Caught in the Crossfire

Chapter 7: Rising to the Challenge

Cobra Commander P.O.V.

I rubbed my temples impatiently as I waited for Storm Shadow to return with the boy, assuming he and his ninja gang were able to subdue Samantha. Soon the white ninja stood before me, empty handed. "Cobra Commander-" He began.

"Don't tell me a sixteen year old girl has managed to beat you again!" I snapped.

"No sir." He said a little timidly. "She was not the one to beat me in battle this time." He paused, waiting for permission to go on.

"Oh, please do explain further." I hissed.

"The ambush was executed perfectly. Samantha had become exhausted after fighting so many of my students and was no match for me and I was able to deal the final blow when she had been momentarily distracted, but before I could grab the boy, Snake Eyes jumps in to defend him. I was exhausted myself from the final fight Samantha had put up in desperate hopes to protect her brother, so I could not fight him alone. I had to retreat." He explained.

"You said "final blow", did you not?" I asked.

"I did. There was no way Samantha could survive that blow. When I left she was still breathing, but the blood loss was too great. No creature could have survived that much blood loss." He reported.

"Not even a super serum soldier?" I questioned. I knew that Samantha's blood type was unique and that if she lost to much, it would be impossible to find her a proper blood donor.

"Not even a super serum soldier." He replied.

Worries over having Samantha on the loose instantly vanished. She could cause us no harm from the grave. She couldn't hack into our systems any more or kill any more of my men. She was the only outsider that knew how to get into our systems undetected. She could do whatever she wanted like delete files or place a virus and we wouldn't know until we came across it. I had nightmares of what Samantha could do if she remain alive and kicking. But now she was out of the way, my plans could continue.

"Excellent. Then I will count this mission as a success." I hissed as I narrowed my eyes evilly.

Samantha P.O.V.

I was finally able to sit up on my own without to much pain. Right now I am currently sitting up with my food tray across my lap, blowing my clam chowder before eating it. I had not received a visit from my family since my panic attack. I hope I hadn't scared them off. I sat there with a worried grimace across my face and a spoonful of clam chowder half way to my mouth. And of course, that's the moment the over protective Lifeline decided to walk in.

"Are you okay Samantha?" He asked, mistaking my grimace of worry for a grimace of pain. He quickly ran over to the side of my bed and started checking my vitals.

"I'm fine, Lifeline" I said trying to shove him away, but I did not have the strength to do so yet. "I'm fine." I repeated. "I'm just worried that I scared off my family when I had a panic attack."

"You didn't." He calmly told me. "I just don't want them to accidentally excite you again."

"They won't excite me again! As long as they stay off the subject of suicide, I'm fine!" I protested. "I want to see them Lifeline. I have only seen them when I spied on my old home. I haven't physically talked to them in years!"

"What about when they were under your protection?"

"That doesn't count! They were in danger and we never actually got a conversation where there wasn't the threat that I could end up fighting Cobra on their front door step at any second! I want a conversation where there isn't a chance that end up being ruined by Cobra!" I mean, I know Cobra could figure out where this base is at any second but it's not like I am any condition to fight them and my family certainly doesn't have the experience or the ability to fight Cobra." I continued determinedly.

"Fine. I'll let them come in and visit you-"


"But only after you finish your soup."

"Yes sir." I agreed and quickly ate my soup and I finished my soup before Lifeline was done checking the machines. "Can you get them when you're done checking those machines?"

"You're done already?" He asked looking surprise.

"Yep." I replied.

"The area around your esophagus must be healing up better than I predicted if you can eat that fast." He stated. "How's the breathing?"

"Still hurts when I take deep breaths." I replied.

"That's to be expected. The tissue around the lung tends to take longer to heal. Which is one of the reason why not many people that have something wrong with their lung have a low survival rate. Luckily for you, it wasn't your lung and just some of the tissue surrounding it."

"Yeah. So can you get them now?" I asked again.

"Yep. I just finished with the machinery and it looks like you might be up and walking in a few weeks."

"Awesome! Then I can get back to whooping Cobra but!"


"What? What do you mean no?"

"Just because you'll be up and walking doesn't mean you'll be back on duty. Walking will be very draining on you when you first start. You won't be able to go back on duty for another month at least. And you'll require General Hawk's permission before you can go back on duty." He explained.

"That's just great." I grumbled. "My family?" I prompted him.

"Oh yeah! I'll go get them now." He said as he quickly walked to go get my family.

Jason P.O.V.

I was playing Phase 10 with my mom and dad when someone knocked on the door. "It unlocked!" My dad called. "You can come in!"

And with that Lifeline opened the door and popped his helmet protected head in. "After a thorough conversation with Katana, I have agreed to let you visit her." He announced.

"But I thought you were worried about us getting her excited?" My dad questioned.

"I was, but Katana assured me that the only reason she had a panic attack was only because suicide was mentioned and that nothing else will send her into another fit." He said nervously as he tugged at his collar.

"Are you sure it's okay?" My mother asked. It's not like we didn't want to see Katana, we just didn't want to put her in a worse condition than she already was.

"It's okay, and Katana has been quite stubborn on receiving a visit from you three." He replied and then he disappeared, leaving us to find Katana. I carefully observed the walls as we walked towards her room. There were red alarm levers about every thirty feet. I was nervous. My last visit with Katana didn't go well and I was worried I would send her into another panic attack, and that had been two weeks ago. I hadn't been serious about committing suicide, I know my sister wouldn't have wanted me to do that, but it was the truth. If I did die, I would be reunited with my sister.

When we approached her room, I was able to see through the clear doors that Katana was sitting up and alert. Her chest was still just covered in bandages, but these were not drenched in blood. She appeared to be looking for something and a smile lit up on her face when her eyes landed on us. When we entered her room she greeted us with a cat fang smile. "Hi! I have been waiting for a while to finally receive a visit from you guys. It turns out Lifeline was keeping you away because he was worried you would excite me and send me into another panic attack." She greeted us and looked a bit mad when she mentioned why we had not been to visit her.

"Hi." my mother greeted. "So, how are you feeling?"

"Pretty good. Considering I was nearly run through by a sword two weeks ago. I was finally able to sit up without assistance today."

"You just started today?" My father asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, he's saying that I'm making faster progress then he thought I would. I should be walking in a couple of weeks."

"That's great! Are you going to say anything, honey?" My mom asked nudging me forward.

"Does it hurt?" I asked looking at he her chest that was heavily wrapped in bandages.

"Jason!" My father scolded.

"No, no, it's quite alright." She said. "It's hurts a little but I have pain killer, so it doesn't hurt as much as it should. How you doing?"


Once we were reassured multiple times that she was fine, we actually had a decent conversation. But we had to leave once we noticed she was getting tired. She tried to hide it, but it was kind of obvious when she was tired when she released a huge yawn. But it was obvious that she didn't blame me for what happened to her, so I felt more than relieved and my conscious was cleared.

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