Caught in the Crossfire

Chapter 4: A Second Chance

Cobra Commander P.O.V.

I stared in horror at the base that was now in flames. Very few of us had escaped the explosion that woke us from our sleep, and when we had completed the roll call, 116/180 Cobra staff were missing, one of them being my very special pet that held the secret to my perfect soldiers.

Once the fire had been put out I ordered most of the survivors to begin the search for bodies and what had caused the explosion. We found 115 bodies out of the 116 missing. The only body unaccounted for was Katana, but my hope quickly died when they said that the explosion that had went off in the building in which she slept was so close to her room and so hot, that it could of quite possibly incinerated her so bad that not a single strand of DNA could've survived. Great, I thought, we are going to have to start from scratch again.

Samantha P.O.V.

It had been a year in a half since I escaped from that Cobra base. At first they had thought me to be dead, but then many of their men and soldiers were being murdered and killed by what the few survivors called a werecat. It didn't take long in order for the Commander to realize it was me. I've killed so many of Cobra's men now that I've killed at least twice as many people they killed in the experiment process of the serum. There probably more than that, I've just lost count.

Now, I didn't just kill them right on the spot, before I killed them, I would infiltrate that base, get all the information that was important, send a specialized virus into their computers and then kill most of the people working at that base. I wore the uniform I made before leaving the base I blew up, but when I was in costume I had the yellow at eyes on my collar covered, I wore a mask, had my ears flat, my hair was in a black hairnet-like thing that you couldn't see through, and I made my tail look like a belt. I then would "join" Cobra. Nobody recognized me until it was too late.

Right now, I was currently trying to join special Cobra team that was training to try bringing test subjects in for when the serum was ready, if it was ever ready. I had to stop this before it started, not again. Too many died before they perfected it, and I wasn't going to let anyone be separated from their family like I had, or all the others who had died. "Now why do you think you deserve to be a part of Cobra, soldier?" Commander Blood asked me as he had with all the others in the line.

"I don't deserve it sir! I just want to prove I that I am worthy sir!" I replied. Giving him the answer he wanted.

"I want to see your face when you say it!" He ordered.

"Sorry sir, my religion and code forbid me of taking my mask off in the presence of non-family members."

"Well Cobra is going to be your new family so take that darn thing off!"

"Cobra is not my new family yet Commander Blood."

"Look," he said, trying to calm down, "we've been having security issues because of masks. An enemy of Cobra hides her face with a mask, and the only time she takes it off is to kill Cobra troops. Now, take it off." At that moment a huge hole is blown into the roof and searching spotlights come from the helicopters that hovered above, and the lights were mainly focused on me.

Duke P.O.V.

We had been intercepting Cobra messages for months now about a mutant cat-girl named Katana attacking Cobra troops and committing mass murder of the troops, scientists, or basically whatever happened to be at the base. Cobra never mentioned why she kept on attacking them, but she had to be stopped. We once intercepted an image of what she looked like before she attacked, but we never sent through like the other messages. One of the messages we ever received stood out. It was, "Help! Help us! She's alive! Katana is alive!" It was strange, they were surprised that she was alive, maybe they had attempted to kill her, and they believed they had succeeded when they actually had failed. We had to get to her before Cobra did, so we kept every image that was sent that had her in it. If Cobra caught her, they wouldn't let her live or even have a fair trial.

Over the months of keeping careful record of the messages, we finally found a pattern to her attacks. If there was a Cobra meeting or something that involved important information or the serum, which we believed they were going to attempt kidnapping people to use for test subjects again, she was there. So when earlier today we picked up a message that had the coordinates of the meetings place for something about the serum, we set up an ambush in order to capture Katana and possibly a few snakes. But the moment the roof blew open, she didn't stay and fight like we suspected she would, instead she ran while the Cobra troops stayed and fought. And when I say she ran, she ran with the speed of a cheetah and efficiency of a ninja. Time to send in Snake Eyes, I thought. "Snake Eyes, go get her!" I ordered. The silent ninja nodded his head before he jumped out of the helicopter onto the roof and ran after her.

Snake Eyes P.O.V.

It was almost impossible to keep up with Katana. The most I saw of her for most of the chase was some of her tail. Apparently, she had more in common with cats than looks. It didn't help that she had been trained in the ways of the ninja. At one point, I knew I was going to lose her, so I threw a small tracking device the size of a tick onto her tail. Good thing I had extremely good aim, otherwise I would've missed it altogether. I followed the little dot on my GPS screen away from the city and into the middle of a large forest, which was very thick with trees. I noticed that the dot was still. She probably had reached her base or wherever she went after she killed massive amounts of Cobra. I remembered cats had a really good sense of smell, so I kept downwind of her and slowly sneaked up on her. The building she was hiding in was a small wooden cabin. I silently snuck inside, but apparently no one told her that you weren't supposed to know a ninja was sneaking up on you because as soon as I entered the small house, she had her katanas out and ready to fight. Her mask was also off and I couldn't help but stare at her face that seemed so feline, but was human. She had fur on her face, but no whiskers, slit pupils, ears on the top of her head, wild hair that slightly resembled a lion's mane, she had vampire-like fangs, but her face was human shaped.

I quickly got over my shock and threw a pair of sleeping gas bombs at her feet and quickly pulled a gas mask over my mouth and nose. She began to sway. "Note to self," she murmured, "Ninjas can carry sleeping gas." And with that she began to fall, but I caught her so she would not fall on her own swords and handcuffed her. I signaled to Duke that I had her ready for pick-up. A few minutes later Duke was hovering over the cabin and lowered a ladder for me to climb up. When I entered the helicopter, I noticed that Duke had a prisoner of his own. The moment I sat the sleeping hybrid next to the Cobra troop, he started to shake and he tried to scoot right out of the helicopter and I had to close the doors so he couldn't commit suicide. I looked at what I thought to be a young lady, and wondered how that skinny little girl could cause so much fear out of him, even when she was unconscious.

Samantha P.O.V.

When I woke up, I was sitting against a stone wall with my wrists and ankles having chains that were connected to the wall. I around and saw it was one of those rooms that would've been a dudgeon in a castle, and when I completed my look around a tall and blond haired man open the barred door and took a seat in a chair that would've been just out of my reach had I tried to go at him. "I'm sorry for the conditions Katana." He began. "But we were unsure of how you would react when you woke up and we are also uncertain about your abilities. Now, I'm going to ask you some questions, the more you answer will make it easier for us to help you. I'm Sergeant Duke Hauser, leader of the G.I. Joes. What is your name?"

"My name is Katana." I said briskly.

"I know it's not Katana. Katana is a name that fits the cat and ninja part of you, but what is your actual name?"

I looked at him carefully. He wasn't lying. He did want to help me and he was the leader of the Joes. "Promise me nobody but the Joes will know this information."

"Cobra will never learn of this information."

"Cobra already knows everything. I don't want my friends and family knowing, or anyone who is not a Joe."

"Cobra knows everything? How?"

"Do you know about the special serum the Commander was inventing about two in a half years ago?"


"Well I was one of the test subjects; actually I was the last test subject. I am the only successful experiment."

"But how did you survive? I mean we have the list of everyone Cobra kidnapped and they all have grave stones."

"Everything you want to know will be explained as I tell my story. My name, my real name, is Samantha Rosia Callaway. I was..."

"But we found your corpse, how is it possible you're still alive?"

I was starting to get frustrated. "I said all would be explained as I told my story." I growled.

"Sorry. Please continue."

"Anyway as I said, I was kidnapped because my dad is Dr. Rufus Callaway. He once worked for Cobra but he quit when he realized it was a terrorist organization bent on ruling the world. He actually was able to leave Cobra without being killed, but Cobra Commander wanted revenge my dad was supposed to help him with the serum. And about 4-5 years ago, they found out where my dad worked and started to send him blackmail and threats, and then 2 in a half years ago, Cobra Commander figured out where we lived and kidnapped me. I waited for about two months for them to test me, and I was scared. So far everyone who had received the serum was dead or dying, and so I waited to die. But I survived the testing and the serum did what it was supposed to do. The serum is supposed to make you basically part of whatever animal's DNA was mixed into that batch. He chose a mixture of cat DNA for me, tiger and lion for strength, cheetah for speed and agility, and Siamese for fur pattern and intelligence. He brought me with him when we evacuated the base; he also brought a clone of me. He told me that if I did not remain loyal to him, that he would hurt my family and dearest friends. He ordered a soldier to stab it, and even though it was never alive, it still bled, and they threw it in front of my house, to make it appear that I was dead, to my family and friends. He had the people who were best at what they do, train me. I completed my training in a year. I escaped after erasing all the information on the serum and my friends and family. I then blew up the base to get rid of any DNA of mine that I might've shedded. Since then I have been hunting down Cobra and trying to wipe them out. They're what's keeping me from my family and friends. They did this to me, and they killed so many people trying to get this serum right. They showed no one any mercy, so I decided that I wouldn't show them any mercy." I said, sobbing towards the end.

"Maybe we could cure you of it, and give you your family back." Duke offered sincerely.

"No, the way he designed the serum makes it impossible to cure. If a possible cure is injected or put into the body by any other means, the serum floating in my blood stream that will send out a toxin to kill me before the cure works, and before you can find the cure for the toxin."

Duke looked like he was going to say something but then a voice came over the intercom. "Duke, we need you in the control room now."

He pressed a Bluetooth-like device in his ear and said, "Coming Breaker." He then turns to speak to me. "Sorry for the interruption, it sounds like it might be important."

"It's okay. I'll be waiting here for you." I said pointing at the chains for emphasis. He then left. I could hear him going down the hall and I heard the conversation that ensued in the room next to mine quite clearly, even though they whispered.

"Cobra is starting to kidnap again. We need to set up a guard at every house that is going to be threatened again. I don't have a clue how to help the ones we don't know if they're a possibility for Cobra to hit." Breaker said.

"Are there any families we definitely know he's not going to hit again?" Asked Duke.

"Yes. I have a list of them right here."

"Then we don't send any guards to them. Is there anyone who we should worry about them being kidnapped immediately?"

"Judging by what has come to light with Katana-er-Samantha, oh I don't know what to call her. But the Callaways are more likely to have a member kidnapped. Cobra is not going to be happy with her, and will find her family again and use them to manipulate or hurt her. The least amount of time we have is about 6-7 months."

"I have an idea, it'll save Samantha's hide and she gets to protect her family."

"I think I know what you're thinking Duke. It might just work, and save her from a death sentence. We both know after all that killing that she would get it."

"I know. Well, I'm going to go talk to her." Duke came back into the room. "Samantha," he started.

"I heard everything Duke. The only I thing I need you to tell me is how I can avoid a death sentence with all those deaths I caused."

"Your second chance is to join the Joes, and your first mission will to protect your family from Cobra attacks, but no killing unless it is absolutely necessary. First though, we'll need to train you in our ways, which would take about 2-10 years for a normal human being, but from what you said about completing Cobra's training in a year, it'll probably take six months or less. And you will have to let them know that you work for the Joes and will be guarding them."



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