Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 11: Memories/Lava

Chapter 11

The group continued walking through the ice caverns, which then turned into tunnels of stone. They kept walking until they entered a large cavern.

The walls of caverns were littered with makeshift drawings and paintings. “Whoa!” breathed Sid in surprise. They all walked around, looking at the cave paintings with awe. Sid walked over to a cave painting of Tigers hunting antelope.

“Hey look, Tigers!” he said excitedly. “Yeesh!” the baby started whimpering. Sid held him closer. “Oh, it’s okay.” He assured the baby. “See, the tigers are just playing tag with the antelope.” He looked at one picture, a tiger was sinking its teeth into the carcass of an antelope, and blood was spraying everywhere. “With their teeth.” He said quietly.

Diego came up to Sid from behind with one of his knives drawn. “Hey, Sid… I’m a Tiger and you’re an Antelope, let’s play tag… You’re it!” he pressed the knife to Sid’s neck. Sid chuckled nervously as Diego sheathed his knife.

“Where are all the kids?” asked Sid, walking over to another cave painting. “You know, you can never find that many kids in cave paintings.” He scanned another painting and saw a giant on one. “Hey look Manny, a giant!”

“Ooh.” Manny said in mock wonder. “Somebody pinch me.” He began walking out of the cave. Sid set down the baby and Diego came over for a closer look. Sid moved in closer on the painting, studying it. “Hey this big guy looks just like you.” Manny stopped and turned around. “Aww, he’s got a family, and he’s happy. Look, he’s playing with his kid.” Manny walked over to the painting and a grief stricken look crossed his face.

“See, Manny, that’s your problem, that what you giants are supposed to do.” continued Sid. “Find a She-Giant, have little baby giants and…” Diego clasped his hand around Sid’s mouth. “Shut up!” he hissed.

“Why?” asked Sid, muffled. He then understood and stopped talking. Diego let go of his mouth. Manny stood there, staring at the paintings, as the painful memories of his past started flooding his head. He remembered what it was like when he had a family, and the day he lost everything.


It was a bright and normal day as Manny and family went about their day on their farm. He sat on the porch, watching his wife was hanging laundry. His young son ran out the door and headed off to play. Manny quickly caught his son, who was running to join his friends, by the arm and pulled him into a quick hug. He then patted his son on the head and sent him on the way. He got up from his chair, walked over to his wife and put his arms around her lovingly, and they kissed.

Manny’s son was running through the fields when he heard rumbling noises. He looked up and screamed in fear and ran back. The evil villagers who had wanted Manny’s land were riding in a tank and carrying spears. They were going to take that land even if it killed them.

Manny and his wife were heading inside when they heard their son screaming. Manny watched in the distance as the tank was chasing after his son. “Quick! Get to the barn!” he said to his wife quickly. The wife nodded with fear and panic in her eyes and ran to the barn, with her son close behind her. Manny went inside and pulled out a war hammer out of the pantry. He ran forward towards the villagers.

He swung the hammer over his head and brought it down on one of the villager’s head, landing with a sickening crunch. He looked at the dead villager, his skull cracked wide opened from the blow with the hammer, and blood oozing out. Manny ran forward towards another villager and started pounding him. The evil villagers surrounded him and threw spears at him, cutting into his flesh like knives and leaving several cuts and scars and lacerations on his arms and body. Manny heard screaming and looked over at the barn.

The villagers were forcing his wife and son into the barn, and one of them carried gasoline and matches. Manny’s face went ice cold and he ran forward, knocking villagers down like bowling pins, but the villagers forced him back with their spears and some even leapt onto him, forcing him to his knees. Manny watched in horror as they lit the barn and it was engulfed in flames, with his wife and son inside it, screaming and crying and yelling. Manny shouted a loud “NO!!!!!!!!” as he was hit with a lead pipe and fell to the ground, knocked out.


Tears came to Manny’s eyes as he stared at the picture of him and his family. Sid gulped nervously and Diego breathed quietly as they watched Manny.

Manny sat down on a rock, his head in his hands. He tried his best not to cry, but the emotion was too much for him. Sid and Diego were probably watching him, but he didn’t care.

Manny felt something against his leg, and looked up. The baby was holding onto his leg for support. The baby two steps away from his leg and was about to fall, when Manny caught him.

Manny lifted up the baby and held close to him, and the baby hugged his chest. Manny smiled and rested his head lightly on the baby’s head, tears pouring out of his eyes.


Sid sniffed, wiped a booger off his nose and brushed it on the sleeve of Diego’s jacket. Diego looked over at him with a disgusted but funny look, which caused Sid to wipe the sleeve of Diego’s jacket with his elbow, quickly.

Manny set the baby on his shoulders and they exited the cave, followed by Sid. Diego sat there, looking at the cave painting. He felt sorry for Manny, and he started to wonder if what he was going to do was right. He nodded and left the cave, jogging after Manny and Sid.


The villagers had traveled long and weary miles, but the leader would not give up the search for his son. He looked around the ice, trying to see the way. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked back. The second in command was standing beside him. “We have traveled for three days and no sign of him. I think it’s best if head to glacier pass instead of half peak.”

The village leader knew that his son was probably gone, and decided that it would be best for him and the others to head to glacier pass. He nodded. The second in command turned around, shouted a command, and the villagers started heading towards half peak.

The Village leader looked at the necklace in his hands. Maybe they would find his son on the way to glacier pass. He sighed, and walked sadly in the back of the group. The search was over, and the baby was gone. Or so they thought….


“Well, will you look at that.” said Manny, pointing at the giant temple in the middle of the half peak town. “Diego actually did it. There’s half peak. Next stop, the glacier pass.” He looked over at Diego. “How could I ever have doubted you?” Manny asked.

“You couldn’t.” Diego smiled. “Did you hear that, little fella?” Sid asked the baby, who was riding on Manny’s shoulders. “You’re almost home.”

Sid felt something hot on his feet and stopped. He looked down and saw his footprints burning red. “My feet are burning.” He inquired.

“Do I have to get a news flash every time your body does something?” Diego asked annoyed. “He wants attention, ignore him.” said Manny. They continued walking, and Sid’s feet started burning again. “Seriously!” he shouted. “My feet are really… HOT!” he jumped up and ran after Manny and Diego. Suddenly, there was a rumbling. “Tell me that was your stomach.” said Manny. Diego shushed him and put his ear to the ground. “I hear it.” he said.

“I’m sure it was just thunder.” suggested Sid. Diego got up and brushed himself off. “From underground?” he asked. They heard a loud cracking noise. Suddenly, a giant geyser of lava spurted out behind them. The group yelled and started running.

They dodged several lava geysers and ran across the ice. Suddenly the ice broke off, and they were stuck on a bridge of ice over a river of lava. Diego, who was running behind Manny, stopped when a piece of the ice bridge fell into the pit, separating him from the others.

“Come on, keep up with me!” said Sid, who was running in place on the ice. “I would if you were moving!” shouted Manny; they had no time to play around. Sid stopped running.

Diego backed up, took a running start, and leapt across the pit of lava. Sid watched as Diego soared through the air and landed behind Manny. “Wow, I wish I could jump like that.” wished Sid.

“Wish granted!” Manny picked Sid up by his sweatshirt and sent him flying across the pit of lava and onto the cliff. Diego looked down at the river of lava. “Come on, Move Faster!” he barked.

“Have you noticed the river of lava?!” Manny asked. Manny watched as the ice started burning and he knew he had to jump. He looked at the baby, who clutched his side tightly. Manny leapt through the air and landed on the ice, which caused it to crack.

Diego breathed quickly. Oh boy, he thought. He backed up, took a running start, and jumped through the air. He landed halfway on the ice, and was left hanging onto it. Manny turned around and saw Diego hanging there. He ran over to Sid. “Hold Pinky!” he shouted, handing Sid the baby.

Manny threw off his sweatshirt and then shimmed cautiously on the ice. He took his sweatshirt and threw it towards Diego, still holding onto it by the sleeve. “Grab the shirt!” he shouted. Diego reached for the shirt, when the ice broke. Manny jumped forward, slid on the ice by his stomach, and grabbed Diego by the arm. Sid’s mouth dropped opened as he watched Manny try to pull Diego up.

Diego’s nails dug into Manny’s arm, and he winced. He heard the ice cracking and swung Diego around, sending him flying to safety. He heard the ice crack and then he fell. “MANNY!” shouted Sid. Manny yelled as he plummeted towards the lava.

Diego’s mouth dropped opened. Suddenly, Manny came flying back up, propelled by the steam the ice created. He went flying through the air and landed on the ground with a giant KA-THUMP!!

Sid ran over to Manny’s side. “Manny! Are you okay?!” he put down the baby. “Come on, say something, anything!” he heard Manny mumble something.

“What?!” Sid asked. “I can’t hear you!” “You’re standing on my arm!” said Manny. Sid quickly retracted his foot from Manny’s arm, and Manny sighed.

“You’re okay!” shouted Sid, trying to help Manny up. Diego got up and went over to help Manny up. “Why did you do that?” he asked, grabbing Manny’s arm and pulling him up. “You could have been burned, trying to save me.”

Manny brushed himself. “That’s what you do in a family. You look out for each other.” Diego handed Manny his sweatshirt. “Well, thanks.”

Manny pulled on his sweatshirt. “No problem.” He replied. Sid picked up the baby. “I don’t know about you guys, but we are strangest group I’ve ever seen.”

They continued walking. Diego hung in the back of them, his conscience guilty. Manny had risked his life trying to save him. And now he, Sid, and the baby were gonna be killed by the time they reached the temple of half peak. He sighed, shook his head of the thoughts, and ran up to join Manny and Sid.

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