Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 6: Proof of Friendship

"Are you feeling better, does it hurt, Agumon?" Hikari asked in concern walking beside him.

"I'm fine, thank you, Hikari." Agumon replied to almost fall on the knee. Agumon berated himself for being so weak.

"Let me." Daisuke came over to carry Agumon on his back.

"Daisuke…" Agumon was bewildered by his kind act.

"Daisuke, he sure felt like Taichi…" Agumon could not help but to be reminded by his lost partner. The pang of guilt within him would never subside. His eyes lit up when his sight fell on Daisuke's goggles. He was about to ask him when they were interrupted by a familiar sinister laughter.

"Ichijouji Ken!" Takeru noticed him standing on a roof.

"Will you be calling me Digimon Kaiser instead?" Ken demanded smugly. Daisuke let Agumon down and walked towards him.

"Who would call you that? Ken, Ken , Ken! Ichijouji Ken." He called his name repeatedly in purpose just to piss him off.

"You really want to make me angry, isn't it?" Ken dared Daisuke.

"That's my line for doing this to Agumon." Yamato spoke up glaring up at Ken who felt it was amusing.

"A middle school student getting all angry at an elementary schooler, how pathetic."

"I dare you to say it again." Yamato ran towards him in fury.

"I may be younger than you but I look down on you." Iori pulled up his kendo stick and pointed it at him. "You are a disgrace to human!" He threw the stick at him who broke it with his whip.

"I won't be affected by what some insects say?" Ken summoned his Airdramon and DarkTyranomon army and the Chosen Children found themselves surrounded. Armadimon, Patamon and Tailmon jumped into action and armour evolved to take the army of Digimon on.

"Let me join in." Agumon ran towards Digimon Kaiser's direction. He would get even with him for wounding his pride.

"Wait, Agumon!" Daisuke ran after him.

"I can't always be a burden to everyone. I'm really glad you guys came for me." Agumon replied as tears welled up his eyes and Daisuke saw it.

"He was just like me." Daisuke realized. Without a Digimental, V-mon could not evolve and he was always a burden but yet he could not stop coming to the Digital World with them. He wanted to prove his worth. Digimon Kaiser smirked as he pulled up a black spiral

"You are a little too late. The Evil Spiral was completed." He threw it to Agumon which attached directly on his right arm. Agumon grimaced in pain as his eyes turned red. Turning to his back, he spit his Baby Frame at Daisuke. Yamato saved him in the nick of time.

"No good, he's already being controlled." Iori commented as both Yamato and Daisuke fell to the ground dodging the fire. They could only watch helplessly as Kaiser got Agumon to dark evolve into dark-blue MetalGreymon with virus attribute. Kaiser was satisfied. He could get Agumon to evolve the way he wanted now.

"Agumon!" Daisuke ran towards MetalGreymon. "Do you recognize us?"

"Talking is useless; he is now my Digimon Partner, my slave since I'm able to get him into Perfect Level!" He tightened his grip on the crest under his cape. "Go, MetalGreymon! Show them the power of Perfect Level."

MetalGreymon started rampaging and Yamato was busy trying to get Daisuke out of the way. V-mon was panicking.

"Daisuke!" V-mon shouted. He stood there frozen. He did not know what he should do. Just what had happened to Ken? It was something no one had an answer for V-mon.

"We have to stop MetalGreymon!" Takeru said anxiously.

"Nefertimon, let's go!" Pegasusmon urged. Both used their combo attack, "Sanctuary Bind" and bound MetalGreymon to the ground.

"Digmon, can you attack just the Evil Spiral?" Iori asked.

"I'm not sure. It's small and he is moving a lot." Digmon replied.

"Stop it! Don't attack Agumon!" Daisuke yelled as the rest was trying to do something. They were at their limit. Yamato struggled to stop Daisuke from getting in the way.

Eventually, MetalGreymon broke free of the bind and fired his Giga Destroyer.

"Everybody run!"

Digimon Kaiser was laughing for his victory.

"As expected from Perfect Level, with your power, I can take over the Digital World in no time!"

As a result of the attack, it created a smokescreen and the rest could only watch helplessly as Digimon Kaiser took off with MetalGreymon.

"Now, go MetalGreymon, to the next area!" Digimon Kaiser ordered. His sinister laughter echoes through the land.

"No, we can't catch up with them anymore." Iori realized.

"Still, MetalGreymon is incredible." Yamato remarked.

"It was my fault. What should I do?" Daisuke mumbled to himself.

"Daisuke." Yamato approached the goggle boy.

"What?" Daisuke turned to his direction. Yamato raised his fist and punched him. Daisuke fell on his butt in shock rubbing his swollen face.


"Stop with your mantra and feeling sorry for yourself." Yamato said harshly. "You keep saying you wanted to prove your worth but what you are doing now had showed us otherwise." Daisuke looked up to Yamato who offered his hand.

"There are times that you have to give up something in order to gain something. This is not the time for hesitation. If we don't go all out, we won't be able to get Agumon back. That's what Agumon would want too. He'd rather be destroyed than to be used by Digimon Kaiser. Do you understand?" Yamato continued as Daisuke stared at him with gaped mouth. He took his hand and Yamato pulled him up.

"I…" Daisuke looked down feeling ashamed for himself. He was here to save Agumon but yet he was causing him more harm.

"Listen, everyone! If we were to save Agumon, next time when we fight MetalGreymon, don't hold back!" Yamato gave his order as a leader. He would answer for any consequences which came with it. Taichi would be okay with his decision right?

"Is that okay?" Hikari asked in doubt. She was afraid of losing Agumon.

"Yes, as Yamato said. If we care about Agumon, we can't hesitate anymore. Is that ok, everyone?" Tailmon turned to the rest.

"Understood!" The Digimon cried out in unison.

"Alright, lets go!" Takeru cheered.

At this moment, Miyako arrived with Hawkmon in a carriage. She would join them in the mission. Everyone smiled and nodded at her.

"Chosen Children, let's roll!" Miyako cheered her usual.

With the power of MetalGreymon's, Digimon Kaiser's territories expanded a lot more quickly. Digimon Kaiser was proud of his creation. Nothing could get in his way if the Evil Spiral could control the Perfect Level Digimon.

MetalGreymon growled.

"You want to fight more, huh? Good boy!" Ken praised.

Tentomon intercepted the carriage Daisuke and his group was travelling with. He was looking for them as he heard that they had a hard time. At the same time, Koushirou sent an e-mail to Iori to inform them that Digimon Kaiser was moving south.

"Which means?" Yamato spoke up.

"You are on the right track." Tentomon finished.

"Alright. We will get Agumon back this time and not let Digimon Kaiser have his way!" Yamato informed the rest and he remembered something. He would need his strength.

"Tentomon, I have a favour to ask if you are willing to help me." Yamato said.

"Yes, what is it?" Tentomon did not mind helping Yamato. Unlike Koushirou, he bore no grudges against him. Besides, they would have a problem if the Chosen Children were unable to work together.

"I'll like you to find Garurumon." Yamato asked.

"Garurumon? Understood. Leave it to me!"

Daisuke watched Tentomon flew off to a distance and turned to Yamato.

"Wait a minute. Are we really going to fight MetalGreymon?"

"Are you not over with that? If we hesitate, we'll be the ones going down." Yamato replied firmly. "We have to do what we have to do." As their leader, he could not waver. He could not waver for Agumon's sake and for Taichi's sake.

"But I… I wonder if I'm able to attack Agumon." His voice trembled looking nervously at his hands. He did not even know if V-mon could evolve the next time they faced MetalGreymon.

"But we have no choice." Takeru snapped. He was sick and tired of seeing Daisuke being so uptight about it. His brother was stressed up as it was about Agumon and had to babysit Daisuke at the same time. He wanted to ease his burden. "I don't want to do it but it can't be helped. If we don't fight, we can't save Agumon. We have no choice."

"If it means to destroy Agumon? Aren't he a friend of yours? What's that about having no choice?" Daisuke demanded leaning over the carriage.

"Not destroying, just removing that Evil Spiral!" Takeru clarified.

"But we couldn't. Could we? We can't destroy it unless we destroy the Digimon!" Daisuke raised his voice.

"But that's for his own good. We all have to do our best!" Takeru stood up and shouted back.

"Easy for you to say!" With that Daisuke pounded on him and challenge Takeru to a brawl.

"Hey guys!"

"Stop, you two." Miyako and Hikari tried to stop the boys from fighting by pulling them away from one another.

They paused when a laughter was heard. Yamato started laughing aloud and everyone was puzzled.

"You know. I used to fight with a friend of mine a lot. Because of him, I'm who I'm now." Suddenly, he stopped laughing. He turned to his back and continued.

"So let them fight."

"Let them fight? What does that mean?" Miyako frowned placing her hands on her hip. Fighting was bad.

"I don't know, but there must be a meaning to it." Iori said glancing at her direction.

"Exactly. You will understand." Yamato assured them looking at the sky. Hikari watched the back of Yamato in understanding. If her brother was still around, she believed they would have become best of friends.

The group remained silent on the journey. Everyone was feeling anxious and jittery about the upcoming battle. All the sudden, Iori's D3 picked a signal. He stood up and informed everyone.

"There's a Digimental signal." He reported to Yamato showing him his D3.

"Eh? A Digimental?" Everyone was surprised. It had been months since Hikari and Takeru found the last Digimentals. They stopped the carriage and saw a crest etched on the wall not far from it.

"That Crest." Yamato could recognize it.

"Let's check it out!"

Iori pointed his D3 to it. "As expected, it came from here."

Daisuke ran over to have a look. "Found it." There was a shoe-like Digimental with the…

"Crest of Friendship." Yamato said looking deep in thought.

"Friendship?" Daisuke asked glancing at his quiet senior.

"It's like a proof of all the fights I had with my friend." Yamato said quietly. Daisuke frowned. He could not believe someone with a cool demeanor like him was capable of getting into fights all the time.

"Fighting is proof of friendship? What's that about?" Daisuke asked curiously.

"Whose Digimental do you think it belongs to?" Iori asked.

"It could be mine like with Takeru and Hikari-chan." Yamato replied looking at it while reminiscing about his painful past. He approached it to try and lift it. Everybody gulped as they watched Yamato struggling to lift it. Friendship seemed to be a difficult concept to grasp. Yamato as the owner of the crest had been through pains and hardship before he finally understood it. His crest was unable to glow by itself.

"Digimental of Friendship?" Daisuke mumbled to himself. Yamato turned to his direction.

"Daisuke, you try to lift it!" He ordered. Daisuke was the only one who yet to have a Digimental. It could be his. However his reply took Yamato by surprise.

"I don't think it's mine." Daisuke said. He could not believe him. At one point of time, he was so eager to find his Digimental, and now, there was one right before him but yet he did not think it was his.

"Why?" Yamato asked feeling annoyed.

"Because… this is the Digimental of Friendship, right?" Daisuke replied slowly playing with his fingers. "I have no idea what Friendship is." He gave out a fake laugh and scratched his head.

"That's why it's alright." Yamato assured him. He did not know Friendship in day 1 either.

"But I have no idea what you are talking about fighting is the proof of friendship and what you are saying about we can't hesitate to attack Agumon if we care for him." Daisuke explained his doubt.

"Stop giving me excuses, just do it!" He grabbed the boy towards the Digimental. "Didn't you hear what I say? You want a Digimental, isn't it? Or is it because you don't want to have the same crest as me? Hurry up and do it. We're in a hurry." He ordered.

"Yes, I got it, I got it." Daisuke said reluctantly as he kneeled before the Digimental . Everyone was watching him closely. Daisuke gulped as he proceed to lift the Digimental. His eyes widened. Indeed, he could not lift it. He chuckled shaking his head, "I knew it wouldn't work." He exclaimed in relief.

Everyone was disappointed for him. All the sudden, a screeching sound was heard and it was hurting everybody's ears.

"Something is flying this way!" Miyako shouted.

"Be careful." Yamato ordered covering his ears. A Flymon was flying their way and started attacking them. Everybody except Patamon managed to dodge the attack. Hawkmon armour evolved to Holsmon but it was no help.

They were unable to do anything except to cover their ears. The screeching was hurts. By the time it stopped, Takeru realized Patamon was gone.

"Patamon? Patamon is gone." Takeru cried.


"Over there!" Miyako pointed at the Flymon which took Patamon away. Once again, the children were forced to watch helplessly as their friend was taken away right before their eyes.

They ran after Flymon to only be stopped by MetalGreymon who was growling at them. Digimon Kaiser had showed himself.

"Be careful, Takeru!" Yamato was worried about his brother.

Flymon presented Patamon to Kaiser. He held up a Dark Spiral and started laughing away.

"I was able to make a second Evil Spiral. I'll test it out on this Digimon." Ken was smart. He had done research on the Digimon and their partners. It worked on Agumon who did not have a partner and he would like to know if it would work on a Partner Digimon with an existing partner. And also, if Patamon was able to dark evolve without the Crest of Hope on hand. He turned to Patamon. "Don't you feel honoured to be part of the ingenious experiment?"

"What? Don't fool around with me!" Takeru yelled at him on top of his lungs.

"You better watch your mouth." Digimon Kaiser warned him.

Holsmon was prepared to attack but Patamon and Kaiser was too close.

"We have to get Patamon back." Takeru ran to the rest. He had lost it. Takeru had lost Patamon once and he would not know if he could take it if anything was to happen to Patamon.

"Don't just stand there and watch!" He yelled at Miyako and Iori.

"Who's just watching?" Daisuke was pissed and both of them started to fight again making a fool out of themselves to Digimon Kaiser who started laughing at them.

"Stop it, you two! This isn't the time to fight!" Miyako stood between the boys to stop them.

"So that's all your friendship amounts to?" Digimon Kaiser mocked.

"I'll never let you have your way with Patamon!" Takeru declared.

"And Agumon as well!" Daisuke added.

"That's if you can get them back." Ken challenged. Patamon struggled to get free from Flymon's grip.

"I'll show your foolish friends this wonderful experiment." Ken attempted to put the Evil Spiral on Patamon.

"Patamon!" Takeru ran to them without thinking to only be attacked by MetalGreymon. Daisuke pushed him away from its claw in the nick of time.

"Destroy me."

"Eh? What's that?" Daisuke thought he heard something. Just then a wolf-like Digimon appeared in a flash taking Patamon and destroy the Evil Ring on Flymon at the same time.

"I heard everything from Tentomon!" It was Garurumon who finally arrived. Patamon jumped right on Takeru's arms safe and sound.

"Thank you Garurumon!"

"Takeru put himself in danger to save Patamon." Daisuke muttered still in shock.

"How about Daisuke?" V-mon asked. "Will you do the same for me?" Daisuke was taken aback at his question. He did not know. He had a lot of doubt.

"Maybe…" He replied uncertainly.

"Maybe? Maybe you say? Shouldn't it be "of course"?" V-mon questioned his wavering partner.

Digimon Kaiser was pissed. That was it for their stupid talk about Friendship. He ordered MetalGreymon to attack them. Of course Yamato was not going to back off. He and Garurumon would take the Evil Spiral off and save Agumon.

"Come to your senses." Garurumon shouted at MetalGreymon while running towards him. MetalGreymon attacked them.

"Don't you know who I'm?" Garurumon yelled at his friend.

"He can't hear you. We have to remove the Evil Spiral." Yamato informed his partner.

"But… we have to attack MetalGreymon." Garurumon clarified with Yamato.

"We have to! Don't hold back. If not we are the ones who will go down!" Yamato explained.

"We'll support you." Iori ordered Armadimon to armour evolve. Hikari nodded and had Tailmon to follow suit. The three armoured Digimon managed to land an attack hurting MetalGreymon. MetalGreymon grimaced in pain.

Garurumon took the opportunity to try and break the Evil Spiral but was thrown off by MetalGreymon.

"Fox Fire!"

"MetalGreymon, sorry! But we have no choice." Yamato apologized. He had to do that for him, for Taichi.

"I deserve to die, destroy me!"

Daisuke was hearing things again. "Just who is it?" He paced around for the source of the voice. He looked up to MetalGreymon. "Could it be?"

"You wanted to die?" Daisuke blurted out staring at MetalGreymon in horror. MetalGreymon attacked Daisuke with his claw. He managed to dodge it. He stood up and attempted to walk towards the menacing MetalGreymon.

"Daisuke!" V-mon cried.

"Did you just say you want to die?" Daisuke yelled on top of the lungs shocking everybody.

"MetalGreymon?" Hikari forced her words out slowly. Her voice trembled.

Yamato scanned around at everyone. They were affected by Daisuke's words. Nevertheless he would keep going. He would not give up on Agumon. He should have realized Agumon had given up on himself but he just did not want to admit it.

"Agumon, get ready! We'll get the Evil Spiral for sure." Yamato yelled. Garurumon ran up to bite on the Evil Spiral. No matter how many times they were thrown off. They ran up again and again.

Daisuke was in shock. Just what was the reason, Agumon had given up. Various memories flashed in his mind.

"I can't always be a burden to everyone. I'm really glad you guys came for me." Agumon replied as tears welled up his eyes.

"There are times that you have to give up something in order to gain something. This is not the time for hesitation. If we don't go all out, we won't be able to get Agumon back. That's what Agumon would want too. He'd rather be destroyed than to be used by Digimon Kaiser. Do you understand?"

"Destroy me."

Daisuke realized that it must have been tough for them to say that we have no choice but to attack Agumon but yet he was acting like a kid. He came here to save Agumon but yet.

Patamon just managed to carry V-mon away from MetalGreymon's attack despite being hurt himself.

"V-mon, don't give up!"

They all have far stronger bonds with Digimon than he thought. He did not understand anything. About bonds and about friendship.

"Damnit! I'm so pathetic!" Daisuke yelled. And because of his words, his D3 reacted. Digimental of Friendship reacted to him. V-mon came to Daisuke.

"The Digimental from before. Daisuke, it's your Digimental!" V-mon cheered.

"My Digimental?" Daisuke could not believe it. He finally obtained his Digimental.

"Daisuke!" V-mon wanted to try.

"Alright! Let's do it! Digimental Up!" He raised his Digimental of Friendship.

"V-mon, armour shinka… Storm of Friendship, Lighdramon!" A beast-like lightning type Digimon with four legs appeared before them. Everybody was awed by it.

Even Digimon Kaiser was surprised. No matter what they did, they could not save Metalgreymon.

"MetalGreymon, get them!" He ordered.

Lighdramon attempted to hit the Evil Spiral with his attack but it did not work. Daisuke wondered if MetalGreymon would stay this way forever. Yamato read his mind.

"No, we'll definitely take it off, believe me!" Yamato assured his junior. "Believe in yourself! Do you really think you will able to grant Agumon his wish to die?"

"Daisuke-kun, fight with Lighdramon!" Takeru encouraged.

"Daisuke, get on to my back!" Lighdramon urged.

"Right! I should be able to save Agumon if I'm with Lighdramon! No, we are the only ones who can!" Daisuke decided.

"Not a chance!" Daisuke replied Yamato his question earlier.

"I don't know what had happened to you or your partner, Agumon. But for the sake of your Partner, I can't let you have your wish."

"Lighdramon, let's give it what we got!"

"Yeah, leave it to me!" With that Lighdramon and Garurumon ran at MetalGreymon together. Garurumon acted as a distraction while Lighdramon attempted to land a hit on the Evil Spiral.

Everybody gasped when the attack hit. With their strength of friendship, the Evil Spiral dissipated. MetalGreymon reverted to Agumon. Digimon Kaiser could not believe it. In haste, he escaped with an Airdramon.

Agumon blinked in confusion. He was back. Back to everybody's side. Hikari cupped her mouth crying in relief. Everybody seemed welcoming to him despite what he did to them. He was taken aback when Daisuke came to hug him all the sudden.

"Don't you say things like "I deserve to die", "destroy me again", ok? We are all very worried about you." Daisuke said. Agumon looked at him sadly. He was ashamed of himself. He was about to return the hug when he saw his goggles again. This time, he was sure. That was his goggles. It had to be fate that enabled Daisuke to get his hands on it. The fate of the Digital World lies on Daisuke and friends now. He closed his eyes and allowed his tears to fall.

"Taichi, you can rest in peace. I can take care of myself from now on."

Back in the lab, Koushirou concluded the day's event.

"We have gotten back Agumon somehow, but we have to be careful. Tentomon, please continue to gather more information."

"Sure, leave it to me!" Tentomon waved back.

Daisuke was admiring his D-Terminal. He finally obtained his Digimental. He was still unable to believe it. Yamato locked his arms around his neck all the sudden and began to mess up his hair.

"You have really done a good job today, Daisuke!" Yamato praised. "I'm glad you got the Crest of Friendship! From now on, you will get more strict lectures from me!"

"No, thanks!" Daisuke struggled to free himself. He stole a glance at Yamato's face. He seemed so touched that he was about to cry, but why? That was so unlike Yamato. Daisuke decided that he would find out about it. And of course about Agumon and his Partner.

"Strange. According to my calculation, they should not be able to destroy the Evil Spiral by such an attack." Digimon Kaiser pondered about his defeat.

"Hey, Ken-chan. They are really good friends. Maybe that allowed them to be stronger." Wormmon try to explain.

"Are you saying that their friendship helped them?" Ken demanded glaring at Wormmon. "This is so ridiculous." In any case, even though he no longer had use for him, he had already claimed Agumon as his Digimon Partner. He tightened the grip on the Crest, of which, the symbol and blacked out and disappeared. It had been locked out after repeated corruption of it.

In a small apartment in Nagaoka of Kyoto, the teenage boy with the huge hair, Takenouchi ran to his desk. The device was making a lot of noise again. He picked up the device which was known as Digivice to the Chosen Children and blinked in confusion. It had gone quiet.

"This is strange." He thought to himself. He dropped it all the sudden as he recalled something from his long lost past. Tears fell uncontrollably down his cheek and he did not know why. He recalled a name.


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