Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 3: Fated Meeting

Daisuke was running on the way to school when he saw Hikari at the playground where they first met. He was about to call her but stopped when he noticed that she was looking at the empty swing sadly, deep in her thought. He often wondered what was in her mind. He would wait till she was ready to share.

"I'm sorry, Hikari." He said softly behind her.

Hikari lifted up her head upon hearing his voice. She looked behind to only see Daisuke running off while waving his hand. Hikari smiled watching his back. She was grateful to have him as a friend when she was having a hard time getting over the tragedy.

On subsequent days, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori together with Takeru and Hikari had a few adventures with a few other original Chosen Children such as Jou and Mimi. They found out that with their Digivice, they could open the gate with the computer anytime.

Jou was currently studying hard to be a doctor. It was said that he had been through some incident which had strengthened his resolve so that he could give life a fighting chance to live.

Jou was a little shocked when he first saw Daisuke. He even crept in closer right on Daisuke's face to scan him over pushing up his spectacle scaring Daisuke.

Jou was well-prepared. He brought stuff which was useful during their adventure such as heat-pads to warm themselves in the area covered with snow and ropes for the Digimon to build a raft to cross the snow storm. Iori admired Jou for his reliability. Daisuke was ignorant to be always in the way when Iori was trying to introduce himself to Jou.

Iori caught a cold when he fell into the freezing river due to an accident. Takeru and the rest suggested destroying their tower on their own while Jou and Daisuke would stay back to take care of Iori.

Curling himself in the corner Daisuke observed Jou and Iori. They were both similar in a way. Both ditched their lesson in order to come over to the Digital World. Something Jou said left a deep impression to both Daisuke and Iori.

"They called us the Chosen Children but actually we are the ones choosing, what we should do and what we want to do."

Iori managed to introduce himself to Jou at the end which caused Daisuke to facepalm. Just like Jou, Iori was contentious and sincere and he had a thirst of knowledge like Koushirou.

Iori might well be the key to get Koushirou and Jou to reconcile one day.

As a Digimental which might belong to Jou might appear some day, he would be sure to come by again.

"Please come to my house some day, my grandfather will be happy to meet you." Iori invited Jou to his place.

It was surprising to a few of them. Hikari requested to go as Iori's house had the best ohagi. She was back to her usual self.

Since Hikari was up to it, Daisuke no matter what wanted to go. "If Hikari-chan is going, I'm going too!" He raised his hands excitedly but was disappointed when Hikari stopped him.

"Daisuke-kun, you can't."


"Because Chibimon and you will eat my share too!" She complained. Daisuke glared at his partner Digimon.

"Chibimon, you're not coming!"

"Eh… You are mean, Daisuke!"

And so, Iori ended up inviting the whole group of them to his place.

"Eh? Takeru too?" Daisuke exclaimed in dismay.

Mimi had moved to America after her adventure three years ago. She happened to came to Japan to attend her cousin's wedding. Her meeting with the new Chosen Children was awkward.

That day, the new Chosen Children decided to have a picnic in the Digital World. Daisuke had to pick Hikari up as he stayed nearby and her overprotective parents would not have allowed her to go out during holidays without trustworthy friends.

As it was school holidays, the school was closed. In order to get into the Digital World, they needed to sneak to the computer lab in their school. The use of school facilities during school holidays was prohibited.

As the group was about to set off to the Digital World, a pink-haired girl appeared at the door.

"What are you all doing?" She asked.

Daisuke, Miyako and Iori were panicking. They were discovered. What should they do? Hikari and Takeru on the other hand, remained calm.


"Takeru-kun, Hikari-chan?" She recognised them instantly.

"Daisuke-kun, Miyako-san, Iori-kun. This is one of the earlier Chosen Childen, Tachikawa Mimi-san!" Takeru introduced. Miyako began to idolize her. Mimi similar to Jou could not help but to scan Daisuke from top to toe for no reason. Daisuke felt uneasy wondering if there would by any other Chosen Children who would stare at him like this?

They decided to invite Mimi along.

"Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!"

Mimi felt nostalgic when she landed on the Digital World. She yearned to meet Palmon. Everyone was glad that Dark Tower was not seen in the area they were in so that they could have their picnic in peace.

"A picnic in the Digital World… we'll never thought of it in our time." Mimi remarked sighing recalling how she had to run for her life back then. It was miracle that they managed to survive.

"We only came here to destroy Dark Tower until now."

"Times had changed." Mimi teared up. She believed their former leader would be comforted to know.

As it was Golden Week, they thought they could have fun in the Digital World for once. Daisuke was excited in the trek. Maybe he would find his Digimental.

"Daisuke-kun, can we have lunch now?" Takeru asked politely.

"Isn't it too early?" Daisuke complained. He really wanted to trek some more. Hikari finally took a stand. If she asked, Daisuke would not say no to her.

"I'm hungry…" She said. That was all it needed to make Daisuke to change his mind. Daisuke paused and blushed.

"Let's have lunch!" Daisuke suggested.

Takeru was unimpressed. "What was that about?" He muttered under his breath.

It was when the mischievous Armadimon threw Kanpyomaki which Iori's mother had made led to Miyako and Mimi's adventure when Mimi went in search of Miyako.

Mimi reunited with Palmon which evolved to Togemon by the time the rest of them reached them. Through the adventure Mimi and Miyako got to know each other more. Miyako wished she and Mimi could be sisters.

"Today meeting you was really fun!" Miyako shouted to Mimi before they left for the day. She pointed at their direction with a cool pose. Mimi had fun too.

Looking at Mimi and Miyako, Jou and Iori's interaction, Daisuke could not help but admire them.

As Daisuke was on his way home, he wondered if there was any Chosen Child he had never met and maybe one he could idolize, but certainly not the demanding blonde leader.

In another adventure, Daisuke and Takeru were forced to work together because Hikari was trapped alone in the Digital World. Miyako and Iori went back to get Yamato and Koushirou for help.

The boys were hiding a distance away from the entrance to the dome Hikari was trapped in. It was guarded by a Guardromon.

"We have to defeat him in one hit. If not we'll be in trouble if he called his comrade." Takeru said to Daisuke.

"There is no Dark Tower here, Takeru." Patamon informed Takeru. "Which means?" Takeru understood. They did not need armour evolution.

"Let's try it out!" Takeru exclaimed excitedly.

And so, Patamon was able to evolve to Angemon and he stopped Guardromon before he could send an intrusion alert to the dome. Daisuke was awed by Angemon but he reverted to Patamon as soon as he stepped into the city.

Daisuke was surprised that Patamon could evolve like V-mon could.

"Of course, if there's no Dark Tower." Takeru said.

"That means, Hikari's Tailmon too." Daisuke asked carefully.

"She'll become Angewomon." Patamon replied.

"Angemon and Angewomon?"

"Yeah we are perfect with each other, right, Takeru?" Patamon said teasingly. Takeru laughed.

"V-mon, you must evolve into another form. UltraAngemon! Put your mind into it!" Daisuke shook his partner.

"That's impossible." V-mon whined.

"Don't tease him like that!" Takeru chided his partner. Patamon laughed in response.

He was not the only one from the new group who was able to have V-mon evolve normally like the previous group. Now he had nothing unique to impress Hikari with.

Daisuke and Takeru managed to reunite with Hikari. Hikari was trying to get a former ally, Andromon to recognize her.

They were no match when they were up against Andromon, a perfect level Digimon and Daisuke could not fight in Kaiser's controlled territory. Andromon was unstoppable. Just as he was approaching Hikari and Daisuke, he was stopped when he caught sight of the goggles Daisuke was wearing. He recognized as an item he seen before.

V-mon, Patamon and Tailmon took the opportunity to retaliate when Holsmon and Digmon who had had their dinner came in time to assist them.

Digmon tried to attack Andromon but his attack had no effect startling him.

"Takeru-kun, Hikari-san!"

"Koushirou-san!" Takeru greeted but was interrupted by Hikari.

"Koushirou-san, it's Andromon!" Hikari cried. Koushirou had arrived with Iori and Miyako.

"Andromon, it's me Koushirou!" He tried to get him to listen. It appeared that Andromon had reacted and started attacking Koushirou who managed to dodge in time. Andromon stopped before Hikari who looked at him worriedly.

Suddenly, he grabbed Hikari shocking the rest. They were about to try to get Hikari out when Tailmon stopped them.

"Hi… ka ..ri!" Andromon spelled out. Her data fitted his memories perfectly.

"Remember me?" Hikari asked desperately. Her tears fell on Andromon's face. Hikari's Digivice glowed and fell out from her pocket. The light purified Andromon and he came back to his senses and put her down.

Andromon realized that he had been controlled by Evil Ring. He broke it in an instant and destroyed the Dark Tower a distance behind him.

"Andromon." Hikari cheered happily. The robotic Digimon nodded in acknowledgement.

With that they took the area back from Digimon Kaiser and Andromon assured that they would protect the city and Kaiser would never have his way again. Just as the group was about to return to the Real World, Andromon stopped Daisuke who was confused by his action.

"Your goggles, where have you got it from?" Andromon asked. Daisuke blinked at him.

The group with the exception of Daisuke returned to the Real World to find Yamato was waiting in annoyance. Daisuke would get it from him later.

"Shh! Keep it down!" Yamato warned and Daisuke finally appeared from the computer. The whole group of them sneaked out of the school.

"Since Koushirou is going, I decided to stay behind in case a teacher finds out and shut off the power of the computer." Yamato explained in case Koushirou wanted to pick on him. He purposely stole a glance of Koushirou who looked away from him. Daisuke frowned. He did not understand what had happened between them. He was more concerned about what Andromon had said to him.

"Why… What is it?" Daisuke stuttered.

"Your goggles? Where have you got it from?" Andromon asked again.

"I found it." Daisuke decided to own up. He was prepared to give it up if Andromon knew its owner. He pulled it off his head and presented it to him. "Please return to its owner. I just thought it looks cool, so I…"

Andromon shook his head. "This belongs to a precious friend. That said, it had to be fated that the goggles landed on your hand. Treasure it and understand the weight that comes with it… The fate of the Digital World lies on you all."

"Argh! I don't understand!" Daisuke whined and messed up his hair. The rest stared at him feeling baffled.

Suddenly, Koushirou clapped his hands to catch everyone's attention. "Since all the new Chosen Children are here. I thought I'll just let you know. I had just received an e-mail from a friend in America. I asked him for some analysis on Miyako and the others' Digivice, and he just sent me the result."

"A friend from America?" Yamato thought a while and realized who he was referring to. "Ah I remember." He was an American Chosen Child chosen before their batch. He recalled he had a pair of twin Digimon as partners. Koushirou ignored Yamato as he continued.

"He helped me a lot in the past. Anyway, about Miyako-kun and the rest's Digivice. Digital, Detect, Discover. Names with those meanings were stored as information. Since they all begin with a "D", we will call them "D3" from now on. There are other interesting things I learned. For example…" Koushirou had wanted very much to share the information but the sound of someone's stomach grumbling stopped him.

"I'm hungry, Daisuke." Chibimon complained. Daisuke's stomach growled too.

"Me too." He admitted blushing.

"Alright, Koushirou, you can tell us tomorrow, it's ok for us, but they will be in trouble if they don't get home soon. They are really late for dinner." Yamato said. Koushirou sighed. He was not someone unreasonable.

"Alright, that's all for today!" With that, all of them ran their way home.

Yamato was cooking dinner for him and his father back at home. He was peeved. In order to cover for Daisuke, he went to his house. Now he was forced into a date with his sister who was hot all over him.

"Daisuke is playing at my little brother's house, so…" Yamato was trying to explain to Daisuke's 17 years old, elder sister, Motomiya Jun who could not stop smiling at him.

"What?" Yamato asked carefully.

"You are lying right?" Yamato looked shocked. "I see it on your face, Yamato-kun." She replied smiling. Yamato did not know how to counter this when Jun continued, "It's alright, I'll tell my parents what you told me. In exchange, you take me out on a date, okay?" Before Yamato could say anything, she closed the door right on his face.

"I have a date. Daisuke, you owe me big time… just you wait…" Yamato thought to himself feeling pissed off.

"Hey Yamato, something was burning!" His father shouted startling Yamato.

"Damn it! Daisuke!"

Meanwhile, Digimon Kaiser who was back in the Real World was sitting before his computer.

"So, to control Perfect Level Digimon, evil ring is not enough." He needed a new strategy. He looked over to the crest with the symbol of the sun at the side of his table and had a plan in mind.

The next morning, Daisuke was in a hurry. He overslept.

"Damn it! There is a match and yet I overslept. The bus will leave without me." Daisuke struggled to put on his socks and he stumble out from his apartment.

"I'll be going off!" he shouted over the door.

"Today, Daisuke won't be joining us in the Digital World." Hikari told Takeru. "He had a friendly match in Kyoto."

"Kyoto, that's the prefecture I'm going this year for my school trip!" Miyako commented.

"It's okay, we do what we can." Iori added.

Chibimon was sitting alone. He did not have a chance to get in action in their past few trips in the Digital World. All they had been doing was to destroy the Dark Tower. He was hoping they could grow stronger together. His previous partner was definitely a notch above Daisuke could be. He recalled another Digimon chosen with him. He wondered how he was doing.

Meanwhile, in the Digital World, Digimon Kaiser was working on his next step of action and the worm-like Digimon, Wormmon was watching over him. He could not say anything to stop him at all. What happened to his human partner? Had the blow of the loss of his friend so great that he bore so much hatred towards Digimon?

"I must get Ken-chan come to his senses. V-mon had been reactivated. He would be able to help me." Wormmon thought.

This was the first time Daisuke was selected as a Captain in his Soccer Club and they drawn the friendly match against Nagaoka Boys F.C. He stayed behind in the bench to take a break before they headed back home.

He was getting pumped up for the next practice match against Tokyo Youth Soccer Tournament Champion; Tamachi Boys F.C., the team famous genius kid, Ichijouji Ken was in.

Daisuke was finishing his can drink when someone sat behind him started talking.

"Your kick just now was too hard. It could be considered as a foul. A sliding tackle will be better." Daisuke was a little annoyed by the comment. Who was he to comment about his way of playing? He was reminded of the smug looking Yamato-san.

"Hey…" Daisuke turned to his back and saw a boy around Yamato's age with a huge wild hair behind him sitting with his hands clasped. He was looking at him with a honest face with his huge chocolate eyes.

"Hi…" His voice trailed off. This guy before him looked familiar but he did not know where to put his fingers. "I'm... Motomiya Daisuke…" He blurted out. Daisuke's heart was thumping hard. Is that how Iori and Miyako felt when they introduced themselves to Jou-san and Mimi-san? He extended his hand for a handshake shakily

"Huh?" The teenage boy looked at him in confusion. There was no need to be nervous in front of him. He took his hand for a handshake.

"Takenouchi-san, we are leaving!" Another boy of his age came for him.

"Ok, I'm coming." He shouted back at him. Turning back to Daisuke, the boy introduced himself.

"My name is Takenouchi."

"I'll tell you my first name when we meet again. I don't know why. I think we will meet again." The boy said giving Daisuke a wide smile as he stood up and left. Daisuke was starting at his back in awe. He was in the uniform of the Nagaoka Middle School. They were here to watch their game. Daisuke's D3 had a brief reaction, but he was too distracted to notice.

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