Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 4: Rain, Fire, and The Attack

Chapter 4

The rain poured down heavily and clouds rumbled with thunder that night. Sid sat out in the pouring rain, rubbing the two broken halves of his stick in half. Manny sat in his makeshift house, watching dully as Sid tried to build his fire.

“Hey, think I saw a spark.” he joked. Sid looked hopefully at the sticks, then back at Manny with a hurt look on his face. He threw the sticks away. “Any chance that you can scooch over a little bit, Manny O Pal?” asked Sid.

Manny groaned and scooched over a little bit. Sid squeezed in there with him. It looked uncomfortable with them both squeezed in there. “Isn’t there somebody else you can annoy?” asked Manny. “Friends, Family… angry bikers?”

“My family abandoned me.” Replied Sid, scooching around and trying to get comfortable. “They sorta migrated without me. You should have seen what they did last year. They woke up early and tied my hands and feet and gagged me with a stuffed animal, and barricaded the front and back door, and covered their tracks and hid out in the forest so I couldn’t find them… and, well, who needs them anyway… So what about you, you have a family?”

Manny didn’t know how to respond. He was saddened by that question, and placed his head on his knee. “Okay, you’re tired.” replied Sid. “I see, well we’ll talk more in the morning.” He tried to fall asleep, but it started hailing, and the hail was pouring through a crack in the roof and on Sid’s head. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Sid shouted as the hail fell on his head. “Hey, Manfred, can you scooch over some more?” he asked. Manny didn’t respond. “Oh, come on, nobody falls asleep that fast!” he shouted. “MANNY!!” Seeing that he wasn’t waking up, Sid sighed and covered his head with his hands. The night dragged on slowly.


The morning dawn came over the village. The villagers slept peacefully in their beds, unaware of the attack about to come upon them. Soto, Diego, and the rest of The Sabers crept down the mountain, towards the village. Soto unsheathed the giant sword on his back; Diego unsheathed the knives on his belt and went to the back of the group. The group started walking, and then started running.

A villager’s pet dog heard the footsteps and started barking like crazy. The village leader heard the noise, got out of bed, looked out his window, saw the group of five coming, and ran outside, grabbing a spear made out of metal along the way.

Soto ran ahead of the group, swinging his sword. He collided with the village leader and the fight was on. The Sabers battled furiously, and the villagers had a hard time defending. Diego, however, crept around the back of the village, entering the village leader’s house through the back door.

He entered the house, went through the kitchen, to the parent’s room. The baby was sleeping peacefully in his crib. All too easy, Diego thought. He reached forward to pick up the baby, when a lady came forward and quickly grabbed the baby.

The mother, thought Diego. He came forward, knives drawn and ready to attack. The mother picked up a lamp, smashed it in Diego’s face, and ran out of the house through the back door.

She looked around, seeing the battle between the villagers and Sabers, and heard crashing. The mother turned around and saw Diego coming out of the house, his face scarred from where she hit him with the lamp, and an angry look upon his face.

She ran out of the village, screaming for help and Diego at her heels. The village leader heard his wife’s cries, and tried to go to her, but was blocked by Soto and Oscar, another gang member with short brown hair, who was carrying a shotgun.

The mother ran fast, carrying the child, and wasn’t looking back. She ran towards the waterfall, but Diego was one step ahead of her. He snuck up on her and tried to grab the child, but she jolted back, only grabbing a necklace tied around the child. He threw the necklace to the ground in anger.

The mother ran across the waterfall with Diego behind her. She stopped at the edge of the waterfall and turned around to face Diego. She backed up slowly and felt the edge give way. “Hand over the baby and no one gets hurt.” Diego growled, sheathing his knives and pulling out one of his swords.

The mother looked at the child, and then at Diego, who was approaching her slowly. The mother held the child close to her… and jumped off the edge!!!

Diego’s mouth dropped open. He ran and looked over the edge. No sign of the mother or the baby. “Shoot!” he shouted. Soto’s not gonna like this, he thought.


Soto and his forces were having a hard time fighting with the villagers, now that the dogs were unleashed. Soto knocked a dog away with his fist, then turned around and saw Diego.

“There’s Diego!” he shouted. “Fall back!” he ran towards Diego. Oscar, Zeke, a wiry gang member with crazy black hair and a crazed look on his face, and Lenny, a somewhat fat and slow member with no hair, followed Soto and ran towards Diego.

“Where’s the baby?” asked Soto. Diego hesitated. “I- I lost it over the falls.” “YOU LOST IT?!!” shouted Soto. They heard a gunshot. They looked over and saw the villagers, carrying rifles and spears. Soto ran up a hill with Diego at his side and the group behind him. “I want that baby, Diego!” said Soto with anger in his.

“I’ll get it!” replied Diego. They stopped running at a crossroads. “You better… unless you want to serve as its replacement!” growled Soto. He looked at the rest of his gang. “We’ll go up to the town of half peak!” he announced.

“Meet us at the ruined temple.” He ordered Diego. Diego nodded. Soto grabbed him tightly by the arm. “It better be alive!” he growled quietly. He then started running.

Oscar, who had a rivalry with Diego a mile long, came up to Diego. “Can we trust you with that, Diego?” he said smugly. “Shut up, Oscar!” growled Diego. “Let’s go!” called Soto. The group split up. Diego headed back towards the village, and the rest headed towards the town of half peak.


The villagers’ dogs picked up a scent and found the necklace from the baby. The village leader picked up the necklace. He looked at the necklace and then looked at The Sabers, who were running up the path. Thinking they took his son, the leader and the villagers struck the village, took what they needed, told their families to pack up and travel with them, and went after the group. By the end of the morning, the village was completely deserted.

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