The New Night-Guard


I walk down the stairs and directly over to Larry’s office, feeling a little nervous, but i'm still smiling. I knock on the door three times, just to be sure i'm not interrupting anything.

”Come in!” I hear Larry say, and iIwalk in. He smiles a bit and I sit down at the chair in front of him. He looks at me with a strange look, but then with a happy face.

”Well, today you’ve done a great job.” He starts saying. My eyes gets wider.

”I did?” my gosh, i’ve bad confidence. He rolls his eyes.

”Of course, it seems like you like being here, and the others like you. So I definitely won’t fire you from this job, I assure you that.” Just those simple words make me laugh, i'm happy.

”I’m glad to hear.” I say. He looks at the calender, he has beside his computer, and he starts counting with his fingers.

”Well, it will soon be chirstmas, and I have promised to be with my son and ex-wife this year.” He says. Oh yeah! Christmas, I almost forgot. But it would soon be my birthday too. The funny thing is that my birthday and christmas is a little over two weeks from each other, so when I was little I would get extra presents. Win win for me!

”I don’t know if you have plans with your family? I can give you a week off…”

”I don’t need it.” I say softly. ”My sisters already have plans, so I don’t mind working on christmas.” I start thinking about doing something with the others at the museum. A nice christmas day! Sounded like heaven to me.

”Oh I almost forgot! I don’t mind working on my birthday either.” I say. He starts smiling.

”When is your birthday?”

”8th of December.”

He looks at the calender again. ”There is 5 days left!” He suddently gets a little exited.

”Any birthday wishes you have in mind?” He asks. I laugh a bit.

”No, i’m happy with what i’ve got.”

He gets a little sad, but in a funny way. It makes me smile. We start hearing people from outside. He stands up, and goes over to his jacket.

”Well, I think it’s time for us to go home. But you can come back here at 5 o’clock?”

”Got it! See ya later, Larry!” I say, and wave while I walk out of the office. I quickly rush to my car, and drive home as fast as I can, without getting a ticket.

I take my shoes off, and puts my purse on the dinner table, and change into something more comfy instead of my working suit. I collapse on my bed. I'm so exausted, I just want to snuggle up in my bed, with some hot chocolate and watch TV all day until i'm going to work. I actually consider it, but I should maybe get some sleep, so I have more energy for later. I decide to do that.


I wake up, by my phone ringing. I look at the time and see it's 2 o’clock, so I have more time to just relax. I pick up my phone fast, so I don’t see who it is.

”Hello?” – I say, yawning a bit.

”Yeah, hello? Jezz Celina, have you been sleeping?” – The person that speakes sounds like her os him is stressed, and I knew i’ve heard that voice before.

”Is that you, Chanel?” – It sounds so unusual to say, but I have just woken up, so I can’t tell who it is.

”Yeah it’s me! Why haven’t you called?! You promised you would!” – Thank god it was just her.

Chanel is my little sister, well only 1 year younger than me. She is the one sister that doesn’t lose her job, but practically gets straight up mad if she gets fired. She isn't a quitter, a fighter to be exact. I get a little confused.

”Why are you speaking english?” – I can hear her sight really loudly. That meants she is mad about something.

”I've heard about this company, that only speaks english, so I have to practice!” – I laugh a bit. I sit up.

”But you are already good at english…”

”Doesn’t matter! So, what have you been up too?” – She starts asking. Interested as always. I decide while i'm talking to her, i'll go to the kitchen to make some coffee.

”I've got a new job.I start saying.

”Okay, what job now?”

”A night-guard, at a museum.”

”Night-guard?!” – She sounds surprised, and I couldn’t imagine why (sarcastically speaking).

”Yes. I just got it yesterday.” – She's a little quiet, so I take a zip of my coffee and goes back to my bed and places my coffee on my night-table.

”Is it a good job? Do you like it?”

”Like it? I love it! And the money is just enough, though I don’t think about the money I get, just how the job is.” – I'm satisfied with my job. It soundeds like i’ve been working there for a month, but in reality, it was just hours ago. Funny right?...

”As long as you’re happy, I am sis!” – My sister is maybe harsh, and sometimes stupid, but she loves me no matter what, and the same way around. I clear my troat.

”How about you? How is you and your job doing?...Oh and Kristoffer!” – Kristoffer was my sisters boyfriend, and probably the boy she's going to marry, even though they are both so young. Suddently I hear her jump, from the sound in the phone.

”I’m doing great! I got a new promotion, so I can send you a lot more presents for your birthday and christmas this year!”

Classic Chanel...

”You know that you are already giving me to much, right?”

”STOP RUINING MY DREAMS! I love shopping, so i’m fine with it!” – We both starts laughing. She says that line with ’her dreams’, all the time, even sometimes the thing she was talking about, wouldn’t make any sence.

”But this year i’m spending christmas with Kristoffer at his parents house.”

”What about Chantal?” – I ask. She is my younger sister. My heart starts hurting a bit.

”It’s okay, She'll be with Aunt Liz. I’ll tell her that you said hi... What about you?” – I clear my troat.

”You know i’m not in a relationship, so i’ll be working on christmas, and my birthday also.” – Just by the atmosphere on the phone, it feels like she's a little sad.

”You could always come home and spend christmas with us…” – I can hear she is pouting. I laugh a little.

”I want to keep this job, and I don’t mind working. You go and have fun! I gotta go, but i’ll see you later.” – This isn't an excuse, I acutally have to go. Time goes by really fast.

”Okay. Can I call you next week?” – She say as i'm about to hang up.

”Sure thing. Bye, love you!” – Then I hang up.

It's lovely to talk to my sister, i'm happy that she is going allright. I look at the time and see it's 3 o’clock, I think it's time to get ready and eat some lunch before I leave. After I drank all of my coffee, I made me some tea, so I was a little more awake for the night. I ate the dinner, I had for dinner yesterday, and I watched some television. I've gotten used to the american TV shows, but I also had some channels from my home-country.

I'm done eating, so I wash my face and my hair, just so I look a little better. I put on my uniform, and flat shoes. Even though i'm small, I like wearing flat shoes. Now it's 4 o’clock, I take long to get ready. I decide to go, and pick up some food, so I can eat at the museum. When I was done with that, I drove directly over too the museum and found a parking spot, and that was surprisingly easy to find.

As I walk in, I knew I was a bit early, 30 minutes actually. I look at the people in the museum, they are all checking out. I go over to Larry’s office. I knock on the door 3 times, and slowly walks in. He notice me, but he was talking to someone on the phone. He hangs up and smiles to me.

”You are a bit early, but that’s good! You can help me with something, before the museum closes.” He says and gives me some papers. I take it, and finds a pen. I sit down, beside the table. I look at him with the ’i’m ready!’ look...I don’t even know if there is a signal for that?

”Okay…Write down things you like.”

I have to blink a bit, cause my brain didn’t understand a single thing.

”Excuse me?”

”Things you like. It could be a necklace or something else, just something.” It lookes like he's hiding something. I can tell that he wants me to write something down I wish for, for my birthday. I decide to play along, since I like this job. I write down small things I want: Necklace, earrings, a lots of other things that was possible for Larry to buy and not make me have any guilt. I even wrote down candy from my home country (but I would be surprised if he could manage to buy that!) When I was done, I put my pen down and gave it to Larry. He smiles and fols the paper so he can put it in his pocket.

”Is there something else I can do?” I ask. He thinks about it for a second.

”No not now. You can wait up in Egypt, so you can be at service if Ahk or his parents has some questions, or something they want. I’ve got some errands to do, then i’ll come up to you later.” He says and follows me over to the door. The feeling of me just waiting for them to wake, make my stomach swirl. I think myself that it would be really creepy, but it's normal for me to feel this way. I nod, and open the door, walking over to the stairs, that will get me straight to Egypt. The is a bench, in the room, where Ahkmenrah and his parents sleep, so I'll just sit here and wait.


For me, the time goes on pretty fast. All I did was just mumbling songs, while looking around. But as more time went by, it got more quiet, and more darker, but the light was still turned on. The first to get out of the coffin was Ahkmenrah. He pushed the door to the coffin so loudly, I got shocked. He stood up, and brushed off the sand, from his ’dress’, without looking at me. It's only after that, he notice me sitting, and just looking at him. He looks at me with a little smile, but still that strange look again, and it makes me look down. I decide to stand up, straight.

”Larry send me here, to be at ’service’, for you and your parents.” He gets a little surprised by that answer, but he nodds, and I smile. His parents also nocks the coffin door loudly, but it doesn’t give me a shock this time. It's first his father that looks at me confusedly, then his mother. Ahkmenrah quickly explains too them, why I'm here. They nod as a 'yes'. At first we were all in silence, but then I remember what I promised them to tell about. I take a deep breath, and walks a little closer to them.

”I think I owe you both an explanation about my parents.” I say slowly. His father nods, and so does his mother. Ahkmenrah looks at me like I don't have to do it. But I want too. A promise is a promise. I show them to the bench, so they can sit, and luckily I found a chair in the hallway, I can sit on. Akmenrah was sitting in the middle of the bench, with his parents on both sides. I decide to sit in front of them, so I can see them. I start getting nervous. They are all three just staring at me, waiting for an answer.

”Where should I start?” I say, because there were so many things I could talk about. I look at them, if they had a question.

”Who are your parents?” Shepseheret, the mother, says softly, I smile a bit.

”My mother, was from Denmark, and my father, he was french and algerian. You can say i’m a combination of all ’that’.” And I am, and my mom always said, that it was what made me special.

”I have small families there still.” I try to sound casual as possible. His mother almost smiles of that answer, and I can't figure out why.

”Do your parents live in Denmark?” Ahkmenrah’s father said, in a straight tone, but still not in a hard way. This makes me feel a little sick, and feeling like i’ve been punched in the chest. This has to be said someday again. I take a deep breath.

”They both died 5 months ago…So no sir, they don’t.” I try to smile, but my lips won’t do as I say. His parents are surprised, but Ahkmenrah looks at me, like he understands my pain.

”How?” His mother asks.

”They died in a car crash.”

That makes them all quiet for a bit, until I suddently gets surprised.

”Would you mind telling us, how it happened?” Ahkmenrah asks, but his voice are so fragile. Maybe he felt like if he wasn’t too carefull, I would break into pieces. I probably would have, if he didn’t ask me nicely. I nod. I start remembering that night, when it happened, and I remember every tear, pain I felt. I’m sure this will be hard to describe in words.

”Last August…Almost 2 months since I was visiting my family, for my little sisters birthday. Chantal is her name..”

Almost 5 months ago…

(Reminder: When Celina is talking I will use this text.)( When others are talking, I will use this text)

I remember sitting in the car, talking to my dad about America, and how I was doing. It was just that time I had gotten my diploma, and I was ready to go to the university. That was what we usually talked about. We were driving home from a nice diner at my little sisters favorite resturant. I was happy, we all were. It was so late, it was hard for me to see the road, even though my dad was drving. Chantal, my little sister, was sitting next to me. She had her little pony, she always carried around, my other sister, Chanel, was talking to my mom.

”I need to buy this for Kristoffer! Don’t you think?” I’m translating this to you, as I remember it. My mother always smiled.

”You could do that, I think he would be happy if you did.” My mother looked at me, smiling.

”She is talking about a shirt, she could buy him.” I smiled back at her.

”That sounds great mom.” I quickly answered her, because my dad was talking to me.

”Have you found a place to study? An apartment?” My dad was always making sure, I wasn’t doing nothing. Even though he was fine with what I did, as long as I was happy.

”I’ve found a place I like, and i’m already moving my things to the new apartment…”

I talked for a very long time, and sometimes Chantal would join in, saying that she would stay at my place, and have sleepovers, just as we had as kids. We were driving out in the road, still pitch black, but my dad had the lights on. But then…It happened.

”LOOK OUT!” My mom yelled, and then I remember nothing.

Until I woke up again…

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