Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 3: Manny/Soto and Diego

Chapter 3

The cliff wasn’t exactly a cliff; it was more like a small hill. Manny slid to the bottom on his back, with Sid now on his chest, eye to eye with him. “You have some beautiful eyes.” Sid commented. “Get off my chest.” said the Giant, throwing Sid off of him. He walked over to the damaged pickup truck. “Wow, you and me, we make such a great team.” said Sid, sitting up on the ground.

The giant looked at the damaged truck; it was too damaged to be ridden. He would have to walk on foot. “Hey, why don’t we head south together?” asked Sid. The giant got up and brushed himself off. “Great, yeah, hey, jump up on my shoulders and relax the whole way.” He said in mock happiness.

“Really?” asked Sid. The giant looked at him with a stern look. “No.” he said in an angry tone of voice. He continued walking north.

“Hey wait, aren’t you going south?” inquired Sid. “The change in seasons, wanting to not getting frozen, any of this a ringing a bell?”

“Nope, sorry, Bye!” replied the Giant, continuing on his way. “Okay then, thanks for your help.” thanked Sid. “I can take it from here.”

He was going to climb up the cliff and go south, but something got in his way. “Hey, you overgrown weasel!” shouted Carl at the top of the cliff. He looked scruffy and beat up after the excursion with the giant. Frank was right behind, with a death glare on his face. “Wait till we get down there!” Sid turned around and ran behind the giant.

“Actually, I think I’ll go with you.” said Sid, catching up to the giant. “I mean, that whole south thing is way overrated. I mean, the heat, the crowds, who needs that? Isn’t this great, you and me, two bachelors, knocking about in the wild?”

The giant looked at him. “No.” he replied. “You just want me to be your bodyguard, so you won’t end up as a trophy or a side-dish.”

“You are one very shrewd person.” commented Sid. The giant kept on walking. “Hey, lead the way, Mr. uh… what’s your name?” asked Sid.

“Manfred.” replied the giant. “My name is Manfred.”

“Well I’m Sid.” replied Sid. “But Manfred, sheesh, what a name. How about I call you Manny, or Manny the moody giant, or… Manny the melancholy… Manny the-” Sid was cut off when Manny turned to look at him with an annoyed look. Sid gasped and scrambled up a small tree. Manny grabbed the tree branch and pulled Sid down to him.

“Stop following Me.” growled Manny. He let go off the tree branch, which caused the tree to shake wildly with Sid holding on. He climbed out of the tree, shaking his head dizzily.

“Okay, I understand.” said Sid. “You want me to stop talking and you want some peace and quiet. Well, if you want to zip the lips, then just say ‘zip it’ and I’ll zip it.”

Manny groaned. This was going to be a long trip.


Hours later, up in the mountains, a group of hunters were coming back from a hunt, with successful kills. They cooked the prey over the fire and talked with their families about the hunt. However, for the leader of the group of villagers, it was a special night for him. His baby son, about 1 year of age, had come out with his mother to meet him. The mother carried the baby and gently handed him to his father. His father smiled as his son’s small hand touched his face. This was his son, the one to carry on the family’s legacy…

A mile from the camp, two figures stood on rocks and watched the villagers go about their lives. “Look at that cute little baby, Diego.” said Soto, the older one. He had long silver hair that he kept out of his eyes with a black bandanna, braided beard, pale skin, and one of his eye pupils was a milky white. He wore a dark green tank top, an orange and stitched together poncho over it; dark blue pants, black combat boots, fingerless gloves that were similar of that to a sabertooth’s claw, and a necklace made of leather and had the teeth of different animals on it. But the proudest of his teeth was the lion teeth he had stolen off the dead body of lion. On his belt was a large knife, and on his back was enormous sword.

He was looking through a pair of binoculars, which he handed to his counterpart, Diego. Diego was younger than Soto, and a little bit shorter. He had dirty blonde hair, stubble beard, white skin, and orange eyes. He wore a red bandanna, black tank top, dark red and stitched together poncho over it; dark blue pants, black boots, fingerless gloves that were similar to that of a sabertooth’s claw, and a similar necklace to Soto’s. On his belt were two identical looking knives, and on his back were two identical looking swords.

“Isn’t it nice that he will be joining us for breakfast?” asked Soto as Diego looked through the binoculars. Diego smiled sadistically.

“It wouldn’t be breakfast without him.” Diego replied in his cold, calculating voice. He handed Soto his binoculars back.

“Especially since his daddy wiped out half of our group. And burns our necklaces as trophies.” said Soto, with intense hatred and evil in his voice. “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, wouldn’t you agree?”

Diego nodded. “We’ll show those villagers what happens when they mess with the ‘Sabers.’”

“Alert the others.” Soto ordered. “We attack at dawn.” Diego started down the mountain. “And Diego,” said Soto. “Bring me the child, alive. If I am going to enjoy my vengeance, I want it to be a fresh kill.” He grimaced evilly. Diego nodded and climbed down the mountain while Soto watched the leader of the villagers enter his house with his wife and son.


It was long day for Manny as he had been hauling logs to build a shelter. Sid was behind him, carrying a stick. “Whew.” Sid breathed. “Boy, I’m wiped out.”

Manny looked at the stick he was carrying. “That’s your shelter?” he asked.

“Hey, you’re a giant, you can haul logs. I, however, am a kid, and can only haul small things.” Sid replied.

“You got half a stick.” pointed out Manny. “What’s that gonna do for you?”

“With my little stick.” said Sid. “And my highly evolved brain.” He tapped himself on the head. “I shall create… fire!”

“Fascinating.” said Manny sarcastically. He placed a log on top of two rocks he had pushed together, making a makeshift roof.

“We’ll see if brains triumph over brawn tonight.” said Sid, breaking the stick over his leg. “Now, Won’t we?”

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