anger Hikari and lose their friendship.

"Ahh, damn it!" He decided to sleep it off. He pulled off his newly found goggles and stopped. He cleaned the goggles and noticed some scratches. Other than that, it was not as worn out as he thought. That was a proof that the adventure was not a dream. He pulled out his broken pair, his new Digivice, placed them on his side table and called it a day.

"Daisuke-kun of the Soccer Club went to the Digital World?" Sora exclaimed in surprise.

"Miyako-san and Iori-kun, who lived in the same building as me, have the new Digivices too." Takeru added.

"So, those three are the new Chosen Children?" Jou asked.

"Yeah, so it seems." Koushirou confirmed. Yamato nodded.

"But if that Digimon Kaiser is hunting Digimon, will Piyomon and the rest be alright?" Sora asked worriedly.

"Mimi-san sent me an e-mail from America. She was worried about Palmon." Hikari said. Not just Sora, everyone was worried.

"But when I left the room, the gate had already closed." Koushirou stated understanding that putting aside their differences; they have the same thought in mind.

"Make sense." Jou said.

"In any case, I will check all the computers in the computer lab tomorrow." Koushirou declared. He was determined to go if the gate was open.

"I'll go too." Sora joined in. Hikari and Takeru nodded in agreement. They were going of course.

"Sorry, I have a national test." Jou apologized.

"Yeah, I know. You are always busy and she can continue shirking responsibility by staying in America." Koushirou added sarcastically. Not just Yamato, He was not in good term with Jou and so is Mimi.

"Stop picking on Jou, Koushirou! If you have anything to say, just pick on me alone." Yamato who had been keeping quiet finally spoke up. "I had skipped a band practice today, so… " Yamato could not go either. Koushirou scoffed. It was just as expected.

"Got it! Leave it to us." Before a possible argument could start, Sora stood in the middle of Yamato and Koushirou assuring Yamato and Jou. Both smiled feeling grateful for her understanding.

"Let me know if something happens." Yamato requested Sora. He was still the acting leader of the group after all.

"Yeah." Said Sora.

With that the Chosen Children dispersed. Sora caught up with Hikari to apologise for the boys and decided to walk home together.

"It's okay. I'm fine." Hikari gave Sora an assuring smile. Sora and Hikari had gotten closer since the loss of Taichi. She treated Hikari as her own sister.

"How is Mrs. Yagami?" Sora asked in concern as the blow was too much to her mother to learn the loss of her son when they returned from the Digital World three years ago.

"Still the same. She misses Oniichan and believes that he just ran away from home. I still see her holding on to the last photo we have of him. Otousan and I tried to talk her out of it but it's no use." Hikari replied sadly.

"I'm sorry to hear that. If it wasn't for me…" Sora trailed off. Hikari stopped in front of Sora.

"Stop it. Like you said, Oniichan wouldn't want you to reproach yourself." Hikari reminded her. She strolled at Sora's side.

"How about you and your foster brother? I recalled you told me how your mother flares up when she heard that he's sponsoring a kid unrelated to him. She thought he is having an affair out there and had an illegitimate child." Hikari changed the subject. Sora giggled.

"What make it worse that he is of my age. I haven't met him as he is staying in Kyoto prefecture. That being said, my dad see potential in him, which is why he took him in."

"How ironic that I had lost my brother at the same time you gained a brother?" Hikari sighed looking up to the sky.

School had ended the next day. Koushirou came to the lab to check on the gate.

"As expected, the gate is still closed." He talked to himself not noticing that Miyako had crept up to him. He sensed her presence and turned around to see her smiling and grinning in front of him. He knew her too well. She was excited. Iori walked into the lab and joined them.

Koushirou caught his breath. "Sorry for intruding. I'm just worried about what happened yesterday."

"I couldn't sleep either." Iori added. "Please take us to the Digital World today."

Koushirou turned back to the computer, "But the gate…" He wanted to inform them that the gate was not open but was surprised when he checked again.

"The gate opened?" He exclaimed.

"Hey there!" Daisuke greeted. He was joined by Hikari, Takeru and Sora. Daisuke, Miyako and Iori showed Sora their new Digivices.

"These are the new Digivices?" Sora asked. It sure looked different from theirs.

"These are the three which Oniichan released yesterday." Takeru remarked.

"Digital World is a scary place!" Daisuke said teasingly.

"Stop showing off, you have only been there once." Miyako pouted.

"We are prepared for the danger." Iori highlighted.

Koushirou noticed that only that particular computer had its gate open. "It's the first time a gate opens two days in a row."

"Anyway, let's go to the Digital World!" Daisuke cheered. The others were about to join when a teacher interrupted them.

"Isn't it Izumi and Takenouchi? What brought the graduates here?"

"Fujiyama sensei." The whole group of them greeted. That was when Koushirou and Sora realized he was the new teacher-in-charge of the Computer Club since Koushirou graduated and he still could not use a computer.

It was finally they had a chance to visit the Digital World. Koushirou was almost going to pass up the chance this time when Daisuke decided to step in. He pushed Fujiyama sensei out of the lab claiming that there was some homework he could not understand and wanted his guidance. He gave them a sign of victory hinting them to leave without him.

"Daisuke can be reliable when need be." Hikari commented.

"Well, let's go while we still can." Koushirou urged and the group pulled out their Digivices.

"So this is the Digital World?" Iori said in awe. He noticed the change of his clothes.

"Wow cool!" Miyako exclaimed. She even had a helmet on.

"These new Chosen Children seem really different from us. Is it the age?" Sora commented in despondence.

"Don't start talking like an old lady." Hikari laughed.

The group went in search for Tentomon and Piyomon. Not long after, they found Patamon and Tailmon bringing Tentomon and Piyomon along. The Digimons had a reunion with their partners.

Somewhere in the dark, Digimon Kaiser was watching.

"I've been waiting for you." Digimon Kaiser laughed sinisterly as he sent out a few Digimon after them.

The group was under attack. As Piyomon, Tentomon and the rest were unable to evolve, they were forced to go on the run.

Miyako and Iori felt really freaked out to be only pulled along by Sora and Koushirou respectively.

While walking in the woods in despondence, Miyako and Iori's Digivices had reacted.

"But not our Digivices." Sora shook her head.

"Could it be that?" Piyomon asked Tentomon.

"Without a doubt." Tentomon agreed with Piyomon. With that, they led Miyako and the rest to a relic which resembled a Mayan Pyramid. They headed to the insides and Piyomon and Tentomon led them to where they had found two egg-like structure.

"That is?"

Sora and Koushirou nodded. The egg-like structure bore a symbol which was their Crest of Love and Crest of Knowledge. The two of them proceeded to lift the items. However hard they tried, they would not budge.

"I can't."

"It's too heavy. What could that mean?" Koushirou recalled the new Chosen Children.

"Can you try, Miyako?" Sora had the same thought as him.

"Iori-kun too." He urged.

"Yes." Iori agreed. The two new Chosen Children gave a shot. Indeed they could lift it. Two Digimons, a bird-like Hawkmon and a mammal Digimon, Armadimon appeared before them. They introduced themselves to Miyako and Iori respectively.

"I had been waiting for you." Hawkmon said.

"I slept well…." Armadimon yawned. "Are you the one who woke me up? Thanks for waking me up dagyaa." Armadimon was speaking in Nagoya dialect.

"Miyako-san, let us fight together!" Miyako felt disturbed at Hawkmon's request.

"Wait a minute, I can't fight!"

"Well, that's a problem." Sora smiled recalling something when she heard Miyako's word.

She decided that she would give her encouragement. She held Miyako's hand.

"A while ago, a girl, Mimi-chan said the same thing. I don't want to see anyone hurt. I don't want to either but someday you will be grateful for the adventure you had with the Digimon. So, do your best."

"Sora-san's hands are so warm…" Miyako realized with a smile. Yes, she would do her best.

"What do you think about the Digital World?" Koushirou asked Iori. Iori could not give any comment as he just got here but he had some theories.

"New questions keep popping up and I want to learn more." Iori said.

"As I thought, Iori-kun has a curious mind. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. We are friends and we'll always help you out. Let's learn together."

"So Miyako-san and Iori-kun, please yell Digimental Up!" Hawkmon advised. Miyako and Iori looked at each other in determination.

"Digimental Up!" Both yelled in unison. And so, new type of evolution, known as armour evolution was born. Hawkmon and Armadimon armour evolved into Holsmon and Digmon respectively.

The lot of them watched in awe. None of them could evolve but yet they could. And so Holsmon and Digmon defeated and broke the Evil Ring on the Digimon who attacked them earlier.

That day, Koushirou and Sora acknowledged the power of the new Chosen Children.

Surprisingly, Hikari and Takeru could lift Digimentals of their own crests and was able to access the new evolution. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon formed a formidable pair. With the power of armour evolution, they would be able to defeat Digimon Kaiser and thwart his plan to take over the Digital World.

Of the new Chosen Children, that left with Daisuke and V-mon who was left powerless as the rest took on battles after battles.

Daisuke often wondered why he was chosen if he was not granted any power to fight. He was able to hang on thanks to V-mon's encouragement.

Things changed when Gabumon regained his power to evolve that day. Miyako was unable to go that day as Koushirou had borrowed her Digivice. They realized that the TV they used to came to the Digital World could be used to send SOS and Gabumon used that twice to contact Yamato.

They were being introduced to the Dark Tower which Digimon Kaiser had built. Daisuke wanted to prove his worthiness to only be stopped by Yamato. Their objective that day was to free the Digimon which were held prisoner by Digimon Kaiser.

"It will be easy with armour evolution." He suggested. He hoped to find his in the town they were in.

"We can't do that. They could use the captured Digimon as shield." Takeru warned. It would be pointless if the Digimon were hurt.

Yamato and the original Chosen Children had a discussion on their mission which pissed Daisuke off complaining to Iori that they were being left out.

"Iori, why don't we try? Maybe I can find my Digimental." Daisuke insisted.

"No, I'll hear their plan." Iori ran off.

"Daisuke, I agree."

"Not you as well, V-mon."

They decided to infiltrate the prison. Daisuke was against it. A part of him felt like going against Yamato using Hikari as an excuse. He did not realise he just wanted to know Yamato more. He ended up being teased by the wrong use of words.

"Do you mean delicacy instead of telepathy?" Iori asked tickling the rest to laugh and Daisuke's face to turn as red as tomato.

The group managed to infiltrate the territories led by Tailmon who was experienced as a former henchman under Vandemon. They had succeeded. Daisuke wanted to take off by himself to search for his Digimental to only be stopped by Yamato.

"Do you want to lose the Digimon you had rescued and be captured by Digimon Kaiser?" He questioned. Daisuke had been testing his patience lately. Just because he resembled his lost friend he had went against and paid dearly for it, that did not mean he would allow Daisuke to do as he wished if he would endanger the rest and himself.

"He is not him!" Yamato had reminded himself in order to bring himself to give him a stern warning of possible consequences. Besides, V-mon could not evolve. Worse come to worst both of them had to rely on Iori, Takeru and Hikari. The group decided to head up where the Dark Tower was.

The goggle boy was pissed off further when Takeru mentioned about meeting his sister.

"She bad-mouthed me right?" He said nonchalantly. Despite Takeru's protest, he was sure that his sister had bad-mouthed him. She always had seen him as good-for-nothing, looking for any opportunity to run him down.

"She doesn't like me. Well, I don't like her either, so we are even." These words shocked Hikari. She did not expect him to see his elder sister this way. Before she could say anything, Yamato ran to him.

"What are you talking about? If you are my younger brother, I wouldn't forgive you for that. I'll beat you up!" This boy had been getting on to his nerve. Why was he even chosen in the first place? V-mon could not even armour evolve like Hawkmon and the rest. Perhaps, Daisuke was just chosen spite him and as a burden to them as protection. Retribution they said.

"Interesting, bring it on!" Daisuke challenged Yamato. Daisuke was aware that it was Yamato who led the group to victory three years ago but he did not see why he should obey him.

"Stop it!" Takeru yelled. "You won't hit him, you won't do that right?" Takeru caught his brother from his back. Takeru felt Yamato's pain. He would berate himself in guilt later if he really beat Daisuke up.

"I wouldn't… But watch what you say." Yamato walked off with Takeru as soon as he was finished with him.

"Why can't he shut up? I'm glad that I don't have a brother like him. I can say what I want about that stupid girl. I wish I'm an only child some times." Daisuke grunted in frustration. This time he really incurred Hikari's wrath. She could not take it anymore.

"Stop it, Daisuke-kun. I hate people who talks bad about their siblings. You don't understand the pain of losing your sibling." Daisuke did not know why Hikari said that back then. He watched on as Hikaru ran off in a huff and Takeru ran after her. He kicked himself hard when he caught sight of Hikari crying on Takeru's shoulder. He saw a shadow of his younger self consoling Hikari's younger self back in the playground.

"Daisuke?" V-mon called out trying to console him.

"Now she hates me." He had wanted to protect her smile. He was so caught up by his worthlessness and inability to get V-mon to evolve that he did not realise he had hurt her feelings.

"I'm sorry V-mon. I really feel I'm useless now." He apologized. It was the first time V-mon saw Daisuke this depressed. He wished he could evolve by himself. How powerful a Digimon could be, ultimately depended on his partner and Daisuke had yet to enable him to evolve.

"Don't worry about it. It's just a matter of time. I'm sure with you around, I'll be able to evolve." He tried to cheer him up.

The group reached the edge of the cliff and realized it was too high. They needed some ropes. Gabumon and the few rescued Digimon was about to search for some when they were all cornered by the controlled Veggiemon with poo.

"I won't let you do that." The red Veggiemon declared.

"Alright, watch this, Daisuke! He is red but he is still a Veggiemon. I'll show you some cool moves and cheer you up." With that V-mon took off too attack it but was defeated easily.

"Armour evolution, everyone!" Daisuke ordered.

"Hazard breath!" Before anyone could do that they were all tied up by an army of Veggiemon.

"Sorry, everyone!" V-mon apologized. That was foolish of him for underestimating his enemy. His previous partner would have laughed at him.

"Apologising won't help now!" Red Veggiemon smashed V-mon on to the ground.

"V-mon!" Daisuke struggled to get free.

"He will be getting a 100 hit as punishment. Watch carefully! One! Two!" V-mon stood up no matter how many hits he had taken.

"I see that you have some guts, but let's see how long you can last!" Red Veggiemon challenged him. Daisuke was forced to watch on.

"I can't watch this!" Gabumon cried shutting his eyes tight.

"Can't we do anything?" Yamato felt dejected.

"Let him go!" Daisuke cried. "V-mon!"

"Daisuke." V-mon struggled to reach for him. The rest just could not watch on. V-mon took hits after hits.

"Stop!" Daisuke cried out desperately.

"If only I can evolve!" Gabumon lamented.

"It's not reacting." Yamato gripped on to his Digivice. If only there was a miracle.

"Ninety-Nine!" V-mon found himself slammed on the Dark Tower causing a crack on its surface.


"You had lasted pretty long but this is the last one! I'll send you to hell!" Red Veggiemon released his finishing move.

"V-mon!" Daisuke, Yamato and Gabumon cried out in unison. In the nick of time, V-mon dodged and Veggiemon's attack landed on the Dark Tower causing it to react. Yamato's Digivice finally glowed.

"Gabumon shinka… Garurumon!" Garurumon launched a series of attack. Everybody was released. Daisuke noticed that his Digivice too had glowed. It was not a reaction to a Digimental but…

"V-mon!" V-mon felt a surge of energy.

"V-mon shinka… XV-mon!" Daisuke watched in awe as XV-mon took on Red Veggiemon. He realized he was not useless after all. V-mon was finally able to evolve like the rest. He kneeled down in relief. He was no longer a burden.

At the same time, Miyako and Koushirou arrived with Agumon, Hawkmon and the group of Digimon Yamato's group had rescued.

"How can you evolve?" Agumon asked seeing Garurumon.

Gabumon did not know but Patamon guessed that it was due to the crack in the tower. Miyako concluded that if they could blow the tower up they would be able to evolve. Armadimon volunteered to do it as Digmon.

As soon as the tower fell, the Digimon was released from Digimon Kaiser's control. The objective of the new Chosen Children was clear: To destroy the towers in the areas controlled by the Digimon Kaiser.

"We will do our best!" Takeru exclaimed

"Me too!" Daisuke said excitedly. With V-mon able to evolve, he felt that he could fight too.

"If we can destroy the tower, we can evolve!" Agumon declared.

"It'll be easy!" Tailmon agreed. With that, Agumon headed to Gotsumon area led by Hikari and Takeru while Yamato would take the responsibility to guard the area they had just freed.

"I'm sorry to have made you worried, V-mon." Daisuke apologized to his partner.

"Daisuke, you have matured a bit. "

Koushirou showed Daisuke, Miyako and Iori who came back with him to the Computer lab a digital map. He found it while looking into Miyako's Digivice. The area where they had destroyed the tower had turned from black to white.

"But the black areas in the Digital World are really wide." Iori commented.

"We still have a long way to go." Daisuke noted. Even though V-mon could evolve, strategically, Daisuke still hoped to locate his Digimental or he had to still rely on Miyako and the rest to destroy the tower before he could get V-mon to fight.

The day when he would finally obtain his Digimental would not be too far.

Daisuke was deep in thought about the day's event. About Yamato & about Hikari lashing out on him. He wondered what happened to them? Honestly speaking, it was normal for siblings to fight, right? He had to apologise to Hikari tomorrow as she was not back when he headed home. Come to think of it. Daisuke stopped halfway, he suddenly recalled something else on the way back home.

"Don't worry Daisuke, I can evolve now. We won't be a burden to others." Chibimon interrupted Daisuke's thought in an attempt to cheer him up.

"That Agumon mentioned about evolution. That brought me some questions. Is he a partner Digimon? If he is, if Yamato-san and Koushirou-san are not his partner, then who is his partner?"

"As expected from Agumon, you can already evolve by yourself." Hikari and Takeru observed as Greymon appeared before them.

Just like their fallen ally, Leomon, Agumon was blessed by the light from the Digivice to gain the ability to evolve on his own although he can't reach the Perfect Level without a partner.

Their actions were noticed by Digimon Kaiser. To him, it was not an important area. At this pace, he would be able to conquer the world in less than a year including that. At the corner of his eyes, he saw an area he could not get near. An area guarded by a mysterious force. He fished up an item which resembled a necklace. It was a tag and a crest which bore a symbol of a sun. He believed he could remove the force with its power. Once he removed the force of that area, all the Digimon shall serve him, worship him. He would be god.

Wormmon watched his partner worriedly.

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