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Legendary Shadow


Liam dies and is sent to the world of Pokemon with all his memories of his previous life as a Pokemon geek. Join him in his journey as he gets a never before seen legendary Pokemon egg as his starter..... This fanfic doesn't go according to what you guys know so don't expect it to be the same as the Pokemon world you know. Think outside the box... Support The Aurthor so I can give you guys more heat. https://www.paypal.me/EBentum

Adventure / Fantasy
Mr. E
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We start our story in a city called Burtonsville where 17 years old Liam is walking home from school.

Liam loves Pokemon, he played every version, watched every show and movie and even traded the cards when he was younger. As he was walking a little girl walks by him not paying attention to where she was going and of course here comes truck came speeding down the road and because he was coming down a hill, he was not able to stop on time. Liam quickly dives in to push the little girl out of the way, and in turn, Liam gets crushed and ran over into a meat paste. He didn't even get a chance to feel the pain and died like that.

A few minutes later he's sitting in front of an old glowing man shocked and asked him if he's God. "Yes, I'm God nice to meet you officially Mr. Hero". I blushed from being called a hero and asked him what's next. He then goes on to tell me that what I did was beyond heroic so he's going to give me another chance at life but in a different world. Liam thinks about what world he wants to go to and makes the choice of going to the Pokemon world since he knows a lot about it. After that God tells him he will send him a gift later on and Liam blacks out.

Liam than wakes up as a little boy of the age of ten also called Liam according to the female voice that keeps knocking on the locked door pissed off that it was locked. He quickly opens the door to find a brown-skinned lady in an apron giving him a knock on the head and telling him never to lock the door again.

He quickly hugs her to calm her down which worked and he gets ready and heads downstairs for breakfast before he went downstairs, he went to the mirror to check himself out, he was ten with a healthy brown skin with gold eyes, with black dreads and quite tall for his age sitting at 5'0 a little fat, but we can work on that with a good workout plan.

He starts thinking of what starter Pokemon he would want. He looks at his window and locates a big building with the name oak written on it and sees Ash and Gary walking towards it. He gets excited because he gets to meet his childhood heroes Ash and Professor Oak.

After having breakfast, he goes out to check out the environment and the people around the town. Everyone is extra friendly and knows Liam. The town is quite big compared to what he saw in the shows and video games. He sees Ash and Gary coming out and they run up to him. Hey, Liam, they both said, "buddy you are late today what's going on, we already went to see the professor and he told us he won't need our help today so we have a day off, let's go check out some Pokemon battles at my house I have the elite four fights on PPV (pay per view).

Liam than accepts the invitation and joins them as they head to Gary's house. The match was an upcoming trainer Lance versus Agatha, Liam gets excited and watches as Agatha brings out a Golbat as her first Pokemon and then Lance brings out Aerodactyl. The battle started and ended very quick because Golbat was at a type disadvantage with rocks all over him to prevent him from flying around. The next Pokemon Agatha brought out was Arbok.

Just when they were about to start the fight the TV went off pissing all three of the boys they quickly check to see who turned it off and it was Daisy Oak Gary's older sister.

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