Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 10: Shortcuts and Slides

Chapter 10

Diego trudged ahead through the knee deep snow. The sky was blue and the snowstorm had cleared up, and now Diego could scout farther. He looked around and saw something that made his blood run cold. The villagers were a couple of yards away; they had caught up with them. Diego knew that if Manny saw them, it would be too late, and Soto would not be happy. He looked behind and saw Manny coming with the baby on his shoulders.

Diego looked around quickly for something to lead them away from the villagers. He saw a passageway through the rocks and an idea. If he could lead them through the passageway, they would be far away from the villagers and Diego could continue to lead them to half peak. Diego half trudged, half ran over to Manny.

“Hey, good news!” announced Diego. “I found a shortcut!” the baby fell off Manny’s shoulders, and he quickly grabbed him before he fell into the snow. Manny set the baby back on his shoulders. “What do you mean ‘Shortcut?’” he asked.

“I mean faster than the long way around.” replied Diego. “OW!” groaned Manny. The baby was grabbing onto his hair to keep himself up. “I know what a shortcut is!”

“Look, either we slip through there and beat the humans to glacier pass,” Diego pointed at the passageway. “Or we take the long way and miss them.”

Manny looked at the passageway. “Through there?” he asked suspiciously. “What do you take me for?”

“By this time tomorrow, you’ll be a free man.” replied Diego, watching Manny tried to pry the baby off his face. “Or a nanny, personally I never get tired of peek-a-boo.” He chuckled. Sid walked up to them, carrying an icicle broken in two.

“Hey guys, check this out.” He put the two icicles on his throat and pretended to choke, making it look like he was impaled. “Sid, Diego found a shortcut.” said Manny, getting kind of irritated with Sid and his icicle act.

Sid stopped what he was doing and looked up at the passageway. He threw down his icicle and walked away. “No thanks, I choose life.” Diego stopped him and glared at him. “Then I suggest you take the shortcut.” He growled, drawing one of his knives and putting it at Sid’s neck. “Are you threatening me?” asked Sid, pushing the knife gently away from his neck.

“MOVE, SON!!” shouted Diego in anger. The yelled echoed throughout the area, and the ice began to crack and fall towards them. “Way to go, brother…” Sid patted Diego on the shoulder as they watched the ice fall towards them.

“Quick, Inside!” ordered Manny, running towards the passageway. Diego and Sid followed him into the passage. They made it just as the entrance of the cave collapsed. They looked up, thousands of sharp icicles hung in the air before them. “Run!” shouted Sid. They tried to head back to the entrance, but it was blocked up with ice. They looked up, the icicles had stopped shaking.

They looked back at the passageway entrance, no way they were gonna get through that. They only had one choice left. “Okay, I vote shortcut.” said Manny, walking down the passageway of ice, with Sid and Diego following close behind him.


They walked through the passageway for ten and a half minutes. “Come on guys, let’s be alert, it’s easy to get lost in here.” said Diego, leading the group.

Sid, who wasn’t paying that much attention, collided with a piece of ice hanging in front of him. He fell to the ground, dizzily, and was out for a few seconds. He woke up and tried to get up, but his tongue was stuck to the ice. It took him a while to pry it off, but he finally did, and his tongue was sticking out of his mouth.

“Uh, guys?” Sid lisped. He was alone with two tunnels. The others had gone in the left tunnel, but he went through the right tunnel. He walked through the tunnel, and entered what looked like a museum. He walked by a wall of ice, and looked into it. “Ah!” he jumped back. A frozen piranha was stuck in the ice.

Sid chuckled. “A fish.” He said to himself. He backed away from it and turned around. “AHHHH!!!” he screamed. Stuck in the ice was the skeleton of a dinosaur. Sid, after realizing it was stuck in ice, shuddered and walked off.

He walked up to a piece of stone and saw scribbled out was a picture of evolution, showing how humans have descended from apes. “Well, that will never work.” said Sid, scribbling out the drawing. “I mean, who would believe that?” he ran off and rejoined Manny and Diego at the other tunnel.

They walked pass another frozen block of ice. Manny and Diego didn’t bother to look, but Sid did. Inside the frozen ice was an alien saucer. Sid’s eyes widened as he looked upon the giant spaceship stuck in the ice.

The baby, who was riding on Manny’s shoulders, turned and looked at the ship, and gave a Vulcan salute. “Would you keep up, please?” asked Manny. “It’s hard enough to keep track of one baby.”

Manny set the baby down on ice, and went over to talk with Diego and Sid about their next move. The baby started sliding down the ice, giggling as he went. The group of three turned and watched the baby slide up the ice, and fly into the air. The baby waved at them right before dropping out of sight.

“AHHHHH!” the group screamed. They ran over to the tunnel and watched as the baby slide down it, squealing and giggling happily. They all dove in after the baby. Diego slid on his stomach, Sid lying on his back, and Manny on his butt. They screamed as the slipped and slid down the tunnel, all chasing after the baby.

The tunnels became a large ice cavern, and the ice slides became ramps. Sid and the baby slid on one ramp, Diego on one ramp, and Manny on one ramp.

They went flying through the air and each went into a tunnel. Sid and the baby went into one, Manny went into one, and Diego went into one.

Sid slid behind the baby, using his hands to move faster. “Whoo-hoo!” he cheered. “I gotcha!” he grabbed the baby and held him over his head. But a hole came in front of Sid and he fell down, dropping the baby.

Sid flew through the tunnel, went down another and landed on top of Manny, who was now riding on his stomach.


Diego pulled out one of his knives and stuck it into the ice, but that didn’t even stop him from going. He yelled as he pulled his knife out of the ice and quickly sheathed it as he fell down a large ice cavern, landing on the ice and grabbing Manny’s leg so that it looked like he was skiing behind Manny.

Sid looked ahead and saw a giant block of ice in front of them. He leaned down so that his face was next to Manny’s. “Captain!” he shouted in a mock Scottish accent. “Iceberg ahead!” Manny looked up and yelled as they collided with the ice. They stopped, but the ice started cracking and soon, they were moving again, this time they were riding on the ice.

The ice moved across a bunch of sharp icicles, running through and being shredded by it. By the time they reached the other side, the ice was shredded into nothing but flecks of snow and they were safely on the other side.

But it wasn’t over yet; they soon found themselves sliding down a series of slides with the baby still ahead of them. Sid used his hands to propel himself towards the baby and tried to grab him, but the baby sped ahead. “Darn!” grunted Sid.

Suddenly, the baby went up a ramp and went flying through the air. Manny watched the baby fly through the air and turned around so he could catch him. Sid looked ahead and yelled as he and Diego headed towards a wall of ice. Sid flew through the wall, leaving a hole, and was followed by Diego, who left his own hole in the wall.

Manny reached out his hands and caught the baby. Sid and Diego poked their heads out of the hole and screamed as Manny collided with the ice wall, leaving a huge hole in the wall, and causing a makeshift avalanche.


Manny, Sid, and the baby sat there, with snow on their heads, looking like makeshift hats. Diego leaped out of a pile of snow in excitement. “Whoo, Yeah!” he cheered, punching Manny in the shoulder. “Who’s up for round two?!”

Manny looked at Diego with a stern look. Diego excitement fled and he went back to his cool, normal self. “Tell the kid to be more careful.” He muttered. Sid got up and brushed the snow off of his head; Manny got up and brushed the snow of his head and the baby’s.

“Well, that was fun.” said Manny, sarcastically, handing Sid the baby. “I wonder what’s next in line for us.”

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