Caught in the Crossfire

Chapter 8: Pushin' It

Samantha P.O.V.

I was the only who could hack into the Cobra database without being detected, and I was the only who could save those kids Cobra already nabbed. If Lifeline found out I was doing this, he would have me back and strapped onto the hospital bed faster than I can say, "Death to Cobra!"

Lifeline had allowed me to move to my room when I was able to walk and take care of myself, for the most part. Currently I was at the main computer in the GI Joe headquarters, which is quite a distance from my room, and a much longer distance than Lifeline was ready to let me walk on my own yet. I could see why, I was extremely exhausted and pain was shooting through my injuries just from the walk over here. Yeah, it's my limbs that I use to walk and support myself, but the chest is the core, the center of your body, you damage your core and everything else just gets messed up.

I breathed heavily as I began hacking into the system so I can hack into Cobra's systems. I made it through both in about thirty seconds, tops. Then I began hacking into their communication signals and locked files. When I got into the communication signals I began too send a message that read, "Return all prisoners. We have been compromised. This is an order from Cobra Commander. Disobey it and you will feel my wrath!" There, that should do it. No one in their right minds would disobey a direct command from Cobra Commander, except me of course. And just as I had logged out of both databases, my exhaustion finally overwhelmed me and I fell asleep, right on the keyboard.

Cobra Commander P.O.V.

I stared angrily down at the five quivering soldiers before me. They had been in charge of watching over the ten measly brats we had captured for the experimentation, but for some strange reason, they had returned every single one of them to their homes, which undoubtedly were now being watched by the Joes. "I will ask one last time, and if I don't get a trueful answer, someone will feel my wrath!" I snarled. "Why did you return those brats?"

The one who must've been in charge stepped forward. "Sir, as we have told you before, we received a message that said to return the kids and that we had been compromised. It was signed off by you." He whimpered and then he started tapping on his tablet. "Look," He said as he held up the device for me to see, "This is the message we all got, and we didn't dare risk questioning an order from you, sir."

I read the message, and it indeed looked like a document I would've sent. Everything from the font to the format was just right. I couldn't help but have a spark of pride as I realized just how much these soldiers were willing to obey me without question, but it was going to cost me this time. "Very well, you are dismissed for now." I grumbled.

Just then, Doctor Mindbender's bald headed being dashed into the room. "What is it now you overgrown idiot?" I snapped as my fingers impatiently rat-a-tatted against my throne's arm rest.

His face turned into one of contempt. He never liked it when anyone insulted his "geniusness". "Well Cobra Commander, it appears that someone had hacked into our files and erased all invaluable data." He reported.

This kind of situation sounds all to familiar, but no, it couldn't be. Storm Shadow said he put her six feet under. "Was there a virus?" I asked. Samantha always left us a little virus after something like this.

"No, sir." That wasn't like Samantha, maybe it was someone else. Someone with less experience maybe?

"Was there any trace of the hacker?"

"No, sir. There was nothing. We don't know if they were even still in our server."

"That couldn't be. The only person who can hack in like that has been dead for weeks!" I snarled as I tried to come up with some logic explanation that I liked.

"Could it have been possible for her to teach the Joes before her fortunate demise?" He asked.

I shook my head. "No, there would not have been enough time from when they took her in to her passing. Our system is to complicated." The logic would've worked had it not been for the time window available to her.

"Then who could've done it? Are you sure the ninja saw her die?"

"He told me that there was no way she could've survived that blow. Call him in." Within minutes I had the white ninja standing before me.

"You called master?" He asked as he bowed.

"I did indeed. Tell me again, how did Samantha die?" I glared at him, but he did not flinch.


"How did she die? What killed her?"

"It could've been multiple things, sir. Blood loss or I could've severed her esophagus or cut her lung when I stabbed her." Her responded with a confident voice.

"Are you sure that it would've been impossible for her to survive?"

"Absolutely, sir. I've never seen anyone survive a wound like that. Even though she has the serum pumping through her veins, there is no possible way for her survival." He said as he stood tall and erect.

"Then can you explain how someone not only managed to get into our database, but our communication signal and secured files? All without being detected?" I snarled.

"Perhaps their is a betrayer among our midst." He suggested.

Here was one logical conclusion that I was hoping it would not narrow down to. But it made perfect sense. We had a spy.

Gung-Ho P.O.V.

I was about to go prepare some gumbo when Breaker walked up to me with Samantha dangling around his neck unconscious. "She okay?" I asked.

"She's fine. I found her taken a little snooze on my keyboard and I decided to get her to her room before Lifeline ever found out that she went to the computer. He thinks that's to far a distance for her to walk. I can't take her all the way though, she's too heavy and I need to get back to my post, can you take her the rest of the way?" He asked as he shifted the girls weight, and she mumbled something incoherent.

I didn't want to go in her room, but she needed my help and anyone would be helping the little girl out. "Yeah, sure." I said as I carefully picked her up bridal style. She mumbled something again. "Huh?" I couldn't tell if she was semi-conscious and talking or talking in her sleep.

"Don't tell Lifeline. He'll put me back in the infirmary." She grumbled with her eyes still closed.

I laughed, "Hah, you got it kiddo." And I quickly started to walk her to her room. And on my way there I saw Heavy Duty talking to Samantha's sprite of a brother, Jason. "Hey, Heavy Duty!" I called, if I could get out of putting her to bed I would. That place is just creepy. Yeesh. Who knew you could be creepy and clean.

"What is it Gung-Ho? Is she okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, she's just tuckered out. Too far of a walk. Could you stick her in her room? I've got some food to cook and I don't think you want lunch delayed." I replied.

"I don't mind much when you're the one cookin', Gung-Ho." He teased. "But yeah, I'll put her in her bed."

Jason P.O.V.

Katana looked really tired, but something felt weird. Everyone seemed to be reluctant to go into Katana's room and get her tucked in. It was like her place was haunted or something. I gently poked Gung-Ho to get his attention. "Why don't people want to go into her room?" I asked.

GUng-Ho hung his head and if you looked closely, you could see tears filling his eyes. "No one wants to go in because it scare the toughest of men. What's in there reminds everyone of the junk she's had to deal with and that she's only sixteen. I've gone in there once or twice to bring her her meal and I've come out feeling like a wuss. Me, a wuss." He sniffled a little.

Then he left to go make food, reminding me that I was not allowed into her room, whatsoever. But I stayed and waited for Heavy Duty to come out, and when he did, he came out with a mournful look as his head hung low. Whatever is in there must be bad.

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