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Silver Guardians 3: New Days


Steelix has escaped and is now on the loose in Silver Hills. If that's not bad enough he has the Red Time Force Morpher. Can Wes, and the Silver Guardians save the not only the Present but the Future?

Action / Drama
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A New day has Dawned

~Silver Hills, June 8th 2009, Collins Mansion~

The beautiful sunlight beam radiated through Collins Mansion. Wes and Jen Collins are cuddled in their bed together. Their alarm clock blared throughout their room. Wes opened his eyes has he arose from bed and stretched.

“Oh man that was a good sleep.” Wes said rubbing the back of his neck has Jen looks up at him and smiles.

“Hey good morning.” Jen said with a smile has she arose from the bed has well.

Wes looked at his wife and smiled. ”Good morning.” He answered kissing his wife on the lips

~ Awhile Later at Silver Hills Hospital, 2009~

It had been several weeks since Steelix went into hiding after he shot Jason Shaw. The only evidence they have is Brittney Montez’s photo. Jason Shaw laid in his hospital bed in a coma. Brittney Montez walks in and looks at Jason Shaw with anger. Brittney hadn’t forgotten all the pain Jason has caused her, Keyron Thompson, his former Wild Force Ranger teammates but not only them but others. Brittney was enjoying life has she, Keyron and little Kevin are a family now. Keyron Thompson was no longer Red Wild Force Ranger. Keyron still kept in contact with his former teammates. The orgs were gone and he enjoyed it. Outside the room A mysterious figure in a trench coat is watching Brittney through the window. Keyron looks at him has he raises his brow, the figure then walks away.

“I haven’t forgotten what you did Jason, now you’re going to pay.” Brittney said angrily as she created a ball of fire with her right hand.

She took a step toward Jason.

“Now you’re going to pay for.” She said.

His two children Aiden Shaw and Cassandra Shaw walk into the room, has Brittney quickly puts out her flame. Aiden is wearing a suit and his sister is wearing dress clothes. Aiden is shocked to see his old friend here.

“Brittney what are you doing here?” Aiden asked has he walks over and hugs Brittney.

“I am just here to see your father.” Brittney said.

Brittney and then shook hands with Cassie.

“Hi I am Brittney it’s nice to meet you.” Brittney said.

“Likewise, I am Aiden’s sister Cassandra.” Cassie said.

“Well I should be going now Keyron and I have a big evening planed goodbye.” Brittney said.

“Ok good seeing you again Britt.” Aiden said.


Brittney left the room in a hurry. “Damn it Jason your lucky but next time you won’t be.” She said to herself in an angry huff.

Even though both were estranged from their father they still loved him. Aiden is looking at his father with a concerned look on his face.

“Do you have any idea who did this?” Aiden asked looking at his sister.

“I don’t know but the Silver Guardians might know.” Cassie said.

“I suggest we find out!” Aiden said has the two half siblings look at their father.

~Meanwhile elsewhere~

Bernard Hicks and Chelsea Roberts are helping out the children. The two are at a clothing drive and are giving clothes to the poor children. Chelsea looked at Bernard with a smile on her face. She couldn’t help but fall for him.

“Bernard you’re doing a great job.” Chelsea said has Bernard handed a little girl a t-shirt.

“Thanks I appreciate it.” Bernard said.”Can I tell you something?”

“Yeah anything.” Chelsea replies.

“Being with you is so amazing and I thank you for everything, I thank God for having you in my life.” Bernard replies.

“Awww Bernard that’s so sweet and I feel the same way about you, I love you.”

“You do?” Bernard asks.

“Yeah I know we haven’t known each other that long but I have to say this I love you with all my heart.” Chelsea said.

“I love you too and I’ve been waiting till the right moment to tell you.” Bernard said has Chelsea kisses him on the lips and the children smile.

“Ohhhhhh.” The children say has Bernard and Chelsea break away from the kiss, then smile at each other.

The two get back to work.

~Awhile at Bio-Lab Headquarters~

Wesley Collins sat in his chair and thought about the events of the past few weeks. He thought about Jason Shaw being in a coma, Steelix’s escape and Scott’s betrayal of the Silver Guardians. He couldn’t help but think what Scott was up too. Wes wondered what was next for he and the Silver Guardians. His lovely wife Jen walks into his office.

“Hey honey you ok.” Jen asked has Wes looked at her.

“Nothing honey just thinking that’s all.” Wes answered has he stands up and kisses his wife on the lips.

“What’s on your mind?” She asked.

“Just thinking about everything that’s happened and I am wondering what’s next.” Wes said.

“I’ve been thinking about that too and we have to find Steelix.” Jen said.

“I know I want him gone and Bernard back on the team.” Wes said.

Wes and Jen wanted Bernard back on the Silver Guardians big time. They knew Bernard since 2003 and they wanted him to be safe. They didn’t want him looking for steelix on his own so that’s why he’s dismissed for awhile.

The Alarms blurred throughout Bio-Lab has Wes and Jen look at each other. Wes grabbed his headset off his deck and put his on his head.

“This is Commander Collins all Silver Guardians to their vehicles!” Wes commanded.

The two co-leaders of the Silver Guardians run out of the office. All of the Silver Guardians filed out of Bio-Lab and went into their SUV. They fled to their destination.

~Meanwhile at Titan~

Scott Kiriakis sat in his new office has he is looking over the weaponry for the Titan Ranger. He smiled while looking at the weaponry. Scott believed in his heart that he was doing the right thing. All Scott cared about was taking out Wesley Collins and Bio-Lab. Skye Chamberlain walked into his office.

“Hello Scott.” Skye said has Scott looked up and saw Skye.

“Hey Skye.” Scott said.

Skye sat down by Scott’s desk and smiled at him.

“Looking over your weaponry huh?” She asked.

“I like them?” Scott said.

“Good and the press conference is in a few minutes I just hope Wes and Jen will be watching.” Skye said.


The Cyclobots are attacking the City has the Silver Guardians are fighting them. The guardians shoot them with their blasters has Wes, Jen, Christian, Eric and Stephanie stand together.

“Let’s do it guys!” Wes yelled.

“Time for Time Force!” Wes, Jen and Stephanie yelled has they pressed their three buttons Chrono Morpher and morphed into Time Force Rangers.

“Quantum Power!” Christian yelled into his Quantum Morpher and morphed into the Quantum Ranger.

Eric put the Vector morpher to his mouth. ”Vector Power!” He yelled has he morphed into the Vector Ranger.

“Time Force Black!” Wes said.

“Time Force Sky Blue!” Jen said

“Time Force Pink!” Stephanie said.

“Quantum Ranger!” Christian said.

“Vector Ranger!” Eric said.

Time Force Black took out his Chrono Blade and slashed several Cyclobots. Time Force Sky Blue joined her husband in the action with her Chrono Saber.

Quantum Ranger and Time Force Pink are back to back has they shoot the Cyclobots with their Quantum Defender and Chrono Blaster.

Vector Ranger took out his Vector Sword and easily took out the Cyclobots. He’s easily took them down one by one till there was none. A mutant is watching from the roof has he jumps down and lands on the ground, startling the Rangers. The mutant was huge and he was green with sharp teeth with the eyes of a wolf.

“What the heck?” Quantum Ranger yelled has the other rangers and Silver Guardians look at the mutant.

“A mutant but I thought there was only Steelix?” Time Force Sky Blue asks curiously.

“I wish I knew Jen…….Guardians open fire now!” Time Force Black commanded has the Rangers and the Silver Guardians shoot at the mutant.

The attacks doesn’t affect the mutant has he runs toward Time Force Black and shoulder rams him, sending him crashing unto an SUV.


“Wes…….that’s it mutant!” Time Force Sky Blue yelled has she has runs towards him with her blaster.

“Where is she Rangers?” The Mutant asks has he grabs a Silver Guardian by the collar and throws him into Sky Blue Time Force knocking her down.

“Who is he talking about? Time Force Pink asked has a Silver Guardian runs toward the mutant and jumps on its back.

“You’re going down!” The Silver Guardian officer said.

“Get off me human I want to know where she is!” The mutant said has he grabs the officer and throws him on the ground then stomps on his stomach.

Vector Ranger runs up toward him punches the mutant in the face. The mutant is not fazed by the attack has he punches Vector Ranger, in the face causing him to spin in mid air.

The Silver Guardians, Time Force Sky, Blue Quantum Ranger and Time Force Pink continue to shoot at the mutant.

“I want to know now where she is?” The Mutant asked angrily.

Unknown to the mutant the Time Force Black jumps in the air with his Chrono Blade.

“I don’t know who your talking about but your going down……..Time Strike!” Time Force Black yelled slashing the mutant in half.

The mutant falls to the ground only to dissolve in green ooze.

“Power Down!” The team said in unison.

“What was that all about?” Christian asked scratching his head.

“I don’t know but who was he talking about, who’s she.” Wes said.

“Who do you think sent it?” Stephanie asked has Jen looks at Wes.

“I think I know who sent him.” Jen answered.

“Steelix!” Wes said to himself has a mysterious hooded figure watches the group.

“Where could she have gone?” The mysterious figure asked himself.

~Meanwhile, Silver Hills, Titan Building, 2009~

The press and media are all assembled at the Titan building. Skye Chamberlain stepped up to the podium. Several members of the media flash pictures. CNN, NBC and Fox News crews are in attendance has well has the Silver Hills news.

“Ladies and Gentleman Titan enterprises has a huge enouncement to make, but without further ado let me introduce you to the executive of Titan Mr. Scott Kiriakis.” Skye Chamberlain said has she clapped.

Scott Kiriakis is wearing his Marine Uniform has he walks up to the podium. The crowd and media were all at a loss for words. Everyone thought that Scott was with the Silver Guardians. They began to take pictures of him.

“Thank you everyone for showing up, Titan is not only becoming one of the world’s biggest companies but now it’s about to be even bigger.” Scott said.

“I wonder what that is?” A member of the media asked himself.

“Titan in about a few weeks will have our own Power Ranger protecting the city.” Scott said has the media are shocked by the announcement.

“Mr. Kiriakis we thought you were with the Silver Guardians?” A female member of the media asked.

“I made a business decision and joining the Silver Guardians was one decision I regretted.” Scott said.

“Are you still the Magnum Star Ranger?” another member asked.

“Yes I am.” Scott answered.

“Why make a new morpher when we already have, The Silver Guardians units and the Time Force Rangers led by Wesley Collins.” A male media member asked.

Scott chuckled he hated hearing Wes’s name. He and Wes didn’t get along at all. Scott felt that in his tenure with the Silver Guardians, Wes made bad decisions and Skye gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. When Danielle Drake left to go back to the future Scott felt it was time to leave for good.

“We don’t need weak Silver Guardians soldiers protecting the city and the Time Force Rangers aren’t much of a team.” Scott said coldly.

Skye smiled at Scott. She liked his cold hearted attitude.

“Our company Titan will be competing against Bio-Lab, this one man strike force will show the Time Force Rangers how to get the job done.” Scott said.

“Who is this Ranger?” A male media member asked.

“That’s top secret but after the debut of the Titan Ranger we will start creating another morpher soon we will have our own team. Scott said.

“When will we see him?” A female media member asked.

“Soon very soon and when it’s all set and done Wesley Collins, the Silver Guardians and Bio-Lab will be an afterthought.” Scott said coldly.


Bernard and Chelsea had just finished up helping the kids. The two had gotten close was still over the past month.

“So what are you doing tonight?” Chelsea asked.

“I am just going go home read the bible, book of mormon and then go to sleep why?” Bernard said.

“I wanted to have dinner with you.” Chelsea admitted.

“How about tomorrow night then?” Bernard asked.

“Sounds good to me I’ll call you tomorrow.” Chelsea said.

“Ok.” Bernard answered has Chelsea kisses him on the lips.

“I’ll see you later tomorrow then.” Chelsea said.

“Ok Peace God Bless.” Bernard said.

“Bye!” Chelsea said.

~Awhile Later at the Kiriakis Mansion~

Scott Kiriakis is home from the press conference. He got home several minutes ago. He was happy about how everything went today. He is sitting on his couch and is talking on the phone with a colleague.

“Yes Michelle, Titan will over throw all the companies in this city.

“Scott you are the best thing that ever happened to this company.”

Scott smirked. ”Why thank you.”

“Your shipments will be in a couple of weeks.” Michelle said.

“Great news….It’s a good thing that Titan found it before Bio-Lab did and now it’s going to help take down those mutants.” Scott said.

The doorbell rang has Scott wondered who could be at the door.

“Listen Michelle I’ll talk you later someone is at the door, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Ok bye.”

“Bye.” He said has he hung his cell phone and placed it on the coffee table.

Scott walks to the door. He opens it and there stood his best friend Carmen Lockhart with her daughter Jessica in a carriage.

“Scott what your doing is wrong and you know it.” Carmen said has Scott looks at her.

To be continued. Peace God Bless
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