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Silver Guardians 3: New Days

Another Day/Another Conflict

“Come in.” Scott said as Carmen strolls Jessica into the mansion.

Carmen closes the door behind her. Scott stood there and looks at Carmen. He then walks by Jessica’s carriage. He picks her up has Carmen watches.

“Hey little Jessica.” Scott said with a grin. ”How’s my Goddaughter?” He asks has Jessica smiles at him.

“Mumu…”Jessica mutters has she smiles at her Godfather.

Carmen glares at Scott angrily, has he looks at her.

“If this is a social visit Carmen I am happy to see you but if you’re here, to tell me I am this cold blooded monster you could just leave right now.” Scott said in a cold tone.

“I saw the press conference and I didn’t like what I saw.” Carmen said.

“I happen to like it.” Scott said with a smirk on his face.

Scott walks into the living room with little Jessica has Carmen followed with the carriage. Carmen wanted her best friend back. She wanted to know why Scott was doing this. The two had known each other since they were little children and now Scott had become a cold hearted person.

“Why don’t you sit down?” Scott suggested.

“No I’ll just stand here.” Carmen answered.

“Come on Carmen I don’t want to fight with you sit down.” Scott said.

“Alright since you asked nicely.” Carmen said has she sat down on the couch and Scott sat across from her with little Jessica.

Scott is wondering what Carmen is here for.

“Where is the Scott I use to know where is the Scott I loved and was my best friend?” Carmen asked.

“He’s right here Carmen.” Scott answered with a grin on his face.

“Why this sudden turn Scott, why are you doing this, is it because you were fired from the team?” Carmen asked upsettingly.

“I wasn’t fired I quit, Wes and Jen wanted to take my morpher Carmen and I wasn’t going to let it happen.” Scott said defensively.

“You and Wes could’ve worked out your issues.” Carmen said while Scott shook his head.

“I did what I had to do bottom line, Wes is joke of a leader and a joke has a human being.” Scott said. “We couldn’t see eye to eye on anything and he is the problem not me.” He said sternly.

“Wes is one of the nicest men I’ve ever known and he gave me a job has a silver guardian and Time Force Ranger.” Carmen said.

“But you’re neither now huh Carmen.” Scott said coldly.

“It seems to me since Danielle left she took your heart with her.” Carmen said.

Scott chuckled. “Who told you about Danielle and me?” Scott asked.

Carmen kept quiet she didn’t want to tell him who told her. Scott smirked at her coldly.

“Let me guess Christian told you huh, that guy never shuts his mouth.” Scott said.

Carmen walked up to Scott who was still holding her daughter.

“Don’t you dare say anything about Christian?” Carmen angrily said raising her voice a little.

“Oh did I strike a nerve there Carmen it’s a wonder why you’re still with him.” Scott said.

“I love Christian ok Scott you know that.” Carmen said.

“Yeah even when he treated you like crap remember that and who was there for you me.” Scott said.


(Took place in April 2007 in Silver Guardians: Overtime)

Scott hugged Carmen has the two are on the roof.

“I don’t know Scott maybe I should be alone.” Carmen said.

“No don’t say that any man would be lucky to have you in their life.” Scott said.

Carmen looked into Scott’s eyes. “Thank you so much Scott you’re my best friend.” She assured him.

“I’ll always be there for you.” Scott said.

Christian opens the door and sees the two hugging.

“Well…well…well not only do I have to worry about Frax but I got to worry about you too.” Christian said has Scott and Carmen break away from the hug.

“This isn’t what it looks like.” Carmen assured him.

“Oh yes it is, Scott you have been in my life a couple of days and I don’t like you.” Christian yelled running towards Scott.

Christian punches Scott in the face then Scott retaliates by punching him in the gut then in the face. Christian stumbles a bit then falls to one knee and grabbed his lip.

“Both of you please stop it!” Carmen yelled.

“He came after me first Carmen.” Scott said.

Carmen ran to Christian to check on him.

“Oh you damn right I am coming after you because what happens between Carmen and me is none of your business.” Christian yelled.

“It is when she comes crying to me because the way you treated her!” Scott yelled back.

“Scott I am fine.” Carmen said.

“I should have seen this coming you just want Carmen for yourself.” Christian said.

“Christian!” Carmen yelled.

“I should have known it.” Christian said.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Christian, you made her upset and she came to me.” Scott said.

“I love Carmen and we both are going through some problems but the last thing she needs is some one trying to move in on her.” Christian yelled.

“You got pissed because she was up here with me didn’t you? Scott asked angrily.

“Damn you!” Christian yelled has he ran towards Scott and tackles him.

“Please both of you guys stop it.” Carmen pleaded has tears started to flow from her eyes.

Scott punched Christian in the mouth then kicked him off of him. Christian got up to a knee and grabbed his chest. Scott walked up to Carmen.

“You ok?” Scott asked.

“Yeah I am ok.” Carmen said.

Scott then leaves has Carmen stands their crying has Christian looks at her.

End of flashback:

Scott glared at Carmen.

“Remember that Carmen and you still go running back to him it’s a shame.” Scott said has he shakes his head in disgust.

Scott got up has he walks to the carriage and puts Jessica in it. Scott then turns to Carmen.

“Why are you even here anyway let me guess you want the Morpher?” Scott asked.

“If you use it for Titan it could change things, maybe for the worse.” Carmen said.

Scott looks at the magnum star morpher on his left wrist and smirks. “It’s staying with Titan and things need to change.” Scott said.

Carmen gets up has she walks over to the carriage and looks at Scott. “You’re going to regret this!” Carmen said has she strolls the carriage to the door.

Scott quickly get’s up and walks up to Carmen.

“Carmen wait stop.” Scott said has Carmen stops and turns to Scott.” I didn’t want things to be this bad, I guess now you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you Scott I just…..”

“Listen I’ve been through a lot me being in the Marines, my so called marriage to Katherine, almost dying in Iraq and Danielle leaving happened so fasted I just.” Scott said.”

“I am sorry for what happened to you but that’s not a reason for you doing, what your doing.” Carmen said sadly.

“Carmen I did what I did get over it, you could be Wes and Jen’s friend all you want but it won’t change a thing you’re not going to be a ranger again because Stephanie took your place.” Scott said in a cold tone.

“Scott I can’t believe you would do this to your friends but now I guess they’re your enemies huh.” Carmen said.”I was you’re best friend but now I am your enemy too, I guess I better watch my back.”

“Give me a break Carmen.” Scott said.

“Scott I really don’t know who you are anymore.”

“Carmen you come here and you give me grief about not being a good person but look at you.” Scott said angrily.


“Yeah you, you cheated on Aiden with Christian you lied to the man about Jessica being his daughter.” Scott said in a cold tone.”You’re the one who’s the bad person here not me!”

“I never wanted to hurt anybody…I was going through post-partum depression you know that.” Carmen said in a defensive tone.

“You could use has many Excuses has you want Carmen.” Scott said coldly.

“I never said I was perfect but I do admit my mistakes unlike you.” Carmen said.

“Yeah when the chips are down and you’re backed into a corner.” Scott said with chuckle.

Carmen looks at Scott angrily has he smirks at her.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got work to do.” Scott said sternly glaring at Carmen.

Carmen looks at Scott with a look of sorrow.

”Leave before I call the guards and they’ll escort you out!”

Carmen opens the door has she and Jessica leaves the Mansion.

~Awhile Later at Bio-Lab Headquarters~

“We have to find steelix!” Jen said.

“I know Jen but the Silver Guardians have looked everywhere.” Wes said.

“Have Turtle Cove, Angel Grove, Salem and other towns been searched?” Christian asked.

“Yes.” Wes answered taking off his Red Barrett.

Wes Collins wanted to find steelix before he hurt anybody. He also wanted to know who but Jason Shaw in a coma.

“Damn it where could he be!” Jen said in frustration.

Jen knew more than anyone of what steelix was capable of. She wanted to find him more than anyone.

Carmen Lockhart strolls little Jessica into Wes’s office.

“Wes…Jen I need to speak to you!” Carmen said has Christian rushed toward her and the two hugged.

“What’s going?” Christian asks seriously has he grabbed his daughter out of the stroller.

“Scott is making his own Ranger with the help of Titan and the Magnum Star Power.” Carmen said which caused the other rangers to be silent. ”He also plans on creating his own team after the debut of the Titan Ranger.

Jen looks at her husband with a shook and despair.

“My father tried to the same thing with the Quantum Morpher years ago, but it didn’t work.” Wes said. “I have to get that morpher back, even if I have to do it alone I’ll get it.” He continued

“What if Scott succeeds in doing this?” Jen asked with a concerned look on her face.

“How is he going to do it?” Stephanie asked.

“With Titan I watched the press conference today.” Carmen answered.

“I am going to get that morpher back no matter what.” Wes said

~Meanwhile in the year 3008, Millennium City, Drake Residence~

Danielle Drake is wearing her Time Force uniform. She hears a knock on her door.

“Who is it?” She asked.

“It’s Katie and Trip!” Katie replied has Danielle opened the door.

“Hey Katie, hey Trip.” Danielle said has she let Katie and her sister Lynn in the house.

“Hey Danielle.” Katie replied back.

“How are you?” Trip asked.

Danielle walks another step has she then grabs her stomach.

“Not really ahhhhh!” Danielle yelled has she grabbed her stomach in pain.

She doubles over in pain has she then runs to her bathroom.

“You ok?” Trip asked with concern has he and Katie follows Danielle to the bathroom.

Danielle is throwing up in the toilet. She then begins to sweat and the she faints on the floor of her bathroom.

“Oh my God Danielle are you alright…..Danielle, Trip get help!” Katie yelled.

~Awhile Later the Year 2009, Silver Hills, Hall/Lockhart Residence~

Christian Hall put his daughter Jessica in her room. Christian walked out the room Carmen crying. He rushed toward her and sat next her on the couch. He put his arm around her.

“What’s wrong?” He asked has Carmen looked at him with teary red eyes.

“It’s Scott I just want to know why he’s doing this.” Carmen asked has Christian held her tightly.

~Meanwhile Silver Hills, Collins Mansion~

Logan and Rachel are asleep as Wes and Jen watch the repeat showing of Titan’s press conference on CNN. The couple watches on in disgust. Wes shook his head. He wanted to confront Scott just like he, did years ago trying to get back the Quantum Morpher from Eric. The words that Scott said burned a whole in Wes’s body when, Scott said “Soon very soon and when it’s all set and done Wesley Collins, the Silver Guardians and Bio-Lab will be an afterthought.” Wes’s father built Bio-Lab and he wasn’t going to let anyone get in his company’s way.

“Scott has a lot of nerve!” Jen yelled slamming her fist on the table in anger.

Wes then shut off the television screen and threw the remote on the couch.

“Wes what if he uses the technology from the Magnum Star morpher it could……..”

“I know Jen I’ll get the morpher back.” Wes assured her.

To be continued. Peace God Bless

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