Caught in the Crossfire

Chapter 3: Training Thy Doom

Cobra Commander P.O.V.

I looked down at the scene before me with glee. We had only started training the girl a year ago, and in about a week, her training would be complete. I watched from the overviewing room as Katana matched Storm Shadow blow for blow. We were training the perfect fighter, the perfect warrior, the perfect soldier. The girl was intelligent and athletic before, but now, no ordinary Joe could stand up to her. Not even their silent ninja, Snake Eyes, could beat her. And that is if she fought fair.

I had let the threat of hurting her family fade away. I knew she was loyal to me. We even had a discussion about it. Even if I had or will let her go, she had nowhere to go. She couldn't have a normal life now that she was a "freak", as she put. She couldn't go to school, have a job, and everyone would never accept her for being different. And besides, what are the chances her family would even accept her? Slim. That's what they were, slim. She would do everything I said and more. I sent her on a mission about a month ago to go steal the Devil's Eye in order to power Cobra's latest weapon, and she also came back with my favorite dinner. Not only that, it was stolen. The girl knew what it takes to please me, and then impress me. Unlike the bumbling fools around here who just tried to please me and failed, the ones who went as far as try to impress me were worse.

She wasn't anything like them. She was the perfect soldier, and the best part is, she's loyal.

Samantha P.O.V.

That night, when I had last seen my parents, my brain and heart had conversed, then created a plan. I would fool the Commander into believing I was his most loyal subject. And then, when my training was complete, I would show my true colors. I would delete all information he had on my friends and family and all information that he had on his special serum, and then I would make an escape before he realized I had even deleted the information. After I had escaped, I would not return to my family because I couldn't, but I would tear Cobra down bit by bit. Destroy them with every skill they had given me or taught me. I would be merciless, and when they screamed in pain and begged for me to stop, I would not stop until they were dead. They had taken my family away from me, and now I was going to be cold hearted and deaf to their pleas. I would not rest until I saw Cobra fall beyond repair. I was going to do the job the Joes never completed; I was going to behead this snake.

I was preparing for my escape as it draws near. Only a week, then I can stop pretending I like these monsters and are one of them. Or… I could do it as soon as this session is over. No, I need to know everything these fools know. I can't risk missing out on a week of learning.

"Katana! Are you even paying attention?" Storm Shadow snapped, bringing me back to reality. "By now you would've brought me to the ground several times."

"Sorry. I didn't get much sleep over the week. The boys in the next room were partying late for the entire week." It wasn't a complete lie, the boys that had a room next to mine liked to have parties for a few months straight, but I had learned how to sleep through them. And unlike most Cobra soldiers, I got my own room because I was "special" and received unique treatment. So I didn't have to worry about gossiping girls that would try to talking to me all night.

"Hmm. I've noticed that those boys from room 21a have been acting sluggish. I'll have to talk to them about keeping Cobra Commander's pet awake when she needs her sleep." He then tried to kick my head, but I grabbed his leg on flipped him over me and onto the ground. I was used to being called the Commander's pet. At first I didn't like it, but then I accepted it. If I hadn't, it would've eventually blown my cover before I wanted it blown. "That's better; now keep your focus up. Cobra Commander is assessing you to see if you still need that extra week of training." He hissed. That's what brought me completely back to reality. If I didn't need that extra week of training, I could leave tonight. I had completed all my other training two months before. Like the basic training, hacking (anything electronic), stealth, regular schooling, combat training, and so on and so forth.

I kicked into high gear, and the unsuspecting ninja was easily beaten multiple times. I could hear the Commander laughing with glee as he saw his project reach its completion. He wanted a perfect soldier, and he created one, but my creation was not going to benefit him.

I saw the Commander walking down the stairs for the control room and he was clapping his hands. "Bravo, bravo!" He hissed. "That was quite a show, I was concerned for a second at the beginning, but that was such a wonderful deceit. I mean, tricking him into thinking that you weren't focusing or paying attention? Just beautiful, just beautiful!"

"Thank you Cobra Commander. I was taught the art of deceit by the best." I said, bowing respectfully towards the Commander.

"What do you think of her martial arts and ninja skills? Do you think she requires more training?" Storm Shadow asked. "From a teacher's standpoint, I see no further need. She has perfected every move and technique I know. But my opinion is nothing compared to yours, Commander Cobra." Kiss up, I thought with a sneer. But was I any better? Yes. I was tricking the Commander into liking me, I didn't actually like that I had to have him like me for my plan and cover to work, but it was necessary.

"If your opinion doesn't matter, than you should not speak at all." I snarled. Storm Shadow stared at me with shock, he had taught me to be respectful to my superiors. But I knew that the Cobra Commander would want more than a respectful and obedient soldier, he wanted someone who would give him what he wanted without him having to tell them. I was going to be that way, for a short while longer at least.

The Commander nodded his head in agreement. "Well said Katana. Well said. You should listen to her Storm Shadow. This girl is wise with wisdom above her years." Storm Shadow regained his composure, but not before he shot me a look that said he was not pleased with me embarrassing him in front of the Commander.

"So, what is your decision Commander?" He asked. "Has the girl completed her training and can now become a full member of Cobra, or does she require another week of training?"

"I enjoyed her performance very much indeed, and she has learned very much in a year that would take a common soldier several years to learn. I believe she has completed her training. In fact, I was so sure my pet would pass that I even set up a special ceremony in her honor months ago." He announced. "Now come, my dear, everyone is waiting for you." He tried to grab my arm to guide me to the ceremony room, but I gently removed it from his grasps.

"But Commander, I am not dressed for a ceremony, please allow me to change into something more appropriate for the occasion." I said as I spread my arms to emphasize that wearing a white martial arts uniform was not right for such a high honor.

"Of course, my dear, please where your best dress. Please meet me in the backstage room behind the ceremony stage when you're finished getting ready." He almost seemed to coo. I quickly said my thanks and then ran to my room to change; I would not make my escape until it was late at night. When I entered my room, I saw a dazzling red sparkly dress. It was strapless, knee long, and there was no back of the dress until it reached my lower back. The dress came with white long gloves, a pair of red ruby heels, a diamond necklace and earrings, and the dress itself had a little hole for my tail. I quickly braided my lion's mane into a long thick ponytail that reached my exposed shoulder blades.

I had gotten use to my tail, and I even now knew how to fight with it. It may not be as strong as any of my other limbs, but it is quite useful in a fight.

The Cobra Commander had gone all out for the ceremony. Everyone who was higher up in Cobra was there. After the opening ceremony, I felt a tap on my shoulders. I turned around. "Oh, hell, Destro."

"Hello Katana. May I have this dance?" The chrome dome offered his hand to me.

"Off course." I meowed politely. "But only if the Commander allows me to take the first dance with you instead of himself." The Commander nodded and took me out to the dance floor that was playing a slow dance.

"You know Katana," Destro seem to purr as he spun me around in front of him. "Quite a few things have changed in this year or so."

"Indeed Destro," I purred back, and I managed to keep from choking on it. "A year ago I was not part feline."

"Not only that," He said as I rocked back in forth in his arms. "A year ago you spat on the Commander's face plate, now, you are loyal to him and do everything he asks and more."

"Of course Destro, after that experiment he could of killed me or let me go, which would've brought my end too, but he kept me alive, fed me, trained me, taught me, and he puts a roof over my head. He has done so many good things for me, why would I not be loyal?" I noticed that Destro leaning his head closer to mine, his lips drawing near. I tried to push away, but he had taken me by surprise, and could not.

Our lips almost touched when a cry sprang up from the right next to us. "Destro!" The Baroness exclaimed, ripping him away from me. "You two timing wretch!" She took a black gloved hand and backhanded him.

"It's not what it looked like, my dear!" Destro said. "She was the one trying to get the kiss!"

"That's not what I saw! I saw her trying to push away as your head leaned in closer. Her hands were planted on your chest as she tried to push you away!" The music had stopped, and people were staring at the fight. "She didn't want the kiss, you did. Isn't that right Katana?"

"Indeed Baroness," I snarled. "When he asked to dance I did not realize he wanted something more."

"Stop!" The Commander shouted as he shoved his way through the crowd. "Stop this at once! This is meant to be a day of celebrating a new member of the Cobra elite, not a bickering contest for lover's quarrels. You two," he pointed at the arguing couple. "Leave now. I will not tolerate this bickering now. I put up with enough of it on a regular basis. I will not let this ruin my pet's special day. Come now my pet; let us enjoy the rest of this celebration with no further interruptions." I quickly took his hand that he offered, and followed him into the dense crowd. The rest of the night was enjoyable. My favorite foods had been prepared and the Commander introduced to some pretty high up people that I had never met before. I silently thanked him; my targets would be easier to kill if I could recognize their face and scent.

After six hours of celebrating, everyone finally went to bed. I gave myself an hours rest, and when I awoke it was midnight. I quickly changed into a black, long sleeve jumpsuit that had a high collar with yellow cat eyes on the corners. It had a hole for my tail. I had secretly been hand making this for a few months and had completed it a week before today. I took the black boots from my Cobra uniform to complete the ensemble. I quickly two bags I had pre-packed. One held my weapons and clothing and hygienic items, and the other held some non perishable food items, water, and a few first aid kits.

I snuck down the hall, through a few buildings, and then into the main computer room. I quickly hacked into the encrypted files labeled Samantha's Family and Friends and the Super Soldier serum. I had no clue why they had not used the serum on anyone else, bet they hadn't. I deleted the first file and quickly scanned through the second one. When I was scanning through it I found out why they hadn't. They wanted to take a sample of my DNA after I was completely trained and loyal so they would have the true perfect soldier. Well that left a quiet escape out of the question. I would have to burn the whole base down to make sure that they couldn't get any of my DNA. I shed like crazy. I quickly deleted the file and then implanted a virus that would slowly but surely delete the main files of Cobra's database. I then went to the ammo storage room that resided in each building and set a bomb that was set to go off at the touch of a button. Specifically, a button on the remote I held in my hands. And once I was clear of the blast zone, I pressed the button and the Cobra base below me turned into a giant inferno.

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