The New Night-Guard

End of The First Night

We had to wake Ahkmenrah’s parents up, or else the coffins would be too heavy to carry. His father looked at me with a strange look, when I introduced myself to them. His mother on the other hand, looked a little curious. It was like she wanted to know more about me - which was kinda weird, but it didn’t make me uncomfortable.

On our way to get the coffins upstairs, his parents and himself follows. They mostly talks to Ahkmenrah, but I have a weird feeling that they are talking about me? Maybe i'm wrong, why would they even talk about me in the first place?

After we have shown Ahkmenrah’s family around the place, I have to take a break. Larry understands and gives me 5 minutes. I get out of the big room, we are in Africa. I go down the hallway, where there is no people, just small sounds from the hallway of animals.

I sit down on a bench and breathe out. I close my eyes, trying to just realize what just happened to me in one day. I'm exausted, but in the same time, I don’t want to ever leave this job. I want to do my best, to not lose this. I breathe out again, and get my legs up so i'm sitting in a cross. I feel like singing, since there is no other people here. My eyes are still closed. I start to sing a song in my language, but I decide to sing in english, and luckily I know it in english.

You, that has lit millions of stars.

turned in the darkness, a strong believe,

You are our light, and you guard and protect,

Us, so we sleep in safty and silence.

Thank you for every happiness that filled our hearts,

Everytime you made our life to a celebration.

Help us to bear every burden, every pain

You know alone, what serves us best.

There was more to sing, but I can't. It's too painful, though - I always thought the song was beautiful, even if it's a christian song, and I don’t believe in god. I still love it and I sing it everytime i'm thinking about my family. I feel that i'm starting to cry, the song is also sad.

”You sing very beautifully.”

I turn to my right, and I get the biggest chock ever. I almost fall down from my seat. It's just Ahkmenrah, looking at me with that strange look again. He looks like there is wrong with me? Maybe because I have tears in my eyes...Again. Oh crap, I wipe them away. How embarrassing. I look at him, with a little smile of the compliment he gave me.

”Thank you, I appreciate it.” I look down, trying to think happy thoughts, otherwise I will start crying again. Ahkmenrah gets closer.

”Do you mind?” he points at the bench. My legs is almost filling the whole sitting spot. I shock my head, and moves my legs down, so there is more place for him to sit. He sits down. I look down again, I don’t want to stare at him, it will be too weird. I can feel him looking at me.

”Forgive me, I wasn’t trying to frighten you.”

My eyes widen and I breathe out, smiling a bit. But I get a little nervous.

”It’s okay, always good with a good scare somtimes.”

”Are you a christian?” He asks to my surprise. I laugh a bit.

”No, i’m not.”

”Then why were you crying?”

That question hits me straight to the heart. I look at him with my face pure red, after all the tears.

”It’s um…My parents.”

It looks like he doesn't understand. I take a deep breath.

”They died from a car crash about 5 months ago.”

Now he understands. ”Oh.” he says. It looks like he doesn’t know what to say.

”I’m very sorry. That was rude of me to ask.” I'm now the one who looks at him with the strange face. I smile a bit.

”You were curious, there is no reason to apologize, I don’t mind.” I got up on my feet. He looks confused.

”Why are you leaving?” He asks.

”Um, aren’t I suppose to get back to work?”

”The sun will soon be up, and I don’t think Larry mind that you are not working right now.”

I'm about to protest, but he cuts me off.

”If he gets mad, I will take the guilt and apologize, saying that it wasn't your fault.”

Now i'm speechless. That is actually nice of him. Well, if he says soo...I sit down again, and leans back. It's kind of awkward to just sit here, with him not talking, just relaxing, and in the end, it's just...Really nice.

”How can you sing that well?” finally, he brakes the silence. In some weird way, I think the question is funny.

”I sang a lot when I was little. I still do.”


That's a question i've never heard before.

”I like singing. It’s the only thing i’m really good at.” I say, in pure honesty. He looks at me with an almost disgused look. Apparently he doesn’t like my answer that much.

”Why would you say such a thing?”

I have to take a deep breath, cause this will be a long answer.

”Because i’ve had back luck finding jobs. The longest one I kept was a job where I could sing, but as time past, they fired me, becuase I wasn’t usefull or good enough. That is what they always said to me. Sometimes, there would be men, complaining to my boss, only because I didn’t wanted to do something, they wanted.” The bad memories comes back to me, of all the men or women who fired me, for not being american, being unusefull or not good enough, or wanted to do something uncomfortable. I close my eyes and shake my head.

”I’ve learned to live with it. But now, this is the best job i’ve had, even though I just started today. I don’t want to lose this job, acutally never want to lose this job.” I open my eyes, with a smile and looks at Ahkmenrah. Him on the other hand, his face is pure anger. He looks down, almost trying to behave himself.

”They should be ashamed saying those unnessecary things too someone like you.” He says through his closed teeth. I'm surprised of what he just said. I'm about to say something to calm him down, but then I hear Larry calling for me and Ahkmenrah. We get up and go back to the others. Larry was speaking with Ahkmenrah’s parents.

”Celina, we are about to close down, can you help him and his parents to get down too Egypt again?”

”Sure.” I look at Ahkmenrah and his parents, just to make sure that they understand. They both nod.

”When you are done, meet me in the office.” say Larry. Egypt is on the other side of the museum, so I start walking, with the Egyptian family behind me. We are all quiet on the way.

”Where are you from?” His mother asks me softly, as she brakes the silence. I turn around and looks at her with a smile.

”Northern Europe, Mrs. Shepseheret.” It's hard to say her name, but I try to find my ’inner egyptian-arabic’ voice, since i’ve learnt a little from my dad. I start walking again.

”Where to be exact?” asks his father. I look back and see Ahkmenrah looking at me, with that strange look on his face, but with a little smile. Is he maybe enjoying this? I can't tell. I look at his father and smiles again.

”Denmark, Mr. Merenkahre.” That surprises them all. Like they have never heard the country before. We are almost over in the hall of Egypt.

”Is it a big country?” Ahkmenrah asks. I turn around again, laughing a bit.

”No, it’s small. Also one of the reasons why I moved to America.”

That made them all quiet for a bit, until we were over in Egypt and in the room, where they should sleep. I standing in front of the big guards, so his parents and Ahkmenrah can get through first. To my surprise, his father stops and stands in front of me, and with his mother and Ahkmenrah on the right.

”Thank you, for bringing us here safely.” His father says, but serious. I bow a little.

”It’s okay, I don’t mind. Anytime, just ask.”

”Who are your parents?” his mother asks me softly again.

”Are they both from Denmark?” his father also asks just after what Ahkenrah's mother asked.

They are both staring at me and I start to get a little nervous. I want to answer them both, but then Ahkmenrah puts a hand on his parents shoulders.

”Mother, father. The sun will soon be up, we need to go too rest for this morning. But Celina, you can tell them tomorrow, right?” My eyes widen.

”Sure, of course!” I say with a smile.

The parents nods, and goes over to their coffins, his mother and father are just beside eachother, while Ahkmenrah’s is a little far away from them. Ahkmenrah is the last one to close his coffin, but he looks at me with a little smile. I smile back.

”Goodmorning, Ahkmenrah.” I say. It makes him laugh a bit.

”Goodmorning.” he says and closes his coffin.

I feel the sun on my back, and I turn on the lights. When I walk back to Larry, I couldn’t help to notice that i'm smiling, a wide one. What is this place doing to me? But clearly, I don’t want to go away from this place.

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