Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Alternate Adventure

Chapter 9: The Golden Digimentals

Wallace was deep in thought. He was reminiscing his childhood. He had a pair of twin Digimon as Partners and it was well-known among the Chosen Children even though he tried to keep a low profile.

He missed Chocomon who disappeared from the Flower Field one day. Chocomon had been following him to New York. His attack had been more frequent these days to the extent that he decided to face him after hearing what happened to a Japanese Chosen Child Ichijouji Ken. He had been watching Ichijouji Ken even though he was not under his supervision as he felt that they were somewhat similar. Except that their roles were reversed. Chocomon was corrupted instead of he, himself.

They finally caught up with the pick-up Miyako and Iori were riding on.

Daisuke was anxious as no one had heard from Hikari and Takeru since the last e-mail. At the same time, Daisuke was concerned about Wallace.

"Don't you have to call your mom?" He asked awkwardly trying to start a conversation.

"I couldn't find a phone." Wallace merely answered.

At night, the group set up a camp. Terriermon was worn out after a long journey. Wallace headed up to the woods alone after watching Terriermon fell asleep. He was caught by Daisuke who had been waiting for him. Daisuke suspected that he would go out to the Flower Field to face Chocomon alone.

As dense as Daisuke was, even though no one told him about it, he had come to a conclusion that Chocomon was Wallace's partner Digimon. Wallace did not deny it.

"Chocomon came from the same digiegg as Gumimon who is now Terriermon." Wallace said. "As you may heard before from Izumi, they are twin Digimon. I was shocked to see two Digimon instead of one."

One day, Chocomon had disappeared when he was playing in the Flower Field with Chocomon and Gumimon.

"That was about the same time, Hikari-chan and the others first saw Digimon at Hikarigaoka." Daisuke commented.

"I'm ashamed to say that even though I have assisted many Chosen Children in their battles throughout the years by giving them information, I still don't know what happened to Chocomon." Wallace admitted. Even though he had never stepped into Digital World, he was still a Veteran. He stayed a Chosen Child far longer than any of them.

"Right now, I just want to help him." Daisuke realized that they were fighting one of his Digimon. It was the same case with Agumon when he was captured by Digimon Kaiser. It could be worse for Wallace. Wallace was forced to face his Digimon in battle.

Daisuke walked to a tree and knock his head on the tree trunk in disgrace. Each of them had their own problem. He was already considered quite lucky. He would not have known what to do if it happened to V-mon. Tears streamed down Daisuke's face.

"I'll never be able to destroy him." Daisuke cried. He had been through battles but he never understood what the seniors had been through. He was sure they had been through more. Pain of losses perhaps. They were able to face the risk of having to destroy Agumon despite the bonds they had. They were lucky that they need not have to destroy Agumon.


"So in order to save Yamato-san and the others, we may have to destroy your Chocomon." Daisuke did not know if he had the will to do this again. Death of Wormmon flashed through his mind. It was just too hard.

"What should I do?" Daisuke broke down before Wallace.

"It's not your problem." Wallace came over to comfort him. He picked up the goggles he dropped from knocking his head. He saw the goggles and confirmed about something which he could not interfere directly from his position. Looking at the goggles though, gave him some hope. How were the chances like if they could meet a "disqualified" from their own batch they had lost contact with?

"There's a possibility that if we meet him again at the Flower Field, he could return to the Chocomon he used to be." Wallace returned the goggles to him. "Maybe we will be able to save your friends when we fight him." Wallace managed to cheer Daisuke up.

"Yeah we can fight him!" Daisuke decided. Maybe just like Agumon, they could save him without destroying him. In the process, they could save Yamato and the others.

"How can you recover so quickly? Wallace scratched his head.

"That's me! Somehow, I'm rejuvenated."

"You are easy to please."

"As long as you understand, it's good." Daisuke pointed at himself with his thumb.

"I'll be happy to."

"What?" With understanding, they became friends.

"So just don't go out there alone, ok?" Daisuke told Wallace in a serious tone. Wallace nodded promising his new friend.

"That's right. I'm coming too." Terriermon came over. He rushed out as soon as he found Wallace missing. Wallace did not want Terriermon to fight his brother.

"But I want to be with you." Said Terriermon.

"So what should you go?" Daisuke stretched his arms and asked him in a carefree tone. Wallace relented claiming that he wanted to see Miyako's face.

"Hello! LOOK AT ME!" If anything he could not stand him, it was his ability in flirting.

Daisuke felt heartwarming seeing how much Wallace cared for Terriermon when Wallace wrapped the blanket over him keeping him warm.

Chocomon turned all the Chosen Children he had captured to their 4-years-old form. But all of them were not Wallace. He materialized in the Flower Field where Wallace, Daisuke and friends were waiting.

Wallace tried to talk to Chocomon who wanted to return them to that time when they were the happiest. Terriermon was thrown away by Chocomon when he stopped Chocomon from picking Wallace up with his hand. He could have crushed him in his grip.

"How could you do this? He's your brother!" Wallace demanded.

"Go back, let's go back!" Wendimon was out of line, out of control. It was hopeless to try and talk to him anymore. Wendimon evolved. Wallace had given up. His Chocomon still could not come to his senses even though they were back to where he lost him.

"Daisuke, could you destroy him? Can we destroy him together?" Wallace asked Daisuke as a Veteran Chosen Child in a decisive tone. Terriermon proceeded to evolve as well. Daisuke, Miyako and Iori headed to their position.

"V-mon!" Daisuke shouted raising his D3.

"V-mon shinka… XV-mon!"

Iori and Miyako followed suit. They had Hawkmon and Armadimon to armour evolve into Holsmon and Digmon respectively. All four Digimon were no match for the corrupted Antylamon. It evolved once again to its Ultimate form, Cherubimon. Now he became a real threat.

The Digimon were forced to revert to their Child form in no time. The children could only watch as their Partners were treated by Cherubimon as toys and he juggled with them.

"Unforgivable!" Daisuke pulled up his goggles. He had reservation about destroying it earlier but at this rate, he could not hold back anymore. It would not be just their Digimon, Yamato and the others could lose their lives.

"STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!" Wallace could not stand it any longer. Cherubimon threw the Digimon away and bounced towards Wallace.

"Watch out!" Daisuke pushed Wallace away from the approaching Cherubimon. Terriermon attacked Cherubimon during the distraction. He would always be there for Wallace even though Chocomon was no longer with them.

"I'll protect Wallace!" Terriermon fought Cherubimon head-on, dodging his attacks and tried to hit him.

"I'll protect Wallace!" He declared.

V-mon, Hawkmon and Armadimon as well. They would protect their partners to the very end. All three of them came back to their respective partners. Four Digimons stood again once more. They would not give up. Cherubimon slapped them all down as though they were ants to him. He picked them up and was going to swallow them.

In the nick of time, Angemon and Angewomon stopped him with their attacks.

"Daisuke-kun!" Takeru and Hikari had finally arrived.

"Takeru-san!" Iori called.

"Hikari-chan!" Daisuke waved his hands. Wallace showed some recognition at the sight of Hikari.

"This one is different. You are not the crying Digimon." Hikari noticed.

Angemon and Angewomon tried to take him on but they were no match for him as well. All the sudden, all of them were caught in another dimension created by Cherubimon. Daisuke and Wallace turned to their 4-year-old form.

"This is bad. At this rate, we will all disappear." Takeru said anxiously staggering backwards.



"We need to evolve to Ultimate." The angel Digimons requested. It was just a one-time evolution granted by Gennai to them as well as Yamato in order to allow them to face an adversity by a certain Ultimate Digimon which had yet to appear. Hikari was reluctant to use it but they had no choice this time.

"If we do, I'm sure miracle of light would appear." Angemon told them.

"I understand."

"Let's do it!" Takeru and Hikari nodded.

In Japan, the Crest of Kindness in Ichijouji Ken's pocket had reacted. It turned into the Digimental of Miracles and vanished from his room.

Takeru and Hikari were amazed to see their Partner Digimon in their Ultimate form, Seraphimon and Ophanimon. Despite their evolution, they were both taken out by Cherubimon in just one attack to their horror.

It was thought to be hopeless. But tables were turned when a portal was opened for Digimental of Miracle to pass through.

Wallace's Digivice had also reacted to activate his Crest of Destiny which turned into a Digimental of Destiny. Two Golden Digimental appeared before their owners.

"Wallace, shout Digimental Up!" Daisuke instructed. Wallace nodded.

"Digimental Up!"

V-mon and Terriermon armour evolved into Magnamon and Rapidmon respectively. They attacked simultaneously. It was thought to be effective but Daisuke and Wallace did not expect Cherubimon to ambush and swallow them.

"I can't see anything. I can't feel anything." Said Magnamon in the insides of Cherubimon.

"I'll protect Wallace but who is Wallace?" Rapidmon asked.

Despite being trapped in hopelessness, Daisuke and friends were not going to give up.

"V-mon, we'll save you!"

"Gumimon, I'm always worried about you."

Magnamon and Rapidmon heard their voices. It was familiar and heartwarming.



The Digimon and their partners recalled their own experiences. Tailmon never gave up even when she was looking for Hikari. She always believed that she would meet her one day.

"You kept going, Tailmon. We would never have met if you had given up." Hikari replied.

Tailmon led the rest of the Partner Digimon against Cherubimon. Despite being beaten again and again or in their in-training form, they would not give up. They just kept going. Daisuke and Wallace ran up to Cherubimon and Magnamon and Rapidmon felt their presence.

Chocomon's adult form, Wendimon, appeared before them. It was his soul. Pointing at the core of the virus, he requested to Magnamon and Rapidmon to destroy him putting him out of misery. Magnamon and Rapidmon unleashed their strongest attacks and succeeded in destroying Cherubimon from the insides. Released from the virus, Cherubimon reverts to its kind mode before Wallace. He looked peaceful at his last moment before his data broke down and faded away.

Wallace broke down and cried. He thought he was prepared to face the death of his Partner Digimon but he was so wrong. Terriermon came to Wallace.

"Chocomon had a lot of tears. Even so, he laughed." Terriermon smiled in tears. Wallace wiped his tears.

"Someday, I'm sure Chocomon will return to your side." Daisuke placed his hand on Wallace's shoulder.

"Yeah." Wallace nodded. He did not have much to hope for since Chocomon was destroyed in the Real World. He knew the rules at the back of his hands due to his unique mission as a Chosen Child.

Even so, he would stay strong, for the sake of Terriermon and Chocomon.

Daisuke managed to contact Yamato and the rest and was relieved that they were back to normal.

"Did Izumi say anything else like who else he met?" Wallace asked Daisuke.

"No, not really. But Jou-san said they got into a brawl though. Koushirou-san said he's going to debrief us when we get back." Daisuke replied.

"I see. They missed the opportunity." He thought to himself. It was something he could not interfere directly. The Children had to reach the answer by themselves in order to grow.

He was sure this group including Ichijouji Ken would have become stronger the next time they meet. He would hint Koushirou if he needed to. Ichijouji Ken's power was still needed for future battles. Of course, that was if he was ready.

"Someday, I'll come to Japan to visit you and to say "Hi" to Izumi."

"But meanwhile, I got to do something." Wallace walked over to the girls and gave them a kiss which in turn pissing Daisuke off.

"I've to get going!" Wallace took off after he finished.

"What do you think you're doing?" Daisuke yelled at him.

"I think someone is a little jealous." Miyako said teasingly.

"I wonder if Wallace will really come to Japan." Hikari added. She noticed that Wallace would look at her with an apologetic expression but she did not know why.

"I won't let him get near Hikari-chan." Daisuke declared to everyone.

Mommy boy, Wallace was on the phone with his mother again. It was long as usual.

"Huh?" Wallace put down the handset when he saw something floating on the river. A miracle had occurred. It was a Digiegg.

Mimi strolled along the street after she was returned to the Real World. The experience being taken to another dimension and met someone she would have never expected to meet was like a dream. What was even surprising was he had grown taller and older like all of them. What does that mean?

Mimi was frustrated. It was a pity that they were unable to feel and think in that dimension to even talk about it. She could confirm his identity because they were both reverted to their form three years ago. He even had his trademark item with him.

"Wait, if he was taken to that place like us, does that mean he still has his Digivice?" Mimi recalled that her Digivice had reacted when she was taken.

She needed to confide with someone about it but who would believe her?

The teenage boy, Takenouchi found himself back to Ken's room asleep on the floor. He thought he must be dreaming to find himself stuck in a weird place with a pretty pink-haired girl on top of it. She seemed to have known him. He could not ask. He could not think nor he could feel. But that was not possible right? No one knew him other than the new friends he had made in the past few years. He slapped himself to check if he was awake now.

Ken was still deep asleep. Something on Ken's desk was blinking. The Crest of Kindness had found its way back to its owner. He had wanted to go closer to take a look but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Neither Ken nor Takenouchi had left the room the whole night so Mrs. Ichijouji came in to check on them.


"Mrs. Ichijouji." The teenage boy greeted softly. "Please call me Taichi." The boy requested. Since losing his memories after waking up in hospital more than two years ago, other than Mr. Takenouchi, his foster father, the Ichijouji were the closest kin he had. He saw Ken as his younger brother.

"Has he woken up?" She asked. The boy shook his head. Not that he knew of.

Both of them left the room in hope that Ken would wake up soon. Another Crest on the desk glowed in orange briefly.

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