Ice Age: Humanized

Chapter 7: Tai-Kwan-Dodos

Chapter 7

Manny walked over the melon and picked it up. Suddenly, a gloved hand reached from out of the bushes and grabbed the melon. The figure then jumped out of the bushes with the melon under his arm. He was a short figure wearing a purple robe with a hood that covered his entire face, with two eyeholes cut out so he could see. On the back of his robe, crudely drawn in red paint, was a Dodo. The figure ran away with melon, stopping for a second and sticking his tongue out at the group, then continued running away.

“What was that?” asked Sid. “I don’t know.” replied Manny. “But if we want to get our melon back, we have to follow him.”

Manny, Sid, and Diego trailed the figure back to his camp. They stood on top of a cliff, behind a large rock, and looked down below. Thousands of people wearing cloaks with the crude Dodo painted on the back marched around like soldiers. “Prepare for the Ice age!” shouted one of the hooded people. “Protect The Dodo’s Way of Life!” another shouted, waving a flag with the dodo symbol on it.

“Survival separates us Dodos from others!” the leader of the dodos shouted. “Prepare for the Ice age!” another shouted.

“Ice Age?” asked Sid. “The dodos.” replied Diego. “I’ve heard of these crackpots. All they talk about is some kind of grand ice apocalypse, or the Ice age as they call it.” Manny surveyed the area. On a large tree stump rested two melons and the guy from earlier was placing their melon on the stump.

“There’s our melon.” said Manny, pointing at the melons on the tree stump.


The guy from earlier, the collector, placed the melon on a stump and turned around… Manny, Sid, who was holding the baby, and Diego stood before him.

“AHH!” the collector screamed. “Intruders!” he ran over to a group of soldiers that were looking at an acid pit in the ground. “Now don’t fall in!” commanded the leader of the group. “If you do, you will definitely-”

“Intruders!” shouted the collector. He could have kept on going for hours, but he tripped and fell into the acid pit. The rest of the soldiers pulled back in disgust. “Burn and die.” ended the leader of the group.

Manny and the group walked forward. The leader of the Dodos stepped forward. “What do you want?” he asked rudely. “Can we have our melon back?” Manny asked. “Junior’s hungry and-”

“NO WAY!” replied the leader. “This is our stockpile, for the Ice Age. Arctic Temperatures will force us all underground for millions of years. And we will be the only ones to survive the whole thing.”

“A million years and you guys are gonna eat three melons?” asked Manny. “That’ll last long.”

The leader gave him an angry look. “If you weren’t smart enough to plan ahead, then DOOM ON YOU!!!” He jumped upon the stump stockpile.

“DOOM ON YOU!!” shouted all the members. They swarmed around Manny, chanting “DOOM ON YOU!” and pointing at him with their index fingers.

“Get away from me.” said Manny, annoyed. The leader tried to step off the stump, but succeeded in sending a melon rolling. Sid set the baby down and he caught the melon. The dodos went ballistic.

“Retrieve the Melon!” shouted the leader. “Tai-Kwan-Dodos, ATTACK!” he shouted. The dodos came out doing kung fu poses. One of them knocked the melon out of the baby’s hand, and sent it rolling off the cliff. “The melon!” shouted one of them.

“The Melon! The Melon! The Melon!” shouted half of the dodos. Half of them plummeted off the cliff after the melon. “There goes our last female.” muttered one of the Dodos.

Sid snuck up to the stump and grabbed a Melon. The dodos heard him and charged towards him, knocking the melon out of his hand and into the acid pit. Three of the members jumped into the acid pit after the melon.

“The last melon!” shouted the dodos. Sid had the melon in his grasp, and the Dodos dog piled right on top of him. The melon went rolling and was caught by Manny. He held it up from the dodos as they charged towards him.

One of the dodos had an idea. If you want to make a giant crumble, hit him in the weak spot. He pulled out his knife and nailed him right in the backside. “AHHHHH!” Manny yelled in pain. He sent the melon flying. Sid ran forward, trying to catch the melon. It landed right in his hands.

Sid looked around, he was surrounded by the Dodos. Sid panicked and wondered what to do. Then a feeling of bravery shocked through him like lightning. He put the melon under his arm like a football, and ran forward like a football pro.

Everything went slow motion, like one of those sport movies where the main character is about to score big at the final game. Sid ran through the crowd of Dodos, smacking them left and right.

Suddenly, they surrounded him like a swarm of bees, and he leapt, flying through the air with the greatest of ease. He landed right near Manny and Diego. He jumped up cheering and dancing around, and threw the melon on the ground. SPLAT!

“Argh! Sid!” roared Diego. “Now we have to find more food!” Manny set the baby down and the baby began eating the smash pieces of watermelon.

Diego stopped himself. Maybe he went a little bit overboard on shouting at Sid. “Sorry, Sid.” He muttered under his breath. They heard shouting and saw the Dodos stacking upon themselves like circus performers. “Hey, look at that, dinner and a show.” said Manny, chuckling at his own joke. The dodos tried to keep from falling off the cliff, but that’s what succeeded to do.


“Now to find a meal, fitting a hunkering hero.” said Sid, pushing on a tree branch that came back, whacking him in the nose, sending him plummeting to the ground. “What ho?” Sid asked. “A Foe? You want a piece of me?” he pretended to box the tree. He stuck his hand into a hole in the tree. “Spoils.” He smiled. “Worthy of such a noble…” he was about to eat it when a squirrel came flying out of nowhere and attached itself to his face. It pulled the nut out of his jaws and went running. Sid just sat there, rubbing his jaw and wondering what that was.

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