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Amnesia of the Musical Ninja


Red flashed in my mind and I smiled brightly, I knew the future as I've seen the stories and series, I knew the past as I've experienced it as a reincarnationing Priestess, yet I sand here flabbergasted by the unexpected beauty of a person I least expected it from, let alone both of them.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue, Past

I knew I had to say something, they were cursing me to live for an eternity, yet I stood in the mystical array, I small smile playing on my lips, YOU can NEVER EVER live for an eternity, they might only cause me to reincarnate over and over again, each time I died, which I made sure of, I had even added a bonus to the array, that I would be able to have all of my memories forever and ever none fading and none haunting, yet still in a part of my Labyrinth of a mind. Books shelves of everything I've experienced from my world and those I knew would come to this world. The array lit up like a Christmas tree, thousands of colours engulfing my body, the staff I had that helped these old bones stand became enchanted as did my body, mind and soul, I knew then and there that my wish has been granted and that I would and could live on without worry in this life and hope for a better one in the next, and maybe even create a city for those who are without chakra. So that they would live in piece. And that is what I did, but I became a Princess in my next life when I accomplished it, and a queen once I was old enough, I had a city just behind the fire continent and an entire clan of my children to take up the mantles, I left in robes that screamed of me being a Priestess, joining the soon to be Konohagakure, they were suspicious at first but they gradually let me help them, but I died soon after that, and then I was born again, again, again and again, gaining faim for being a reincarnating Goddess, I made several rules for my Kingdom;

1. There is a barrier around our Kingdom, no Shinobi can enter therefore, all guards were to report if they saw one near the barriers with either a caravan or a scroll but to show respect to them in turn, they are human, after all.

2. Once reported and granted permission, they were to let the Shinobi enter and stay for three days and three nights, showing respect, gratitude and faith towards these Shinobi, as they protect and provide their citizens with food and income.

3. Shinobi sneaking around are to be interrogated with caution,if the Shinobi refuses to reply,kill them using arrows,but make sure to warn them first.

4. Treat citezens as if they were your brothers and sisters.

5. No slavery,or the barrier will automatically throw the responsibile one and buyer out, the slave will then be given a job and a home.

6. All citezens need to learn and to write,and to do every job there is so that when they make the choice of work they wish to do,it'll be the right one.

7. All citezens are implored to work,farmers,traders,guards and healers free of taxes.

8. Orphaned children will be sent to Shinobi villages so that they could grow up protected and provided for.

But as soon as I established these rules I died of a heart attack at the age of 40,oh bother. Then 467 years later Konohagakure was finally a village! In happiness I wanted to celebrate but I was young and living in the clan house in Konoha,so I could do nothing, sigh.

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