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The legend of Spyro: The Light warrior Book 1

By samyoman123

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1: Intro

Mount Kalfire

7 years before the fall of Malefor

"Sir our forces have trapped the dragon in the crystal successfully," said the dark figure wrapped in shadows triumphantly, seeming eager to please someone.

"Dead or alive? And it would be better if he were dead, for your sakes," threatened another shadowed being who seemed to exuding an aura of power.

"Alive... However, he is in a critical condition" said a new, third voice.

"Good, now that it's done Glacius I want you to be bait, and if Cesar awakes lead him to me so…" Began the second figure however he was interrupted.

"But Malefor he's my brother." Glacius interrupted with great sadness colouring her voice, despair creeping in upon her heart.

"I don't care who he is I want him dead. However, first you have to find him therefore you shall not tell anyone about this!" roared Malefor angrily at being interrupted by the dragon who he thought was completely subservient to him.

"It will be done master." Glacius sighed as she walked off to do her job: To find and kill her brother. However, all was not as it seemed.


It has been 3 weeks since the defeat of Malefor and now peace has fallen across the land. However not everyone was able to enjoy this new found peace just yet.

Through the silent night an echoing roar of thunder awoke a sleeping Spyro. He was covered in bruises and blood, looking around he recognized where he was. There was a dark atmosphere in the enchanted forest, partially because it was night, partially because of the howling sound of the strong wing which made the forest truly frightening.

Spyro felt light headed, as his body slowly woke up from its long sleep. He tried standing, feeling a slight pain from his injury's that haven't fully healed yet that he had earn from the fight against Malefor.

Then a thought hit his mind, Cynder.

Spyro looked around panicked, as if he had never seen the area before. His eyes narrowed in worry and his heart started to beat faster as he got up and began looking for the black dragoness. He didn't have any luck doing so. He was calling Cynder's name continuously hoping that he would find her, until Spyro heard a faint groaning noise by his feet. It was too dark to tell what made the noise.

As he walked around the dark forest, Spyro felt a foreign object on the ground. The object was dark in color and it was hard to make it out in the dark. Then Spyro realized that he was looking at a paw. His eyes followed the limb, and saw the rest of Cynder's body. Much like Spyro, Cynder was heavily bruised.

Hoping that she was alive Spyro placed a paw on to her shoulder and slightly shook her and whispered "Cynder are you alright?"

Suddenly Cynder's eyes shot open, as she was awoken. Highly disoriented, Cynder could not make Spyro's figure and instead saw a black figure. She heard voices coming from the figure but it only came out as mumbles. Scared that the figure was trying to harm her, she quickly stood up, only to fall back down as pain rocket through her. She hit the ground with a grunt, as she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth together in hopes that it would help ease the pain.

She felt the figure next to her once more, and she heard slight mumbles coming from it again. Slowly she began to make out what the figure was saying.

"Cynder! Come on answer me, are you alright?" said Spyro worried.

"Sp…Spyro?" said Cynder in a raspy voice.

"Yea it's me Cynder don't you worry."

"Spyro I'm sorry… I should've listened to you, back in the volcano when you told me to leave, I was so selfish, I should've listened." whispered Cynder sorrowfully.

"No it's not your fault but at least you're alive, safe and you're by my side, but that was pretty gutsy what you did back there, you chose me over yourself and I'm proud of you for being brave, not any servant can ditch their master, confront him, then kill him." Spyro replied with tears in his eyes attempting to sound cheerful. "Come on we need to find shelter, can you walk?"

Cynder slowly stood up and tried her best to stand but she still felt most of the pain from the battle and fell to the ground again. Spyro could see that Cynder was in serious pain so he decided to carry her to the nearest shelter.

As Spyro lifted Cynder up Cynder said, "You know… you don't have to do this for me, and I l…" Cynder was cut off by an explosion which was then followed by a scream that could be heard in the distance. "Spyro put me down and see what happened, there could be someone in trouble."

Slightly unsure if he should leave Cynder alone, Spyro did as instructed and went towards where the explosion occurred. When he found the source of the scream, to his surprise he saw a dragoness with scales that was as green as the summer grass, her horns were curved but sharp. Her tail was thin and at the end of it was a blade that looked like it had been sharpened by a blacksmith, but to his amazement she had no wings.

Spyro investigated the body. The first thing he noticed was that she was unconscious. He then noticed that blood dripped from the mouth but no wounds were visible. Seeing no other injuries on her, Spyro picked her up and went back to Cynder. When Spyro got back he saw that Cynder had regained some of her strength to move and saw her pull herself over to a near cave.

Once the two were in the cave Cynder asked "who's that? Is she alright?"

"She looks alright. Im guessing something frighten her and she passed out." Spyro replied without any worries.

The two then sat there silent, as they waited to the dragoness to wake up. Every now and then Spyro would steal quick glances at Cynder, taking in her beauty. Spyro did hear what Cynder said right before he repaired the world. Seeing as there friend was asleep at the moment, he figured now would be a good time to tell her how he feels.

However just before Spyro could confess his love to Cynder, a strange white light engulfed the unconscious dragoness. Just as quick as it came it disappeared, and the dragoness started to move as she awoke with shock of her surroundings.

"Whe... Where am I!?" she stuttered.

"It's alright your safe with us we, well I found you unconscious not too far from here." Spyro answered trying to calm down the scared dragoness "What's your name?"

"Me? Well my name is Glacius." She answered now that she managed to calm down.

"That's a nice name." Cynder complimented.

Suddenly a look of pain then crossed upon Glacius' face. "What's going on? I can't control myself." Her eyes then turned from a light pink color to bloodshot red. "Aggghhhh!" the pain Glacius was experiencing was accelerating throughout her body. She shut her eyes shut as her body started to stiffen from the immense pain. She then started too breathed heavily as the pain quickly subsided.

"Hey are you alright, do you have anyone we can take you to?" Spyro asked worried.

Glacius took a moment as she caught her breath. She then said with a stutter "Well there is someone but he's…. he's"

"It's alright you can take your time." Cynder cut her off.

"He was trapped in a time crystal seven years ago and hidden so I couldn't find him." Glacius said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Cynder then looked at Spyro and nodded, Spyro understood and nodded back. "That's when I decided to work for Malefor so I could find him." It was a bit of a shock at first coming from Spyro and Cynder, but she did have a good reason for doing it: She wanted her brother, and Cynder knew just how Glacius felt.

The three fell silent after that each lost in their own thoughts. The silence was short lived, when Spyro and Cynder heard Glacius yawn.

"You should get some sleep you look shattered," Spyro said as he also yawned, as he was tired as well. Spyro forgetting all about what he was going to tell Cynder, laid down were he stood and soon after he closed his eyes. Glacius ignored him and started to walk to the opening of the cave to stare at the moon, however Cynder saw this and followed her.

Cynder saw Glacius lay down but continued to stare up at the moon. Joining her Cynder also stared at the moon. Cynder always loved watching the moon. She wasn't sure why, but she always felt at peace whenever she looked at it.

"It's nice isn't it?" Cynder questioned but she got no answer, when she looked down she saw Glacius was peacefully asleep. Deciding to sleep as well Cynder laid down in-between Spyro and Glacius and fell into a deep slumber.

That night Glacius wasn't having a pleasant sleep.

In her dream, she was in an unfamiliar dark room. "Huh where am I now?" She asked herself, then a sound of faint footsteps they echoed throughout the room, "Who's there?" she asked.

"Don't worry it's me." The voice replied and Glacius instantly recognized the voice.

"C…Cesar is that really you?" Glacius stuttered. Then a figure emerged from the darkest corner of the room leaving a trail of light behind his footsteps, as he was getting closer.

"Yes your right," Then Cesar's body appeared before Glacius. He looked almost exactly the same from the last time she saw him. Cesar had brown scales, blue eyes, bright silver wings and scars across his left eye.

"There's something I need to ask you." Cesar replied in a calm but worried voice "I need you to stick with your new friends until you get to Warfang, there will be a fairly large mountain behind the city, you can't miss it. That's where I am. Now until, then take care." He finished talking then started to disappear.

"Wait no come back!" Glacius yelled but Cesar simply smiled back, said nothing and vanished.

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