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Jurassic Bonds 2: New Era

Raptor Training

So enough of Zach and Gray, it's time to join Owen and his raptor pack. As well as two special raptors, Perry's babies!

Among the dense undergrowth and barked covered ground, the sun beamed down on the raptor paddock. Despite two years of major changes, this paddock has witness a variety of events both amazing...and horrific.

Sprinting through the undergrowth, a pig dashed for safety. Any where else, it would feel completely safe, but here, there's no such thing as safe.

Hot on the pig's trail, Blue shot out of the undergrowth intent on some pork for breakfast. Despite him and Perry not getting along so well during their first meeting, Blue and Perry had become the two main leader of the rest of the raptor pack, which also included their own son and daughter.

Only inches from getting a meal, Blue came to a stop as a clicking noise filled his ear, allowing the pig to get to safety. Out from the undergrowth, Charlie, Delta and Echo emerge to join Blue, closely followed by Blue's two offspring. Helen and Bob.

Helen was more mud red and a little smaller than her mother Perry, and in truth, had more in common with her father. Often doing things without thinking weather she should or not, Helen has often come into conflict with Perry. Bob on the other hand, was another story. Being dwarfed by ever other raptor due to his age, Bob is much more curious, ending up getting into trouble when he tries to take a bit out of something. As a result, Bob often looks up to Perry fro guidance.

"Up here! Eyes on me." called Owen from above the railing.

Looking up, all of the raptors kept their eyes on Owen. Today was the day Owen attempted to fully complete their feeding regime. Normally, Owen would have Dave to back him up and Perry to keep the pack in check, but both of them had gone off somewhere, most likely, a morning race through Gyrosphere Safari. So Owen has been forced to deal with a snappy raptor pack for today.

"Blue, stay there. Helen and Bob, don't go following your dad." ordered Owen focusing on the raptor family.

But all he got was a bark from Blue and Helen, Bob at least, followed Owen's order.

"Hey! I said stay there." reminded Owen more strictly. "Charlie?"

With his attention to Charlie, Charlie let out a loud hiss at Owen.

"Hey! Don't give me that shit!" scolded Owen to rather good effect. "Delta?"

Luckily, Delta was acting more calmer, only letting out a quite growl.

"Good." thanked Owen. "Echo?"

Echo on the other hand, simply kept eyeing him.

"Alright, stay there." ordered Owen getting his feeding bucket.

Almost on sight, the raptors shot their head up in anticipation for food. But even feeding them needed to be done correctly, first Owen threw Echo's food, then Delta's, Charlie's, Bob's, Helen's and finally Blue's, though Blue gets a much larger amount of food than the others.

"That's enough for today." admitted Owen letting the raptors go.

Straight away, the raptors shot off about their paddock. Now they have their food, they should be more calmer...should be.

Back above on the railing, Owen received a massive applause from Barry, Sam, Hoskins and other staff members, for the first time, he had manged to feed the raptors without any incidents without Dave or Perry around.

"Well done, Owen." applaud Barry as he and Sam joined Owen. "No help from Dave or Perry, and you make it look easy."

"Yeah, they should have been around through." admitted Owen a little disappointed they weren't around. "It's not like Dave to be gone this early."

"He might just be getting enough courage to finally ask Jess." suggested Sam guess what his son was thinking.

"Two years it's taken him." reminded Barry. "If he finally ask her, then we're gonna have to start finally suitable clothing."

"Well done, Owen! Well done." called Hoskins joining the three men. "You know, I was starting to think Masarni hired the wrong guy."

"Lucky for you, he didn't." reminded Owen handing his feeding bucket over to a passing feeder.

"So they're now fully tamed?" asked Hoskin keenly.

"They're not tamed, they just have respect for some people." explained Owen correcting Hoskin.

Owen hated people describing his raptors as 'tamed'. They were still wild and dangerous, it's only with extreme care and research like Owen has done, has he been able to get to this stage with the pack.

"But what about Perry's kids? They're still young." suggested Hoskin pointing to Helen and Bob "Train them well, and they'd make fearsome pets."

"Good luck trying to do that." wished Sam sarcastically. "Helen is more like her father than Perry. And Bob is still too young to properly cause any harm."

"These aren't pets, Hoskins. They're wild animals that will kill you if they could." reminded Barry not liking what Hoskins was saying at all.

"Guys, look at them." pointed Hoskins as the raptors continued to socialize. "It took 65 million years to prefect them as deadly, calculated predators. But think about what they could become even more deadly."

"What are you saying, Hoskins." asked Sam as Owen began to repair Charlie's head restraint.

"If we could train them properly, just like you did a few minutes ago. Then we have ourselves the next defense of Jurassic World." explained Hoskins.

For a moment, Owen thought about it. Training raptors as defenders, keeping poachers off the island and helping to capture escaped dinosaurs. But these aren't dogs, they're velociraptors that as smart as a person. Not a creature to mess with.

"If you think you can do that, then your gonna end up extinct." warned Owen refusing to do that to his and Dave's raptors.

"Then what about Perry?" suggest Hoskin, and in truth, his idea would be more realistic with Perry.

Unlike the rest of the raptor pack, Perry's intelligence is far closer to that of a person. Her mum was part of an illegal experiment, an attempt to use human DNA instead of amphibian DNA as a way of filling in the raptors gene gaps. Her mum ended up passing it down to Perry when she was still an egg, and as a result, she became far more intelligent than any raptor that anyone in Jurassic World has even seen before, problem solving, sign language and more shockingly... talking.

"You'd have to get past Dave to do that to Perry." warned Sam knowing the answer his son would give 'NO FUCKING WAY!"

"Owen and Sam are right, using raptors as weapons is too dangerous." agreed Barry finally shutting Hoskin's up.

"PIG ON THE LOOSE!" called out a feeder.

Somehow, the pig used for training had gotten out. Trying to save it, the feeder attempted to catch it with a long control pole. But Echo and Bob zoomed straight at the pig. With the pig in their jaws, Echo and Bob pulled the control pole with the feeder still holding on, causing him to tumbled straight to the ground... right in the raptor paddock!

To Blue and rest of pack, dinner had drop right out of the sky. Scared and unsure what to do, the feeder tried to crawl away as Blue and Helen ordered the Charlie and Delta to surround him. Instantly, Owen shot open the gate, there was no way these raptors were killing anyone!

"OWEN! NO!" yelled Barry in vein.

"THEY'LL KILL YOU!" protested Sam as well.

Without Perry around, it was Blue and Helen who gave out the orders. However, both of them often attack before they think. A trait that makes them both dangerous to work. And up above, guard locked their Taser guns at the raptors, with intentions to shoot...

"NO! HOLD! HOLD YOUR FIRE!" order Owen running straight at the raptor pack.

With Owen now in the picture, the raptors turned their attention back to their surrogate dad, all of them confused about what to do.

"Whoa, hold your fire! DO NOT fire!" repeated Owen not wanting to let his raptors get the shock of their lives.

Near the gate, Barry and Sam locked the gate in place, both of them ready for whatever happens.

"Put twelve amps in these animals, and they're never gonna trust anyone again."explained Owen keeping an eye on all raptors.

However, keeping an eye on six 2 meter tall raptors with eyes to kill... is not an easy job.

Crawling over to the gate, the feeder pulled himself through with Barry and Sam's help. But now, Owen was on his own, with six pairs of eyes watching him.

"Blue, Helen. Stand down. Stand down." ordered Owen eyeing father and daughter. But both snapped at him with burning determination. "HEY,HEY! What did i just say?!"

Slowly, Blue and Helen calmed down. But now Delta was carefully making her way behind Owen.

"Delta! I see you. Back up!" ordered Owen as Delta gave an annoyed growl.

By now, all raptors were far calmer, slowly watching Owen with anticipation... for when he makes a run.

"Okay... good." eased Owen slowly backing up. "Barry? Sam? You get ready to close that gate."

Giving off two prepared nods, Barry and Sam prepared themselves for when Owen makes his move.


Within seconds, Barry and Sam close the gate just as Owen skidded under. Just in time, the gate closed as all six raptors smashed in, clawing and hissing for food.

"Like I said, Hoskins. Not pets." reminded Owen catching his breath.

With everyone now safe, Hoskins and Barry left to catch up on other stuff, leaving Owen and Sam with the scared and shocked feeder.

"You okay? They didn't bit you, or anything?" asked Sam searching for any wounds on the feeder.

"No, I'm good." assured the feeder grateful he didn't end up dead.

"You're the new guy, right?" asked Owen recognizing the feeder. "You ever wonder why there was a job opening?"

"You want our advance? Keep away from the gates." warned Sam as he and Owen left the feeder utterly speechless.

And sure enough, behind him. Delta and Helen both hissed from the other side of the bar like two angry lions. Enough to send the feeder running out.

"Helen is becoming a lot like her dad than Perry." noted Owen seeing how much Helen was copying Blue.

"Maybe it's because she's spending more time with Dave than her daughter?" suggested Sam.

And to be fair, he did have a point. Recently, Perry had been spending more time with Dave than her own family. While it didn't really effect Bob sense he has other raptors to look up to, Perry should really be spending more time with her family than Dave.

"I should go find them." suggested Owen making his way to his motorbike.

"Owen, we're on a massive island full of dinosaurs." reminded Sam "They're probably off in Gallimimus Valley."

"I'm having a feeling they're actually somewhere else." hinted Owen getting on his motorbike.

And with that. Owen zoomed off away from the paddock, leaving Sam and Barry to deal with the raptors for the time being... and Hoskins.

Well, now that we've seen how the raptor pack are doing, it's time to find Dave and Perry... Wherever those two are.

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