Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 8: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown

It was two weeks after the defeat of Digimon Kaiser. For the time being, peace was returned to the Digital World.

Daisuke, Miyako and Iori were in on a beach in Chiba playing volleyball. They worked hard and they deserved the break.


Many things had happened during their journey to go all out to defeat Digimon Kaiser. On 3rd August they encountered the ghost of Wizarmon, a fallen friend of Tailmon during Vamdemon's invasion, left them important messages in terms of their upcoming mission.

"The enemy is not who you are fighting now. There is a far greater darkness. The darkness could not be fought off with their current power. To return the one who has fallen to the darkness back to their true self. Kindness will release the golden light. Kindness is not enough. You need the golden light."

That was the Digimental of Miracle he meant, the Crest of Kindness turned into a Digimental temporary giving V-mon a new armour evolution to Magnamon.

Yamato, Koushirou and Jou put aside their differences to go on a camp together just to cover for them and act as the contact point should they require their assistance although they never talk about anything outside Digital World.

Daisuke was left out when the rest went out to search for the base as his Digimon could not fly in Dark Tower controlled area and was forced to wait. Nevertheless he done a good job to figure out the use of the moving island and he managed to rescue the Digimon imprisoned in Digimon Kaiser's base.

Wormmon was sacrificed in the process when he gave his power to his friend, V-mon to defeat Chimeramon, Digimon Kaiser had created. Kaiser could not control it due to the dark power of Devimon.

Digimon Kaiser was not the real Ken-chan. The real Ken-chan was the kind Ken-chan. Wormmon begged Magnamon, his old friend to save him. Chimeramon was finally defeated with the remaining power Wormmon had given to Magnamon.

Ken thought that if he lost the game and was deleted, he would just go home, reset the game and he could start all over again. He was wrong. It hit him for the first time that Digimon was not a game and Digimon, like them were living things.

"What… have I done?" Ken cried as the costume of Digimon Kaiser was deleted gradually returning Ken back to his old self.

Daisuke mentioned that he heard the voice of the Crest of Kindness. "It said it wanted to return to its true owner." The Crest of Kindness Daisuke was holding, went back to Ken.

"Because Ken-chan is kind." Ken took his weakened partner Digimon into his arms.

"Goodbye, Ken-chan."

This was the very first time they witnessed a Digimon's demise. Daisuke was affected and Ken was devastated. He did not come here to relieve the feeling of losing a closed one. Hikari teared up. Daisuke advised Ken to go home recalling how sad his parents looked to find him missing.

"There are people who are worried and they are waiting for you." He shouted and they watched on sadly as Ken left the area.

*End Flashback*

Everyone got back to their usual lives. While Daisuke, Miyako and Iori were having their holidays in a beach, Takeru and Hikari headed to New York to visit Mimi. With the power of the D3, traveling to another country wasn't much of a problem.

"That would do." Mimi finished her e-mail.

"Daisuke-kun will definitely get jealous when he sees these pictures." Takeru said snickering. It was obvious to everyone that Daisuke had a crush with Hikari by now.

"Just watch it." Mimi agreed with Takeru. It was payback time for teasing her earlier in the Digital World. Mimi was also mischievous.

Hikari sensed something suddenly. "A crying Digimon is nearby. It was looking for something."

"Hikari-chan." Mimi was about to approach Hikari when her Digivice reacted. Mimi noticed something was wrong as she dropped her laptop. She was panicking. Her body was vanished before Takeru and Hikari could react.

"Mimi-san!" Takeru cried. At the same time Mimi had disappeared, in Japan, the original Chosen Children, Yamato, Koushirou, Jou and Sora vanished as well.

A Digimon appeared before an American boy.

"Chocomon." The boy approached. Another Digimon with huge ears, known as Terriermon followed him close behind. Terriermon proceeded to fight the Digimon which was identified as Wendimon.

"Mimi-san went to the Digital World?" Hikari asked hugging Tailmon for comfort.

"No, that's not what it felt like." Takeru replied picking up the laptop Mimi dropped. Patamon held on Takeru's shoulder. "It might be a different world like the one you disappeared to." Takeru deduced feeling a little bad for reminding Hikari of a certain horrible experience. "Speaking of which, what was this crying Digimon you were talking about?" It could be related to Mimi's disappearance.

Hikari felt that it presence was getting close and they noticed crashing on the building nearby. Takeru and Hikari headed to the source.

The battle between Terriermon and Wendimon was still ongoing. The American boy was running after them. Wendimon had got Terriermon cornered eventually. The American boy ran up in front of Terriermon to defend him. That was when he was spotted by Takeru and Hikari. Hikari recognized Wendimon as the crying Digimon.

"Chocomon, it's me, Wallace." The boy who addressed the Digimon in its name in its in-training form, tried to get Wendimon to recognize him. Suddenly, Wendimon disappeared.

"Hey you!" Takeru shouted at the boy. Maybe the boy, Wallace had something to do with it. He decided to run after him but was stopped by Patamon as it would be too late by the time they climbed over the fence.

"I'll go after him." Patamon flew off.

"Something is awakening." Hikari said worriedly.

Mimi found herself in another dimension. She was alone. She could not feel a thing. Mimi curled herself up. She could not really think. That was when another voice caught her attention.

"Ken-kun, is that you?"

Mimi's eyes widened as soon as she looked at the direction where the source of the voice came from. A teenage boy with a huge wild hair came before her. Mimi scanned him all over. She knew who he was. He looked a little different. Maybe a little older. Mimi teared up and cupped her mouth. He had grown up just like all of them. She called him by his first name.

"Who are you?" He asked finding the pink-haired girl before her familiar. "How do you know my name?"

Meanwhile, Ichijouji Ken was staring blankly at the ceiling back in his bedroom. He had been sleeping since his return from the Digital World. He thought he heard his brother's friend in his room earlier.

"Takenouchi-san?" Ken mumbled weakly. Maybe it was just his imagination. Ken rolled over and continued to sleep.

The American boy, Wallace was heading to Summer Memory. He needed to return there.

"Summer Memory?" Patamon repeated to himself. He flew off to relay the boy's destination to Takeru.

Hikari had contacted Daisuke informing him about what happened to Mimi and asking him to check up on the older Chosen Children. He tried to contact Yamato but failed. It had to be related to a boy she and Takeru had encountered.

"If Yamato had disappeared, so are the rest." The three of them decided to meet up with Takeru and Hikari in America. Daisuke was the most excited. "How can I refuse Hikari's invitation?" He exclaimed.

Upon reaching America, Daisuke and friends hitched a ride.

"What's up "with monsters? It won't get us any ride!" Daisuke whined at the signboard Iori held up. So much for Iori's "honesty". However, someone did pick them up. It was a crazy driver driving crazily.

They ended up somewhere in the middle of Denver. Daisuke was getting impatient.

"Just when can we talk to Hikari-chan?" He ran to the side of the road and shouted, "Hikari-chan, wait for me!" A truck, surprisingly stopped before him.

"Guess it stopped for you." Iori commented feeling surprised.

"That's my power!" Daisuke proclaimed running to the truck but the door closed by th time he caught up to it.

"I guess he didn't stop for us actually." Miyako remarked. Nevertheless, they would ride together. Daisuke would make the deal with the truck driver. They were okay with it.

In the truck, they were sitting face-to-face with an American kid, with a creature beside him. Chibimon could not help but sniffing at the creature which earned him a hit on his head by Daisuke.

"Sorry about that, it's a space cat." Daisuke lied. They could not reveal the existence of Digimon to anyone else who did not know about them.

"Daisuke!" Chibimon cried out excitedly. "Digimon!" He pointed at the stationary creature. Daisuke was shocked. How on earth?

Miyako came over to have a look.

"That's the boy Takeru-kun mentioned." Iori realized.

The four of them got to know each other. The boy introduced himself as Wallace and Terriermon was his Digimon Partner. Iori found Wallace rather friendly while Daisuke was feeling suspicious of him. Miyako was surprised that he knew Japanese.

"A Japanese girlfriend taught me." Wallace explained.

"He's always studying with her." Terriermon added.

"Then I wonder if this has anything got to do with the disappearance of Izumi-senpai and the others?" Miyako wondered. "Do you guys have anything to do with it?"

"Call me Wallace. Your name is Miyako? That's very nice name." He smiled sweetly.

"Don't get too friendly with him, Miyako-san." Daisuke strolled over. Daisuke was worried. Wallace was good with ladies. What if Hikari-chan fell for him? He shuddered just by thinking about it.

"Speaking of which, is the Izumi person you know, is his name Izumi Koushirou?" Wallace asked. Miyako looked at him into the eyes.

"Yeah, Izumi Koushirou. Do you know him?" Wallace explained his experience with Digimon and how he got to know Koushirou. He became a Chosen Child way before Koushirou did in 1994. He had never been to the Digital World. His mission was different from any of them.

"Are you the one who analysed our D3?" Miyako showed him hers.

"You look nice with that look." Wallace said which pissed off Daisuke. He was obviously flirting. Wallace evaded his question.

"Yes, he approached me about it but I got someone else to do it for me. His Digivice was the closest to the black D3. After all, yours are created based that one." Wallace explained.

"You seemed to be rather knowledgeable. So you have contacts with other Chosen Children all over the world?" Iori asked watching their Digimon had fun playing.

"Well, not really." Wallace giving them a gentle smile.

"So, what about that Digimon which Hikari-chan witnessed? Do you have any idea what it was?" Iori asked. Wallace shook his head. "I don't know about it. I don't know where he could have taken the children."

"Don't try to hide it from us. I know you know something." Daisuke demanded. Iori managed to hitch a ride.

"Daisuke, the driver will not wait long. Quickly hop on!" Miyako instructed climbing up the back of the pick-up with Iori and their partners.

"Just why do you want to go to Summer Memory?" Daisuke asked leaning his back on the pick-up looking all cocky. Terriermon explained that because Wallace told his mum about it. Daisuke chuckled. So Wallace was a mommy boy.

"Mama he says…" He was laughing at Wallace with a cocky face. He fell on the back all the sudden when the pick-up took off.

"Daisuke, we'll see you at Summer Memory." Miyako shouted from a distance as the pick-up sped off. "Hurry up and make your way there!" Chibimon was crying. They were left behind.

"Wallace, will we make it by tomorrow?" Terriermon asked.

"I feel sorry to leave Daisuke alone." He claimed.

"Damn it! I want to see Hikari-chan!" Daisuke cried out loud

A fight broke out in the area where Yamato, Koushirou, Sora and Jou were stuck in. Koushirou started the fight. They did not know where they were nor there was any plan to escape.

"Stop fighting!" Sora stood between the two boys while Jou who dragged Koushirou away earned a punch.

"STOP!" The boys stopped suddenly. They stared at one another. Their physical appearance reverted to when they were three years ago. They became silent.

"Mimi isn't here." Jou spoke up. "I hope she's okay." He rubbed his swollen cheek.

"Eh?" Jou wondered. He could no longer feel the pain.

Koushirou stared at him with a blank face. He could not think either. Their senses gradually become numb.

Daisuke was pacing around when Wallace was making phone calls to her overprotective mother further proving that he was a mommy-boy. At first, he was leaning to the phone Wallace was talking on laughing and chuckling until Wallace asked him to shut up.

Wallace dropped the handset when he saw the sizzling of Daisuke's goggles before it vanished.

"What's wrong? Your mom scolded you?" Daisuke said teasingly.

"Maybe it's not a big deal to you." Wallace argued. He was about to ask about the goggles when his Digivice reacted. Terriermon sensed something was coming.

"Daisuke!" Chibimon ran to Daisuke.

Wendimon appeared before them. Chibimon evolved into XV-mon to distract Wendimon a little while Daisuke grabbed Wallace and broke into a run. Wallace noticed that his goggles on his head came back.

"Hey! What did you do to Yamato-san and the others?" Daisuke shouted at the rampaging Wendimon. XV-mon was unable to keep up with it and crashed into a huge signboard.

"Don't lose, XV-mon!" But XV-mon was no match for him. There was something in Wendimon that would not allow him to lose the fight. XV-mon was reverted to his child form. Wallace stood in front of V-mon to defend him.

"Stop it, Chocomon!" He shouted trying to get him to listen to him again.

"Where did you take the Japanese Chosen Children? Why are you doing this?" Terriermon ran to Wallace's side.

"Don't do this, Wallace. He was no longer the Chocomon we know." Terriermon grabbed onto his leg. Still, Wallace would not give up.

"It's me, Wallace, do you recognize me?"

Wendimon reacted but denied that he was Wallace. He attacked them and Terriermon evolved to take him on. Before Wendimon vanished again, Wallace made a promise to meet him at the Flower Field.

"What is it that you wouldn't tell me about that monster? You called him Chocomon."

Daisuke followed Wallace in annoyance. Wallace wanted to do this on his own. He did not want to involve others this time. He did not want Daisuke to get hurt because of him.

"It's none of your business."

Daisuke was distracted by Terriermon and V-mon who were flying around the huge green field. They looked so free. He wanted to try but ended up banging himself on the signboard.

"I didn't see the sign." He knelt down with their injured partner Digimon in defeat.

Wallace started to laugh. He had not laughed this much since he wondered how many years. He turned to his back and wiped his tears.

"Terriermon, let's go. Let's go hiking. A truck may come by." He said.

"A truck may not come by." Terriermon pointed out at the damage they had caused in their battle with Wendimon earlier. Terriermon ran to Wallace and grab his hands.

"I wish Wallace is a little smaller." Terriermon stated. That's right. The kid he had been watching over had grown up even though they remained the same over these years.

"I think we should go together." Terriermon suggested. Daisuke would be of help to him too.

Hence, Daisuke and Wallace had a little chat. He wanted to get to know Wallace better after seeing his interaction with Chocomon. Terriermon encouraged him to talk to Daisuke. If he told him, he might be able to help them get back the missing Chosen Children. Chocomon wanted something from them.

"How do you know that?" Daisuke asked Terriermon.

"Because I… " The wind blew across the grassland. Daisuke shook his head and changed the subject.

"Let's go to the Summer Memory!"

"Daisuke, use the Digimental of Friendship." V-mon suggested reminding Daisuke that Lighdramon could travel long distance. Daisuke nodded and had V-mon armour evolved.

"Hurry up and get on!" Daisuke urged riding on Lighdramon.

"Awesome!" Terriermon exclaimed. This one was a different evolution.

Riding on Lighdramon felt great. The few of them felt free riding on it. Lighdramon ran distances and kids who were staying in surrounding areas were excited to see them. They ran with them.

"Where's Summer Memory?" Daisuke headed to the direction the kids pointed when he asked for it.

"Your Digimon is great! He can evolve in so many ways." Wallace exclaimed.

"Hikari-chan, wait for me!"

Hikari and Takeru were trapped on a train due to Wendimon's interference on their way to Summer Memory. They discussed on their next plan.

"We probably have to use that given by Gennai-san." Takeru said. They had only one chance. Hikari frowned. They had been avoiding to use that.

"That'll left with Yamato-san who will be forced to face that monster alone when the time comes." Hikari reminded Takeru and they could not risk it. Gennai-san had a barrier set up to stop a Digimon from advancing. It was something none of them could handle at this moment.

"But it'll be all for naught if we can't save them now." Takeru said in determination. "We'll take it when the time comes."

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