Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 7: 2nd Armour Evolution

"So that was what happened." Said Sora. "And Daisuke-kun obtained the Digimental of Friendship". She finished for Yamato. Yamato nodded. He did not expect it. Of all the new Chosen Children, it had to be Daisuke who inherited his Crest and of all the crests, he just had to inherit Friendship.

Yamato and Sora had been in contact with one another for the past three years and even so since the new Chosen Children had appeared. They would keep each other posted should they ran into an incident without the other.

No word was needed between Sora and Yamato. They were actually expecting Daisuke to find the Digimental of Courage instead.

"Come to think of it, I wonder if that Digimental even exist after what had happened." Yamato sighed. Sora placed her hand on his shoulder for comfort. Yamato placed his hand over hers to reassure her.

"Nevertheless, from now on, I'll guide him along personally just like you and Koushirou did for Miyako and Iori." Yamato stood up from the bench and stretched himself. They were in the same playground, they had gathered on the first day of the school semester. "Daisuke asked for it. I'll not cut him any slack. I can't let him make the same mistake we had with Taichi."

Sora nodded at his words. Both of them knew that they had to let them go sooner or later as the fate of the Digital World lies on the new kids now.

A gate was opened in America one day. Mimi took the chance to take her friend from America, Michael to the Digital World. Daisuke and the rest was surprised that there were other Chosen Children in other parts of the world. The model of their Digivices is the same ones with their seniors.

The group of them shared their experience related to Digimon before they were chosen in the restaurant operated by Digitamamon.

Miyako was fangirling over Michael. Michael became a Chosen Child in 2001. He had always admired Mimi and her friends going to adventures after adventures three years ago. They learnt that most of them were chosen after the Vamdemon's invasion in Tokyo three years ago. Michael felt that the reason he was chosen was due to his sighting of Gorimon in New York.

Iori thought about his experience. He was on a life-saving boat when the plane he was in was attacked and they were saved by Kabuterimon and Garudamon in 1999.

"At that time I was captured by Vamdemon at Big Sight." Daisuke said.

"I wasn't involved in what happened in the summer of 1999…" Miyako frowned trying to recall any incident related to Digimon she could be involved in but failed. Miyako sighed in despondence. She wanted to impress Michael. While panicking, she thought she recalled a Digimon which resembled a white knight and a boy with blonde spiky hair and another one with huge brown hair wearing a goggle on its shoulder but she could not remember when she had seen it.

"Maybe it was just my imagination." She said dejectedly.

"It's okay. Your experience may be so brief that you didn't realise about it." Mimi consoled her. "Everyone was involved in some way it seems."

Daisuke on the other hand tilted his head. He appeared to be scanning Mimi startling her.

"What?" Mimi asked covering her body with her arms from Daisuke's suspicious gaze.

"Ahh… You were the girl in pajamas!" Daisuke pointed out. "I recalled a girl on pajamas riding on a dinosaur…" Mimi realized what he was talking about. She stood up all the sudden.

"Excuse me! Let me borrow him for a while." She said and she dragged Daisuke out of the restaurant.

"What else can you remember?" Mimi grabbed his shoulder and cornered him. Daisuke scratched his head. "Dinosaur, an huge orange one. I didn't know that was a Digimon back then. What was its name?"

"I see. Anything else did you remember? Like any person who was with me?" Mimi tried to squeeze for information.

As agreed among the older Chosen Children, they were not to let out any secret relating to their former leader in order not to cause them any unnecessary fear from fulfilling their mission. Should anyone else knew about it, they would have to report as by right no one was able to remember the existence of their former leader with his body dissipated in the Digital World.

"Yes, no one else other than us and his family could remember him." Mimi thought sadly. She felt disheartened when Koushirou had informed them on the situation not long after they returned from the Digital World.

Daisuke was so jittery from the intense glare from Mimi that he did not notice that his goggles which had loosen had fallen off.

"No, I don't."

"Is there anything else I can help you?" He asked with a timid voice.

"I'm done" Mimi swept her hands. At the corner of her eyes, she saw the goggles. Mimi's eyes widened. It was Taichi's goggles, wasn't it?

"Was it coincidence?" She picked up and returned to Daisuke.

"Thanks." Daisuke took it and wore it over his head. He proceeded back to the restaurant. Mimi sighed. He probably happened to buy the same design as Taichi did. It was fate. What she did not expect that she had triggered his memory. Daisuke said something really quickly.

"I saw your hero who had a pair of goggles. I thought it was cool so I followed!" Before Mimi could catch him, he dashed to the back of the restaurant.


Daisuke pulled off his goggles and looked at it. He did remember another boy with Mimi even though he could not remember his features as clearly as with Mimi's. They saved them from being held captive in Big Sight. It was vague though. He thought it was a dream and unconsciously he actually bought a pair of goggles just to follow him. That one was broken and it was replaced with this pair he found in the Digital World.

"What does it mean?"

"Ahh, there was so many questions!" He messed up his hair in frustration.

"Mimi? Is everything alright?" Michael asked Mimi who strolled back in despondence into the restaurant. Everyone watched her in concern.

"Everything's fine!" Mimi replied cheerfully. Daisuke on the other hand, was being all defensive towards her.

"I'm sorry, Daisuke-kun." Mimi waved at him with a smile. "I'll inform Yamato-san on our conversation later. You'll get it from him." She thought to herself jokingly. She heard about Daisuke inheriting Yamato's Crest of Friendship which meant he had traits which took after Yamato.

An egg-like Digimon came to them. "I'm sorry to bother you while you reminisce, but…"

"Oh sorry, I'll pay now." Michael said. He had been waiting for Mimi to come back and had forgotten about the bill. Takeru recognized the Digimon as Digitamamon, the Digimon under Vamdemon who attacked Yamato and Jou who were forced to work in the same restaurant.

"So you worked for an evil Digimon?" Miyako concluded.

That was in the past. Digitamamon might have been wild back then but since the defeat of the Dark Masters, he had been making honest living. The term, Dark Masters caused Takeru and Mimi to flinch.

"You had a change of heart and you're doing your best." Hikari commented suddenly to ease the tension. Mimi realized it and continued, "Good, keep up the good work."

"Sure. It's so encouraging for you young ladies to say that." Digitamamon replied blushing.

"What is Dark Masters? I don't know anything about it." Miyako asked. Takeru clenched his fist. He did not want to talk about it at all especially about the tragedy.

"We had to fight them in our time." Mimi said quietly. "Haven't Takeru-kun and Hikari-chan told you?"

"No, not at all." Miyako replied. Mimi was not surprised. She should have expected that it was a sensitive subject.

"I don't want to think about those days anymore." Digitamamon said.

"Change of heart? After he accused us of not paying, who'd believe that? He's a miser." Miyako thought. Digitamamon had a little dispute with them earlier when Mimi and Daisuke were out for a chat. They decided to wait for them before making payment. "And he looks weird and you can't tell what he's thinking since you can't see his face."

Digitamamon glanced around and was feeling annoyed that not everyone understood him.

"It's not like that. We all understand you." Mimi raised her hand. "Right, Miyako-chan?" Miyako looked startled.

"Yeah… " She mumbled.

"That's right! Even if people don't agree with you, it's fine as long as you believe in yourself." Takeru lifted up his finger and added.

Digitamamon repeated his words and seemed to have understood. "Of course, you are very right. I'll do my best. Thank you, everyone!"

Michael was in awe. Mimi's trust in people gave them the courage and he wanted to learn from her.

"Sure, learn as much as possible!" Mimi laughed with him. Daisuke commented that they were really good friends. With the Digimental of Friendship, he was able to learn more about this aspect. Miyako, on the other hand, was jealous of Mimi who was hogging all the attention of Michael.

All the sudden, an earthquake was felt and they were under attack by a Gorilla-like Digimon, Gorimon. Digitamamon came out and protect them. As a result, he was blasted to a distance by Gorimon's attack.

"V-mon!" Daisuke called. He was eager to use his Digimental again. However, he was interrupted by Michael who wanted to do it instead. His partner Digimon, Betamon evolved into Seadramon took the battle underwater. As a Seadramon was a water type Digimon, they had the advantage under water. Even so, Seadramon appeared to be overpowered by Gorimon.

"Palmon, help him." Mimi requested her partner. And so, Palmon evolved into Togemon. Gorimon was thrown out of the water and Togemon took it on its own and broke the Evil Spiral on it. Evil Spiral did not require a Dark Tower to function, that was why Palmon and Betamon were able to evolve normally.

Gorimon was returned to its senses. He was not a bad Digimon. Of course, Digimon were not bad from the start. They became bad because of Evil Spiral.

Michael felt badly towards Digimon Kaiser who was a kid like them, to try and take over the world.

"But it's a fact." Daisuke commented quietly. Miyako who was beside him was fangirling over Michael.

"Michael is so cool."

"Did you just said something?" Daisuke asked. Miyako looked away as if nothing happened.

"Nothing." She said. Come to think of it Digitamamon had not returned since he had protected them earlier. Takeru, Hikari and the rest got their Digimon to armour evolve to search for him.

They did not realise by the time they found him, he was already controlled by the Evil Spiral, he despised the fact that not everyone believed in him.

Despite that Mimi believed in him. She tried to talk sense to him reminding him Takeru's words. Even if no one understood him, it was still alright as long as he believed in himself. All hell broke loose when Digitamamon attacked Mimi hurting her in the process. Even so, Mimi still believed in the goodness in him.

"So go back to your true self." Mimi pleaded weakly.

Miyako had it. She repeated Mimi's words, "Your true self."

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Miyako shouted suddenly. She stood up and spoke her mind.

Unlike Mimi-san who believed in him, she hated him, she could not stand him.

"I can't tell what you are thinking. But when you saved us from Gorimon earlier, I really thought maybe you were a good guy. And now, you are betraying the people who believed in you?"

Miyako was someone who judged people on how they looked. She admitted she liked a guy like Michael because he looked cool.

"Of course, those who looked cool must be better!" Daisuke sweatdropped at her words. That was why she was a fangirl to Michael and Ken.

"I can't help it! Whatever people say, this is the real me!" She screamed. As soon as she finished, a bolt of light shot up from the ground. An egg-like structure revealed itself to Miyako. Iori realized it was a Digimental. Mimi recognized that the crest embedded on it was the Crest of Purity.

"Why?" Daisuke asked.

"Maybe it responded to the innocent cry of Miyako-san's heart." Iori guessed.

"The innocent cry of her heart?" Daisuke did not understand.

"Miyako-san already had the Digimental of Love. If Miyako-san has two Digimental, what could it mean?" Iori wondered.

"My second one?"

"Miyako-san!" Holsmon reverted to Hawkmon urging her to try to use it.

"Digimental Up!" Hawkmon armour evolved to a ninja-like Digimon, Shurimon.

"So a Digimon can armour evolve in two different ways." Iori exclaimed.

He left the defense to Digmon and Lighdramon as he took Digitamamon on. Shurimon spotted the Evil Spiral inside Digitamamon's shell.

"I won't let you run."

"Leave it to us!" Pegasmon and Nefertimon who just returned to the scene bound Digitamamon with their Sanctuary Bind.

"Is that Hawkmon?" Hikari wondered.

"A new armour evolution?"

"Evil Spiral is inside the shell." Using his autumn wind attack, he managed to get into the shell and broke the Evil Spiral. Digitamamon threw up the Evil Spiral.

They did it. Digitamamon broke free of the control. Miyako apologized for what she said. She would be more honest from now on.

"Don't worry. You are more than honest." Digitamamon assured the girl.

"Mimi-oneesama, this is all thanks to your Crest of Purity. I'll take good care of it!" Miyako was really excited to have inherited her idol's crest. She felt a little guilty for being jealous of her earlier but Mimi did not mind.

"Okay, good luck." Mimi said to her. She was confident with her junior. Mimi as nice as she seemed might not be nice at times and she was honest. It was proven when a shit-like Digimon approached

"NOT YOU!" She punched and sent them flying.

"I knew Mimi-oneesama had something special." Miyako was really grateful to her.

The day ended well. There would come a day when they would fight together again. Before that, they would work hard and become stronger.

"Let's go. Michael. The gate will close soon." They had to go.

Michael offered a handshake with Miyako. They would meet again.

"And Daisuke, forget about the conversation we had today, ok? I won't tell Yamato-senpai." Daisuke blinked as the rest glared at him in confusion. Mimi decided maybe she would tell Daisuke the details when the time was right.

"Michael is not her cup of tea." Daisuke did not know what he was saying but he was saying it as a joke just to clarify their doubt.

It was not just Miyako. Iori obtained his second Digimental not long after.

Iori was so excited when his D3 reacted that he ran into the oil rig without much thinking. He felt that it must be his even though Hawkmon felt that it could belong to the rest.

As the result, he got himself and his friends trapped when a MegaSeadramon sink the platform and he blamed himself for that.

As there was only one escape pod, they decided to force Iori into it, got him to return to the Real World to seek Jou for help. Only Ikkakumon could get them out of this mess. Unfortunately, Jou was having a test that day.

Iori struggled. His principle did not allow him to lie. However, if he did not do something now, his friends would perish.

Takeru and the rest dug out a Digimental with the Crest of Faithfullness. Daisuke was so eager to try that he shoved Takeru off. Maybe it was his second and he could use it to impress Hikari but he failed to lift it up miserably. Takeru and Hikari tried as well but with no avail. They concluded that it had to be Iori's. They hoped he could get Jou here soon. They were running out of oxygen.

"Jou-san, I'm really sorry. How can I make up to you?" Iori ran after Jou who took off to Odaiba Elementary. He was shocked at first when he heard that his father was admitted to the hospital but there was nothing else Iori could have done. Iori was really very sorry.

Jou stopped all the sudden to call Koushirou to seek his help. During the time of emergency, surely Koushirou would help him. Besides, they swore to do everything they could to prevent the tragedy from happening again.

Daisuke and the rest was trying to do some other stuff as distraction as they waited including imagining how Armadimon would look like armour evolving with it. They imagined funny images and laughed. V-mon was impressed. The children were able to laugh in this condition.

"Armadimon's trust in Iori had spread to everyone." Hawkmon remarked. But they were at their limit, laughing excessively trying to keep their spirit up. Miyako had started coughing.

"Are you alright, Miyako-san?" Hikari helped her up.

Ikkakumon finally came for them however he was obstructed by MegaSeadramon which was guarding the rig. Thank goodness, Jou and Iori had also arrived with Whamon.

Jou was as usual well-prepared. He analysed the situation before acting on it. That was why he sought Koushirou's help to get Tentomon to help them. Whamon would be able to transport all of them at once.

The girls had got on Whamon while Daisuke and Takeru remained behind.

"What are you doing? Hurry up and get up there!" Iori ordered the boys.

"Iori-kun." Takeru spoke up. They would like Iori to take the Digimental. They were sure it was his. Jou recognized that it was the Crest of Faithfulness.

""Faithfulness" fits Iori well, isn it?" Tailmon remarked. Jou agreed with her, however Iori had doubt about it.

"Come on, get down here!" Daisuke urged.

"No, all this was caused by the Digimental!" If it was not that Iori wanted to get his hand on the Digimental, he would not have landed his friends into trouble. In any case, they needed to get out of there quick. Miyako was not feeling well.

"Yeah, we will! After you take the Digimental!" Daisuke declared.

"I said I don't want it!" Iori retorted.

"You got to be kidding. The Crest of Faithfulness will ended up at the bottom of the ocean!" Jou would not allow it. There had to be a reason why the Digimental appeared before them. They would need it.

"Iori-kun, come on, let's go together." Jou pulled his hands and got off from Whamon. Meanwhile, Ikkakumon was fighting hard to hold MegaSeadramon back.

Jou took Iori before the Digimental. "Come on, pick it up!" Iori was reluctant.

"Pick it up already!" said Daisuke impatiently.

"It's useless. I can't lift it." Iori claimed.

"You won't know until you try, right?" Takeru exclaimed.

"But, it was my fault that everyone was in trouble." Iori berated himself. He was guilty about it.

"Eh? Is it?" Daisuke as dense as he was did not give a thought about it.

"If it's about that, we were the ones who closed the shutter." V-mon explained. They were the culprits who trapped all of them in the rig. Takeru waved it off. Nobody was at fault, full stop.

"But I lied." Tears welled up Iori's eyes. "Grandfather said I should never lie. That's why I don't deserve the Digimental of Faithfulness"

Jou understood. He placed his hands on the shoulder of the youngest Chosen Child. "Well, there are good and bad lies. Lies that hurt people and lies that save people." His lie was justifiable.

"If there's anything, I can speak to your grandfather about it. You lie didn't hurt me at all." Jou offered. If he did not lie, they would not know what could have happened. The situation could have got worse. Jou and the rest would certainly blame themselves later should the worst happened and Yamato would be most affected. Sora and he had persuaded him to let them had a go on their own in the Digital World after all.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes." Iori wiped off his tears. He was grateful.

"Okay, Iori, try to pick it up. Dagyaa." Armadimon encouraged. He did it easily.

"You see, it's indeed Iori's!" Daisuke commented.

"Iori, Armour Evolution. Dagyaa!" Armadimon had been waiting for this.

"Digimental Up!" Iori yelled. Armadimon armour evolved into Submarimon, a sea Digimon

"Faithfulness is something else. Cool!" Daisuke was awed. Jou got Daisuke and Takeru on Whamon while Iori would ride on Submarimon and they would fight together. Whamon and Submarimon headed opposite direction. Submarimon worked with Ikkakumon and together, they finally broke the Evil Spiral on MegaSeadramon and freed him from Digimon Kaiser's control.

MegaSeadramon headed to the surface where the children who were waiting. He showed them his tail which was freed from the Evil Spiral to thank them. The children cheered. Iori, Submarimon and Ikkakumon did it.

Digimon Kaiser who was watching the battle in his base remained unfazed. They were somehow saved. He did not care. His mind was on the next stage of plan.

"Let's go back to meet up with the others." Iori said to his partner. They were waiting.

"No rush, no rush." Submarimon took Iori on a sightseeing trip underwater. Iori was awed by the beauty of it.

"The ocean is so wide, dagyaa."

"It's quiet and it's beautiful." Iori agreed. His mind was at peace. Underwater could be this peaceful.

On the surface of Whamon, the rest admired the sea while they waited for Iori and Submarimon.

"There's one more Digimental yet to be found." Jou muttered while looking at the sea.

"Yeah. Digimental of Courage." Takeru understood what Jou was trying to say. Without a doubt, Daisuke would be the one who would inherit the Crest of Courage and it was certain that he would ask them about the Chosen Child who owned the crest. They watched as Daisuke was chatting happily with Hikari. The day they had to talk to Daisuke about it was getting closer.

However, never did they expect that the second Digimental Daisuke would obtain was not the Digimental of Courage. The Digimental of Courage was never found even after the defeat of Digimon Kaiser.

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