Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 13: Diego's Confession/The Plan

Chapter 13

The group walked through the abandoned town of half peak. “Alright, let’s get you all cleaned up.” said Sid, who was holding the baby. “I mean, what’s your father going to say if you come home all nasty and squishy like this?” he licked his hand and started rubbing the baby with his hand.

“Okay, a little bit there, that looks good.” He said while cleaning the baby. “A little bit here.” He was about to clean the baby’s nose, when Manny stopped him. “He cleans up nice, doesn’t he?” he asked, trying to get Sid off the subject of cleaning.

“I think he’s starting to look like me. Hey, Diego, what do you think?” Sid asked. Diego looked around; he was expecting the gang to show up anytime.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” He inquired, trying to find a way so that he could bring the baby to Soto without a fight.

“Why not?” asked Sid. “Because if we save him, he’ll grow up and become a hunter, probably like his father.” replied Diego. “And who do you think he will hunt?”

“Maybe because we save him, he won’t hunt you.” The baby poked Sid in the nose. “Ow!”

“Yeah, and maybe he’ll grow grubby hair and bad teeth and call you mama!” Diego grumbled loudly. Suddenly, he stopped and looked around. “What’s up?” asked Manny. “Nothing.” replied Diego. “Let go, I’m freezing my butt off.” They continued on their way.

Diego walked behind the group, deep in thought. He looked up and saw Oscar sitting on top of a roof, looking out at Diego. He disappeared and Diego knew that he was on his way to tell Soto. Diego stopped and thought about his situation.

“Hey Diego, you frozen back there?” Manny called to him. Diego thought about the situation. He thought about how kind Manny and Sid had been to him while they were traveling and how Manny had saved his life… he couldn’t let Soto kill them and get the baby, not like this!

“Get down!” Diego shouted as he ran towards Manny and Sid. “What?” asked Sid. “Huh?” asked Manny. Diego shushed them. “Get down and follow me!” he whispered. He led them behind the houses of the cities and they hid in an abandoned house.

“What’s going on?” asked Sid. “At the temple of half peak…” he hesitated. “There’s an ambush, waiting for you.” “WHAT?” Sid asked, surprised. “What do you mean, ambush?” asked Manny.

Diego sighed and took off his rucksack. “The leader told me to lead you guys here so that he could kill you. I am part of The Sabers and here is my proof!” He reached in and pulled out his ‘Saber’ necklace.

Manny’s rage burnt inside of him. “You… You set us up!!” he growled. “It was my job!” replied Diego, putting the necklace back in the bag. “I was supposed to get the baby, but then I met you guys and I couldn’t bring myself to kill you.” “So you brought home for DINNER!!” shouted Manny, burning with rage. “That’s it, you’re out of the group!” said Sid.

“I’m sorry.” Diego apologized. Manny grabbed Diego by the neck and held him against the wall. “No you’re not!” he growled. “Not yet!”

“Look!” Diego choked. “I can help you!” “Stay close, Sid!” said Manny. “We’ll have to fight our way out!”

“You can’t!” replied Diego. “The group’s too strong, you have to trust me!”

“Trust you?!!” Manny couldn’t believe that they could trust him after what he had done. “Why in the world should we trust you?!”

“Because I’m your only chance!” replied Diego. Manny looked at him for a few seconds and then let him go. Diego fell against the wall, coughing and breathing. “What’s your plan?” asked Manny.


The Sabers waited near the steps of the temple of half peak. Diego approached them. “Hello, ladies.” He said gravely. “Well, Well, Well, look who decided to show up.” said Oscar.

“Diego.” said Soto, appearing out of the shadows. “I was wondering when you would show up. I was beginning to worry.”

“No need to worry.” Diego leaned on a wall beside Zeke. “In exactly two minutes, your thirst for vengeance will be cured.”

“Very nice.” Soto smiled. Suddenly, Zeke started going berserk. “I see the kid!” he shouted. Sid was a couple of miles away, trudging through the snow, carrying a bundle in his hands. “AND HE’S GOT THE BABY!!!!” Zeke was going mental.

“Don’t give away our position until I see the giant.” ordered Soto. “He’s the one I want to surprise.” Zeke walked out to get a better look at Sid, yelping like a dog. Diego grabbed Zeke by the back of his shirt. “You want to maul something, don’t you Zeke?” he asked. Zeke nodded. “I wanna maul!” he shouted.

“Then go get him!” said Diego, letting go of Zeke’s shirt. Zeke screeched and ran out like a Madman. Lenny and Oscar yelled and followed Zeke, who was running at high speed.

“No!” shouted Soto. “I said, wait for the giant!” Diego shrugged. Soto yelled in anger and started running after his group. Diego smiled and walked off to find Manny. Phase one was complete. Now for phase two.


Sid trudged through the snow, carrying the bundle in his arms. He saw The Sabers running towards him and turned around to run. Just when it seemed like he was about to be caught, he jumped out of the snow and had a pair of makeshift skis on.

The sabers ran after him, but he started skiing like a professional, doing twirls and tricks through the air. However, he should have watched where he was going. He crashed into a rock, and was stuck on one ski.

He put his flailing foot on the ski and started riding like a snowboard, “Yeah!” he cheered. He started Zigzagging through a bunch of stones. “Salome! Salome, baby!” he shouted cheerfully. “Woo-Hoo!” he shouted. It seemed like he was going to get away, when suddenly, he hit a rock and went flying off the ski, dropping the bundle as he flew through the air.

The bundle landed at the feet of The Sabers. Zeke was about to grab the bundle when Soto pushed him aside. He walked forward, turned the bundle over and found… a Snowman baby?!

“Sorry, fellas!” shouted Sid. “He got a little frostbite!” Soto roared in anger, threw the bundle aside, and pulled out his sword off his back. “Get him!” he shouted.

Sid went running with Zeke, Lenny, and Oscar at his heels. He ducked behind an alley and The Sabers ran past him. They turned the corner and came face-to-face with Manny, who was carrying a log. “Surprise!” Manny shouted. He threw the log at Lenny and Oscar and it sent them flying. Zeke yelped and ran off.

Diego came out of an abandoned house. “Okay, follow me!” ordered Diego. “We’ll pick up Sid and get out while we can.” They started running when Diego heard a familiar voice.

“Come on Diego!” said Soto, wielding his giant sword. “Let’s bring this giant down!” Diego nodded and unsheathed his swords. “You got it, Soto.” They both walked forward at Manny, who picked up a wooden beam as protection.


Sid walked through the snow, trying to remember where he hid the baby. He was unaware that he was being followed by a certain crazy assailant. Zeke walked behind him, carrying a his knife, ready to pounce on Sid.

Sid walked up to a mailbox and opened the top. Hiding inside of it was the baby. “There he is.” said Sid. Zeke snuck up behind him, inching closer and closer to him.

Sid was about to pick up the baby when he did an imitation of Diego’s peek-a-boo. “That’s right! ‘Where’s the baby?’” Sid laughed, obviously not taking point that the baby was trying to tell him that Zeke was behind him.

Sid realized what the baby was trying to tell and wheeled around Zeke leaping at him. Sid grabbed the baby and dodged out of the way; Zeke flew into the mailbox.

Sid jumped up and slammed the lid, trapping Zeke inside of it. “Survival of the fittest?” he asked. “I don’t think so!” he and the baby high fived and then headed back to find Manny and Diego.

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