Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 12: Lord of the flames

Chapter 12

Soto stood on the balcony of the temple, leaning on his sword and looking out of his binoculars, scanning the abandoned town and the wastelands for Diego and the group, but no sign of them. He growled, put his binoculars down on a stool, and stalked back into the main room of the temple. Zeke, Oscar, and Lenny sat on crates in the main room, discussing about killing the giant.

Zeke cackled manically and ran his hands over his knife. “I can’t wait to sink this into that Giant!!” he shouted, jumping up and stabbing at air. Soto walked over to Zeke and smacked him. Zeke recoiled from being slapped on the head.

“No one touches the giant until I get that baby!” he growled, stalking back and forth. Zeke watched him stalk back and forth, and then his thoughts went back to killing the giant. “First, I’ll slice his scalp off. I’ll make into a wig and wear it proudly!” he laughed.

Lenny growled. “Will you knock it off?!” he asked angrily. “I’m itching for a fight!!” But Zeke ignored him. “Then with his sweatshirt, I’ll cut it and make into a poncho, and then I will…”

“I told you to knock it off!” shouted Lenny, picking up a wooden stick and swinging it over his head, ready to bring down on Zeke, who yelped and hid behind Oscar. Soto came up from behind and grabbed Lenny’s stick, pulling out of his hands.

“Save your energy!” he ordered, throwing away the stick. “Giants don’t go down easy.” He unsheathed his knife and started walking towards Lenny, followed by Zeke and Oscar. Lenny gulped and started backing up.

“There’s only one way you can defeat a giant.” growled Soto. “First, you must back him into a corner.” Lenny backed into a corner, shaking and nervous. “Cut off his retreat,” Soto grabbed Lenny’s shirt and pulled him forward. “And while you three have it trapped, I’ll go for the throat.” He put the back of the blade of his knife to Lenny’s throat, and Lenny gulped. Soto smiled evilly, let Lenny go, and walked back out to the balcony.


Manny, Diego, and Sid trudged through the blizzard. The blizzard was hard and cold, and the baby was freezing. “Guys, we have to get this kid out of the wind!” shouted Manny. They trudged to a small cave. “How much further?” asked Manny.

Diego looked outside the cave and calculated how far it was going to take. “Three miles.” He replied. Manny groaned and placed the baby on a rock. “I’m beat. We’ll get there in the morning.”

They heard scratching and turned around. Sid was scratching something out on a rock. “What are you doing?” asked Diego. “I’m putting myself on the map!” replied Sid. He stood back to admire his creation. Diego gave it a funny look. The drawing was a crude depiction of Sid.

Manny snorted. “Hey, make it more realistic and draw him lying down!”

“And make his teeth more craggily.” suggested Diego. Manny took the piece of ice from Sid’s hand and drew ugly teeth on Sid’s picture. “Perfect.” chuckled Diego.

“Hah! Hah! Hah!” Sid laughed sarcastically. “I forgot how to laugh!” he rudely took the ice from Manny’s hand and scratched out his drawing. Suddenly, sparks came from the ice and landed on a pair of twigs. A small fire started burning. Manny and Diego looked at Sid with surprised looks. “I’m a genius!” Sid shouted and kissed the chalk.


Pretty soon, a fire was burning, and the group was enjoying themselves. Sid danced around the fire. “From now on, you’ll have to refer to me as, Sid!” he struck an action pose. “Lord of the flames!” he waved his hand in front of his face.

“Hey, Lord of the flames!” called Manny. “You’re pant leg is on fire.” Sid looked down at his pant leg, and a look of horror crossed his face. “AHHH!” he shouted, running around, trying to put out the fire. Diego grabbed Sid by the back of the pants and pulled him into the snow beside him, putting out the fire.
“Ohh, thank you!” exclaimed Sid. “From now on, I knight you, Diego…” “The lord of touch me, and you’re dead!” said Diego. Sid yelped in fear. “I’m just kidding, you little knucklehead!” Diego laughed, putting Sid in a headlock and giving him a noogie.

“Hey lovebirds.” said Manny. Diego stopped giving Sid noogies. “Look at this.” Diego let go of Sid and they watched what Manny was looking at. The baby was walking on his own, without any support from Manny.

“I don’t believe it.” said Sid, he looked over at Diego. Diego looked back at him with a somewhat amused face. They continued watching the baby. Sid got up. “Come here, little guy.” He said, trying to direct the baby to come to him. “Come to Uncle Sid!”

The baby turned around however. “No, this way.” said Sid. The baby started walking towards Diego. “No, go to him.” said Diego, trying to make the baby go to Sid. But the baby continued walking towards him. “Go to him.” he said a little bit louder.

Diego was going to get up to move away, but the kid fell on his feet. He held onto to Diego’s leg. “Uh, fine.” He said. “Good job. Uh, keep doing whatever your doing.” He lightly pushed the kid away from him.

“Look at that.” said Sid. “The little guy’s growing up.” The baby fell down backwards and yawned. “Alright, sleep time, kid.” said Manny, picking up the baby. He walked off to the cave.

“Mind if I sleep here?” asked Sid, sitting down beside Diego. They watched as Manny lied down in the cave. “You know, Diego, I never had a friend that would risk his life for me.”

“Yeah, Manny’s a good man.” Diego replied. “It’s amazing how much he’s done for the both of us.” “I agree.” said Sid. “Well, tomorrow we go through the town of half peak and then to glacier pass. What do want to do once this grand adventure is over?”

Diego thought about that for a minute. “I don’t know, probably get back to my old life.”

“Oh.” said Sid. “Well, good night.” He lied down and turned over. At least he didn’t do that annoying relaxing thing, Diego thought. “Oh, what am I going to do?” Diego asked himself.

“I can’t bring myself to hurt these guys, and the guilt is piling on me like a dead weight. Should I help these guys or should I stick with Soto, who’s been my only family ever since I was young?” he could have gone on for a while, but he decided to go to sleep. He lied back and closed his eyes, and soon, he was sleeping.


The next morning, Diego was in deep thought as he cleaned his sword with a rag. “Hey, Diego?” called Manny. “You ready?” Diego jolted out of his thoughts and looked over at Manny. “Yeah, I’m ready!” he replied.

He sheathed his swords, put the rag in his pocket, and walked over to Manny. Time was running out, and soon, the decision would have to be made. But what would he choose, Soto and the gang, or Manny and Sid?

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