Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 21: The Vault

It was a day which seemed perfectly peaceful for Miyako and Takeru. They were on the way to Kyoto to support Sora in her Tennis semi-final as well as Hikari and her cheerleading team.

"I can't wait to see Takenouchi-san." Miyako began to act like a fangirl again squeezing and pinching Poromon. "If only our Daisuke is half like Takenouchi-san. Independent, cool and decisive." Poromon sighed. Just how many times had she said that?

""I thought "Daisuke-kun type" of guys is not your cup of tea. Besides, we are here to cheer to Sora-san and we are not chasing idol." Takeru teased.

"He is different. His loss of memory makes him seem more charming." Miyako retorted.

"I feel sorry for Daisuke and V-mon who can't come today. They must be complaining. " Patamon giggled.

"It can't be helped. Even though the threat in the Digital World is gone for now, we are to take turn to keep watch on the Digital World and today happens to be his and Ichijouji's turn. Iori-kun can't come either. He has his Kendo practice." Takeru reminded Patamon.

"So that's just the both of us. Let's go!" Miyako cheered.

"Ahh Choo!" Daisuke sneezed.

"Are you alright, Daisuke?" Chibimon asked. "Are you sick?"

"Someone must be talking about me again. Damn it! Why must it be today I'm on stand-by? I want to go to Kyoto with Hikari-chan!" Daisuke shook his partner demanding for answers.

"Daisuke, it can't be helped right? Takeru done his duty yesterday and Miyako suggested going to Kyoto so last minute." Chibimon explained. "Someone needs to be around just in case anything happens in the Digital World. You are not alone. Ichijouji and Minomon are on stand-by too. " Daisuke put his Digimon Partner down and sighed lying back on bed.

Not long after, his D-Terminal beeped. "Don't tell me something really happen." Daisuke groggily grabbed his D-Terminal and opened it. He sat up all the sudden. It was his Amercian friend, Wallace who e-mailed him. He was in Japan right now and there was an emergency. He wanted them in the computer lab in Odaiba Middle School right now.

"Chibimon!" Daisuke called his Partner Digimon who rubbed his eyes groggily. It was time get to work.

Koushirou and Yamato got into an argument again with Koushirou demanding if anyone attempted to break the cage Diaboromon's Digiegg was kept in. Only they knew the secret & had access to the cage.

"Where are the others by the way? Did you inform them of the meeting? Didn't they realise it's an emergency? Unless one of them is the culprit and don't dare to own up." He was suspicious and worked up at everyone.

"Takeru and Hikari are in Kyoto cheering for Sora in her semi-final. Jou is having exam and Mimi…"

"In America." Koushirou scoffed. He really could not work together with them with attitudes like these.

Yamato sighed in defeat. He skipped his practice today. "So, what's the situation now?" He asked.

"He is now in his in-training form. He has started to eat computer data and caused havoc for cash registers worldwide." Koushirou updated in a frustrated tone.

"I see. That's why there is a ruckus in the convenience store when I passed by this morning." Yamato realized.

"So now what? Do I enter the net with Gabumon and fight him now? They have gathered at Gennai's right?"

"No, as it's too last minute, I prioritise in contacting Tentomon and Gabumon. They are on the way to the nearest portal to meet us here." Koushirou replied. "Someone released the lock on him. I'm sure about it. Better not let me find out if it's one of you." Koushirou muttered.

"Koushirou…" Yamato wanted to say something to be interrupted by a sliding door. He realized he forgot to lock the door. He heaved a sigh of relief to see that he was one of the Chosen Child, Wallace. He came all the way from America.

"Sorry, I'm late." Wallace came in. "Izumi, can you help me to locate the IP where Tsumemon was unlocked from. I'll take up command from here."

"Wallace?" Koushirou and Yamato were both surprised. Wallace rarely got himself involved in battles due to his unique role.

"I'll command this mission. Any problem with that?" He asked. "Do you think I'm too young for it?"

"N-no." We're happy and honoured to have you." Koushirou replied politely. Of all Chosen Children he knew, Wallace had became a Chosen Child far longer than any of them.

"Is Daisuke in today?" Wallace asked. "Can you get them here?"

"What? Do you intend to involve them?" Yamato wondered the rationale of his request.

"No, I need them to do something for me. I need to stay here and I need both of you on stand-by as well." Wallace replied in a decisive tone.

Daisuke ran all the way to the Middle School. It took him some time to find his way to the computer lab as it was the first time he had been to the Middle School. He stopped clumsily at the door.

"Digi Digi." A voice was heard from the inside.

"Mon Mon." Daisuke replied. The door slide open. Daisuke was surprised that Ken had already arrived before him. He came through the Digital World as it was faster for him.

"Just the two of you?" Wallace asked feeling a little disappointed. Ken nodded. Miyako had e-mailed him about her plan today so he was aware.

"Izumi, I need another one from your team, can you get hold one from your team? Anyone with laptop will be a better choice." Wallace turned to Koushirou. Koushirou was reluctant to e-mail them.

"Well, I'll do it. I'll contact Miyako-san. Can't believe that of all days, she has to be in Kyoto today." Daisuke flipped out his D-Terminal.

"Miyako huh? I wonder how she's doing?" A leopard never change its spot. Daisuke glared at nonchalant Wallace in dismay.

"So have you called you Momma today? Does she know you came to Japan? I bet she must be freaked out." Daisuke teased. Apparently, Wallace did not take his bait.

"Hand me your D-Terminal." Wallace requested politely.

"Izumi, have you located the source yet?" Wallace asked for the progress while checking his e-mail hoping that the "Disqualified" he was watching would respond to him.

"Wallace, no reply yet?" Terriermon asked. Wallace shook his head as he kept working.

"Daisuke, lend me your ears. I have a mission only you can do." Daisuke was confused but he obeyed and leaned his ear close to Wallace so that he could whisper to him.

"Wallace is working hard." Lopmon giggled pushing his brother along and both rolled around together.

Koushirou was quite impressed at Wallace's ability in containing the situation. So that was what it meant to be a Veteran.

"What do you mean by due to a service outrage; there is a delay in departure? So we are stuck here?" Miyako yelled at the staff climbing the railing. Takeru did a facepalm. She was really eager to get to Kyoto.

"To see her Takenouchi-san." Poromon had the same reaction with Takeru who was holding him. "I stand by my opinion that that boy is suspicious."

"Suspicious?" Now Takeru was curious.

"The train is here!" Miyako yelled. "Hurry up!"

To Miyako's horror, the train even though it stopped, left before even opening the door.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" She cried. Her attention switched when she heard her D-Terminal beeped.

Miyako was surprised to receive Wallace's e-mail from Daisuke's D-Terminal.

"Takeru-kun, there's an emergency." She informed and showed him the message from Wallace.

He was asking for Takeru. Takeru's face paled when he read the mission code. It was a secret code known to the seven original Chosen Children, which meant the monster had broken free from his lock. How did it be stronger this quickly? Did he finally evolved to an Ultimate and broke free? But it was just hatched long ago.

"Wallace, I had locked on the IP address." Koushirou updated.

"Miyako had responded here too. Takeru is with her. Good. I need both of them." Wallace replied with his progress. "Send the location to Daisuke. He's in the railway station waiting for your e-mail."


"Where is it?" Ken could not help but to ask.

"Tamachi Orphanage." Koushirou replied straightaway.

Ken closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was right to run after Daisuke before he left for the railway station. He got a bad feeling towards this mission after all. On the other hand, Yamato stood up abruptly.

"I knew it. He still has his Digivice." Ken concluded. Wallace had expected the answer since he could no longer get hold of his friend. His attention turned to Yamato who was about to rush out of the door.

"No, Ishida, you are not going." Wallace shouted in his authoritative voice.

"But why? I should have realised it earlier." Yamato took a deep breath. Who else other than the seven of them who could unlock the beast?

"Yamato-SENPAI, what's going in?" Koushirou demanded.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP." Wallace stood up to gain all of their attention. None of you here are going to act without my orders. My decision is final. You hear me?"

"Alright, call it, Wallace." Terriermon initiated.

And so, the Chosen Children headed moved on to their respective missions.

Koushirou would send Kabuterimon, together with Takeru's Angemon from Miyako's side, they would work together to take down Tsumemon who had just evolved again.

"The Digital Gate is currently locked by Keramon. I believe your D3 is the only one which can only up a portal anywhere right, Ichijouji? I want you to head to the Digital World to get a certain Digimon's help. You can track his direction with the crest on hand like you always do, right?" Wallace gave the order.

"Okay." Ken opened up a Gate on the floor and headed to the Digital World with Minomon. Yamato and Koushirou stared at Ken in gaped mouth. Just how much they had missed out. That was the consequences for not communicating to one another as much as they should.

"As for Ishida, please stand by. I will need MetalGarurumon's power if this does not work out." Wallace pinched his chin thinking about the next step.

Meanwhile, the Ferris Wheel in Odaiba had gone haywire, going around and round quickly and not stopping.

"Transfer complete." Koushirou announced. Tentomon and Patamon were on the way to the Keramon's location.

"We are counting on you." Takeru who stood behind Miyako said to Patamon.

"Tentomon, we have a preemptive strike." Koushirou instructed. "He didn't know we're here yet."

"Let's do it!" Tentomon said.

"Air shot!" Patamon began his attack. Tentomon shot him with electricity.

Keramon sent Koushirou and Miyako a message. "Let's play."

"What do you mean by "let's play"?" Takeru was annoyed.

"Let's hurry up and defeat it. Tentomon, evolve!" Koushirou ordered. Both Tentomon and Patamon evolved into their adult form and started attacking Keramon. Keramon appeared to be in defensive stance. An explosion occurred with their combined attack.

"That thing seems weak." Miyako commented.

"Wait!" Wallace did not think so. A light shot out as the smoke was clearing. A bolt of light was emitted engulfing Keramon. Keramon evolved into Infermon. Wallace gasped. He was sure now. That was a light of evolution from a Digivice.

"Daisuke, are you there yet?" He thought anxiously.

Daisuke had finally arrived at Tamachi Orphanage. He ran in panting. The place seemed eerie and it felt cold to him. He hugged his shoulder and shuddered.

"Daisuke!" Chibimon pointed to the classrooms where the kids were left unconscious. Daisuke ran in to check for their pulses and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Damn it! Just what had happened?" Daisuke asked.

"We're inside a barrier most likely created by that Keramon. Let's go straight to him now." Chibimon who evolved into V-mon suggested. Whoever did this was a lost Chosen Child. They could not let the same thing which happened to Ken happened to him. They would stop him.

Gabumon had joined in the battle. By now, many people around the world had noticed the battle online and logged on to watch.

"Sorry I'm late." Gabumon came in joining Patamon and Tentomon who had a time-out earlier as Infermon had ran off. They had finally sent in their trump card.

"We're counting on you, Gabumon." Yamato said.

"Good luck, Patamon." Takeru said anxiously. "This time we'll beat him for sure." Miyako watched Takeru worriedly. She wanted to send Poromon in but apparently she could not. Maybe that was why Takeru said only the seven of them could fight him.

"I'll guide you to him." Koushirou offered.

"Over here." Infermon typed a sign mocking at them.

"He's messing with us. Straight to Ultimate!" Yamato ordered.

"Gabumon warp evolve… MetalGaurumon." MetalGarurumon began to send a series of attack on Infermon who dodged it at ease. According to Wallace, it was still best to take him out before he evolved into Diaboromon.

"Patamon, evolve…." Infermon noticed it, to the group of children's horror, it evolved again.

"Diaboromon…" Koushirou managed to get his words out. That was the Digimon they most feared. As soon as he evolved he slammed Patamon right on to a bar crushing him.

"Patamon! Are you okay?" Takeru cried.

Tentomon who came over to assist Patamon received the same treatment.

"Tentomon…" Koushirou was worried for his partner.

"I'm okay but Patamon…" Koushirou switched his view to where Patamon was. He was seriously injured to his horror.

"No, Patamon!" Miyako flinched at Takeru's desperate cries.

"If only we can join in." Poromon said in frustration.

"This is what you get for messing with me trying to hurt my only friend." The boy muttered coldly in the barrier Keramon had created in his room in the orphanage.

Daisuke was trying to trace his Digivice signal. Ken had passed him the Crest of Courage before he left for the station earlier.

"I believe he'll be able to activate it."

"Just you wait, I'll find you." Daisuke tightened his grip on his D3 and the Crest of Courage.

"How dare you? How dare you do that to Patamon!" Yamato was pissed.

"Tentomon, take care of Patamon." Koushirou requested as Diaboromon's attention was diverted to MetalGarurumon.

"Yamato, just to let you know that the light of evolution came from a Digivice. Diaboromon has connected himself to a Chosen Child. If you feel that you're not up to it, I'll send Lopmon and Terriermon in." Wallace highlighted purposely to see how he would react. Yamato glared at him. Closing his eyes, he had made a decision.

"No! I'll take him on myself. If that is what he wants." Yamato said firmly. Koushirou eyed him suspiciously.

"MetalGarurumon!" Yamato shouted.

"Just what's going on? What's with the light of evolution from a Digivice?" Koushirou demanded.

"Dispute, disharmony, deceit. With these "3 diseases (D3)" infested in your mind, you guys can't get it. That's why Diaboromon gone straight to him instead. So I decided to take up command as you guys can't handle this mission." Wallace revealed his true intention. "But yet, it's also my fault. I'm careless. I should have kept a tighter watch on him."

"No, you don't, Diaboromon defeat him!" The boy who covered himself with a blanket yelled.

"Found you." Daisuke and V-mon entered the dark room.

"So you are the Chosen Child who freed Diaboromon!" Daisuke jumped on the boy.

"Get off me, you pest!" The boy hissed and shoved Daisuke off. Daisuke regained his balance and his eyes widened upon recognizing the person before him as the blanket fell off him.

"Takenouchi Taichi-san…" Daisuke muttered in disbelief.

"What's wrong, Daisuke? Is he someone you know?" V-mon asked.

"I can't believe it's you." Daisuke struggled to find his words. He could not believe that those people who he admired turned out to be his enemy. He was also the former partner of Agumon, the Taichi he had met in the cave of darkness as his memory of his face cleared up.


"The Chosen Child I believe you'll be engaging is a "disqualified"". Ken thought he should explain to Daisuke some facts he knew which the currently active Chosen Children did not know.

""Disqualified?" Daisuke asked. "What's that?"

"They are Chosen Children who lost their battles in the Digital World." Ken began to explain.


"We, the Chosen Children can't really die in the Digital World." Ken trailed off. "We can be deleted and reconfigured. That's why I used to see the Digital World as a game."

*End Flashback*

"But yet, I'll rather you guys don't play with your lives." Wallace spoke up. "Yes, and I'm in charge of watching and communicating with them. They can never return intact after all." He said quietly.

Wallace explained his role to Koushirou and Yamato. He was Chosen Child who had a unique role to watch over children who were disqualified or deleted from the Digital World. They would never return intact as their memories with the Digital World were not reconfigured along with their bodies.

Koushirou could not believe what he had heard. From what he had gathered, the Chosen Child who had released the monster they were facing right now was none other than their fallen leader, Taichi.

MetalGarurumon's attacks appeared to be working against Diaboromon. They had the upper hand.

"Finish him off!" Yamato ordered.

Agumon arrived in a sacred location of the Digital World. He had been traveling around the Digital World since the threat of the Digital World had been averted for the time being. It was like a library enclosed by an invisible cloak which was why no one would able to see it.

Agumon felt a lot of negative energy in it. He wanted to explore the building but was interrupted by Ichijouji Ken who came flying towards him with Stingmon.

"I finally found you, Agumon." Ken exclaimed.

"Ichijouji?" Agumon was surprised to see him here.

"There's an emergency. I need your power. This time, I assure you, you'll be able to evolve into your Ultimate Level if Motomiya-kun can get him to cooperate." Ken said urgently. At this moment, the cloaked building got his attention. He recognised the place.

"This is?" Stingmon asked.

"The Vault Milleniumon was targeting back then." Ken answered.

"What?" Stingmon could not believe it. This was the place where V-mon's former partner had perished in.

"This is the Vault where the Legacy of the Chosen Children is kept. It's the place deleted Chosen Children gets reconfigured and transmitted back to their World." Ken explained. He turned to Agumon who was scratching his head in confusion.

"I'm bringing you to see one of the reconfigured Chosen Child. I'm sure you'll be able to evolve normally again with his help." Ken informed the bewildered orange lizard Digimon who gradually figured out on his own who Ken was referring to.

"Taichi… he's alive?" He muttered out slowly unable to believe what he had heard. Tears fell down his eyes as memories of Taichi's last moment came flooding back to him.

"Yeah. He is back in Real World." Ken smiled for a brief second to the crying Digimon before turning serious again. He hoped Daisuke would be able to get Taichi back to his senses. They would be in trouble if he didn't.

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