Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 15: Father and Son Reunion

Chapter 15

The villagers walked through glacier pass, the journey having been long and perilous. The villager leader watched as his people walked through the pass. He knelt down and place the necklace on the ground. His son was gone, but he would be remembered. The villager leader walked through the pass and….

He heard footsteps and turned around. He saw a giant and a kid walking towards him. The village leader looked at the two humans in front of him strangely. “Is this the father?” asked Sid. “I think so.” Manny replied. “Well, then…” he reached around to pick the baby off of his shoulders.

The villager leader aimed his spear at him, feeling threatened. Manny reached forward and tried to pull the spear away from him, but the villager held on to his spear. Manny was soon caught in a tug of war over the spear.

One of the villagers turned around and saw the villager leader being “attacked” by Manny. “Hey, the leader needs help!” he shouted. The villagers readied their spears and ran forward, shouting war cries.

Manny pulled the spear away from him and handed it to Sid. Then he reached around to grab the baby. The village leader looked at his fellow warriors running towards Manny, spears ready. Sid held the spear up and closed his eyes tight, scared to death.

Manny lifted the baby off of his shoulders for the leader to see. A look of relief and joy crossed his face. He heard his fellow villagers coming to attack and ran out to stop them. “Stop, their friendly!” he shouted. The villagers stopped, and Sid fainted from the shock. The villager turned around to face Manny, who held the baby in his grasp. He put the baby down and village leader knelt down with arms open.

His infant son walked over to his father and he picked him up and hugged him. The baby was reunited! “If only you’re mother was here.” He said quietly, his son’s little hand touching his chin.

Sid and Manny watched the scene, and then they began walking. Sid picked up the spear and carried it with him. “Well, I’m not going without a souvenir.” He said to Manny. Manny just chuckled quietly and patted Sid on the shoulder.

They heard the baby fussing and went back to say goodbye. The baby walked over to Sid, who picked him up and hugged him.

“Don’t forget about us, okay?” asked Sid. He handed the baby gently to Manny. “And we won’t forget about you.” said Manny, who hugged the baby gently. He handed the baby back to the village leader.

The leader looked down and saw the necklace. He picked it up and handed it to Manny. The necklace looked tiny in his hand. He looked at the villager leader and nodded in respect. The villagers then started for glacier pass.

“Goodbye!” said Sid, sniffling. “Goodbye! Bye!” “Sid…” said Manny, resting his hand on Sid’s shoulder. “Don’t make it harder than it already is.”

The baby did the impression of the peek-a-boo trick. “Yeah, that’s right!” said Sid, doing the same thing. “’Where’s the baby?’”

Manny shrugged. “Come on, Sid, let’s head south.” Manny started walking when his eye caught something that made him smile.

A familiar friend was trudging his way up the snow bank… Diego! He had survived! His head and shoulder were bandaged, but he could still walk. He still had his rucksack and swords and knives, but around his neck was his necklace and Soto’s necklace, and on his back, underneath his rucksack, was Soto’s sword.

He looked at the baby, did the ‘Where’s the baby?’ game he had done when they first began the mission, and then waved goodbye. The baby and his father had crossed over. “Bye!” said Sid, still sniffling. “Save your breath, Sid.” said Diego. “You know they’re already gone.”

Sid perked up and turned around. “Diego?!” he shouted joyfully and running towards him. “You’re okay!” “I’m alive, aren’t I?” he asked. Sid ran forward and tackled him. “You’re okay!” he shouted joyfully. “I could kiss you!” he kissed Diego on the head, but realized he was kissing his hair, and stopped to clean out his mouth.

Manny walked over. “Welcome back partner. You want me to carry you?” “No thanks.” declined Diego. “I’m still trying to hold on to whatever dignity I got left.” “You’re hanging with us now, buddy.” said Sid. “Dignity’s got nothing to do with it. But I’ll take that lift.”

“Sure, climb aboard!” replied Manny, tying the necklace around his neck. Sid climbed onto Manny’s shoulders. “Yee-haw!” he cheered. Diego laughed joyfully as he reached into his rucksack, pulled out his bandanna, and put it on his forehead, over his bandage. They began walking.

“This is gonna be the greatest migration ever.” said Sid. “I’ll show guys my old Jacuzzi. It’s really great. But you know, this ice age is starting to wear me down. I could really go for a global warming.” “Oy.” said Manny. “Keep dreaming.” chuckled Diego. The three walked off into the sunset, onto another great adventure.


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