The New Night-Guard


A story after the 3rd movie. A northern European girl, saw that there was a job available at the museum! She meets all of the people, and quickly falls in love with them. How about her and Ahkmenrah?

Romance / Action
Celina Laouir
Age Rating:

The New Night Guard

”New night-guard requested at the American Museum of Natural History! Join Larry Daley, and watch over the one museum where they say everything comes to life! Does this sound like good to you? Feel free to come down at the museum and maybe get your job today”

The smell of coffee fills my kitchen with a lovely smell. As I read the newspaper, I look after a new job, and saw the museum had one. I start to think - a night guard? Could that really be something for me? I am desperatly in need for a job, since no other resturants wants a singing waitress. I’ve lived here in America for almost 2 years, I will turn 22 in 2 weeks, but still no luck has been with me.

Maybe this was my call? I have to try at least. This makes me smile, I have hope. I decide to get changed and hear if I could be an meeting with the one in charged. Probably Larry Daley.

Once i'm dressed, I pack my purse, my CV (in case they needed it) and gets down to my car. I look at the time, it will soon close, in about 20 minutes, i rushed to get there as fast as possible.

It takes me about 10 minutes to get there. It is hard to find a parking spot, there were so many people coming in and out of the museum. Was this really a popular place? I can only imagine. But as more time went, and as the sun slowly faded away, there wasn’t so many people.

Once I find a parking spot, I rush to get over to the gate. I hope that no one else had gotten the job. Once I enter the door, I remember that I haven’t made an apointment. Well fudge! It doesn't matter. Maybe it's better to just ask in person. I get over to the reception, and see a lady talking on the phone. I patiently waits for her to finish. While I wait I look around and see all the sculptures and wax-figures. Theodore Roosevelt is the first one I notice. As I remember correctly, he has been America’s president a long time ago. I see the big dinosaur, behind me. It's huge and so is the museum. I have a hard time believing that one night-guard could take care of all ’this’. Finally the lady notice me, and endes her call. She smiles a bit.

”What can I help you with miss?” She says, in a positive way. I get a little shy, but cleares my throat.

”Um. I was wondering if the night guard job, was still available?” I say, trying to sound as clear as possible. Her eyes gets wider, but she looks at her computer.

”It is. Have you made an apointment?” She asks.

”No miss. I forgot.” I say a little more quiet, but she hears it. She sights, but she looks at me, for a little while. Maybe she sees how desperate I am. She press some buttons on her computer.

”Well, you are lucky that Mr. Daley is available now. Let me show you the way.” She says and gets up from her chair. I smile and breathes out.

”Thank you so much, miss.” I says smiling.

”Don’t mention it.” She says looking at me and then turns her head.

We walked for a few minutes. We come over to a door with the sign ”Night-guard office”. The lady nocks on the door, and opens the door so she can pull her head in. I don’t hear much, but it clearly has something to do with me. She gets her head out and opens the door for me. I nod and says quietly ”thanks” to her. I look over at the man sitting with some paperwork, and looks at me. It is Larry Daley. Once I get in, I close the door, now there is more quiet, but there is still sounds of the remains of tourists talking. He smiles and walkes over to me, he reach out his hand and I take it. We shake hands.

”I’m Larry Daley. Nice to meet you.” He says, positivly. I smile.

”Celina Anderson, call me Elina if it’s necesarry. My pleasure as well.” He lookes at me, like he has never heard that name before. He shows me over to a chair. I sit down and he sits down as well. I give him my CV and he opens it to look at it.

”You have a strange accent, but you speak perfect english. Where are you from?” he asks. He can already tell now that I'm not an american.

”Northern Europe, but I have roots from France and Algeria…From my father…” I says. He looks at me. A little surpised. He puts my CV down.

”What made you come here? To live in America?” I have to think a little on that one. Where should I start? I look at him, still smiling a bit.

”America has more possibilities, it’s bigger and i’ve always wanted to live in America.” I'm confident in my answer, and I mean every word. He scans me from head to toe, then looks again at my CV.

”I can see that you have had many different jobs. Cleaner, waitress, baker…” he says many more. You can almost loose count of how many i've had. But it's true, I've had a lot of trouble finding jobs. I don’t know why, maybe because i’m not american? Or maybe i'm just awful?

”Why do you want to be a night-guard? Why should I give you this job?” He says, maybe he wasn’t sure I was the right one for this job?

”You have so many posibilities, why this?” I think for a little bit, I want to say the right answer.

”I remember coming to museums when I was little, it was always an adventure. The scandinavian history, made me feel like I could become everything. But as it turns out, I could never last a job for 1 year…” I want to be honest with him. Honesty is the key to everything.

”I saw that you were looking for another night-guard this morning. I really want this job. I want to have a job where I feel like no one hates me. Maybe here, I will find happiness? I gotta try, right?” I didn’t even know what I'm saying. Words just comes out of my mouth sometimes, and I realize that I'm almost crying. I’m such a sizzy. Larry sighs, and goes over to a locker and opens it. There is a women night-guard uniform, with a badge, flashlight, keys, everything. I stand up, and he walkes over to me with the suit.

”Welcome to the family, Celina.” He says smiling, and hands me the suit. I gladly take it, and smiles, with a few tears.

”Thank you so much! You won’t regret this. When can I start?” I ask. I suddently have so much energy. I haven’t felt that in a very long time. He looks down, and sits over at his desk.

”Now? If it’s possible? We are having some old and new atrractions from the museum in London, coming back here to America and I need someone to help me out.” He smiles a bit, realising how awkward it is, but it looks like he is exited, but is it for me to work here or help him out?

”I have all the time I need. And I would love to help!” I say. His eyes opens.

”Great! You can change into your uniform at the bathroom. At your right, the first door you see.”

I nod and goes over to door. I look back at Larry Daley.

”Thanks again, Mr. Daley.”

”Please, call me Larry and no problem.” He says, and goes back to his chair, to sign some papers.

I walk out of the office and over to the bathroom. Once I start changing, I stop. I can’t believe that I just got a job i'm actually feel happy about. Exited, not nervous at all. This job is a keeper. When I'm done changing, I open the bathroom door, and look at myself in the mirror. Man, I look serious. I have a little dilema, if I should have a ponytail or just flat? I decide to keep it flat.

I walk out of the bathroom, and see people leaving. But there is guys, rolling in some big boxes. Perhaps the new attractions? And the old. Once the guys were done, I go over to see the them, out of curiosity. They are huge, some are small, but it's only a couple of them. I hear the office door closing. I turn around and Larry is walking over to me.

”Maybe I should show you around, and where the attractions should stay. We can do this before sundown.” He looks at me with a smile and I smile back.

”Sure, I would love too.” I walk with him too Theodore Roosevelt, starting from there.


They were so many things to see, from the Egyptians to the africa. I enjoyed every second of it, as Larry told me every single story about the wax figures, even the little monkey in the africa section. Oh, wait, ’capuchin’ is what it was. The funny thing about it, is the more Larry talked about the figures, he told me about them as he knew them. It was kinda weird, but I liked it. He must have been here for a long time. He went back to the boxes. I'm about to open one of the boxes, when Larry stops me. I get confused.

”Listen, I got to tell you something. I don’t know how you will react. But please, don’t be afraid.” He says, straight up serious. I get even more confused, but nods. I'm not afraid of him, even if he told me he was a serial killer!...Okay, on second thoughts, maybe I would be afraid if he said that..

He looks at the box, and tries to open it, I help him, and the first thing I see is a big, gold tablet of some sort? It has egytian letters, written all over it, it has small sqares on it, you could turn around. It is beautiful. It is placed over a big, egytian coffin, that is beautiful too, but there must be a mummy inside. I get the chills just thinking about it. Larry takes the tablet, and places the squares up and down, so they are in place.

”This tablet…Has magical powers. Once the sun goes down, this tablet brings the whole museum to life. I know it sounds crazy, but you’ve got to trust me.” He says every word carefully. If I was a normal person, I would run away, and never show my face here again. But…I'm still standing here, looking at him like I just heard something crazy...And I did. But I'm not afraid, just more curious. It looks like he was going to explain more, but he looks at the sundown, I turn around and looks too.

Once the sun was gone, the tablet starts glowing, and before I know it, I hear noises, coming from the end of the hallway. The big dinosaur starts moving, and it looks at me and Larry. I feel like I can't breathe. How is this possible? How can a tablet, make this possible?! Larry gives me the tablet and goes over to the dinosaur...T-rex? I'm acutally not sure?

”Hey Rexy! It’s been a long time. How are you!” He is happy to see him, and so is the dinosaur, I get a shock by the loud noise from an elephant behind me, I turn and see animals, wax figures walking around. I can't believe what i'm was seeing. I turn around and see Larry talking to the dinosaur. He looks at me.

”Do you want to say hi?” He reaches out for my hand. I'm nervous, but I take his hand. He takes the tablet out of my hands, and showly places my hand on the dinosaurs skull-head. I hesistate a little, but I can feel that it is begging for me to pet him, so I slowly brush him, and his tail moved. He is happy, I start laughing a bit, and smile. I never knew this was possible. All of my childhood memories has come to life.

”You are doing great, Celina!” I look at him, smiling. I feel a little tear from my eye. I have never been so happy in my life. I pull my hand away and nods to ’Rexy’ as Larry calls him.

”Does this happen every night?” I say curiously.

”They have all been on ’display’ for a while. This is the first time I will talk to them since 4 months. But yes, every night because of Ahkmenrah’s tablet.” He says smiling. I get confused.

”Who is Ahkmenrah? The pharaoh you spoke about?” I have a hard time saying the name right. I will learn the more I use it. Larrys eyes open.

”Oh! He is-”

”Lawrence!” I hear a man said, and I see Larry walking over to the man on the horse. Theodore Roosevelt. He get off the horse and they hug eachother, smiling. He looks at me, so I can come over to him and Theodore. Roosevelt looks at me with a smile, I smile back.

”Teddy, this is Celina Anderson. She is my new partner, as a night-guard. Celina, this is Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.” Larry introduces us. Theodore reaches his hand out for a hand shake, and I take it. A firm handshake.

”It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Roosevelt.” I was a little nervous. Man, I'm talking to a wax figure, the 26th president! He laughes a bit.

”My, you are very kind! A pleasure to meet you, but you can call me Teddy.” He winks at me, and that makes me laugh. I nod. We let go of our handshake, and I look around again.

”This is so amazing. Isn’t it?” I say, in excitement. Larry gets surprised, but Teddy smiles.

”You are not afraid of all this. Does this mean you will stay?” Larry uses his words carefully.

”Of course I will. I’ve never been so happy.” I wasn’t lying. This is still unreal to me, but I never want to leave this place. Larry smiles back, happy I think.

Suddently, I see the capuchin hugging Larry, a indian women, walking over to Teddy, a big man in a leather-suit, speaking a language I don’t understand. They all look very happy. They are smiling and laughing. This is just so amazing to see. The big man notices me watching them, and he starts screaming something in his language, pointing at me. I step a little back from them, the others get a little confused when they see me. Larry calms him down.

”Guys! She is not an enemy. She is my new partner.” I like that he already considered me as his partner. The look first at Larry but then at me. I nervously wave my hand.

”Well dang! I’ve never heard of a women, that could be a night guard!” I hear someone say, in the distance. First I didn’t knew where it came from but then I notice something from the big mans hat. I looked closely, and see a cowboy and a roman, standing and looking at me. Wow, they were small, tiny, tiny people. They look like small figures I would play with when I was little. The roman pushes the cowboy.

”Don’t underrestemate women. As i’ve learned, they can accomplised great things.”

”Beats me man!”

I can not believe for a second that they are talking. Larry looks at me, sending me a signal. He wants me to introduce myself. I clear my throat a bit and looks at them. Oh no...Now I'm the one talking.

”Um, hi. My name is Celina Anderson…” I get a little shy, but Teddy nods at me to continue, giving me courage. I take a deep breath.

”It’s nice to meet you all, and I would love to get to know everyone better. I hope i’m welcome here.” I say smiling a little more. Larry puts a hand on my shoulder.

”Of course you are welcome, let me introduce you to them.” He starts with the indian lady.

”This is Sacagawea.” The lady nods. I nod back with a smile.

”This is Atilla the Hun.” He nods as well and says something in his language, in a friendly way. I smile.

”Above him, you will see the cowboy. That’s Jededaiah.”

”Howdy, miss.”

”And the roman general, is Octavius.”

”Nice to meet you madam.”

I smile back at them.

”And the capuchin, that’s Dexter.”

Dexter looks at me, but reaches out for my hand so he can give me a hug. I brush his back.

”Hey there little guy.”

Dexter is so nice to me, he even gives me a little kiss on my check. He goes over to Sacagawea again. I look at everyone again.

”It’s really a pleasure to meet you all. I hope we all can be friends.” I am still a little shy, but I feel confident. Larry turns me around.

”Well you’ve not met everyone.”

As I turn around, I see the egytian pharaoh, coming out from his coffin. He turns around, and sees Larry. My heart has never pounded so much, in my entire life. He has some sort of a golden hat on, which maybe was made just for his size. The ’dress’ he is wearing is almost gold, but they are so many colors. It's so beautiful, and I can’t stop staring at him. I try to look down...But I can't.

”Larry. The guardian of Brooklyn. It’s been a while.” He smiles and hugs Larry. He hugs him back. The pharaoh gets confused. He hands the tablet back.

”Oh yeah, sorry Ahk. It was so I could show my partner, what really happens at night.” The pharaoh understands and looks at me. His dark brown eyes looks at me with a strange look, like he has never seen a girl like me before. I can relate, i’ve never met a guy like him. He stands in front of me and nods, greeting me.

”I’m Ahkmenrah, fourth king of the forth king, ruler of the land of my fathers.” He looks at me with a serious look. I understand now. This is his tablet. I nod a bit shy.

”I’m um…Celina, Anderson, from Northern Europe.” I smile a bit. I notice that my cheeks gets red, and I put my hands over them. Luckily Ahkmenrah doesn't see it.

”That’s a lovely name. Celina, guardian of Northern Europe, a pleasure to meet you.”

”Oh, it’s just Celina, or Elina it’s neccesary. I’m not a guardian.” I'm even surprised that he says that about me.

”Celina, then.” He says, and nods. My heart starts pounding even more.

”How are you feeling about this?” Larry asks me, because he can see the strange look on my face. I look at him, with a smile.

”I’ve never been so happy. Thank you so much, for this job Larry.” I refuse to start crying, not in front of everybody. Larry puts a hand of my shoulder.

”Glad to hear that. Well, could you help me with those boxes?” He says and laughs a bit.

”Sure, lad os komme i gang!” I say, and put my hands on my hips. Everyone was just staring at me, because they don’t know what I say. I smile.

”’Let’s get to it...’”

Then everyone started to understand, and also starting to mumble with themselves. They all split up, goes different directions, too their friends I guess, but all except for Ahkmenrah. Maybe he wants to help? That was nice of him. Once me and Larry got a good grip of Ahkmenrah’s coffin, Larry counts to three and I use all of my power, to carry it into another big box, so it would be easier for us to get it too ’Egypt’. Ahkmenrah just stands there and watch. I can't help but to laugh a bit. They both look at me confused, but I say it was nothing. We walk over too the elevator, too Egypt where the coffin should be placed. It isn't so heavy to push, it's bearable.

”You are very strong, Celina.” Ahkmenrah says too my surprise. I look at him, eyes wide open, but looks back on the road.

”Thanks, but really, i’m not that strong. Without Larry’s help, it would be more difficult for me.” I have a little hard time talking to him, while i'm trying to get the coffin into the elevator. As soon as we get it in, me and Larry step in, but not Ahkmenrah. He takes the stairs, cause there can’t fit any more people in here.

Once we get up to the hall, and too Egypt where the coffin should be placed. The room is a little dark, but there is a little light. Larry counts again too three and I use all of my powers to get it in place. Lucily I don’t drop it. It is in perfect fit. This is where Ahkmenrah sleep. Not that comfortable if you ask me. Larry sights and looks at me again.

”Well, we need to go down there again.”

My eyes get wider.


”My parents are down there. I couldn’t leave them, so Larry got them here to America.” Ahkmenrah says behind me and I quickly turn around. I understand and nods.

”Oh, your parents. Okay, sorry. I didn’t know.”

”No need to apologize.”

I look at Ahkmenrah with a little smile, then turns to look at Larry.

”Well, let’s go then.”

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