Caught in the Crossfire

Chapter 6: Fond Memories

Samantha P.O.V.

Three days after Storm Shadow had attacked, my family and the Joes had thought it would be for the best if I stayed indoors with my family. If I was indoors I could respond quicker to any intruders that could've slipped through my defenses. It would be easier to protect them too. "So where am I crashing when it comes time for lights out?" I asked as I set down my bags at the dining room table at where my chair still sat.

"You can sleep in our daughter's room. It's the only spare we have. And everything is exactly how she left it. The sheets are still on the bed. I clean it every once in awhile, but I always put everything in the same exact place." My mother said.

"But I thought we are trying to preserve it! I don't think having a person that sheds live in her room is going to preserve it very well." My father bursted out.

"I think it'd be fitting!" My mother shouted. "She's here to make sure that what happened to Samantha doesn't happen to anyone of us again!" Then she started sobbing.

"Hey it's alright." My father tried to sooth her and brought her into his arms. "She can sleep in Samantha's room. She just has to be careful."

"I can always sleep on the couch." I offered.

"No, she's right. And you'll be closer to Jason's room if there's trouble. They'll most likely go after him than us." My father responded. "I'm sorry for my outburst, but Samantha was one of the most important things in the world to me. Her room is one of the last things I have of hers. It's exactly the way she left it when she left for school that morning. Her favorite book is on her pillow, she never finished it, well at least not that time through, and it's still on the same page she left it. She was reading through it again for like the fourth billion time." He slightly chuckled at the memory. He smiled a little too as he rocked my mom back in fourth in his arms.

I remembered that book. It was the Chronicles of Narnia. All of the books in the chronicle are in one huge book. It was one of my favorites. I hadn't read that book in so long I don't remember where I left off. "Don't worry. I won't touch anything unless I have to."

"Thank you. Now the room is upstairs and to the right of Jason's room. He'll be in there now getting ready for school before breakfast." My mother said. She had stopped crying and now she headed over to the stove to make breakfast.

"How do you like your eggs dear?" She asked me.

"Oh, um, that's not necessary Mrs. Callaway. I'm not here to be fed, I'm here to protect." I stammered.

"Oh, it the least we could do after you saved Jason from that white ninja a few nights ago. So how do you like your eggs?" She said, refusing my first answer.

"Scrambled, unless there is toast, then I'll have it fried."

"There'll be toast. How do you like your bacon?"

"Crispy but juicy." I replied, nearly purring at the memory of my mother's cooking.

"That's how exactly Samantha liked her eggs and bacon." My mother sighed forlornly. "She would only have her eggs fried if there was toast and bacon to dip in the yoke. And she loved her bacon so crispy it crumbled at the touch, but it still had so much flavor in it."

"So, why didn't you guys move after that first attack?" I asked as I grabbed my things.

"Cobra couldn't take anyone of us until Jason was old enough for them to collect the proper data. We didn't think it'd be so soon. I mean, he's only nine. Most of the kids they kidnapped last time were teenagers or young adults. We also thought that there was a possibility that Cobra would leave us alone now that they had hurt us so much." She replied.

"Cobra won't ever do that until there's nothing to destroy. They are still hurting me even though my life is almost completely ruined." I warned, and then I left the room to head up stairs to my room. When I opened the door to the room, I was surprised to find Jason sitting on the bed with one of my old Barbie dolls in his hands. He was holding it gently, as if it would shatter at the slightest touch.

"Whatcha doing sport, aren't you supposed to be getting ready for school?" He jumped when he realized I stood at the door.

"Please don't tell my parents." He cried. "I'm not supposed to be in here touching her stuff. But I can't help it."

"Why can't you help it?" I asked sitting down next to him on my bed.

"Her stuff just brings back so many memories from when she was here. I remember what I did to this doll when I was five. I took it from her room and gave it a bath. Unfortunately, the bathtub was the toilet. She got so mad that she chased me around the house for half an hour. We had collapsed into a heap, laughing." I chuckled slightly at the memory. "She could never stay mad at me for long. She loved me too much."

"Well, you better go head down stairs. Your mother is cooking breakfast and you don't want yours getting cold." I nudged him out the door.

"Will you be watching me at school today?" He asked.

"If I am, you'll never know I was there." I replied mysteriously as I closed the door in such a way that it threw him into a fit of giggles. I did watch him at school that day, but apparently Cobra didn't want to make a big scene because they didn't try anything. Either that or they were trying to keep a temporary low profile until we let our guard slip. Dinner was delicious and nothing eventful happened, until I was walking to my room to crash for the night. I heard something coming from Jason room. It sounded like a song. I snuck closer to the cracked door to listen.

"We will always be together, you and I. For nothing with separate us, not the seas or sky." It was our song! I had sung it with Jason almost every night before going to bed. He started to hum the part of the song that was my part.

I started to sing as I opened the door. "Our brother and sister bond will see us through. Forever and ever and beyond the moon, we'll be together, just us two."

Then we sang in unison. "We will fly beyond the clouds and above the birds. We will never be separated from each other."

And then I sung the part I always sung to him before I went on a long trip somewhere without him. "No matter how far apart we are, I will always keep you close to my heart." I finished.

"How-how do you know that song?" he asked.

"Your sister was my cell neighbor and she'd sing the parts of the song I just sang, humming your parts. I didn't realize that they were your parts until you sung them. I always assumed she had just forgotten some lines from her favorite song or something." I shrugged.

"Well, that was my sister's and my song. On most nights she would sing it to me before going to bed. I've sung my part every night for the last few years. But I've almost forgotten her part. Did she really sing that last part every night too?"

"Yeah," I said sitting next to him and pulling him into my lap. I really had sung that song every night, even after I had escaped from Cobra. "I now know what she meant when she sang it. She really missed you and she would always remember and love you, no matter what happened to her." He started crying and he buried his face into my neck.

"I miss her so much. She was the bestest sister I could've ever have wanted."

"I know little dude. You must have been a really close family if you still feel so much pain because of her death."

"Yeah, but she was just so, so, happy and nice and cheerful, and just perfect. She was my only sister and sibling."

"Hey, it's okay to miss her, but remember, she's in a better place now. Cobra can't get her there." I lied. I wasn't in a better place and Cobra could just as easily get me here. He sniffled and then nodded his head.

"You're fur is so soft." He told me. I wasn't wearing my usual uniform, so some of my fur was exposed. I was wearing a light blue tank top with a calico cat on it and some long black pajama pants.

"What's going on?" My father asked from where he stood just outside the room in the hall.

"He was missing his sister and I came in to comfort him." I replied.

"But that's impossible. When he starts crying about his sister no one can get him to stop crying. He eventually stops on his own, but no one can sooth him to the point of stopping. How did you do it?"

"I don't know. I just came in and talked to him."

"She sang Samantha's and my song dad. Then she talked to me. Something about her being her made me feel comforted." Jason piped up.

"How did you know their song?" My dad asked and I told him exactly what I had told Jason a minute ago. "If the Joes hadn't attacked the base after your "successful" experimentation, do you think they would've let her live?" My dad asked.

"No. Cobra still would've killed her or experimented on her, which in the end, probably would've killed her." I answered mournfully.

"So, no matter what happened, it would've all ended the same way?"

"Unfortunately, yes." I lied. "Well, I better be going to bed. And thank you again Mr. Callaway for your hospitality."

"You have to try to keep track of all of us twenty-four/seven, it's the least we can do."

After that I went to my bedroom to sleep. My dreams were filled with nightmares. There was one where I watched Jason being dragged away from me as I stood frozen, unable to move. Another one I had, which I was currently having, I watched as my family faded away into darkness, but not before they asked me why I didn't tell them I was alive.

"Why didn't you tell us you were alive?" Jason asked. Then he faded into the black background.

"Can't you see you're hurting us?" My mother asked before the same happened to her.

"Why don't you trust us?" My dad asked. "We trusted you." Then he too, faded into the background.

"No, no, I'm sorry! I was just trying to protect you. I do trust you! Please don't leave me. I didn't want to hurt you!" I cried. "No, no, NO!"

Rufus Callaway P.O.V.

I was getting up to get some water in the around midnight, but before I could get to the stairs, I heard something coming from Katana's room. I went to see what was happening and when I opened the door I saw Katana thrashing around, shredding the blankets. Thankfully we had switched my daughter's sheets with the guest sheets. Then she started crying out in her sleep, her voice filled with pain and anxiety. "No, no, I'm sorry! I was just trying to protect you. I do trust you! Please don't leave me. I didn't want to hurt you!" she cried. "No, no, NO!"

All I could think is, who on earth is she talking to? I mean, I know she is dreaming, but who is she talking to in her dream? Who was she trying to protect? Who is having an issue with her trust? Who is leaving her? Who did she accidentally hurt? This new Joe was becoming more and more mysterious. I went to her bed and tried to gently shake her awake. "Katana, Katana, wake up." But in the process of her thrashing she sank her claws into my right arm. I had no clue she had claws. I bit my lip, to keep out from crying out in pain. It wasn't her fault that she was hurting me, her nightmares were causing her to freak out, and so they must be pretty bad. Katana was one tough, girl, or kitty. I don't know what could scare her that bad. Katana's eyes snapped open.

"Oh my word." She said. And then her eyes looked at my arm and she quickly released me and the blood began to flow out of my arm. "I am so sorry Mr. Callaway. It was a total accident. What were you doing in here anyway?"

"I was going to get a drink of water from the kitchen downstairs when I heard something coming from in here and I went to go check it out. "I started as I applied pressure to my arm, trying to get my arm to stop bleeding. "You were having terrible nightmares and were thrashing about, so I tried to wake you. It obviously was not wise to make physical contact with you before you woke up."

"Yeah, sorry, it's kind of a defense mechanism that I've developed over the years. Even the Commander has a few marks to prove it." She tried to rub off the whole thing, not for my sake, but her own. She felt really guilty about hurting me.

"Hey, I'm going to be okay. It's just a little scratch."

"Here, let me help." She said and she slipped out of bed to help me and she turned on the light, I saw that she too, was a bloody mess. In her thrashing she must've accidentally scratched herself because she had scratches with blood swelling out of them on her face, arms, legs, and a few on her torso.

"Are you okay?" I asked. Looking her up and down with concern. Her scratches may have been shallower than mine, but she had many, and she had shed more blood.

"I'll be fine." She said, trying to shrug off my concern. I felt worried. Just because she's a member of the Joes didn't mean she had to be afraid to ask or accept help from a non-Joe member.

"Well let's get ourselves cleaned up then we'll change your sheets." I scratched my head, unsure if the thing I was going to say next was the right thing to say. "You know, if you ever want to talk about your nightmare, you can talk to me. I know I may not be a Joe or been through anything like you have, but sometimes talking about is all it takes to feel better." I offered. After I said that she seemed to have an internal conflict, as my daughter called it. Her face became that of one in deep thought. There was a part of her that wanted to tell me and a part that didn't. "You don't have to worry about it now. Maybe you can tell me after you have settled down by tomorrow, or whenever you are ready to talk." She smiled her thanks at me not pushing her into telling me about her nightmare. Then we quickly cleaned up. I washed my and bandaged my arm while Katana took a shower.

"Having fur had its disadvantages." She had told me. She also told me it took a while to dry, unless of course she had a special blow dryer that was invented for her by one of her Joe teammates. And luckily, she had packed it. So we were back in bed in no time at all. We had got her new sheets and I had tried to offer her some medicine my daughter used to take to stop her from thrashing out in her dreams, but she refused. She told me she didn't want to dull her senses and not be ready if Cobra attacked. I had thought she could get a good night sleep from there on, even without the pills, but boy was I wrong.

Samantha P.O.V.

I heard hushed orders being whispered on the rooftop around three in the morning. I quickly changed into my uniform, minus the mask, and snuck up to the rooftop. Storm Shadow was there, but he had brought guest. He had brought a squad that had consisted of twenty to thirty of his best ninjas. All of their backs were turned to me but he was prepared for me tonight. I was carefully stepping closer and closer to the group when I stepped on a loose shingle and it when clickety clack down the roof and crashed onto the ground. I can't believe my dad didn't bother to fix that shingle. That shingle had always been loose since we moved into this house when I was about three. I mentally face palmed myself.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Storm Shadow purred as he turned around to face me. "Ah, hello Katana. I was expecting you."

"Oh, so that why you brought the entourage. They couldn't believe that you lost to a girl." I hissed.

"A girl? That's what you call yourself?" He scoffed. "After going through that experiment and betraying Cobra, you can no longer be classified as a girl or male, not by my standards. Students, attack her." He ordered, but he didn't move with them. He stayed where he was, not going with them and not going after Jason. He just stood there, watching. I fought like a fury demon. I didn't slow down and I never let up. But the ninjas in training didn't let up until I was forced to kill every one of them in order to stop their attacks. I could almost knock them out cold or stab their leg, but they would keep attacking me unless I killed them. At one point I was forced onto the ground by their sheer numbers, and by ground, I mean my front porch. And there, I finally killed the last ninja student and stood panting, exhausted from the long and hard battle and I became unsure if I could take Storm Shadow on head to head. Storm Shadow landed quietly nearby, clearly happy that his plan was working perfectly. He had wanted to tire me out so I wouldn't stand a chance against him.

"Is-is that all you got?" I panted, trying not to let my exhaustion show as I attempted to keep standing straight without bending over in my desperate attempt to get enough air into my lungs.

"No." And I swear, if I could take that blasted white mask off his face, he would be grinning. The he struck out with lightning speed and had me pinned to the ground. He held a knife above my chest, ready to bury it in there like the soldier had done to my clone, but he had left me a little room to dodge the blow. I rolled a little ways from the blow, but not enough to avoid getting a deep scratch just above where my breasts start and went all the way across. He tried aiming lower so he could attempt to scratch my lung, but once again I rolled away so I only received a deep scratch just about where my ribs ended and it too, went all the way across. And then out of pure fury, he created a deep scratch that made all the scratches on the front of me look like a giant Z. And then, with all the strength I had left, I use my legs to kick him off me and I stood, the blood gluing my shirt to my body. I was about to make the first move and attack, but then once again a little voice cried out my name. "Katana!" And once again my attention was distracted for less than a second, but this time Storm Shadow was able to do worse than cutting fabric, this time he was able to bury his katana just below my sternum. I hit the ground and then the world went black.

Snake Eyes P.O.V.

I had been alerted of some commotion going on at Samantha's house. It must be bad if they called me in. No one knew what really was going on, but there was a lot of blood being detected on the property. I got there just in time to see Storm Shadow deliver a fatal stab somewhere in the vicinity of her ribs. I couldn't see the exact spot she had been stabbed, but it was bad, because a second later, Samantha fell to the ground, presumably unconscious. I then saw Storm Shadow move towards a little boy that stood frozen in fear on the front porch. I quickly jumped in between him and the boy. Storm Shadow took a few steps back in surprise.

"I will do the same thing as I did to that creature if you do not step aside Snake Eyes." He threatened, but he seemed too tired from the fight with Samantha to put up a decent fight. I looked at the scattered bodies that lay about and came to a simple conclusion. Storm Shadow had planned ahead so he could defeat her in an unfair battle. He had her fight massive amounts of his students and once she destroyed them, he would take the exhausted Samantha out for good. I shook my head determinedly. I was not going to let him take Samantha's brother. "Very well, then you leave me no choice." He said wearily and he grabbed the hilt of his sword that was buried in Samantha's chest and then ripped it out, earning a groan from the limp girl. "So, she still lives." He muttered. "Well that won't be for long, even if I don't finish her off myself, the blood loss will surely kill her." And with that he charged at me, but I was quickly knocked him to the ground with a swift kick in the face. After that he seemed to realize that there was no way he could win this fight in his current state, so he got up and quickly ran into the shadows. Once I knew he was gone, I gestured for the boy to stay where he was. I didn't want him to see how bad Samantha was hurt up close. I moved carefully to her side, so as not to disturb her. It was heard to tell where the less life threatening cuts were due to the flow of blood that came from just below her sternum. The stab was deep but I couldn't tell just how bad it was. I heard footstep joining the boy and I looked up to see that his parents stood beside him, their eyes showing the shock they felt when they saw the carnage. I made them stop where they stood. I took out my communications device and I got Lifeline on.

"So, what's up?" He asked over the video com. I moved my communications device so he could see Samantha. "Oh man. Bring me her to me. We might be able to save her if you hurry." I turned it back so he could see me and I nodded my head. "Be careful when you move her, we don't want to injure her any further." I shut off my communicator and quickly but gently picked Samantha up.

"Ugh." She moaned. She opened her eyes halfway and turned her head weakly towards me. "They…know…only… Katana." She managed to get out before passing out again. So, that means she hadn't told them that she's Samantha. They only know her as Katana, their protector. I looked at her chest as she breaths became shallow and slow and as it became shallower and slower. I had to get her to Lifeline and fast.

Samantha P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered open to a white ceiling. I could feel a dull pain in my chest. I tried to sit up but I quickly fell back as fresh, hot searing pain laced its way through my chest.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Lifeline said from where he sat next to me. "You lost a lot of blood and the best the pain killers can do is dull the pain, not take it away."

"Ugh. What happened?"

"You don't remember what happened last night?"

"I wish I could forget." I moaned. "What I meant was what is the extent of the damage?"

"Well, you'll have a few nasty scars, but you were lucky. Storm Shadow's blade barely missed your esophagus and your left lung. If he had been a few millimeters over on either side and I don't know if I could've helped you. As it is, you lost a lot of blood and there is no one who could've donated any blood to you, so if you had lost anymore, you would've been a gonner."

"Why wouldn't anybody be able to donate blood for a blood transfusion?" I asked.

"Because due to the experiment, the proteins in your blood that would've made you A positive and that kind of thing has changed and made it into a protein that no human or cat can donate. You have a one of a kind blood. You should've been more careful."

"Great, I'll keep that in mind that in mind that I shouldn't try to bleed when fighting psychos with swords." I said sarcastically.

"Good to know you've still got that spirit. Well, I'm going to let everyone know you're up. Oh yeah, your family has been moved to the base for safety, especially since you're going to be off duty for a bit." He said then he turned to leave.

"Just one question before you go."

"Yeah?" He said turning back to me.

"Has Cobra gotten a hold of any kids?"

He stood silently for a minute, reluctant to answer. "Yes, they have. " He said before walked through my see through, sliding doors and out of my hospital room. Now, before you start saying that they're not giving me privacy, the see through doors are there to help me. If something went wrong, they'd be able to see something was wrong. And the see through doors were only in the hospital hall and for the patent's rooms.

Jason P.O.V.

We all waited outside the infirmary, worried about our protector's fate. Lifeline had gone in hours ago, and had not come out since. My mom was wringing her hands with worry. For some reason, all of us had developed a strong attachment to her in the short time we knew her. It was as if my sister had come back.

Just then, Lifeline walked through the doors to the infirmary. We all got to our feet as soon as we saw him. "How's she Lifeline?" My dad asked, you felt so very ashamed of the fuss he made over what she looked like and the fact she stayed in my sister's room.

"She's going to live, but she's going to be sore and weak for a while. She's awake now if you want to see her one at a time. If she has trouble breathing there's a breathing mask right next to her bed. The fact that the sword was close to her lung will make it hurt for her to breath. So who's going first?"

"I'll go." My father said. "I want to apologize for everything. I was just starting to understand why she did what she did when it came to Cobra."

"Of course, just don't get her emotional." My father went in and came out shortly afterwards, looking worried and concerned.

"Is she alright?" My mother asked. "I've never thought I would see her like this. Not even after she had that nightmare." He replied.

"What nightmare?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, she didn't want to tell me, but it was pretty bad. She shredded her sheets, accidentally scratched herself up pretty bad, and when I startled her awake, she scratched me by accident." He explained, lifting his shirt sleeve to show the still fresh scratches on his arm.

After that my mother went in, and came out the same way as my father, worried and concerned. No one had thought Katana could look that weak. It made me nervous when it was time for me to go visit her.

"Hello?" I called as I opened the door. Katana weakly turned her head towards me. I had to stifle a gasp at the sight of her. Her visible fur had been washed of blood, but her blanket covered only her mid-waist down so it revealed her bandaged chest that had blotches of blood all over it.

"Hey." She whispered when she saw me. "You can come in you know."

And with that I realized I was only half way through the door. "Oh, yeah." I said as I walked in. Then I sat down in the chair next to her bed. I looked at her and she seemed to look pretty exhausted. "You okay?" I asked her.

"Is that a trick question?" She asked. She tried to laugh but stopped when she grimaced in pain.

"I know, but you just look exhausted."

"Yeah, I seem to be tiring easily. It's nothing though. I'll just take a nap after you're done talking to me."

"I can wait if you need to rest now." I said hurriedly.

"No, no, you can stay. I'm fine."

"No, you're not. You nearly died!" I cried.

"So, I have nearly died before. I always pull through."

"Has it ever been this bad?"

"Yes, one time I didn't even get to defend myself. I was chained down onto an operating table hoping that the serum wouldn't kill me." She replied. "What the serum did to me was worse than killing me. It separated me from my family."

I thought for a moment before I said something totally reckless and something I totally would regret. "Death is the only thing that separates me and my sister. If I were going to kill myself now, I could see her again. We both believe in Jesus and God." I said.

"NO!" She cried and she snapped up into a sitting position, but then quickly collapsed with a gasp of pain back onto the bed, and a stain of fresh blood spread across her bandages. "No… don't even…think…that way." She managed to get out in between gasps. Then she began to spasm out and her lips moved like a fish, begging for air.

I ran over to her bed, and unsure of what to do, I pressed a button on her bed remote that signal some medical personnel. "What happened?" asked Lifeline as him, my parents, and some medical personnel burst through the door. The medical personal strapped a breathing mask to her face, applied pressure to the bleeding, and gave her a shot, which I assumed was a sedative. As they were doing this, Lifeline bent down and asked me again, "What happened?"

I was sobbing now, afraid Katana was going to die because of me. "I don't know." I sobbed. "I just mentioned how death was the only thing that separated me and my sister and she started flipping out." Katana was now still and her breathing was steady thanks to the breathing mask. Lifeline nodded as if he understood what I was talking about, and he looked at Katana with concern.

"Jason," he said sternly. "Don't you ever think that way, much less mention it to Katana."

"Why?" I asked, sniffling as I began to settle down.

"Katana has had similar thoughts, and by similar, I mean suicidal. You see, what happened to her all those years ago, destroyed her perfect life. She had nothing to fight for, until she realized Cobra would do the same or similar things to other people they kidnap, so she decided she'd be there instead of killing herself. She'd feel devastated if one of the people she tried to protect did something she couldn't protect them from." Explained Lifeline. "Now, if you've had those thoughts, you should tell someone. It just can't be Katana."

"Katana isn't her real name, is it?" My father asked.

"No, it isn't." Lifeline responded with a mournful shake of his head.

"What is her real name?" I asked.

"I don't have the right to tell you. Only Katana has the right to tell you."

"Can you at least tell us how old she is?" My mother asked. This question had bugged her since she first met Katana. Lifeline thought for a minute then he said,

"Sure, why not. She's sixteen." He replied calmly. "SIXTEEN?!" My mother exclaimed, and then she quieted down when she heard Katana groan in her sleep.

"How could the army, even a special division, have such a young girl in their ranks? Legally, I mean."

"Unfortunately, that is classified information Mrs. Callaway. And the only person who has the current authorization to tell you is lying on that bed." He replied as he gestured towards the limp form on the hospital bed.

"She certainly has a lot of secrets." My father commented.

"And most of them are better off staying a secret." Said a tall, blond man as he walked through the door.

"Sergeant Duke Hauser, nice to see you again, but we must really stop meeting under such unfortunate circumstances." My father greeted the man and shook his hand.

"Indeed." The man agreed. "What happened in here? I was told that there was a lot of commotion going on in here." He said, looking at the medical personal that surrounded Katana.

"Jason just started talking about a sensitive subject and Katana had a panic attack. We have everything under control and Jason has learned his lesson." Lifeline replied. And then he turned to towards a nurse and asked, "What's her status?"

"We've got her breathing back to normal, and her pulse is back to normal." She replied.

"What about her injuries?"

"She ripped a few stitches and caused some bleeding, but we've stopped the bleeding and we're just waiting for your permission to repair the ripped stitches." A male nurse replied.

"Nothing major?"

"No, and the sedative will keep her asleep for four to five hours."

"Good. Now, Mrs. Callaway, Mr. Callaway, and Jason, I must request that you leave while we repair the stitches. We'll let you know when you can visit her again."

My family left and the Joes directed us to our rooms. The Joes had showed us to our rooms, I believe were named, or codenamed, Scarlet and Dusty. "She'll be fine." Dusty commented after he kept glancing at our worried voices. "In the short time we've known her we've learned that nothing can keep her down for long. She'll be back on her feet in no time, just you wait and see."

"You've only known her for a short time?" I asked. I didn't think the Joes had just recently recruited her. Scarlet gave Dusty a mean look, but Dusty was ignorant of it.

"Yeah, she's only been one of us for about six months or so." Then Scarlet gave him a sharp elbow to the stomach and Dusty realized his mistake, whatever that was. All I could think is that the human cat hybrid that was our protector was getting more and more mysterious by the minute. Every time we got an answer, another question would appear. Would we ever find out the true story?

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