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Powerpuff Girls Rise! Beginnings

By CreativeSkull

Scifi / Action

Moving In

In the city of Townsville, there is a house. Right now, this house is almost completely empty, save for some furniture and a rather well stocked laboratory hidden away in the basement. In this lab, sitting on a shelf, is a large, glass bottle of a mysterious black substance.

But in just a few days, right before the new school year starts in fact, this substance will change three little girls' lives and, through them, the world.

"Dad, come on! We have to get ready for the movers!" A girl, about eleven years of age with long red hair and dark brown eyes, on a door. Her only answer was a tired sounding groan from beyond it. She sighed and tried one last time.

"Dad, I will have Buttercup come in and get you up. You have five minutes." And with that, Blossom turned on her heel and went into her and her sisters' room to finish getting ready herself.

Four minutes and fifty-nine seconds later, Professor Antonio Utonium slumped out of his bedroom and into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Thirty minutes after that he came back out looking much more perky than before. He headed into the small kitchen to join his daughters for breakfast before they got things set up for the movers.

All in all, by the time the movers showed up an hour later everything was ready for them. The small family of four helped them load up the truck, and then they were on the road, heading for the city of Townsville.

For a while, it was a nice quiet trip. Blossom sat up in front, reading the pamphlet from their new school. Buttercup, with her short fluffy black hair under her favorite baseball cap, sat in the back with Bubbles, who had her blonde hair in pigtails. Both of them had dark brown eyes like Blossom's. They stopped briefly at a McDonald's for lunch, and were then on the road again. And that's when Buttercup got bored of her video-game.

"Dad! Buttercup won't stop poking me! It really hurts! Make her stop, please!" The blonde almost wailed, even though she sat right behind the Professor.

"Buttercup, stop poking your sister." He answered absentmindedly, more focused on finding their turn-off. "Go back to your Poke-Monsters or Supper Mario Brothers or whatever you play on that Gameboy."

"Dad, please. It's Pokemon, Super Mario Brothers, and I have a 3DS, not a Gameboy. And the batteries died, so I can't play it anymore." She smirked and started poking her sister again as Blossom spoke up.

"Well maybe you should have charged it up last night like I told you to, instead of staying up until two A. M playing it. Honestly Buttercup, your lack of foresight is almost disturbing at times."

Buttercup just scowled and started kicking the seat in front of her. "Well I would have, if SOMEBODY hadn't made me pack my comic books away yesterday!" She put on an exaggeratedly snobbish voice. "Honestly, your lack of foresight is almost disturbing at times." She then burst out laughing, and even Bubbles let out a quiet giggle at the impression while Blossom glared.

The Professor waved a hand absently at the them as he turned.
"Look out the right side girls! It's our first view of the city! Isn't it beautiful?"

The triplets turned to look out the windows, gazing down at the city in awe. They kept staring until Buttercup whispered, so quiet even Bubbles had trouble hearing despite being right next to her.

"I bet Mom would've loved it here."

"Okay girls, looks like we are here." The Professor told as they pulled into the driveway of their new home. The moving truck pulled in behind them. The girls climbed out of the car and stared up at the house while the Professor hurried to unlock the door for the movers.

It looked like a large, white box, with two smaller boxes on either side. There were three large, round windows near the roof, with a smaller square window at the bottom near the bright red door. A large square window was in the middle of the left section, and the garage door was on the right.

"What a stupid looking house." Buttercup muttered bitterly as she walked by Blossom. She paused long enough to grab a box from the truck then continued her trek into the house. Blossom and Bubbles looked at each other and shrugged. They grabbed some boxes themselves and followed their sister.

They walked through the spacious living room to the staircase across the door. Once they got to the second floor, they found Buttercup standing outside one of two doors and staring into the room beyond it.

"I thought we were gonna have our own rooms this time." She groaned as she walked inside. The other two peered in and sure enough, there was the bunk-bed and single bed from their old room along opposite walls. As if that wasn't bad enough, the whole room was in various shades of pink. Pink walls, pink carpet, pink curtains. Even the closet door was pink.

"Well, at least it's bigger than our old room." Bubbles said optimistically. But even she couldn't hide her disappointment at having to share again.

Buttercup dropped the box on the floor by the bunk-bed. "Who cares if it's bigger! Dad promised us that we'd have our own rooms this time, and he lied! Again!" She huffed and crossed her arms, leaning against the wall as she glared down at the floor.

Blossom sighed and placed her box on the single bed. "It's okay Buttercup. We'll still get our own rooms. Dad probably just has to get them ready first, that's all." She held back a wince at how unsure her voice sounded to her own ears. She decided to open the box to distract herself and her sisters, finding that it held the sheets for the beds. "Now, who wants which bed?"

By the time they were done arguing over who got the single bed, the movers had finished unloading the truck and left. The girls went down stairs and helped their dad unpack and sort through the boxes. In the end, it turned into a hunt for the plates and cups while the Professor went to a nearby Chinese restaurant to get some take-out.

During dinner, Blossom decided to ask about the room situation.

"Dad, why are there only two bedrooms in the house?" She asked before Buttercup could express her anger at how he'd so blatantly ignored what they wanted.

"Yeah! I thought you said that we wouldn't have to share anymore!" Buttercup slammed her fist on the table as she spoke up anyways, making the plates and cups rattle. A scolding glare from Blossom made her stop, though.

"I know girls, and I'm sorry. I know I said you'd each get your own, but I just didn't think two big changes like that at the same time would be a good thing right now. You understand, don't you?" He gave them all an apologetic look as they nodded.

"Yes Dad."

"Good. Now, let's all finish dinner." He picked up a box and presented it to the girls. "Who wants to know what octopus tastes like?"

"Eeeeewwww! Gross!" The girls immediately pulled away from him, making gagging noises. Bubbles even got up and ran from her seat next to him to hide behind Blossom and Buttercup. The Professor just laughed and started eating it himself. "Are you sure? It's really tasty."

"That's disgusting!"

After they'd finished off the take-out, the Professor decided it was time for bed.

"We have a big day tomorrow of putting our house together girls. You wouldn't want to be tired for it, would you?"

"No Dad." Blossom and Bubbles answered as they went upstairs to the bathroom. Buttercup decided to try and fight, though.

"Aw come on! We went to bed early yesterday, why do we gotta do it again today?" She complained as she followed her sisters.

"Because I said so. Now, march young lady." The Professor pointed up the stairs, though not without a small smile.

Despite there only being a single bathroom, the girls were easily able to maneuver around each other, due in no small part to practice. Taking turns, they brushed their teeth, washed up, and got changed into their night gowns.

After they were done, Bubbles turned on her butterfly themed nightlight and they all climbed into bed. The Professor peeked in a few minutes later to make sure they were in bed and turn out the lights.

"Goodnight girls. I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Dad." Blossom answered from the single bed, frowning slightly as she fluffed her pillow. Normally her pillow was fluffier than this, but after being crammed in a box with two others it seemed rather flat and lumpy.

"'Night Daddy." Bubbles said from the bottom bunk of the bunk-bed, buried in a pile of her beloved stuffed animals. She'd spent nearly an hour arranging them the exact way she wanted, and it was paying off with maximum comfort.

"See ya in the mornin' Daddy-O." Buttercup waved in his general direction from the top bunk, her voice muffled from having her pillow over her head. It was the only way she could block out the nightlight. It was a good thing she'd stolen Blossom's, as it was fluffier than Buttercup's normal one and blocked the light better.

Professor Utonium smiled, flicked off the lights, and left to go to his own bed, making sure the girls' door was shut tight behind him. The room was quiet for the next ten minutes, until Bubbles quiet voice pierced it.

"Blossom? Are you awake?"

Blossom groaned quietly and, ignoring Buttercup's own, louder groan, rolled over to face her sister on the other side of the room. "What is it Bubbles?"

"What if... what if they don't like us? The kids at our new school, I mean." Bubbles fidgeted with her stuffed octopus, staring at it intently as she adjusted it's hat.

"Of course they will, Bubbles. They liked us at our old school didn't they?" Blossom smiled as Buttercup sat up, punching her pillow into the air.

"Yeah! Who wouldn't like us? We're the most awesome triplets in the world!" She caught the pillow and fell back onto her bed. "So stop worrying and go to sleep already. The faster you do, the faster morning will come and the faster I can unpack my comics and games." She dropped the pillow back on her face and started to fake snore as loud as she could.

Blossom sighed at her sister's antics, but smiled anyways. "Buttercup's right. There's no way they wouldn't like us, you especially. And even if they did hate one, or even all of us, we still have each other. And you remember what Mom always said, right?"

Bubbles rolled over onto her back and recited it like a memorized verse. "'As long as the three of you stick together, you can do anything you set your minds to.'"

Blossom nodded and laid her head back on her pillow, holding back a yawn. "See? So long as we stick together, we'll be fine." She yawned again. "Now go to sleep before Buttercup starts complaining again. You know how she gets without her beauty rest."

Bubbles giggled as their sister grumbled something from under her pillow and yawned herself. She snuggled in among her stiffed animals and whispered out a goodnight that went unheard by her sisters as they all fell asleep.

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