Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 14: Diego vs Soto

Chapter 14

Diego and Soto walked towards Manny, weapons drawn. It looked like it was going to be a two on one battle. However, Diego had other ideas. He turned around to face Soto.

“What are you doing?!” Soto roared in rage. “Leave… the giant… alone.” replied Diego. Soto growled, his second in command had turned on him. Lenny and Oscar came up from behind, carrying chains.

“Fine, I’ll take you down first.” said Soto. He and Diego walked around in a circle, and then collided. Their weapons clanged as they fought. Diego had twin swords, but Soto had the upper hand with the big sword.

Diego lunged forward and tried to stab him, but Soto dodged. He swung the sword over his head to decapitate Diego, but Diego jumped back and avoided the blow. Soto’s giant sword was stuck in the ground.

Soto pulled on his sword as Diego ran forward to attack. Soto pulled his sword out of the ground and blocked Diego’s double blade smash.


Manny, on the other hand, was trying to get through to help Diego, but Lenny and Oscar blocked his way. They whipped at him with their chains and attempted to tie it around him, but Manny blocked their attacks. He broke his wooden beam over Lenny’s head and kicked Oscar in the jaw, sending him flying. He tried to run over to help Diego, but ended up tripping over Lenny, who grabbed his leg and pulled him back. Manny watched as Soto picked Diego up and threw him against a rock, knocking him out. Soto growled, threw his sword to the ground and pulled out his knife.

Manny fought against Lenny and Oscar, who were forcing him into a corner, just like the plan. Soto walked around his two cohorts, waiting for that exact moment to strike. Diego, dazed and blood dripping from the back of his head, woke up and saw Soto ready to attack.

Manny looked at Soto and swung his fist at him. Soto dodged and leapt into the air, knife ready to dig into Manny’s neck. Diego leapt into the air, right in front of Soto, who dug the knife deep into his shoulder. Diego yelled as he fell to icy ground and fainted from pain. Manny looked down and saw his friend, wounded and bleeding.

Sid walked around carrying the baby. The baby squealed in fear as Soto pulled the knife out of Diego’s shoulder and was about to bring the finishing blow onto him. He looked over and saw the baby, whose mouth was covered by Sid.

Soto smiled a sadistic smile and started to walk over to Sid and the baby, but Manny delivered a punch which sent Soto flying into the rocks. Sharp icicles above Soto became unhinged and fell towards him. He screamed right before the Icicles went into him, impaling him and killing him.

Lenny and Oscar were in shock, their leader had fallen. Manny looked at the two. “The Sabers are defeated.” He announced, walking over to Soto’s sword and picking it up. “Beat It!” he shouted.

Lenny and Oscar ran off to find Zeke and run away to somewhere unknown. Manny stuck Soto’s sword in the ground, and walked over to Sid.

“Are you and the baby alright?” he asked. “Yeah.” Sid replied. “You did it!” Manny tried to smile, but it was no time to celebrate, for Diego was wounded, and probably near death.


Manny and Sid walked over to where Diego laid. The snow around his back had become a deep crimson color. He was in bad shape; the back of his head was cut and his shoulder had a deep wound in it. Diego opened his eyes weakly.

“Some team we were, huh?” he asked, his voice almost as quiet as a whisper. “Were?” asked Manny, kind of surprised. “Come on, you’re still part of our team.”

Diego sighed. “I’m sorry I set you up.” “Ah, you know me.” said Sid, setting the baby down near Diego. “I’m too lazy to hold a grudge.”

The baby crawled over to Diego and rested a small hand on his forehead. “Hey, knock it off, squirt.” Diego spoke quietly. “You have to grow up and be strong, you have take care of Manny, and Sid… especially Sid.” He chuckled quietly at his joke, but then he groaned in pain.

“Come on, you can defeat this.” said Sid, trying to keep him going. “You’re a Hardcore Punk. We’ll carry you, come on, what do you say?” Diego sighed. “Come on Diego, Come on.” begged Sid. “Tell him he’s gonna make it, Manny.”

Manny wanted too, he wanted to do it so bad, but he didn’t want to lie, especially not to someone who fought like an animal.

“Look,” Diego sighed, his strength fading. “You’ll have to leave me here. If the villagers make it through glacier pass, you’ll never see them again.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” said Diego. Diego looked at him with his eyes locked. “That’s what you do in a family, we look… out for each other.” He replied. Manny watched as Diego closed his eyes for probably the last time.

Manny picked up the baby, who whimpered. Manny and Sid stood there, looking at Diego. They picked up the body, rested it on a large rock table, and placed his rucksack and swords on the table with him. Manny, Sid, and the baby walked out of half peak, quietly. They would remember Diego, for as long as they lived.

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