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When you feel you have everything.... When you feel your world is at it's best..... But a gust of wind blows... A turbulence follows And you're caught right in it... Your beautiful world drifts away You're now left with bitterness Hatred and darkness The world has left you hollow and empty.... You feel your world has sinked You're broken, Into a million pieces You're not only broken But you are.... Shattered! Adelaide Thompson; a vibrant 16 year old....has everything An amazing family, a boyfriend who loves her like no one does A best friend who loves her like a sister ......everything seems perfect Until..... Tragedy struck.... Adelaide's parents are murdered..... Her best friend is raped and mutilated Adelaide's boyfriends grandma is killed..... And the worse is yet to come... But alas,it strikes,like a plague... Adelaide's boyfriend is suddenly blamed for his grand mother's death And if that isn't enough..... He was killed in prison.... What happens when adelaide starts to fight for justice? What happens when she comes in contact with the mastermind? Stay tuned This story is about to take a dangerous twist.

Thriller / Mystery
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It was a sunny day,summer was so amazing this year...as i went down the road,running across the field,wind blowing my golden hair all over the place,my skin was absorbing the sun.

This was going to be a wonderful day. My favourite person ever was visting all the way from the empire city. I would finally see my chesnut head..... i would finally see phoenix after so many months apart..i missed him so much.

As i ran down the street,desperate to get to my best friend,Macy,she would be so excited to know phoenix was coming. There were giggle buddies. A friendship i was secretly jealous of.

Macy and i have been best friends for as long as i can remember. She was a blonde,just like me and was a tad bit taller than me....

She was really a beauty to behold.

I keep running,now,i am getting tired.

Oh shoot,i should have gone to macy's with my bike.i would soon be at her house, then i could have some refreshing lemonade macy's mom always made....

I got to macy's.

May bear,like i fondly call her,...

"Adelaide", i am in my room,and dont check the fridge for lemonade,jeremy took it all,she yelled.

Oh shit,i am going to skin jeremy alive.

Jeremy was Macy's older brother. A creepy dude,always trying to go out on dates with me. Turning him down always seemed bad for me but oh well, things happen.

I rummaged through the fridge and found some orane juice.i quickly gulp that and ran to her room

"Hey,may bear"

Hi,ade......her voice trails off,oh crap adelaide,you look like shit",did you run all the way from your place down here? You look all pasty..

"Shut up glass face" i snapped..."i ran all the way here to tell you something important, silly".

She sits up,"what is it",she sounds excited.

"Phoenix is coming from new york,he is spending his summer here"...a smile crops up my face.

"Oh my,that is really amazing...ive missed my giggle buddy,"

"Hmmm,"i arch my eyebrow

"Oh,dont look at me that way adelaide,he is just my giggle buddy,i know you both are a "thing" she makes air quotes...

"Shut up glass face",thats not true, on the surface i am angry,deep down,she is right.i get butterflies in my stomach whenever his name is mentioned. Phoenix is just one lucky lad.

"Hey,glass face,since phoenix is going to be here,to welcome him,i think we should go out this night,its going to be fun"

"Yeah,it will be fun,for adelaide and phoenix,sitting in a tree,K_i_s_s_i_n_g..."she says,with sacarsm...

"Oh,you are so dead now macy,"i run down the hall,i grabbed an ugly christmas sweater from the closet and ran back to her room,"you are going to wear this now and post in online"

"Lol,no way i am doing that"

"You will,"i grab the sweater and put it onher

"Smile"i snap the picture

"Na na na na" i stick my tongue out,looking silly....

She ran across the room,"i am going to catch you"

"Na na na na,you cant catch me"

We ran across the room,falling on each others faces...."we laugh,almost chocking on my spit.

Just then,my phone rings....

"He hem,she coughs"

"Shut up,glass face"

I pick the phone"hello phoenix,

"Hey,adelaide",the voice on the other end said."i am home now,i wanted to know if you wre home"he said.

"I am at macy's now,but i will be home soon"

"Okay,adelaide,i will be waiting for you,i have missed you,he said with a little chuckle"

"Me too,phoenix,see you soon"

The call went off.

"Macy,lets go,phoenix is at my place"

"He he he,phoenix and adelaide"....she laughs,"let me grab my sneakers,she goes into her closet.

"Lets go,she said"

"Glass face,you are so silly,but i love your silliness"

"Lol,lets go adelaide".

We run out of the house,next stop,my house,with my phoenix waiting for me"




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